Push the time back to when Ling Yuqi left Rogue Town

, a speedboat speeding on the sea, the hull of which was wrapped with thick magic power, strengthening the ship's capabilities.

Coupled with Ling Yuqi's A-grade riding ability, she was extremely skilled in driving this speedboat, following the direction extremely steadily, towards the top of the Upside Down Mountain...

The speedboat soon came to the bottom of the Upside Down Mountain.

That peculiar ocean current landscape made Ling Yuqi feast his eyes.

Even if she knew that there was such a thing, when she really witnessed this turbulent current going upstream, her heart was inevitably a little excited.

The speedboat stopped at the foot of the mountain for a moment, and the turbulent current could not affect the speedboat strengthened by magic at all, and the impact of the waves on the hull of the ship could not cause any damage at all.

The speedboat stood firmly in place, motionless.

In the end, Ling Yuqi, who was all happy, drove this tough speedboat towards the top of the mountain!

The speedboat, which was already extremely fast, was driven by the turbulent current, and the speed rushed to the top of the mountain in another section!

The impact of the sea current made Ling Yuqi's excitement difficult to suppress, and in his hand, it increased the flow of magic power!

The furious mana increases the speed of the ship in the stern! A speedboat is like a speeding rocket!

"Swoosh!" In an instant, he leaped to the top of the mountain!

And follow the inertia of speed and the increase of mana! The speedboat flew straight out of the sea! Fly non-stop towards the sky! Soar into the sky and leap into the distance!

Looking at this scene, Ling Yuqi increased the output of magic power! The happy smile on the corner of her mouth shows her excitement!

Then, because of the continuous increase in magic power, this speedboat flying into the blue sky glided in the air like a paraglider.

And after a long leap, when the speedboat was about to fall, Ling Yuqi used magic as a link to glue himself and the hull, so that he would not fall out of the hull due to gravity and impact.

The fierce wind at the time of falling was also isolated by the small magic power formed by Ling Yuqi with the magic power emitted by Ling Yuqi that wrapped the hull of the ship.

In the center of the speedboat, it briefly becomes a calm space.

On the way to the leap, because you don't need to operate in your own direction, you just need to drive in a straight line and use magic to input energy to the speedboat, and there is no need for any operation.

So Ling Yuqi directly got out of the driver's seat, sat directly on the ground, took out the snacks purchased from Rogue Town, and began to enjoy the snacks leisurely.

It's just that the more focused on solving these snacks, without paying attention to controlling the nature of their own magic, the azure magic that emanated slowly climbed up the pitch-black silk thread and gradually spread...

But before it could all turn black, the speedboat finally descended to the surface of the sea until...

This sea area in front of the Nip Pirates -


The speedboat fell to the sea! Splash huge waves!

The waves obscured all vision, and was isolated by the magic, and Ling Yuqi, who was sitting cross-legged on the boat, was just having a snack, ready to wait for a little rest, and after eating the bag of snacks in his hand, he continued to move forward.

The splashing sea water gradually descends in response to gravity, and the obscured view returns.

Ling Yuqi, who was in the center, also took back the magic power that isolated everything and concentrated on dealing with the snacks in his hand.

And suddenly, she only heard a male voice shout from behind, which disturbed her.

She looked back and asked.

And when she learned that the other party was a group of pirates, a sense of fun inexplicably rose in her heart.

So, she lightly opened her thin lips, and the corners of her mouth provoked a happy smile, and said:

"Then, can you please


As soon as the word "death" came out, an endless cold wind suddenly emerged!

The temperature around them was inexplicably lowered, and Ling Yuqi squinted his golden pupils slightly, but stared at this group of pirates without a trace of temperature in his smile.

A cold current suddenly passed through the limbs! The proud and proud Captain Nip suddenly felt a chill all over his body, and his body couldn't help but tremble...

Endless vigilance also rose in my heart!

Although he was a little arrogant at this time because of the battle victory he had just won, he did not forget and remembered what he had just said!

Don't let your guard down! Danger is everywhere!

Being able to come out of Whiskey Mountain is all due to his vigilance.

Therefore, for this woman who felt dangerous, he once again raised his vigilance!

Feeling the cooler air around him and putting away his arrogance, Nip said carefully: "This... Woman, you..."

But he didn't know what to say....

Even though Nip didn't want to have a conflict with this cold, unknowable woman, he didn't know how to communicate with her.

Because as soon as the other party met, what he said was so terrifying - the

scene fell into a moment of embarrassment.

Ling Yuqi looked at this group of pirates with interest, and said casually: "Hahaha~!" Just kidding with you guys~ just kidding-"

The pirates can only laugh, but their hearts are particularly nervous.

Give the group of pirates some buffer time, and then Ling Yuqi smiled and said, "Then... Do you have anything valuable on board? "

I met all of them, and I couldn't say anything if I didn't give anything.

The goose plucks its feathers, and the beast leaves its skin.

At this moment, Ling Yuqi's state of mind was like this.

Because there is a real lack of things in the body, not only money, but also what.

This encounters a pirate on the road, and he must take something.

If the attitude is good, just take a little what you need, and if the attitude is not good, then ... Directly extinguished!

The other party is not a good person, a group of pirates, extinguished and destroyed, Ling Yuqi has no psychological pressure in his heart at all.

Rather, since the transformation, it seems that there has been no psychological pressure on killing.

It's like... Be accustomed to something? As it is?

Anyway, at the moment, Ling Yuqi didn't think it was a bad thing, so he didn't care much.

What I care about now is what the other party can come up with to obtain their right to live

.... The other party's strange sky descended, and the appearance was undamaged, as well as the cold breath, which made Ni Pu feel that it was not a good idea to fight against her.

In order to prevent his arrogant brother Nip from saying some bad words without brain, he swept past Nip, walked in front of him, and reached out to stop Nip, who wanted to speak.

Ni Pu said: "... We have a lot of treasure here... Don't know what you want? Mysterious lady - "

My side has just plundered a lot of treasure from the whiskey peak, so there is a lot of treasure on the ship, and the materials are quite rich."

And the other party's ship is not large, even if she takes out some for her, she can't take much away, so these are not to be feared.

It is well worth it to be able to exchange these small amounts of treasure for a battle full of uncertainties.

At sea, although strength is the most important, brains, too, are important.

Otherwise, this group of people from the Nip Pirates would not be able to come here....

"Oh~? There are many? Then I'll take a good look-"

After saying that, Ling Yuqi jumped lightly and easily jumped onto the Nip Pirate ship.

Standing on the deck, looking at this group of pirates in a daze, he said:

"What a daze, quickly lead the way."


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