Song Tan Jishi

Chapter 12: village chat

  Chapter 12 12. Chatting in the village

  The end of February and the beginning of March are rare leisure time for farmers throughout the year.

  The year has passed, and the children flew away with their families. The swallows on the beams of the house have not yet turned around, and more and more land has been abandoned, with withered yellow and gray-brown tones occupying a large area of ​​land.

  In addition to the green hills in the distance, there are large expanses of greenery, and the whole village is lonely and silent.

   Today, the old Song family's field beside the bamboo forest is bustling again.

   "Song Sancheng, what happened to your family this year? Are you getting rich and ready to do a big job? So many fields have to be cleared?"

   "That's right, Lao Song, what are you planning to plant? There are still two tea trees in the field, don't you want them?"

   Everyone was invited by Song Sancheng to clean up the fields.

  The cultivator in the corner was rumbling dry, and before plowing the land, they had to clean up all the weeds and trees in the field.

   Otherwise, the little machine might get stuck.

  Fortunately, there are so many people. Working together is not only fun, but also efficient. After tidying up one piece at the front, the cultivator at the back plows it twice, and the match is just right.

   Those who came were all about the same age as Song Sancheng.

  At their age, they go out to work, and ordinary factories don't want them.

   Those who do the hard work can relax the age requirement, but the boss is also afraid of accidents.

  Plus people in their 40s and 50s suffered hardships when they were young, how many bodies still have ailments and so on...

  Staying in the village now means being busy for a while and resting for a while, so as not to burden the children.

  Therefore, Song Sancheng once said that hiring people to work, bending over and working hard for 151 days, is not a good job, but everyone is willing to come.

  When I am older, I also want to have fun.

  Song Sancheng also sighed: "This tea is not worth much, and there is still such a large piece of tea on the hillside. I haven't taken care of the tea here for many years...Why keep it?"

  That's right.

  They are not a hometown of famous tea, but ordinary tea from the valley. After it’s fried, it’s sold out for 50 yuan a catty. It’s sweet to drink by yourself, and there are really not many people outside who are willing to pay for it.

  The tea trees in this field are purely bare in the field...

   But it's getting old!

  The farm work that requires hard work really can't be done, so I slowly resigned to my fate.

   "Then what do you want to do when you clean up the land and the mountains?"

   It was neighbor Li Baoni who asked the question.

  Speaking of this, Song Sancheng didn't know how to speak.

   What do you say?

  My daughter is not going to work and plans to come back to farm?

  How many young people these days know how to farm the land? People in the village will die of laughter if they say it!

So he also said lightly: "It's nothing, my family Tan Tan works too hard, and I can't bear it physically. I told her that the farming at home needs help, and let her recuperate at home for a year or so before going out. work."

  That's right.

  Which young people don't venture outside?

  Neighbor Li Baoni also sighed: "That's true. My daughter came back from the Chinese New Year with a sallow complexion. Whenever I asked, she would work overtime until one or two o'clock—the salary was only that little, and there was nothing left throughout the year."

   Li Baoni's daughter sells clothes in a chain store. It can be said with a sweet mouth, now the eldest and the younger are supervisors, from time to time late at night to take inventory, and go on business trips to expand the store, which is also hard work.

   Unfortunately, the environment in the past two years has not been good, and the wages have not risen, and I have to worry about whether there will be layoffs...

  Speaking of children, every household has a difficult scripture to recite.

Zhou Maozhu, who was far away, also sighed: "Last time, my son told us to live with them in the city, and help take care of the children by the way—the peppers in the supermarket at the door cost more than ten yuan a catty! That's affordable. ?"

   "Take the children, send them to the kindergarten in the morning, pick them up at night and then send them to the interest class. They are still not in the same place. The bus makes me dizzy. The air conditioner is blowing in the house every day. How can we burn the stove to keep warm."

   "I stayed for a week, and I couldn't take it anymore, so I came back first."

  As for the old woman at home, of course she was reluctant to part with her grandson, so she stayed there to take care of her with all her heart.

   Regardless of whether farming is reliable or not, the reason Song Sancheng came up with is decent anyway:

   "Tan Tan also said that the food in the past few years has not tasted as good as before. I thought about it, anyway, people are staying, so I might as well grow some vegetables and rice for the children, so that I can eat it myself."

  The folks were happy to hear it.

   "Song Sancheng, now you are the one who farms the most fields in the village, and you are the landlord. When your rice is ripe, I will stop buying rice and buy yours."

   "Yes, yes, yes, I also bought it. The rice outside looks white. It is all polished and has no nutrition at all. Not to mention a few dollars per catty, it is not as fragrant as the rice grown by myself before."

  Song Sancheng did not dare to agree: "My family only grows two fields, which are not enough for my own family to divide, so I don't want to sell them."

  Who here has never farmed?

  Everyone was unhappy when they heard this: "The two fields add up to several acres. Why, how many kilograms of rice does your family eat every year?"

Song Sancheng also laughed: "Then what should I do? I am a good rice seed, which tastes good, but it is expensive. It is best to only produce one thousand catties per mu. One thousand catties yields seven hundred catties of rice, which is enough for two or three people to eat for a while." Year."

   "Looking back at my old man and old lady, children's grandparents, uncles, aunts and uncles... don't every family get points?"

   "Only this is enough for the family to eat."

  This is how the relationship between people in the village is. Neighbors and relatives always have to share a little, not too much, but you have to express your affection.

   After everyone calculates, there is not much more, but there must be more: "No, I have to eat your rice this year, otherwise I won't come when your rice planting!"

   Everyone responded one after another.

  The meaning of saying this must be that you don’t need to mention money for helping to plant rice seedlings.

  Song Sancheng didn't dare to answer: "On these two fields, it will take less than two days for us to transplant rice seedlings by ourselves... Eat, eat, come and help when the rice is really harvested, and the rice will be full!"

  Everyone was laughing and joking. When a field was tidied up and ready to change places, someone remembered:

   "Then you clean up the 20 mu of land and plant a few mu of rice. What are you going to do with the rest?"

  Song Sancheng did not hide it: "Grow vegetables."

   "I thought that if we don't spray medicine, we will take the shuttle bus to the city to sell it, so we won't lose money."

  That won't make much money.

  Without spraying, the grass and insects will be layer by layer, and the couple will have no time to clean it up, so don't worry about it.

   What's more, their road is not easy to travel, every village has a shuttle bus every day, and it costs 40 yuan to go back and forth...

  The vegetables need to be fattened and worked hard. There are so many vendors in the vegetable market from the countryside near the urban area. They are closer than them, and the competition is greater...

  Earning and earning are all hard money.

  Everyone has made a calculation in their hearts, it's really not worth it!

  But I thought about it: "That's fine, Lao Song, Qiao Qiao in your family has people watching. We are getting old, and no one wants to work. It's good to grow our own vegetables."

   "When the time comes, I will come to the field to buy and pick now!"



  Most of the varieties planted in the village are single, and the ripening seasons of each household overlap, and vegetables have to be bought in many cases.

  In addition, now it is allowed to sell pigs in rural areas, but it is also allowed to kill pigs and eat them yourself, but it is illegal to kill pigs and sell them.

  Tantan will grow rice, watermelon, various vegetables, chestnuts on the mountain...beekeeping, because milk vetch nectar is really not to be missed! There are also many wild vegetables.

   Raise pigs, dogs, chickens, ducks and geese, as well as fish, shrimp, and water chestnut.

   What other crops do you like more? Welcome to leave comments!

  (end of this chapter)

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