The air is dry, the temperature is getting hot, and the sun is hanging high in the sky.

Sweeping away the cold of the night, the daily heat of Alabastan arrives again.

Only today, something is different -

in the westernmost desert of the "rainland", there is a strange rock valley composed of several huge strange rocks with strange shapes.

In the valley, two figures stand majestically in it....

After finding such a good-looking place after one night, and giving Klockdar a night to rest by the way, Ling Yuqi decided to start blackening it at this moment.

But before starting, he still asked Klockdar, who was sitting on the ground: "Na, it's not early... Are you ready? Hearing

the sound, Klockdar, who was sitting on the ground and adjusting his physical injuries with his eyes closed, opened his eyes indifferently and said,


But as soon as Klockdar spoke, the wounds on his body directly overflowed with bright red blood...

It looks bad.

After all, he hadn't received formal treatment since he was injured last night.

It was all that he forcibly suppressed the injuries in his body and relied on his body's strong recovery ability to heal himself.

But just one night was not enough for him to recover....

Seeing him like this, Ling Yuqi was a little suspicious, "Are you sure?" With you now, can you really afford it?

"Just come on! I can hold on——! Klockdar said unusually decisively.

Seeing that he was so sure, Ling Yuqi didn't say anything more.

Although at this time, he can use Avalon's ability to heal him.

But...... Subconsciously, I don't want to do that.

Or it can be said, inexplicably, this thought did not appear in the mind at all.

It was as if he didn't have Avalon, and he couldn't use this treasure to heal him.

But in fact there is, it just needs to switch patterns to make it....

Ling Yuqi just said, "Then... Go for it! Sand Crocodile - Klockdar!

"If you can survive this time, then you will be reborn and become the emperor of the sand."

"If you fail, you will become a dead crocodile..." As he spoke, the magic power on Ling Yuqi's body gradually emanated.

The furious magic distorted the surrounding air, instantly devouring the hot temperature of the surrounding air!

The magic power gradually spread to the entire strange stone field, and the body was also condensed with dark black armor!

The blood-red lines on this set of dark red armor look so strange.

The bright sky gradually became gloomy....

Ling Yuqi's eyes were also covered by the condensed armor, and the cheeks and jade neck were also given a dark color...

"So... Let's go-" Gently opened his lips, the furious magic power was like a good baby at this moment, obeying Ling Yuqi's control, slowly flowing to Klockdar.

Klockdar, who faced this evil and cold aura, broke out in a cold sweat, but the corners of his mouth were grinning!


The well-behaved magic power directly penetrated into the body of Klockdar, who had not resisted, and filled his entire body! The furious momentum erupted again!

The sharp pain that came in an instant made Klockdar fall directly to the ground in pain!

It was like tearing the body and eroding the pain of the soul, making Klockdar unbearable....

The mouth, mouth, nose, and ears are all overflowing with dark magic....

Magic surges through Klockdar's body, altering the environment in his body, trying to transform a place suitable for his own survival.

As the mana flows through the body, the overflowing mana spreads out in the desert...

The magic power gradually dissipated in this wear, and when Ling Yuqi saw that the magic power in Klockdar's body was about to dissipate, he would output a large amount of mana again and continue to erode Klockdar's body.

Then came another wave of his howl—

and in the time that followed, repetitive erosion work to forcibly transform Klockdar's body....

This evil pitch-black terrifying aura also gradually increased with the magic power exuded, gradually spreading throughout the desert...

In this desert, it is clear that it is daytime, but it is the cold temperature at night.

And with the passage of time, the temperature of the entire island of Alabastan has dropped a lot....

The blue sky above the strange stone area also became darker and darker as the magic power gradually increased.

Until...... There is no light, it is dark!


The entire valley of strange rocks was filled with the hoarse screams of Klockdar!

The erosion of the energy of different systems caused not only the replacement of energy, but also the change of his physical body!

In order for him to use his magic power properly, he must connect the magic circuits in his body.

But as a person in the pirate world, how could he possibly have a magic circuit?

This is something that even people in the Moon World rarely have...

It is born to determine the quantity, and it will not increase due to external factors.

Therefore, for a guy like Klockdar, who does not belong to the type moon world at all and does not have a magic circuit on his body, it is almost impossible to use the magic of the type moon system.

But it's not hopeless....

There must be other methods, but Ling Yuqi didn't know.

She only knew, but was not sure, whether the magic power contaminated with the black mud of the Holy Grail could erode Klockdar to forcibly break through the magic circuits that were not in his body, or fabricate some magic circuits.

But she subconsciously felt that it was feasible, but it may not be to get through, but to forcibly build several magic circuits from scratch in his body.

The severe pain caused by this forcible transformation of the body structure, and even the condition of the transformed race, must also be extremely great.

But to get something, you always have to give something.

And Klockdar's first sacrifice is:


a pain that almost tears the soul apart, which can easily lead to the breakdown of human spirits.

Even if you don't die, you can be a fool, a psychopath, or a vegetative person....

What Klockdar can accomplish is up to him -


This erosion... Oh no, it should be said that it was evolution, which lasted for three whole days.

For three days, the kingdom of Alabastan fell into unprecedented cool weather.

Even the rain that had not fallen for many years, and the dark clouds, finally came...

The capital of the kingdom, "Albana", also finally began to rain lightly.

The people of the city rejoiced, and it seemed that everything was starting to go in a good direction, but King Kobra was very concerned about this.

