The symbol of the king, which should have been above the head, no longer exists.

Being in a state of indifference to everything made Ling Yuqi couldn't help but guess: So

, I am now, the blackened king——?

Raising his right hand slightly, the magic power in his body quickly flowed and gushed out from the palm of his hand, and a black boiling flame burst out from his hand!

The scorching flames formed by the magic power burned the surrounding air...

This sensational scorching, but soul-piercing cold and cold flame also made Smog frown in the distance.

He looked at the strange flame, and countless questions rose in his heart.

What kind of flame is this? Why is it so strange? What devil fruit does this belong to? The natural system burns the fruit not by Portcas · Did D. Ace eat it... Could it be some strange fruit that has never been discovered——?

The flames continued to burn despite the cold and breeze of the night....

Feeling the passage of imperceptible dark magic power in his body, Ling Yuqi then withdrew the magic flame released in his hand.

In my heart, I am also more convinced of my state at this time.

But she didn't care about that....

Because as long as you switch the use of magic in your body and change the evil dark magic to clear light magic, you can change back to the normal form of King Arthur.

And this is also the ability of the all-form King Arthur given to

Ling Yuqi by the system - because of his height difference, Ling Yuqi just patted the waist and abdomen position of Hawkeye, and pointed to the position of the sushi stall and said:

"Go and pay."

Then, regardless of Hawkeye's reaction, he walked straight to this man who first appeared in the original book with the ability of the natural fruit, and there was also a man with great personality characteristics - Smogg.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he walked in front of this man with short silver hair....

Wrapped his hands together, Ling Yuqi said a little jokingly:

"Na, Navy... The town of Rogue that you protect... Just like this? "

Don't you all care about this kind of rogue punk like a robber?"

"Public order is so chaotic, your navy, this is how you protect the ——? of the people" In the end, Ling Yuqi scolded Smogg!

Smogg: "??? Before

he could ask the other party what was going on with the evil dark aura, the other party spoke out first and said a lot of words.

But these words, Smogg could not refute, for a moment dumb.

Because it was indeed because of her own reasons, she who seemed to be shopping normally was disturbed by the group of bed bugs....

Fortunately, this evil woman had the power to defeat the scum.

But if he had gone to solve this group of self-proclaimed gangsters earlier, this kind of thing would not have happened, and there would be no other civilians without power who would have encountered such a bad thing.

Can...... There are so many things involved in this, and even if he wants to solve it, the world government will not allow him to destroy the order in this secret place.

So in Rogue Town for so many years, he could only turn a blind eye and didn't care much about this group of gangsters.

Over the years, his focus has been on the pirates who go to the Great Voyage in the East China Sea, and they have not paid much attention to this group of underworld gangsters.

So...... This has led to the current situation.

So, this matter, he recognized!

And this incident also gave Smog a reason, a reason to rectify the underworld organization in Rogue Town.

Use Hawkeye, one of the Seven Martial Seas of His Majesty, as a shield for the world government and get rid of the underworld organization in Rogue Town!

Because of the loss, even if he was scolded by splitting his head and covering his face, he bowed towards Ling Yuqi and admitted his mistake: "I'm sorry!" This is the negligence of our Navy!

"Next, we'll take care of this group of guys!" Glancing at the gangsters in one place, Smogg's eyes flashed red, and he said solemnly: "Never let a wicked person go——! "

When he goes back this time, he is ready to arrest the underworld members of Rogue Town on a large scale!"

As for the subsequent questioning of the world government, he said that it was forced by Hawkeye.

Smogg, who didn't like the title of Nanabukai very much, had no burden in his heart about handing the pot to Hawkeye Quilt.

Anyway, this woman does have a leg with the guy from Hawkeye, and there is nothing wrong with saying that it is Hawkeye.

And then Hawkeye with the question of world government... Then he doesn't care.

The reason has been given to you, and it is indeed because Hawkeye companions expressed their dislike of this group of underworld gangsters, he captured this group of underworld members, if you want to find him with other problems, then he directly pulled the pole and ran away, and went to the Great Voyage to catch pirates! Just get away with it!

Smogg, who goes his own way, will not always give the world government any good face.

Because he doesn't think that the world government is really oriented towards the people... Good stuff.

And Smogg's sincere admission of mistakes made Ling Yuqi, who wanted to find fault, slightly stunned.

But then she raised her eyebrows slightly, looked at Smogg with interest, and said,

"Use us as muzzles?"

What Smog could think of, Ling Yuqi naturally thought of as well.

But none of this matters.

And Smog was just about to open his mouth to explain, but Ling Yuqi directly interrupted and said:

"It's okay, just take it."

"But... Remember, because of this, you owe me a rare devil fruit! Stretching out a finger, Ling Yuqi Lion said widely.

Hearing this, Smogg immediately refused: "What? That's impossible! "

Oh? Want to use me, or Hawkeye's reputation, as a gun, to punch the dark world, even the world government... How can it work without giving some benefits? "

Hawkeye's reputation is expensive, my... More expensive! "

Asking you for a devil fruit is already folded and folded-" Glancing at the crowd that wanted to see the excitement and gradually gathered around, brushing the hair hanging down next to her cheeks, Ling Yuqi stopped for a moment... Then said coldly.

"Otherwise... I will destroy this island directly, so that any dark forces will disappear.

"What do you think?"

During the conversation, Ling Yuqi's momentum became stronger and stronger!

The gradually rising momentum made Smog only feel that his hands and feet were getting colder!

I thought that this woman was just a vase, but I never thought that she had such a powerful momentum!

This momentum made Smog think of his former teacher, General Zefa!

However, how old is Teacher Zefa, and how old is she——!

Looking at Ling Yuqi's slightly pale skin and smooth face that could be broken by blowing, there was a hint of youth in the majesty, which made Smog difficult to understand why she was so young, but she had such a powerful momentum!

Even if you practice from the mother's womb, you are not so perverted, right——!

The fingers curled the hair beside her cheeks and played, but the curve of the corner of Ling Yuqi's mouth only made people feel cold.

Those golden pupils stared at Smogg, as if waiting for his reply.

Through those indifferent golden pupils, Smogg could clearly feel what this woman had just said... Not kidding!


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