The small speedboat could not hold any supplies, and there was no equipment for cooking, so Ling Yuqi could only use the money he got from the group of underworld gangsters last night to simply buy some fresh water and snacks, and then drove the speedboat out of Rogue Town.

Driving this extremely fast speedboat, enjoying the feeling of the sea breeze blowing, consciousness swims to the sky.

If you can get modern warships, then ...

Wouldn't it be convenient to do anything——!

Ling Yuqi, who diverged his thoughts, suddenly thought of this, and a thought also arose in his heart.

That is....

Bring a modern multi-purpose warship to this world!

But...... How to move is a problem.

And how to drive is also a big problem.

Adhering to the principle of asking the system if something is not decided, Ling Yuqi asked about the system in his heart....

[Tongbao, my Tongbao~! ] Is there any way to move modern warships here. Hearing

this, the system immediately refused: [No, no, absolutely impossible! ] 【

Really no chance...】

【Not at all! Don't even think about it! Impossible! The

system's extremely decisive refusal made Ling Yuqi understand that there was no way, or it might be very costly, and he couldn't afford to pay this price to get the battleship.

Since it is impossible to rely on the system, then... Maybe you can consider starting with the heroic spirit.

If you summon a heroic spirit who knows this kind of technology, or a heroic spirit with such a treasure, you may be able to complete your idea.

Or go to the capital of seven waters, find a group of guys who can build ships, give them some theoretical knowledge of their brains, maybe they can also build a relatively simple battleship....

No matter what, as long as you want to do it, there are always many ways.

But the main task at present is to summon a few heroic spirits with combat power, and then release them to spread the reputation of Britain everywhere.

Therefore, there is no need to think so much, and the battleship is not in a hurry.

Now the main thing is, go to the Great Voyage and find the Devil Fruit to summon the Heroic Spirit!

So, according to the pointing of the permanent pointer, Ling Yuqi drove the speedboat and drove rapidly——


The weather was clear and cloudless.

On the calm sea, a pirate ship that came to the Great Route from the North Sea and passed the whiskey peak smoothly was slowly moving...

On the deck, a strong man with a large wooden wine glass in his hand was laughing heroically!

"What a pirate hunter! What a Baroque work society! Isn't it still trampled under our feet!

"Hahaha! Brothers! To celebrate the victory of the battle! Let's drink this wine——! The

leader of the Nip Pirates, Nip smiled boldly and drank the wine in the glass, and then continued.

"The victory of this battle can be regarded as a good start for our Nip Pirates!"

"As long as we are always vigilant, I believe that in the future, this great voyage will have a place for our Nip Pirates!" Speaking of which, Nip was a little serious and confidently conveyed his thoughts to the crew.

The combatants on the ship, Wei Ji, were also extremely cheerful: "That's right! Our Nip Pirate Group will surely become a nightmare for other pirates at sea!

The rest of the crew burst out laughing.

Nip smiled and raised his glass that was filled again and said, "Hahaha! Dry the brothers! "

Dry !!" The rest of the crew raised their glasses in their hands at the same time and shouted in unison!

But suddenly!


The front of the pirate ship is like a meteorite falling! Suddenly a monstrous wave!

The waves rolled up and pounced on the pirate ship! And all the pirates who were on the deck were wet by this sudden sea water....

Nip spat out the seawater that he accidentally swallowed in his mouth: "Poof... Wow! What the hell——!

Next to Nip, the sniper Ponte pointed in the direction of the bow of the boat, and the direction where the waves smashed said: "Boss! This is...... A ship! A ship falling from the sky! As

a sniper, Ponte had extremely good eyes, so when danger came, only he saw the cause of the wave, and raised his arms to block the incoming sea.

Nip was puzzled: "What?!" Could it be that the Great Voyage not only has all kinds of dangerous weather, but also ships from the sky?

"It's not... Boss, that ship... It's someone's! Ponte continued to talk about what he had seen in that moment.

And Nip's younger brother is also the deputy captain of the Nip Pirates, and Nipu also slightly sees a clue.

He said a little flustered: "This seems to be... Artificial! Eldest brother!

"How is it possible! Could it be... Is it a golden lion?! "The levitating, falling ship from the sky makes Nip only think of the former overlord of the sea, the golden lion!

"But how could the golden lion come here, it's not scientific..." Nip whispered with some doubt.

As a major overlord of the New World, the golden lion came to the forefront of the great voyage, which made Nip unimaginable.

And just when the members of the Nip Pirates were shocked, the sea water that splashed because of the high fall and heavy smashing on the sea surface finally splashed down.

The shape of the ship that fell from the sky finally entered everyone's eyes.

Looking at this exquisite new type of ship that had never been seen before, all the crew members who had been wet by the sea could not help but stay in place.

Captain Nip also pointed to the ship in front of him in confusion: "This is a ship without sails?" Is this really a ship sailing on the Great Route? How does it sail? Nip

could not understand how the other party's ship, without sails, could move.

Is it difficult, by oars?

Nip was preoccupied with how the other party drove, but his younger brother Nipu caught the point: "No... The main question now is how it fell from a high altitude without any damage..." Ni

Pu stared at the ship as if it had appeared as if it had appeared, and his heart was full of doubts.

"Falling from such a high altitude, ordinary ships have long been torn apart, and it ... It seems that there is no damage at all..."

And Nip, also awakened by the voice of his younger brother Nipu, also sensed where the point was.

With a glance of his eyes, he saw the only one sitting cross-legged on the ship, as if eating a snack... Woman?

Instead of thinking with your own brain, it is better to ask the owner of this ship.

So, Nip shouted directly at the other party: "Hey! Woman! Tell me, what's going on with your ship?

As a pirate, Nip's words were rude.

And he had just defeated a group of pirate hunters at Whiskey Peak, so Nip was very arrogant at this time, and there was no obstruction in his mouth.

Hearing the sound, the blonde lady sitting on the boat turned her head and asked suspiciously.

"Huh? You are? Hearing

the question, Nip immediately crossed his waist and said proudly: "Me? I'm one of the most powerful pirates in the North Sea! The famous Captain Nip!

Hearing that it was a pirate, the corner of the blonde beauty's mouth couldn't help but curl a little, and put down the snack in her hand, slowly stood up, and said: "Oh~ it turned out to be a pirate-

" "Then, can you please..."


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