Song Tan Jishi

Chapter 84: Village party secretary road repairs and subsidies

  Chapter 84 84. Road repair and subsidy of the village secretary

  Village party secretary?

  Song Tan regained his energy in an instant, and quickly grabbed the opponent's hand like an old fritter, shaking it up and down.

   Then he asked: "Then why are you looking for me? Are you going to build roads for our village? Oh, to tell you the truth, I drive a small pickup truck every day, and it bumps me!"

   I wish you: ...

  Her stomach full of drafts was completely blocked at this moment, and she only remembered to build the road.

  Can she handle the road repair?

   I don't know why, but I still feel a sigh.

  So he had no choice but to withdraw his hand embarrassingly:

   "Just call me by my name, we are the same age, I am two or three years older than you..."

   After being polite for a long time, Zhu Jun remembered her almost forgotten point, and couldn't help asking again at this moment:

   "Then let me tell you, what new formula did your family use in the field this year?"

  Whether Song Tan uses something or not, that is not something that can be made clear in just a few words. In the end, she was just delighted and fanatical:

   "You also think our field is very fat this year, right? Oh, my mother already said that if the Lord of the Land shows up, he should prosper me!"

   Zhu Jun has been in the village for more than a year. It is not the first time I have seen the superstition of the villagers, but is it really good for you, a young girl, to speak so firmly?

  Song Tan talked about metaphysics, and then half-truth and half-truth about science:

   "Actually, it's not that our family's field is so good. Our family is the only farmer in the main village. The land has been abandoned for many years, and I don't know how much rotten manure is buried under the soil layer."

   “Before digging the land, we burned it again, fertilized the land, and eliminated bacteria and insects.”

   "So it's only natural that the plants in the field grow well this first year if I take good care of it."

  Although Zhu Jun is not a farmer, she has also received training and education. She knows the current situation of farming in the village.

  Chemical fertilizers, urea and pesticides have not yet reached the level of full ecological and organic. It is really rare that the common milk vetch can grow such a good taste.

   But Song Tan sighed again:

"Think about it, the current policy, in villages and towns a little closer to the city, the straw is not allowed to be burned, and the fields are not allowed to be moved. If you want to interplant two grapes on your own mountain, you have to make a special application, otherwise it is illegal ..."

  Song Tan also sighed:

  "Farmers have been farming all their lives, and when they grow old, it is illegal to do something. I am not saying that this policy is bad, but there are many rote policies in it, which completely ignore reality."

"Our Yunqiao village is 20 minutes away from the town by car, and it takes more than an hour to go to the urban area. In such a remote place, the degree of freedom is slightly greater, and it is normal for things to grow well. In the past, there was a problem here. Famous outstanding people."

  These ramblings, from road construction to land masters to research and policies on burning waste and composting... Whether they are convincing or not, only the young village party secretary knows in his own heart.

  She was silent for a while, then decisively changed the subject.

   "I see that your series of work in the field and on the mountain should be to make the rural industry a certain scale?"

   "I heard from the villagers that you work in Ningcheng, which is the capital city of the province. Now that you are back, are you sure you will continue to work for a long time?"

  Song Tan smiled, with a distant memory on his expression:

   "When I was eleven years old, I went to live in the town when I was in junior high school, then I went to live in the city when I was in high school, and I lived in the city when I was in college. After I graduated, I went directly to Ningcheng..."

   "It's full of plans, I have only stayed with my parents for a few years?"

   "My mother means that as long as I can find a suitable partner in Ningcheng, this life will be considered complete, and she won't worry about me."

   "Yes..." Song Tan raised his chin to let Zhu Jun see Qiao Qiao running over with chewing gum in the distance.

   "You see they are so good, how can I be willing to wander outside all the time?"

  Wandering all the way to the world of comprehension, and finally found that there, if you are not strong enough, you will be beaten, and you have no way to control your own destiny. "

  So Song Tan lives in seclusion, often retreats for ten or twenty years, and even willingly farms...for a respect and freedom.

   And now, she is back.

  That strange city, she had no time to escape in her previous life, and now she will never go back again.

  Who doesn’t live a life like this?

  The night is really not suitable for talking about this topic.

  Zhu Jun took a deep breath and watched Qiao Qiao, a well-known idiot in the village, come over—with fair skin, black hair, and a pair of eyes as bright as stars, even if he didn’t speak, he could see the childishness on his face.

  Qiao Qiao looked at Zhu Jun for a while, and suddenly smiled, and then opened the pack of chewing gum in his hand: "Sister, do you eat bubble gum?"

   Zhu Jun's heart trembled.

   As a cadre, naturally, you can't take a point from the masses—but who can refuse Qiao Qiao?

  She reached out to take it, and the smell of inferior essence filled her mouth instantly, which also made him regain his thoughts.

   "Song Tan, I actually wanted to find you for no other reason than to tell you that if your agricultural products are doing well this year, you can consider expanding the scale and contracting other fields and forests in the village."

  She looked at the green mountains everywhere: "Here is the mountain of gold and silver, but the mountain of gold and silver cannot satisfy the people below the mountain, and a road needs to be dug out."

   "When the time comes, the village will support the place you like. I just hope that you can give priority to the labor force in our village when it comes to employing people."

   Otherwise, when autumn and winter come, the whole village will have to go out to work, and only a few elderly people will be left here, staying here in an increasingly lonely deserted village.

  Song Tan was quite surprised.

   How do you say this? Neither her parents dared to have such confidence in herself, but the village party secretary in front of her was so bold Jin Yingzi

  Song Tan wondered: "Are you not afraid that I will lose money?"

   Zhu Jun laughed:

   "I've also eaten good food. I know exactly how the food grown in your field tastes."

  In today's society, there are many online channels, only need to have excellent quality, as long as the transportation can go to the place, it may be difficult in the early stage, but there will never be no market.

   "It's just..." Zhu Jun still reminded: "The road in our village has been repaired for three years, and it may not be possible to overhaul it. So you should try to plant something that can be stored in the early stage, so you are not afraid of bumps."

  Song Tan is naturally clear about these, and she asked again: "I heard that the government now subsidizes the express delivery of agricultural products, can I apply for it?"

"Yes!" Zhu Jun responded immediately: "Agricultural products are exempt from taxation, and vegetable transportation is also exempt from tolls. As for the express subsidy, this is a policy just issued last year. You register an online store and get one from me later. "Application Form for Express Subsidy of E-Commerce Agricultural Products", just fill it out."

  She obviously did a very competent job. Even a small question, she answered in an orderly manner: "The postal subsidy is the highest, 60 cents. Other express delivery is 50 cents per order. But the upper limit is a subsidy of 100,000 yuan."

  Song Tan hesitated: " about my flirt?"

   I wish you: ...

  She was silent for a while, and then put away her passionate thoughts:

   "That's why I want you to grow more durable ones. The price of Fengfeng Express is too high, and there is no subsidy."

  Song Tan: …

   Fortunately, I don’t offer free shipping.

   Don't talk too much about policies, don't talk about state affairs. Still today.

   Come, come, push this book: "Wuling Chunshao" Author: Captain Shaoyao.

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  (end of this chapter)

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