Klockdar: ???

I'm not coming, waiting for you to tear down my casino?

Staring at Ling Yuqi's back, Klockdar raised his eyebrows, "For no reason, isn't it a little bad to come to my casino to make trouble?" The

manager who followed closely also limped and stood behind Klockdahl.

Nicole Robin, on the other hand, is hiding in the shadows....

The smell of blood filled the air, and the dry, cool, drifting sand fluttered with the breeze.

Hearing Klockdar's words, Ling Yuqi slowly stood up.

But when Ling Yuqi stood up...

Buzz -

the sand floating in the air condenses together instantly! In an instant, it condensed into a huge sand palm!

That huge sand palm directly grabbed towards Ling Yuqi who stood up! I want to capture Ling Yuqi directly!

But when that giant sand palm surrounded Ling Yuqi and was ready to close...


The fierce magic power gushed out in an instant! The purple air flow visible to the naked eye wrapped around Ling Yuqi's body...

The huge impact also directly shattered the condensed sand palm!

Yellow sand splashes all around! The sudden change in momentum of Ling Yuqi made Klockdar's heart dignified...

With a slight frown, Ling Yuqi slowly turned around and asked, "What are you doing?"

Klockdar clenched his cigar, and his entire right arm suddenly turned into a sand blade!

He said viciously, "What for? Scold! Kill you, of course——! "!

As soon as the words fell, yellow sand rose everywhere! Dense sand instantly enveloped the entire hall! The yellow sand blocked Ling Yuqi's vision!

Controlling the surrounding yellow sand, Klockdar then threw out his right arm hard! The entire right arm sand blade instantly turned into a huge bladed knife!

"Desert Saber!"

Huge sand blades from above! Slashed straight at Ling Yuqi!

The powerful sand blade fell heavily! Where it was cut, it was all broken——!

But the end of the blade is as if it has been blocked by something, and it is difficult to cut....

The walls of the "Rain Feast" trembled from the strong pressure and the sand blade of Klockdar, and layers of cracks appeared in between.

Even if the construction was made of extremely hard and valuable materials, it could not support this powerful offensive.

If a huge offensive breaks out here again, I believe that this place will collapse soon.

Klockdar, who had not cared about this, froze his eyes again, looking at what was blocked under his sand blade -

that was...

A handful... Sword?

In my impression, there is no famous knife that looks like this....

So what kind of strange sword is this?

Klockdar was a little puzzled, ordinary swords were completely unable to defend against their own attacks.

Not only because of the great power and extremely sharp blade of the desert knife, but also because the sand attached to the target will also take the opportunity to absorb the moisture of the target.

And the ordinary sword attached to its own sand will become like a wooden plank, easily foldable.

Can...... This pitch-black long sword was actually able to withstand his own attack...

Even...... It will also reverse erode its own sand...?!

Feel that the sand blade cut out in your hand is being eroded by inexplicable darkness and become uncontrollably scattered on the ground.

Looking at the blood-red lines on the pitch-black longsword that gave him an ominous and dangerous aura...

Klockdar's mood became more and more low, and his face became a little ugly.

Holding a pitch-black long sword in his right hand, Ling Yuqi, who stood in front of him to block the desert sword, was further eroding the sand of Klockdar.

The sand, eroded by the dark magic, has also become gray and cannot be controlled by Klockdar.

The speed of mana erosion was fast, and in the blink of an eye, most of the yellow sand that touched on the pitch-black long sword had turned gray and dark.

Klockdar quickly interrupted the control of the sand, scattered the sand from the center, and the arm changed back.

It's just that in the palm of the hand, there is an inexplicable burning, indicating the erosive power of magic power...

Klockdar, who retracted the arm of sand, did not attack again for a while because of the strange dark magic and the inexplicable burn of the palm.

And Ling Yuqi, who noticed that some people around him, because of the attack movement, and woke up from the coma, put down his long sword, looked at Klockdar with some playfulness and said:

"Na~ you don't want the casino?"

Klockdar didn't even look at the cracks in the surrounding walls, and directly responded coldly: "It doesn't matter if the casino has it, but killing you, I think it's very important-

" "Oh~" The long sword in his hand dissipated, and Ling Yuqi, who withdrew the curry stick, ruffled the light blonde hair on his face, and smiled with a slight irony: "Then aren't you afraid that this building will collapse and everyone here will be smashed to death?" The hero of Alabastan~

" Klockdar sneered and said: "Heh, they don't die, what do they have to do with me?" Hearing

this, and seeing that after waking up from the coma on the ground, he heard Klockdar's words, and the people with wide eyes and incredulous expressions on their faces, the corners of Ling Yuqi's mouth provoked a hint of arc.

"Aren't you a hero of Alabastan? Isn't it a hero who protects the people~? How, don't install it? Someone who survived afterwards denounced you? And

Klockdar, just laughed arrogantly, "Hahahahahaha! People here have long been brainwashed by me, and even if they say it, no one will believe it——!

"Indeed, I have to say that you are quite good at playing." Although he was quite a scoundrel, Ling Yuqi still said praisefully.

After all, without Luffy's presence, he could indeed seize power in Alabastan, and the people believed in him.

But reality has no ifs.

But, this time, it wasn't Luffy, but me who came—

a small kingdom of Alabastan that Ling Yuqi didn't pay attention to.

And a special powerhouse with a natural sand fruit, Ling Yuqi still found it very useful...

So here she is.

As for Ling Yuqi's praise, Klockdar said proudly: "Of course, I am Klockdar!" "

However, having said that, under Klockdar's control, the flowing sand climbed on everyone on the ground! Rapidly sucking people's water dry!

The pain of sucking water instantly made the people on the ground who had not yet woken up one by one!

The pupils bulge and the mouth is wide open! Full of doubts and puzzlement!

In a moment, everyone on the ground turned into a skinny, mummy-like appearance.

And to death, they don't know why, Lord Klockdar is going to kill them....


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