Because far away in the westernmost sky, it looks so dark and weird...

Even if you just look at it completely, you can feel the endless cold and danger...

The westernmost part of the "rainland" site, in the desert of a distant region.

The entire sky here is filled with darkness, and even the light above the ruins of the "rain land" has been swallowed up by darkness...

Although it was originally a false city shrouded in darkness, today... But it is real, physically shrouded in darkness, and there is no day long....

Despite the improved weather, the rebel army remained.

The king's army could not be driven at will, and King Kobra of Alabastan sent Bell, who had recovered from his injuries, to investigate the area that had suddenly changed.

Bell spread his wings and flew towards the area.

And then I didn't hear from him....

Another day passed, and darkness still shrouded the desert.

The sky that lasted for three days was gradually beginning to fade

- in the center of darkness, in the valley of strange rocks, a man wrapped in pitch-black magic and tattered clothes, although as dirty as a beggar, but with a gloomy and cold appearance, was sitting cross-legged on the sand and feeling the magic flowing in his body.

Three days finally allowed him to possess and master the power of magic...

From the first day he fell to his knees with a groan and groan, twisting his body to distract and reduce the pain, to now sitting firmly on the sand, he can endure this soul-tearing pain.

Much has improved –

but mainly because the body has changed internally and its capacity to withstand has increased.

And with the gradual change of time, it also made him need to change less and less things in his body, resulting in the pain is not as strong as at the beginning.

Sensing that Klockdar finally mastered the use of magic power in his body perfectly, on top of the strange rock, a dark figure suddenly jumped down from above and landed heavily in front of Klockdar.

With her right hand outstretched, the excess magic wrapped around Klockdar's body followed her palm and returned to her body.

Klockdar slowly opened his eyes, and a flash of black flashed in his dark pupils.

The gloomy and dark aura thuded out! Klockdar suddenly stretched out his right hand, and a long sword of sand instantly condensed in his hand!

The long sword of sand entangled in pitch-black magic power, the cold breath is amazing!

An arrogant smile cracked at the corner of his mouth, and he then slapped the ground with one hand! Jump straight up! And swing the sword! Slash at the woman in front of you!

Bang -

rustle ....

The extremely sharp sand long sword slashed at Ling Yuqi's armor, but it was directly shattered! Sand sprawl!

Ling Yuqi:?

Seeing that his offensive didn't hurt at all, Klockdar casually threw away the sand in his hand and sighed: "You guy... It's really unfathomable-"

Klockdar could obviously feel how powerful his strength was at this time!

But still, even this woman's armor is difficult to break....

It made him a little uncomfortable, but not incomprehensible.

After all, it is the power given by the other party, and it is unrealistic to give herself more power than she has.

But in fact, this is only because the magic power used by Klockdar is the magic that belongs to Ling Yuqi.

And when the two collided, Klockdar's magic power naturally dissipated sensibly, and naturally it would not cause harm to Ling Yuqi.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have even had a sword mark at this moment.

And Klockdar, since he was eroded by magic, is also inexplicable, and it is difficult for him to give birth to any negative emotions for this woman.

This may be the price of gaining this power,

Klockdar thought.

But he feels that this emotional shackle should be breakable.

But Ling Yuqi still planned to remind him and kill his thoughts by the way.

"Your power is what I have given, and you want to rely on the power I give you to hurt me, that is impossible. Unless you give up this power.

"And I don't interfere with your dreams, and I have no interest in your dreams."

"You just need to know that when I need you, you have to come, what I want you to do, you have to be obedient."

"Otherwise, I can create you, and I can easily destroy you."

"Got it? Klockdal ——? The

commanding warning made it difficult for Klockdar to refute.

“...... Well—" He frowned slightly, but responded respectfully.

Seeing this, Ling Yuqi suddenly thought of what the system said before...

Thinking of something funny in his heart, the dark black armor in front of him dispersed, and the evil pitch-black long sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

The sword pointed at Klockdar, and Ling Yuqi said solemnly: "Then, from today onwards, you will be the first general of my Kingdom of Britain, a subordinate of the Knights of the Round Table, and the Knights of the Square Table!"

"Whatever you do! I won't care!

"But do nothing horrible and unconscionable!" For the rest, we will not interfere with you, but will help you.

"In the future, if someone bullies you, you can find the rest of the Knights of the Square Table, or the higher members of the Knights of the Round Table to help!"

"But accordingly, if the knights of Britain are in trouble, you must also help them!"

"Join us, you will certainly not be wronged, but please do not die."

"Got it! Knight of the Square Table - Klockdar! "

Ling Yuqi, who is in a blackened form, will not require Klockdar to have a knight's code of conduct like a knight.

That's not realistic.

The already evil and cruel Klockdar, under the blessing of blackening, it will be even more ruthless!

Unscrupulous means to achieve the end is his code of conduct.

Eight chivalric virtues: humility, honor, sacrifice, valor, mercy, spirituality, honesty, justice.

None of them conform to Klockdar, so it would be unrealistic to bind him through knightly rules.

What's more, didn't Ling Yuqi in the blackened state also ignore these...

The only ones who really carried these virtues were the upright, Knights of the Round Table—

perhaps because of the renderings of the atmosphere, or perhaps because of the magic in his body, Klockdar knelt down and bowed his noble head: "Understand, my respected king! "



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