The white light flickered, and the mountain-like treasure disappeared in an instant.

The gaze of Vice Captain Nipu stared dead at all the treasures that suddenly disappeared, and his pupils gradually shook...

Finally, Ni Pu, who understood what was happening here, just opened and closed his mouth sluggishly.

Abba -

at this time, he was like a fool, unable to say a word....

His mind was full of doubts, and the big doubts made it impossible for his brain to think.

Wealth... Treasure, I am such a big mountain of treasure——?!

This question was entangled in his heart, making it difficult to maintain his paralyzed face...

Why, why was the other party able to take so many things away at once?

Shouldn't she be a swordsman? Why such incomprehensible abilities?

Could it be that she is still a Devil Fruit powerhouse——?

But will there be a Devil Fruit ability, will it have this ability?

Take away the treasure? Is this outrageous backpack ability——?

Ni Pupil was stunned in place, and the question in his heart was difficult to solve...

And Ling Yuqi, who had harvested a mountain-like treasure, was very happy at the moment.

In a happy mood, she patted

Ni Pupil, and then ignored Ni Pupil who was frozen in place, and walked outside - as soon as she got out of the cabin and walked to the deck, Ling Yuqi was immediately surrounded by all the pirates.

But they also did not move, nor did they show their malice, but their faces were full of doubts.

Nip: "What about my brother——? "

There was no sound of fighting below, so there should be no conflict.

Nip, who believes in his brother, is just confused....

The younger brother who led her in, how did she come out when she came out?

Where did the brother go?

Thinking of the man who seemed to have been taken away by himself and was stunned in place, she said with some amusement: "Your brother? He~ is autistic inside-

" "Self-autism?" Nip wondered what would make his brother feel autistic....

"Hmm." Ling Yuqi replied softly, and then said: "Okay, I'm leaving~"

Swoosh -

only felt a breeze blowing, and then saw that the woman surrounded by the pirates in the center had disappeared.

Then only the sound from the bow of the ship was heard, only to find out... The woman had returned to the particular ship.

"Then, unknown pirate group, we have a chance to see you again——!" Waving his hand gently, Ling Yuqi said goodbye to this group of kind (rich) pirates.

Then he started the speedboat and headed directly into the distance -

reacting, Nipnip immediately shouted towards Ling Yuqi, who was traveling far away: "We are the Nip Pirate Group!" Is it a sea thief who will dominate the sea in the future!! "As if to boost your confidence, as if to declare your ambitions.

It's just that Ling Yuqi didn't hear this——


Driving the speedboat, Ling Yuqi was thinking in his heart.

Now there is a permanent pointer to Alabastan... So, is it better to change the voyage and go to Alabastan first, or skip this place and go directly to the Chambord Islands?

Just thinking for a moment, Ling Yuqi came to a conclusion.

That is -

to Alabastan!


, first, it's relatively close.

Second, the Baroque Work Society of Klockdar is there.

Third, I want to play with Lao Sha.

Moreover, the treasures on the whiskey peak alone have all this, so how much money will be in the base camp of the Baroque Work Society in Alabastan?

Ling Yuqi didn't dare to imagine, but he was very interested!

Because no one will dislike their own money.

Moreover, having controlled Alabastan for many years, and as one of the Seven Martial Seas, the chief commander under him is all Klockdar, who is capable of the Devil Fruit, and there are few Devil Fruits in his hands, and Ling Yuqi is a little unconvinced.

It may not be rare or powerful, but it should always be.

Ling Yuqi wanted to go to him to "discuss" to see if he could get it and summon a heroic spirit, so that he could first go to find the treasure according to the broken treasure map.

Moreover, she is also very interested in Lao Sha...

So, she directly changed sailing, according to Alabastan's permanent pointer, drove the speedboat, and quickly headed towards Alabastan——!


Heading straight towards Alabastan, we finally reached the island at night.

The dull sky lowers the temperature around them, and the cold wind carries wind and sand from time to time, blowing on people's bodies....

Even in the port city of "rape flowers", few people walk on the streets at night.

There were only a few guys, wearing robes that covered their whole bodies, running towards other places in a hurry, looking anxious...

Ling Yuqi came in from the port brightly, and the speed of the speeding speedboat also alarmed some people in the secret...

But she didn't care, and after getting ashore, she put the speedboat parked on the sea into the system space.

In such a chaotic country, she did not dare to leave her speedboat on the sea.

In case some little furry thief stole it, she wasn't sure if she would be able to find the speedboat intact again.

After all, a speedboat without its own magic blessing is only a fiberglass boat that can be damaged.

And after losing this ship, she is not sure if she can get another one from the system....

So, it's better to be steady-


PS: I seem to... I owe two more....



I don't know why, her mind is a little confused.

Looking at the brilliant lights around him, Ling Yuqi was a little dazed for a while.

This is...... Where?

Her brows frowned slightly, and her head suddenly hurt, and her impression of this place was blank!

But she always felt that something was wrong, and kept thinking about where this scene belonged.

And the more she thinks, it also makes her brows furrow, and the pain in her brain becomes more and more!

The gradually worsening pain made her squat on the ground unbearably! Press your head hard with both hands! I want to reduce pain in this way....

Although she could end the pain by just stopping thinking, she always felt that if she didn't think about it, something worse would happen.

So, she could only force herself to figure out this matter -

finally! In the midst of all the pain, some words appeared in my mind.

Swim... Playground... False...... Love...... Child...... Hammond...... Father....


A slender white and tender little hand suddenly slapped on Ling Yuqi's hand, and then grabbed her jade hand, gently pulling her to stand up from the ground...

The thought was interrupted and the pain dissipated instantly.

Ling Yuqi, who was a little dazed, looked at the girl who pulled herself up suspiciously.

A red jacket is worn over the short sleeves, and long jeans set off the slender thighs.

The turquoise eyes were full of tenderness, and the youthful and beautiful face made Ling Yuqi feel a little familiar, but she couldn't think of anything.

Being stared at by her eyes, Ling Yuqi was inexplicable and didn't want to think about other things.

Subconsciously, I felt that this girl would not be a bad person, so I didn't get rid of the hand that was held.

But after being watched by her for a long time, Ling Yuqi still felt a little strange.

Seeing the doubt in Ling Yuqi's eyes, the woman let go of her hand in a little panic, and hurriedly spoke: "Father... Xiao Ling... Give, give! The milk tea you want.

Without speaking, he took the milk tea from nowhere and handed it to her.

"Oh, good." Ling Yuqi subconsciously took the milk tea, and did not feel that there was anything wrong with this inexplicable milk tea.

The girl looked a little flustered, as if she wanted to divert her attention, one hand pulled Ling Yuqi and held on, the other pointed to the long roller coaster in the distance, and said: "That... That, small... Xiao Ling, let's go play with that-

" "Good." Without going through the brain, he said it, and Ling Yuqi was a little puzzled, but inexplicably felt reasonable.

So, the girl happily hugged Ling Yuqi's arm, pulled Ling Yuqi and walked towards the roller coaster's facilities.

And the weather looks like it's summer, even at night, the temperature should not be low.

But obviously the two are stuck together, but they don't feel the heat.

Everywhere is full of strangeness, but Ling Yuqi, who was pulled by girls, did not want to entangle with these anymore.

Just because I am inexplicable in my heart, I really want to accompany this girl and do what she wants to do....

It's like... What are you making up for?

To be continued——

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