Song Tan Jishi

Chapter 6: Don't meow like a pig

  Chapter 6 6. Do not meow like a pig

  Song Tan was really shocked.

   "Is our family so rich?"

   It’s mountains and fields.

   "What kind of money do you have?" Ulan didn't even raise her head: "It's all passed down from your grandfather. It's from barren mountains and wild mountains, and it can't be sold and no one will buy it. It's deserted!"

  Song Tan was silent.

  The whole village now adds up to less than 30 households, with an average age of 40 to 50. Food is not worth much now, so it’s just a matter of food and clothing. So not only their house, but other people's houses are basically deserted.

   There is no other reason, but the labor force is not enough.

  There are many mountainous areas here, and large-scale agricultural machinery cannot be used, and small-scale agricultural machinery needs to be paid by oneself, which is expensive, and earning one mu of land for a year will not be able to save the cost. Coupled with the twists and turns of the road, there is nothing to sell outside.

  I grow rice and wheat for my own family to eat. After a year of hard work, Irrigate fertilization and kill insects and weeds, which is also a lot of money.

   What about the harvest?

   When the labor force is not enough, they will take food from their own homes.

  Looking back, the supermarket in the town is more than two yuan a catty. Although the taste is not good, but you don’t have to work hard, and the money spent is much less!

   It's better to leave it alone.

   If you really want to make money, you have to go out to work after the first half of the year is over!

  For example, Ulan went to a shoe factory to wear shoelaces last year, and it cost 6,000 yuan a month. She didn’t want to go home until the Chinese New Year.

  The year before last, it was Song Sancheng, who went to work on the construction site of the imperial capital. He paid 400 yuan a day. After working for three months, he earned more than 30,000 yuan, lost more than ten catties, and came back to recuperate for more than half a month.

   After all, they are old too!

  Song Tan felt sore in her heart, at this moment she promised: "Mom, don't worry, I will definitely let you live a good life!"

  Ulan didn't hit her at all, but asked back: "If you can do it, you can clean up all the fields and hills at home, and just leave a vegetable field so that you don't waste it."

   "I also ask you to see what it means to endure hardship."

   "But you want mountains and move fields. It's the end of February. What do you plan to plant in spring?"

  Song Tan: …

   This, this, she really didn't think about it!

  It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled back after a long time, and I haven’t achieved any results in my cultivation. Isn’t it useless to plant anything?

  But facing Ulan's menacing eyes, Song Tan changed his words decisively:

   "Mom, don't worry, since I was a child, when did I do something I was not sure about?"

  This is true, the daughter has always been good and sensible—except this time.

  Ulan let out a "hmm" and waited for the next step.

  I only heard Song Tan say: "In this case, let Dad rent a few machines tomorrow and turn over all the deserted fields."

   "I don't move the ones that grow in our house."

   "I also have arrangements for a few hills, but the diggers need to be dug, and the machine can't go up—Mom, just hire someone, and I will pay for it."

   "Are you here to pay?" Ulan looked at her meaningfully:

   "Girl, it costs 200 yuan a day to dig a mountain, and you only need 60,000 yuan. Take it easy, or our family won't have so much money to build for you."

  Song Tan's expression cracked—how could she be so obedient before! Deposits must be reported, Ma Bao!

   Song Qiao ran in after cleaning the kitchen, her hands were red, and Ulan was angry again: "How many times have I told you to use hot water in winter! Why are you so disobedient?"

  The two of them intend to exercise Song Qiao, and teach them a little bit of housework, fearing that one day... But Song Qiao doesn't know how to take care of his body, and the process of this practice is also full of depression.

  For example, at this moment, Song Qiao ignored her, and only leaned close to Song Tan to snuggle up:

   "Sister, I want to see Peppa! Mom won't let me see it!"


  Who can refuse such a big baby!

  Song Tan immediately took out his mobile phone: "Come on, let's—"

   She's stuck.

  I saw that the cell phone I took out was full of cracks, and it seemed to be dancing wildly on the verge of being scrapped—

  Ulan looked at his thousand yuan phone, and suddenly felt sad.

   "It's difficult for you to be outside, Mom knows, but there is no shortage of you at home, so don't be too frugal."

   Momentarily softened his voice: "If you want to plant land, plant it well. If you don't have anything else at home, you just have a lot of land. You can do whatever you want."

  Turning around, he took out his mobile phone and transferred 2,000 yuan to her: "Go to town tomorrow, and buy a new one."

  Song Tan blinked in confusion, then looked at his phone—a surprise hahaha!

  However, at the next moment, Song Qiao made a "hum hum" sound from the side, and looked at the two of them while making the sound.

   Now, Ulan's heart was full of softness, and she couldn't go on anymore. She roared angrily:

   "Song Qiaoqiao! I told you to learn that pig cry again, and you are not allowed to watch TV!"


  In the silent night, Song Tan finally had the opportunity to try to activate the spiritual energy.

  Aura is dotted with stars, slowly surging with the wind in the quiet village on a winter night.

  Accompanied by the operation of her mind, the aura that is hard to see like a firefly is slowly gathering together.

  It was like the rain that nourished her weak body that was riddled with holes and tempered her body...

  Finally, when the sky turned white, the spiritual energy that had been running became more and more intense, and then Song Tan collected it into his dantian.

  At this moment, her body is already full of sticky black impurities, and the smell in the room is becoming more and more ecstasy.

  Song Tan had no choice but to sneak into the bathroom like a thief again—thanks to Xin Countryside, although she is not so afraid of the cold now, she still has to say: the water heater is awesome!

   But the bad thing is, because the dirt on her body is so hard to rub off, after taking a shower, not only the hot water is gone, but Ulan also wakes up.

  Take a shower in the winter morning, and the water heater runs out of hot water? !

   It's crazy!

  In no time, the whole family got up—Qiao Qiao cooked **** soup, Song Sancheng turned on the stove, Ulan hurriedly used the stove to stew water again, and she must not catch the cold!

   When she was finally on the street, Fairy Song Tan was wrapped in an aged military overcoat, and then she put on her grandma’s beanie cap before she was allowed to sit on the back seat of the motorcycle.

  Motorbikes are hard to start in winter, Song Sancheng is stomping on the ignition rod in front, and behind her back she is thinking about what to do today—

   First, go to the town police station to apply for an ID card.

  Thank God, because of the mobile payment nowadays, she didn't bring the card with her when she got into a car accident, which saved a lot of trouble.

   Then buy a new phone.

  After these two most important things are done, the next step is to buy some farm tools, fertilizers, and most importantly—seeds.

   As for what seeds to buy, Song Tan already had an idea in mind.

  At this moment, she was sitting on the motorcycle, looking at the rolling mountains that she had just turned over, and then at the rising red sun in the sky, she felt full of pride:

   "Dad! Before long, I will make our village more beautiful! Our life will be better!"

  Song Sancheng was riding a bicycle in front, and also said loudly: "Tan Tan, you can spend your 60,000 yuan at a leisurely time!"

   In the past, the hot water capacity of the electric water heater in the rental house was not large, and it was very stressful to take a shower and wash your hair in winter...Can you guess what Tan Tan will plant first?



  (end of this chapter)

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