Although it was meant to persuade, Tesilo could clearly feel Haku's coercion.

This is putting yourself on a moral point....

Tesilo silently, glanced coldly at the fishman beside him, and then pretended to be disappointed and said: "Okay then

..." Then, he continued pretending to be kind: "Little girl, it's too dangerous on the sea this year, it's better not to go out or try not to go out, you look so beautiful, it's too easy to attract the attention of bad people..." After saying for a long time, Tesilo still wanted to compete for a chance, but he didn't see Ling Yuqi show a trace of other emotions, It has always been a cold expression.

So, he sighed, and finally gave up the idea of getting this speedboat properly.

Perhaps, after the recapture of Domi Island, it will be obtained by informal means?

Sighing, the old man said in a tone of great loss: "Alas, forget it, don't say it... We'll go first, and we'll see you later, little girl-"

Compared to this ship, in Tejilho's eyes, the ownership of Domi Island must be the most important.

That's the island for which I paid half my life -

if there is enough time or good, I can not want the pirates of this ship, and it is no problem to recruit it later.

But mainly, now the situation in the New World is tense, Whitebeard because of the defection of his son Saatchi, the captain of the second team, Ace, went out to hunt down, and a large number of members of the Whitebeard Pirate Group were scattered everywhere to do their part.

On the Domi Island that has just been captured, Whitebeard definitely does not have many people stationed.

At this time, it was the best time for Tejillo to retake the island of Domi.

If it's late, there may be powerful pirate members of the Whitebeard Pirate Group stationed on Domi Island.

At that time, if you kill this group of white-bearded henchmen, I am afraid that Whitebeard will fight with himself if he fights for his life.

And now, there are not many people on the island, even if there are people left with the Whitebeard Pirates, it will only be the affiliated pirate group of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Kill, Whitebeard also has to consider whether it is worth it to fight with himself.

And this ship is just a toy, if for the sake of this ship and ruins the main purpose of the trip, then it is not worth the loss ....

Looking at Tejillo's self-directed and self-acted speech, he was ready to drive the boat away....

Ling Yuqi raised her eyebrows.

Slightly displeased, she patted Klockdar's back next to her, as if driving a dog, and said commandingly:

"Go, stop them for me."

Hearing this, yellow sand flew up, and the wind blew...

Countless sand flowed out of Klockdar's hands, and under Klockdar's control, it rushed towards the pirate ship in front.

Before the pirate ship in Tesilo turned a corner to move, the endless yellow sand formed three sand barriers directly around the pirate ship, blocking its way.

On the barrier formed by this endless yellow sand, you can vaguely see the dark air flow flowing in the sand...

It is clearly standing on the surface of the sea, but the dry yellow sand touches the sea, but it is not wet and scattered into the sea.

The towering yellow sand still stands the sea, blocking any way out for the Tesilo pirate ship!

Under the strengthening of the magic power, these sands will not be solidified and dissolved by the liquid at all.

If Klockdar didn't want to, his sand wouldn't get wet even if he was immersed in water!

But in the same way, if you immerse yourself in seawater, you will consume more power....

It's just that although the magic power strengthens himself a lot, the powerful flow of magic in the body, the body transformed, also has several disadvantages.

For example, the current Klockdar no longer has the ability to naturalize.

But what was more comfortable was that his disgust for the sea and inability to touch it because of eating the devil fruit was removed by the dark magic.

So Klockdar has no complaints about the lack of naturalization.

What's more, the current self can completely beat the self that once had naturalization without injury!

Just like Ling Yuqi met and beat himself who had not obtained magic transformation...

So, what does he have to say about this power acquired?

Could it be that it is possible to change back to the weak sand crocodile that once had naturalization, but hated the seawater?


Even if he takes "Hades" in exchange, he will not be moved -

Klockdar, who has been reborn, is no longer the weak sand crocodile at this time, but ...

Britannica, dark mad sand knight!


Trapped by the wild sand, Tesilo did not panic, but looked very calmly at Klockdar, who used his ability.

The familiar face made Tessilo thoughtful, "Oh? You are...... One of the seven martial seas... Shah Klockdahl? Because

Ling Yuqi didn't like the smell of cigarettes, Klockdar changed his habit of smoking cigars, and this fierce face, but now with a lollipop, looked a little funny.

But without holding something, Klockdar always felt a little awkward.

If it weren't for his fierce face and ability to use sand, Tesilo would not have been sure of his identity.

After all, apart from meeting each other more than twenty years ago, Tegelo had not really met Klockdar in so many years.

He had only seen Klockdar's message in newspapers and wanted warrants....

And to Tesilo's uncertain words, Klockdar still responded arrogantly and proudly: "Yes! Uncle Ben is Klockdar! Confirming

the identity of the other party, Tesilo's eyes were slightly solemn, but he still pretended to be an old gentleman, and asked indifferently: "Then I don't know why you stopped me?" Hearing

this, Klockdar was slightly stunned, and then glanced at Ling Yuqi.

Except to see the calm on her face, Klockdar saw no instructions, as if he wanted to hand Tesilo over to himself.

So he said, "

Rob ——!."


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