[You... Hungry for strength? 】


In the leisure time of the labor holiday, Ling Yuqi, who was leisurely lying in the chair, watching the drama Golden Retriever Crispy Shark on the Internet, looked at the computer with a sudden black screen, and the text that appeared with it, and froze....

He couldn't help but sit up and lie down at the table to carefully examine this sudden change.

On the black screen display, there is a strange fluorescent [you... Hungry for strength? Such a string of white text.

Below the text, there are also options for yes and no.

It seems that it is as strange as a virus or hacker in the computer.

Ling Yuqi pressed the keyboard, and it didn't respond either.

If you want to press and hold the host switch button to force it off, it also has no effect.

It's like it's stuck there....

But even if the power supply is unplugged and the power supply of the computer is disconnected, it still displays strange text -

at this moment, the entire computer, only the mouse can also move on the display screen, for Ling Yuqi to choose the opportunity to choose.

The rest will have no effect....

Encountering such a strange and magical thing did not make Ling Yuqi feel afraid.

Because such a miraculous and supernatural event made him think.

This incident is very similar to the plot in some time-travel novels....

Although it is very unscientific, in this world, there are more unscientific things.

For example, a certain flying incident is still an unsolved mystery...

Perhaps, this is really an opportunity to cross.

Or maybe it was just a dream—

so he bravely moved the mouse and clicked on the option he had in mind at the moment....


Please, there is nothing to do, why cross ah -

here, do not ask for food or drink.

There are so many good dramas, good videos, and fun games.

Although I have no relatives in this life, I also have many good friends.

And as a young, newly employed middle school teacher, with a stable job, and still have time to run his favorite part-time job, I don't think it's a good thing to wear such a thing -

go to another world for no reason, exhausted in order to survive, and even in danger of death.

Even though he has access to more magical things, he still doesn't think it's a good thing.

So he decisively chose the option to refuse....

But the other party did not give up, but a string of words appeared again -

[Do you long for freedom?] 】

Without thinking about it, Ling Yuqi directly chose [no]

not to worry about eating and drinking, and there was no constraint from his family, at most, he was constrained because of some situations at work.

But he still likes his work, he said, and he doesn't feel bound.

And handsome and pleasant, he is deeply liked by his predecessors, and he will always help him in some things.

And the cute students will not bother him because of his handsome looks.

So he never felt that he would lack freedom because of this.

Because, it has always been very free

- but the other party still does not adhere to the re-speaking....

[Do you want to enter the two-dimensional world?] 】

No, I'm not a two-dimensional person, just an ordinary person who likes to watch fans.

Go to the quadratic without relying on it? That was too dangerous –

so he went ahead and chosen....


But the other party seemed to be angry and drilled directly out of the display!

The text appeared in front of him, and there was no choice of [yes] or [no], only a few words - [

Want to understand the meaning of life?] Want to really live? 【

Ordinary life is boring, interesting world waiting for you to explore! 】 【

Come on! 】 Let's walk into a new world together——!!!

A few words floated in front of Ling Yuqi, and then directly fused into a small white hand, grabbed Ling Yuqi's collar and pulled it directly towards the display screen!

The powerful force instantly pulled Ling Yuqi closer to the display screen, and his body was also magically absorbed by the display screen inexplicably and integrated into it....


The clear blue sky, cloudless, as clear as jasper.

All kinds of birds soar freely in the sky....

The endless blue ocean surrounds the island, encircling it to form an island.

Some fish are still swimming on the surface of the sea, declaring their vitality....

Inside the island, the leafy forest reveals the atmosphere of a primeval forest, as if it has never been inhabited.

By the sea, on the golden beach under the rays of the sun, a smaller body appeared out of thin air....

The figure that appeared out of thin air lay on the warm sand

, motionless - waiting for a long time, still motionless.

I don't know if I fell asleep, fell unconscious, or died.



An illusory little figure suddenly appeared above the person's head, and suddenly kicked the person lying on the beach, making a crisp sound and making it finally move, and the little illusory figure also dissipated...

Covering his head, the man slowly got up from the ground.

Rubbing his head with a frown, as if the top of his head had just been attacked by something, he felt a burst of pain.

Standing up a little dazedly, he also found out at this time....

The scene here is somewhat deviated from his own memory -

"This is ... Where? Ling

Yuqi was at a loss.

One second he was still watching, and the next moment he was inexplicably brought here, such a huge change, so that his brain was a little down at the moment....

Moreover, before he woke up, he even thought that the strange text might be a dream, and he himself was asleep.

After all, the font changes hands and forcibly pulls himself over, this kind of plot is too far-fetched.

I didn't think it was really crossed... It is clear that the choice is to refuse!

And...... Now the line of sight seems to be shorter

- as a tall boy of one meter eighty-three, he can clearly feel that the line of sight and height of this body at this time is definitely not his one-meter eighty-three field of vision.

Even if you can't compare the towering trees on the island that have grown in height because of their primitive madness, you can judge your true height at this time.

But based on consciousness and feeling alone, his current height is definitely not even one meter seven!

This is the body shrinking... Or what?

Look down at your little white hands... Ten fingertips like bamboo shoots, wrists like white lotus root, these hands definitely do not belong to the former self!

Even body shrinkage is impossible!

But before he could think more, an ethereal voice suddenly came from his mind, but it interrupted his thoughts-

[Welcome to this world full of all kinds of strong people! ] Master! 】

【I am the auxiliary system for your adventure! 】 Nameless and unsurnamed, you can call me affectionately, Tongbao~! 】


【This endless journey, I will accompany you all the way! 】 【

So, let's work together! 】 Master——! 】


"No, you guy forcibly pulled me over?" Ling Yuqi expressed his dissatisfaction on the spot.

