rubble fell from a high place, but when it fell on Ling Yuqi's body, it was all swallowed by that strange magic power, and then extinguished.

Walking slowly in this place of disaster, the bright blood-red lines on Ling Yuqi's armor gradually became dim...

The furious magic power wrapped around his body gradually dissipated, leaving only a thin layer of magic power entangled to devour the falling gravel and drifting sand.

The dust slowly fell to the ground, and Klockdar, who was knocked down on the wall, gradually revealed his tragic figure.

The chest is sunken, and in the dirty and broken clothes, you can see countless cracked scars on the skin!

The entire body was inexplicably wrapped with a black air flow, and even the skin was gradually eroded by the black qi, and it became a little dim... It's just that in this dark night, it is not so obvious.

But eroded by this evil magic, Klockdar's body could not turn into sand at all.

At this moment, even escaping can't be done....

The corners of his mouth overflowed with bright red blood, and Klockdar, who had not suffered such an injury for many years, had an extremely ugly face at this time.

He wanted to desert his body and escape, but was bound by the eroding magic and could only lie in place.

Sand-sand-sand-sand-sand lightly

stepped on the sand, just like the god of death leisurely preparing to reap life, Ling Yuqi slowly walked towards Klockdar.

Klockdar braced his battered body and looked coldly at the woman walking towards him with open eyes.

There is no anger of defeat, no fear before death....

His heart, at this moment, suddenly became so calm.

At this moment, he thought of Whitebeard -

once, young and vigorous, he did not know the height of the sky, to challenge Whitebeard.

It was also like this battle, beaten ... There is nothing to fight back!

That powerful momentum that was enough to shatter the clouds was the same as her monstrous magic!

It's just different that Whitebeard's momentum is all-encompassing and shocking of all things.

The momentum of this woman in front of her is an incomparably dark, violent storm that destroys everything!

Compared to this, this woman is more like a lawless pirate... Even before she came to Alabastan she had never heard of this woman's existence.

But both of them have their own strong strength that is difficult to resist——!

It is clear that so many years have passed, and Klockdar has almost buried that humiliating history in his heart, forgetting the terrifying power of Whitebeard.

In other words, the existence of ancient weapons is used to forcibly replace the feeling of the other party's terrifying strength in the heart.

And Ling Yuqi's sword brought back his memories...

He couldn't help but ask himself in his heart -

even if he found the ancient weapon Hades, would he really be able to wash away his shame and defeat Whitebeard?

Although it is rumored that ancient weapons have the power to destroy the world, as the world's strongest man, Whitebeard himself has the power to destroy the world.

The ability that a person possesses to destroy the world must be more convenient and casual to use than a weapon.

Unless, this energy is meant to be given to others.

But he didn't believe his subordinates, and suddenly thought at this time, if this is the case, why not let himself gain such a powerful strength?

The same person, why can he become the strongest in the world, but I can't?

On the way to becoming One Piece, don't you have to defeat him?

What am I afraid of?

I think back then, I was also a existence galloping across the sea, even if I was not domineering, I was still mixed with the wind.

Why, just because of a defeat, gave up on yourself?

Klockdar, who could not be sanded, did not know how he could escape from Ling Yuqi's hands.

And judging from her actions that clearly came to find herself, it is very likely to be her enemy.

As a pirate, he has too many enemies in the sea, which also leads him to feel that he has no possibility of survival.

Although since the moment I went to sea, I have long thought about the existence of this day, but because I was on the sea, there was a smooth ride along the way, and I forgot about this matter.

Being defeated by Whitebeard directly caused him to doubt himself a little, and even wanted to help himself through foreign objects and ancient weapons.

It wasn't until he came to the place of Alabastan that he regained his self-confidence, but the strength ... It also continues to decline because it is not being honed.

If this time is not here, but in the new world, what kind of scenery will it be?

Maybe he felt that he was about to die, like a horse, he suddenly figured it out.

If he had been defeated by Whitebeard at that time, he had not given up on himself, and turned to find a master who could be domineering, or had been refining his abilities, maybe this battle would not have failed!

Although at that time, he will definitely not be in the small place of Alabastan, he must be in the new world, not to mention being a Four Emperors to play, at least he is also the top force under the Four Emperors!

After all, Klockdar, who was once not domineering and could be five or five with Douglas Barrett, the former crew member of Roger's Pirates, if he did not waste these nearly twenty years...

In the new world, there will be a place for him!

Presumably, Whitebeard let himself go at that time, and he should have seen unlimited potential from himself -

it's a pity that everything is too late....

Klockdar, who woke up too late, slowly lowered his eyes.

This former pirate star, a man with great potential, is ready to meet his end -

only, suddenly there is a sound in his ears.

"Naw, do you want to..."


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