Ling Yuqi: ???

Confused, Ling Yuqi was directly stunned.

Are they worshiping me? Haven't I been famous all over the world...?

Her little face looked around puzzled, wanting to know if other cowmen were coming, these guys were not looking for themselves.

But she found that there was no one else around her.

Isn't it clear that this group of guys is worshipping themselves....

No, where is this? Why did you start praying to the gods for rain?

And, from what place is the conclusion that I will rain?

Ling Yuqi, who was full of doubts, said perfunctorily with a slight embarrassment: "That... That, fellow. I...... It won't rain.

Then, in a slight panic, he jumped on the sled, threw the white gift bag on the sled outside, and said,

"I... Just a Santa Claus delivering gifts... It won't rain! These gifts are all for you, I have something to do, go first——!

After that, without waiting for this group of guys to react, they immediately drove the sled and headed towards the palace!

This scene of misidentifying the gods was too embarrassing, and Ling Yuqi really couldn't stand it...

With a little drifting snowflakes, the sleigh was pulled by two rivers, and in an instant it came to the high platform of the palace -

Gaka stood in front of King Kobra, looking at the mysterious woman who was galloping like an enemy.

Kobra, on the other hand, reached out to stop Gaka and crossed Gaka's blocked body to the sleigh floating in mid-air.

He bent down slightly and said respectfully: "This great powerhouse, I don't know what you are calling when you come to our Alabastan Kingdom?" As

the king of a country, Kobra did not put on a noble posture, but gave Ling Yuqi enough respect.

After all, as a patriotic and patriotic Kobra, his own country is almost gone, and what qualifications do he have to put on a noble pose with such a strong man who can kill one of the guardian saints of his country in a second?

Isn't this pure and pure looking for death?

Although Kobra is a little simple and a little, he is not stupid.

In this case, he can only save the safety of the people by gambling with one hand, and the other party is not the enemy of his own country.

Because, she who can easily and casually kill the guardian spirit of the kingdom must have the strength to destroy here!

Even if it is still close, it is able to slaughter his own people at will and evacuate safely....

In such a world full of pirates, you have to guard against a human being with great power.

Because you can't guarantee whether he is a pirate or not, whether he is a group of pirates who mainly kill and have no humanity.

Except for powerful people in naval uniforms, you can believe a little, the rest of the inexplicable strong ... I can only be very vigilant!

But from the time she came, she kindly threw gifts down, and when she just flew up, the act of distributing gifts to civilians, for the time being, showed that she was not malicious.

Although she had shattered her own protector Bell -

as for whether the gift that was dropped would be a bomb or something, he didn't think about it, and he didn't dare to think about it...

Hear Kobra's question, with his gesture of respect....

Ling Yuqi, who originally wanted to drop Bell directly and ask him for a map, was not so embarrassed to be so crazy...

People in this country are so strange.

Ling Yuqi thought to himself, and then waved his hand, signaling Gaka to take away Bell who was hanging under the sled, and said to Kobra: "Hmm... I'm just an unrelated person passing by, originally going to the 'rain land', but I got lost and got here, and I'm not interested in the destruction of your country..."

Gaka hugged Bell back under Kobra's signal, and nodded and continued to listen to Ling Yuqi's words.

"So, King of the Kingdom of Alabastan, can you give me a detailed map of Alabastan." Ling Yuqi finished speaking flatly, waiting for Kobra's response.

The map was fine for her, but the kind Kobra still reminded: "Of course you can, but the "rainy land" is there... Klockdar, one of the Seven Martial Seas, exists, I hope your Excellency's attention.

The overly respectful Kobra made Ling Yuqi not know what to say, so he could only answer softly: "Hmm." Soon

, the kingdom's guards presented the map and Kobra personally handed it to Ling Yuqi.

Then Ling Yuqi drove the sled in the direction of "rainland"...

Some of the people in the city knelt down to pray, and some wanted to follow to see, but found that the speed of the speeding sleigh was too fast, and finally stopped outside the city.

And the sled that sped far away has long been gone.


Time passed, and the sky grew dark.

Shining on the earth, radiating the warmth and brightness of the day, the sun is ready to rest.

It slowly sinks, outlining the sky with red colors.

The dream city of the Kingdom of Alabastan - Rainland.

Klockdar, who is in the "Rain Banquet", the largest casino in Alabastan, is sorting out the latest intelligence in order to prepare to add another fire in the near future to escalate the conflict between the king's army and the rebel army.

But when he saw a new piece of information on the table, he was suddenly a little puzzled.

Klockdar picked up this piece of information, looked at Nicole Robin who was standing quietly on the side, and asked, "Nicole Robin, is this information accurate?"

Hearing this, she stepped forward, picked up the information, looked at it slightly, then put it back in its place, and said seriously: "The people installed in Albana have seen this news with their own eyes, and there should be no mistake." However

, in one night, running from "rape flower" to "Albana", even if it flew, it could not be so fast——!

Looking at the woman recorded in the intelligence that the woman who had just arrived in Alabastan last night ran from the port city of "rape flowers" to the capital "Albana" early this morning, Klockdar's heart was full of doubts.

This distance, in just one night, Klockdar did not think that anyone would be able to successfully walk through.

But the fact is here, this woman is indeed successful, and still uses strange flying ability....

There are many doubts in Klockdar's mind....

Not to mention that when she went ashore, the ship that inexplicably disappeared ... How did her flying sleigh and the special clothes that changed on her body come about?

When coming up from the port, the eyeliners made it clear that the woman had not brought anything ashore at all, and that the clothes were not this one.

The kingdom of Alabastan definitely does not have this style of clothing, they can't even do Christmas, and even most people don't know how it is possible to have such clothes and sleds.

A man who used to be a man who wandered in the New World, Klockdar's vision is still very broad, but now he is blinded by this ancient weapon "Hades".

But even if his heart was full of doubts, he had no grievances with this woman, and he felt that the other party should not come to hinder his plan.

Regardless of the strength of the other party, the woman who can cross almost a large island overnight also makes Klockdar a little wary of it and remember it in his heart.

But because of his confidence in his own strength, he still didn't take it seriously....

Picking up a cup of tea, Klockdar was just about to drink it, but

the door was suddenly broken into by a man!

Klockdar put down the tea in his hand, his eyes were as indifferent as if he were looking at a dead man, looking at the man who broke in

... This is the manager of the "Rain Banquet", but if he doesn't have a reason to break into here so casually, then he won't have to live.

Cold-blooded Klockdar, waiting for the manager's explanation.

And the manager, also nervous, said in a panic: "Boos! That... That woman, here she is!

"What woman?" Klockdar didn't react for a moment.

"The woman you brought to our attention today, she came to the rain banquet!"

"And she's looking for something down there, hurting everyone, and naming people to find you——!



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