Perhaps because of her beautiful face, or because he was in the weakest East China Sea, Hawkeye met Ling Yuqi for the first time and did not release his perception to probe the other party.

And Ling Yuqi, who had not used his ability and was still extremely restrained in his body at this time, did not attract the attention of Hawkeye.

Until she said it without a trace of fear and affirmed her identity, Hawkeye became a little interested in it.

As soon as she released her perception, she immediately discovered the bottomless terrifying strength hidden in her body——!

When encountering a strong person, Hawkeye naturally will not let each other go easily.


Ling Yuqi was just about to leave when he was


Hawkeye's sword cut through the operation of the current, interrupting the action....

A sword qi slashed straight forward! Directly cut off the sea area in front of the speedboat! It blocked the direction that Ling Yuqi wanted to drive the boat to leave.

The sword qi cut the surface of the sea, and the splashed sea water was scattered like raindrops...

The raging sea water flowed wildly to fill the crack in the sea water that had been slashed and cracked—

a little drop of water dripped on the speedboat, staining Ling Yuqi's golden hair, making the hair a little wet.

Ling Yuqi, who was slightly frightened and a little displeased in his heart, immediately questioned.

"What are you doing?"

Cutting the surface of the sea and stopping the other party's movements, Hawkeye put down the black knife in his hand, but asked with some uncertainty.

"Are you... Swordsman? The

perception was released, and Hawkeye felt several special breaths from her!

Because he forgot to hide, all kinds of strange auras revealed were entangled in the body.

It has a pure swordsman atmosphere that symbolizes light.

But there is an extremely dark, deep alternative atmosphere....

He couldn't confirm the other special breath, but the only thing that could be confirmed was that the woman in front of him was a human being who absolutely possessed pure swordsman momentum and great strength!

Based on his own understanding of kendo, Hawkeye is convinced that he is not wrong in perception!

Although the other party has other special auras, she is definitely also a powerful swordsman!

Hawkeye, who is eager to fight powerful swordsmen to hone his swordsmanship, is also born at this time.

Although he probed the other party's situation more and more, the sense of crisis in his heart became stronger and stronger, but he still wanted to fight with one!

Ling Yuqi, who was blocked by him, frowned slightly when she heard his question -

staring at Hawkeye's sharp eyes, with a simple thought in her mind, she instantly understood Hawkeye's purpose in stopping herself.

There is only one situation that can make this swordsman-like man inexplicably stop a powerful human being who has never known each other.

That is -

find the opponent, want to fight!

Ling Yuqi, who has the strength of a full-level Arthurian King, naturally attracted Mihawk's attention with its own powerful momentum and martial arts.

Such an indispensable fighter meeting, he naturally will not let go.

And Ling Yuqi, after pondering it carefully, also slightly aroused some interest in it...

Because, she also wants to try this body, how much strength can be exerted under the blessing of the bottomless power of the black hole, and the endless magic power...

How much strength is needed to fight this world's number one big sword hao -

although I feel very hungry at this time....

But after defeating Hawkeye, it should be no problem to ask him to lead the way to the nearest island to eat him.

I should be able to bear this time.

Anyway, he doesn't know the way, instead of wandering blindly on the sea, it is better to let this man, who often wanders on the sea, lead him ...

And just now a little frightened by him, how can she do it without teaching him a lesson-and

all along, Ling Yuqi never thought about whether she would not be able to beat the other party.

Of course, with King Arthur's full-level strength and all the treasures of Artoria Pendragon's various forms, she is already extremely powerful, but she can use these abilities more, so she is also more powerful!

Under this kind of strength, she does have this confidence and does not think about the result that she will lose.

Even if she has just mastered her own abilities, she can't use them at will at this time, but it is enough for her to deal with most situations.


- Ling Yuqi chose to answer Mihawk head-on.

"Hmm... I'm a swordsman. "

Although the martial arts mastered by my body, until now, I have not used it.

But he can also perceive....

I can play with a spear and can do magic.

Will play with water guns, can also play sniper ....

He has many abilities, but he is always based on the long sword -

so "let's say" is also a swordsman....

Hearing this, Mihawk also said decisively: "Then, come and fight!" "

This trip was originally to find an opponent, and now he has met a powerful swordsman, and the desire to fight in his heart is difficult to suppress!

Even if the other person gives himself a very dangerous feeling! But he is still fearless and wants to fight!

Face your fears to better improve your strength!

And Mihawk's words also confirmed the conjecture in Ling Yuqi's heart.

He really wanted to fight himself.

Then, just snort~

Ling Yuqi said: "Okay~!" It's worthy of you-

" "Fighting can be okay, but we can't fight at sea..." "Then let's

find an island where no one is, and then fight!"

"Good." Hawkeye responded.


On an island with a pristine atmosphere, only two people, one high and one low, are standing opposite each other on the beach.

By the sea, there is a small sailing ship "coffin boat" parked, and a speedboat that is completely out of this world.

And these two people, it was precisely because they agreed to fight, came to Ling Yuqi on the nearest uninhabited island, and Mihawk...

The two calmly confronted, and the powerful momentum gradually gushed out——!

On this uninhabited island, both those powerful beasts and ordinary animals have detected two amazing momentum on the coast!

The instinct of the body prompts them to escape, and they really want to run away at this moment!

But this island is so big, surrounded by the sea, there is no escape....

So they could only hide in the farthest place from these two people, hoping that they could survive the battle of the two big men...

The majestic and powerful momentum slowly spread throughout the island.

The clouds have cleared, and the calm sea is gradually setting off waves! You can vaguely see the air being distorted by this breath!

This powerful aura made Mihawk on the opposite side couldn't help but be moved!

Holding the long black knife in his hand, his sharp eyes locked directly on the woman opposite, and the alarm for danger in his heart kept ringing!

How long had it been since he became a great sword hero who hadn't felt this feeling——!

A drop of cold sweat dripped down his cheek, and he suppressed the dangerous alarm in his heart! But the spirit is more and more excited!

On the other side, feeling the endless power in his body, Ling Yuqi also gradually mastered his own energy use.

Holding it in his hand, golden starlight appeared inexplicably, and then condensed into a delicate long sword!

The silver-white sword was imprinted with special patterns, and the sharp long sword revealed a warm and bright aura -

an inexplicable burst of blue energy also surrounded Ling Yuqi and surrounded his body.

The fierce energy set off a lot of wind, and Ling Yuqi, who was in it, suddenly became...

A set of silver-white armor!

A dress with a blue base and silver-white armor.

The armor on the chest is also engraved with a special blue pattern symbol.

Dignified! Stately! Powerful! It was this form of Ling Yuqi that gave Mihawk the feeling...

Looking at the long sword and armor that suddenly appeared on the opposite side, Mihawk said with a slight stunned.

"You are... Is it the ability to change the type of dress..." "

Well~, it is-" Ling Yuqi said a little perfunctoryly.

After all, you can't tell him the truth of your ability, and even if you tell him, he probably won't understand...

Both hands clenched the long sword, the body leaned down slightly, the turquoise pupils solidified and locked on the opposite Mihawk, and the only upturned dull hair on the top of his head also jumped slightly with the fierce wind -

"So... The battle has officially begun! "


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