The scene fell into a momentary stalemate....

But no matter what, Smogg clearly knew that the other party was determined to eat himself.

Whether it is a gangster or a way to take a gun herself, she can hold a reason to get certain benefits from herself.

If the other party is weak, just fool the past, but....

The other party is so powerful -

although the momentum sometimes does not accurately represent the strength of the strength, because the world is likely to have that peculiar devil fruit and the ability to increase the momentum.

Or she is imposing, but she does not use this momentum as a means of attack, so it is not too strong.

But...... Staring at the extremely powerful blonde in front of her, Smogg didn't think she would be that kind of fool.

Moreover, in fact, the strength of Hawkeye alone is enough to destroy this island in the East China Sea.

There is no need for this woman to have strength at all, as long as the relationship between the two is not ordinary, simply say two words, and talk through Hawkeye, then the island is gone....

The reputation of the world's number one sword hao is not a false name.

That represents, but real strength!

Smogg didn't think he could stop him—

if there was a conflict, it would be himself who died.

Gambling the lives of everyone on an island to scare this woman is an extremely irrational choice.

Even if the other party asked for something in a way that was almost robbery, Smogg, who was in a weak position, could only agree to the other party.


He took out another cigar from his body and lit it, and put it in his mouth.

After biting into two cigars, Smogg took a sharp sip and spat out a large cloud of smoke....

He frowned slightly and said, "Okay, a devil fruit is a devil fruit."

"I promised you."

Forced by the situation, Smogg chose to compromise.


Ling Yuqi said indifferently: "No, it's two now-

" "What?!!" Smog subconsciously exclaimed, his brows furrowed together!

He couldn't understand why another one had been added to this meeting.

The Devil Fruit is a secret treasure on the sea, it is an extremely difficult treasure to obtain, isn't she afraid that I won't find the Devil Fruit? Two more -

but Ling Yuqi didn't care what Smog was thinking, just said coldly: "Huh? How? Have questions? "

“... No..." said Smogg without the courage to resist.

People under the eaves had to bow their heads.

"So be it! You take all these people back-" Waving his hand, motioning for Smog to take the group of guys away, Ling Yuqi turned and walked towards Hawkeye without any hesitation.

Smogg, on the other hand, stared closely at Ling Yuqi's back, deeply imprinting this woman's impression in his heart...

Today's shame is remembered in my heart.

One day, he will be arrested!

A cloud of white smoke came out of Smogg's body and swept the youth, dragging it towards the naval base.


The sky gradually broke, and the pale cyan sky was inlaid with a few residual stars, and the sky and the earth were hazy, like a light gauze shrouded in silver-gray.

In an inn in Rogue Town, it was extremely quiet.

Not only because of the dawn, but also because of what happened on the street last night, this hotel, which mainly receives foreign tourists, is not occupied by many people at this time.

Because most of the tourists who came to Rogue Town to visit the bustling night market last night, they also saw the group of miserable gangsters, and the woman with unparalleled combat power...

In the end, the naval commander stationed here, Colonel Smogg, came, and only took the gangsters with him....

Even the most powerful man in the navy stationed here, Colonel Smogg, did not dare to provoke women.

It is clear to everyone that this beautiful woman is actually a thorny rose!

Therefore, they did not dare to live in that hotel anymore, even if some people who had already paid for a room, they changed hotels....

Only some people who did not have enough money could only endure the fear in their hearts, returned to the hotel room, and prayed that the thorn of this rose would not fly out and pierce people.

But this night, they also did not dare to make a sound, for fear of disturbing this rose....

The sun lifts the clouds and shines a warm light on the vast earth.

And a ray of sunlight is shining through the window on the bed in room 154 of this hotel....

The white quilt, soft as cotton, was spread flat on the bed, but it looked bulging in the middle.

From this bulging shape, it can be seen that inside, there is a smaller figure lying.

As the clouds gradually dispersed, the sun gradually hung high in the sky, and a small white hand finally came out of the quilt...

The little hand slowly pulled away the quilt, revealing the golden hair buried in it, and the pretty face.

His brows furrowed slightly, and then he struggled to flip around on the bed twice... Finally, I opened my eyes.

Lying on the bed stunned, he scanned everything around him a little blankly, and then looked at the bright sky outside the window.

Ling Yuqi understood in her heart...

"Oh, it's morning-"

Suddenly, Ling Yuqi sobered up, and his chaotic thoughts gradually became clearer.

"Hey——! hey"

Lift the quilt that covers your body directly! Ling Yuqi jumped under the bed! I got out of bed naked....

As Ling Yuqi got out of bed, the clear magic wrapped the whole body, and the fine magic was like silk thread, gradually woven into a standard black women's suit.

The long blonde hair that spreads out also flows with the magic and is naturally woven into a single ponytail hairstyle.

A handsome men's beauty appeared impressively -

after changing her clothes and simply washing, Ling Yuqi walked out of the room with light steps, and walked towards room 198 where Hawkeye was located.

Knock Knock –

Knock lightly on the door to convey a message inside.

But there was no reply.

Then, Ling Yuqi tapped hard twice more and shouted,

"Hey! Get up! The sun is drying your ass——! "

But there is still no response inside....



Ling Yuqi kicked open the door and walked in.

The door that had been kicked open immediately smashed into the wall, kicking up a little dust.

But apart from these, the room was clean and empty.

"What about people?" Ling Yuqi was a little puzzled.

After walking around the room twice, thinking about where Hawkeye would go, Ling Yuqi suddenly thought.

What Hawkeye said to himself last night....

[I will be waiting on the island of Krajcana for the arrival of the Knights of the British Round Table. So

... Did he go straight away?

"Well~ forget it, don't care about him..." Ling Yuqi said to himself, and then looked through the window and looked at the sea in the distance...

"So... It's also time to head to the next island!

"Next stop, Chambordi Islands! Departure ——! "


And Hawkeye, who got up early in the morning, was standing next to a dock in Rogue Town.

Hawkeye handed the design drawing in his hand to the muscular man in front of him and said, "

Boss, I want this style of sailboat."

"Oh? This style..." Holding the design drawing handed by Hawkeye, the muscular man touched his beard and groaned for a moment.

The muscle man said with some hesitation: "Such a good build, it can be made in two days, but..." Looking

at the drawing, the coffin-like sailboat shape, the muscle man didn't know whether to say some words in his heart.

But in the end, he stayed true to his principles and spoke his mind.

"Are you sure you want this style of sailboat?"

"This appearance is somewhat unlucky-

" and Hawkeye just affirmatively said, "It's okay, it's like this." Since

the customer is determined to build this, he doesn't have much to say.

So the muscle man said, "Okay, since you said so, then I'll start doing it."

"In two days, you will come here again to pick up the boat."

"Good." After paying the deposit, Hawkeye separated the muscular man and walked alone on the coast.

Looking at the layers of waves on the seashore, Hawkeye's calm heart is somewhat looking forward to the arrival of the powerful opponent in the future -


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