The clear blue sky is reflected on the sea, reflecting the sea so clearly.

On the ordinary sea, a dual-purpose shuttle turtle is driving slowly on the sea....

On its back sits a melancholic wheat-skinned beauty.

Klockdar fell, and Nicole Robin was thinking about where to go next....

The road is long, but there is no bright road in her eyes, and her mood is very melancholy—and

at this time...

Blu Bru

~ Bru Bru Blu ~

was placed next to him, and the phone worm suddenly made a sound.


Nicole Robin looked at the ringing telephone bug with some doubt, which she used specifically when she worked at the Baroque Work Agency.

Now that Klockdar has fallen, who is calling this phone bug again?

Could it be that the group of members who work outside?

After thinking about it, Nicole Robin still answered the call.

"Moses Moses..."

In two sentences, Nicole Robin did not say that the president of the Baroque Work Society was gone, but obtained a lot of information from the other party.

A flash of essence flashed in her confused eyes, and Nicole Robin instructed to pick up the turtle Binch, slowly heading in the direction of the whiskey peak...


A few days later, Luffy's group, who had finally arrived in Alabastan, were all stunned when they looked at the country that was gradually restoring peace as Nicole Robin said...

They didn't expect that the woman who didn't look like a good person was all true -

a few days ago, an inexplicable woman came to her boat and said that she wanted to join her pirate group.

Except for Luffy, the rest of the members all disagreed with him.

In particular, Vivie, the princess of the Kingdom of Alabastan, was even more resisted when she pointed out the identity of the other party's Baroque Work Society.

Although she said that the Baroque Work Society is gone, and the president Klockdar does not know where to go, the members of the Straw Hat Pirates still do not trust her.

Only Luffy lined up and accepted Nicole Robin....

Then, under the permanent direction given by Nicole Robin, he went straight to the kingdom of Alabastan -

because there was no obstruction, Luffy and his party landed from the port city of "Rape Flower" with a big grin.

Looking at the thriving city scene, the surprised Princess Wei Wei also hurriedly stepped forward to inquire about information.

"Ah, the war is over, the two armies have reconciled, and it has been decided to govern this country together."

"So, there will be no more war! We, at peace—"

Without the obstruction and intervention of the Baroque Working Society, not wanting to shed rivers of blood and injure the innocent leaders of the two armies, Kobra and Kosha met in secret as early as the country began to rain.

They discussed the war and finally decided to reconcile and govern the country together.

At this point, this war, which lasted for several years, finally came to an end....

"Ah this..." Wei Wei was stunned, she didn't expect that she was working hard outside, found so much information, and came back to find that the home is good?!

For a while, her mood was very complicated.

Luffy, who sent her back, didn't have so many ideas.

"Hee-hee-hee! Isn't that a good thing?

"To celebrate Vivi's country back to peace! Let's have a banquet——! Luffy said with a grin at the crew.

"Oh——!" Everyone also responded with a smile on their face.

However, Yamaji, as a chef, smiled and scolded: "Hey, hey! Before the banquet, go buy me supplies!" The food on the ship is not enough for you to eat

-" Hearing this, Luffy hugged the long-nosed Usopp with a big grin, and pulled him towards the city: "Hee-hee-hee! Usopp, let's go!

Nami pulled the somewhat dazed Princess Vivi and asked as she walked, "Vivi, do you have any beautiful clothes for sale?" "

There is... But that was years ago, I don't know if they're still there..."

"Then show me!" Saying that, the two women also walked towards the city.

Sanji in the back shook his head with a smile, and then followed closely

- on the ship, Roronoa Solon was sitting cross-legged on the deck and closing his eyes.

But as the crew walked away, he slowly opened his eyes, looked at the woman on the deck, lying on the chaise longue, and said, "What about you?" Aren't you going down?

"No, I'll just stay on the ship... Here, I've had enough of it. Looking at the newspaper in her hand, Nicole Robin responded.

The only thing she was interested in on this island was the text of history.

And that piece of historical text is not in this peripheral place.

When you go to the capital later, if you have the opportunity, you can look for it.

And at this time, this stupid captain of his own family, I believe that he will not miss this kind of thing -

but then again... Who the hell is that woman... Why is there no information at all in the newspaper ....

It's like, popping out of nowhere.

So weird——


On this side, Ling Yuqi, who had harvested a blackened general, led him directly out of Alabastan on the day that Klockdar mastered his magic power, and set off directly for the Chambord Islands.

The joy was hard to suppress, and she couldn't wait to see the Knights of the Round Table appear!

But before leaving, he habitually scavenged Klockdar's treasure.

Fortunately, the treasure hidden in the basement is still there.

But the treasures above were all destroyed by Klockdar's sand storm.

But even so, the treasures hidden in the basement are piled up and amazingly many!

This is all the robbery that Klockdar has been working hard and hard to rob over the years——!

It's a pity that Klockdar didn't even collect a single devil fruit in his treasury.

Because most of the devil fruits he obtained were weak-looking, Klockdar couldn't see any room for development.

So he basically rewarded his subordinates....

Otherwise, Ling Yuqi would be able to summon the Knights of the Round Table to play now.

Although there is no way to summon the Knights of the Round Table in advance, it is quite enough to have a Knight of the Square Table in his hand at this time.

This time to the Chambordi Islands, Ling Yuqi knew that he would definitely make a huge disturbance there.

She decided to release her blackened general when there was a conflict in the Chambord Islands! to deter everything!

A seven-armed sea sand crocodile that suddenly strengthened and joined Britain, suddenly and violently bit the navy, I wonder what the navy will think? And how will the world government react?

Ling Yuqi is very curious -


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