"Aha, what are you talking about, Master.] 】

【Aren't you willing to travel over and explore the fun of the new world~?】 "

Less! I remember it clearly! It was you who was continuously rejected by me and forcibly pulled me over in anger!

"The hands that change by the font are yours——!

[Yes... Is it...... Ahahaha~~~ That's really a big mistake ha~]

Hearing the system say like this, Ling Yuqi couldn't help but shout angrily.

"Then don't send me back yet!"

Although I also know that it is no longer realistic to send myself back.

Otherwise, the system will not force itself over....

The system, on the other hand, is very, very calm, and speaks in an emotionless voice.

[Can't send it back.]


[Well, I can't send it back. 】


Ling Yuqi calmed down and said, "... Say, what do you want to do.

"How the hell can I be released?"

[Ahahaha~ Look at what you said, how it seems like I kidnapped you. ] 】

(??? Isn't it?

(Forcibly pull me over, not called kidnapping, what is that called?)

"You are my master, how can I be against you.] Ling

Yuqi Wuzhi -

[If you want to return to Blue Star again, you only need to pass the mission of six worlds to have a chance to return to Blue Star. 【

Of course, if you want to continue the journey, you can also do it.】 】


"So, completing the mission of six worlds is just a chance to return to Blue Star?!"

"And, the mission of six worlds?! What a pit daddy chore! Aren't you bullying honest people?! "

[How come!] The mission of the six worlds is only one task, and each world has only one ultimate mission. [

As long as you complete these world missions, you can return to Blue Star.] 【

Moreover, during this journey, the world of Blue Star will always be frozen in the timeline before you crossed it, so there is no need to worry about everything changing greatly after you go back because the journey is too long.】 【Moreover

, on the way, there will be my system to help you and solve your problems. 【

So, these tasks can be completed easily! 】 【

You just need to treat it as an adventure, as a tour! 】 【

Also, you must have felt the changes in your body.】 】

【Your body at this time is also changed by the system for you, and the body form used in this world belongs to a super character! 】 【Even

if you return to Blue Star in the end, you can choose to go back with this body! 】 】

【How nice it is to become a two-dimensional character and go home!】 master~! Hearing

the system's explanation, Ling Yuqi felt the state of this petite body again, but did not feel anything special.

Ling Yuqi said: "Strong? I don't feel strong. "

He only paid attention to what the system said, this body is a super character....

[That's because you haven't activated the ability yet.] 【

Reach a consensus with the system, sign a contract, and become a horse monkey...】【

Sorry sorry! It's a crossover! It's a crossover!


It is directly with the system description that after unblocking the blockade, the power will directly emerge!] 【

Moreover, because I think that you are the first world, you in this world, this character, is also in the world with its strongest posture! [

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, the strength of the character still needs to be supplemented by energy to improve...]

[The task of this world is to let the people of this world, nearly half of the people, know the existence of the character you incarnate at this time. 【

According to the cognitive progress displayed by the system, after the progress bar is full, the ability to traverse the next world will be unlocked, and you can go to the next world to complete the mission of the next world.]

In any world, the system will not interfere with any of your actions, but will only use abilities to help you through some difficulties or other things. 【


【You can have fun in this interesting world with peace of mind~! Master——! Hearing

the conditions and tasks mentioned by the system, Ling Yuqi did not feel any difficulties.

Traveling the world in the strongest form of a super character is a breeze!

It was as if it was really just a trip to another world, which made him hard to believe.

Therefore, Ling Yuqi asked with some doubt, "... Such good conditions... Why are you so nice to me? "

[Hmm... Because... Well...... Because...] The system pondered for a long time, as if it was difficult to talk about this reason.

In the end, it still said -

[Recently... The system world is too volumed... If you don't give some good benefits now, the crossers won't take the bait! 】

【And the group of guys in reality know to play games every day, and they are all so vigilant! 】 It's all fresh! All kinds of tricked clicks are not fooled! I don't want to go to a dangerous other world at all! 】

【If you can't catch the crosser, if you can't complete the task, you won't have performance! 】 If you have nothing to eat, you will go hungry! [

As a last resort, I made this decision and invited you to come——]

[Hungry, it's really uncomfortable——! Hearing

that he was going hungry, Ling Yuqi inexplicably felt a sense of sympathy.

He could only respond: "... Okay. Turning

his head to look at the endless azure ocean, Ling Yuqi pondered for a while and asked.

"Naw, system, this trip, just as a tour, right-" [

Yes~! Master~!

"Since that's just the case, then I'll take on this task!"

Anyway, it can't send itself back normally, so it can only be forced to take this adventure.

Looking at this beautiful scene that had never been seen in the steel forest, Ling Yuqi said indifferently.

"Then, unlock it! My body-like ability—"

Although there are not so many emotions on the surface, a lot of expectations have risen in my heart.

After all, about to obtain unprecedented special abilities, it is inevitable that I can't help but get excited.

【Okay! Master! [

Character unlocked

-] [FGO: King Arthur - Artoria Pendragon All Jobs Unlocked

] [Level: Full Level -] [

Treasures: Excalibur, Avalon. Excalibur Morgan。 Caliburn。 Rhongomyniad。 Excalibur Vivian。 Sequence Morgan。 Bright Ehangwen。 Himitsu-Calibur...... Wait. 【

The character has been unlocked, I wish you a happy journey——! 】


PS: It is the first remake of the black dull, but the setting is very different from the plot!

This time, the outline of the first world has been fully established, so it will definitely not be written about collapse and stoppage!

Five stars to take a walk! Get one free gift! I hope you will support you——!!!

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