For the wild talking Klockdal, Tejillo wanted to laugh a little.

How long has it been, since beating him to make some fame at sea

, his old face showed a hint of ridicule, and he said to Klockdar defiantly: "Oh? Just by you? "

A king of the Seven Martial Seas may be a big man who can only be looked up to in the eyes of other pirates.

In the eyes of Tesilo, he is just a junior with a little strength.

Among the seven martial seas, their identities are very different, and some of their strengths are also very different.

If he stopped him, it was the world's number one sword hero Hawkeye, he might take it very seriously.

If he meets Don Quixote Doflamingo, Tesilo may also be afraid of his special status.

If he encounters Jinping, because of the special ability of Jinping Fish to control water, Tesilo may be reluctant to do anything with it.

Because of the trouble.

If he meets Boya Hancock, he may appreciate the appearance of the most beautiful woman in the world, but he will not do it.

Because the cost is too great, it is not worth it.

If he met Bartholomew Bear, Tegelo would be very happy.

Because he valued Bartholomew the Great Bear's fruit ability, the ability to pop out the fatigue and pain of the target, if it was used for himself, wouldn't he be able to squeeze the slaves at will without caring about their bodies—

as for the rest...


just a word from Klockdar....

To be honest, Tesilo really didn't see it -

Tesilo's attitude somewhat irritated Klockdar, and he stopped talking nonsense, directly controlling the three sand walls to quickly merge the pirate ships in the middle!

The three sand walls that are moving rapidly, want to squeeze and crush the existence of this entire ship!

The only way left is to face Klockdar.

Tesilo also did not feel that he was commanding the pirate ship at this time, and he would be able to drill out of the rapid sand wall, not to mention that Klockdar would not watch him escape from the encirclement.

In the panicked mood of a ship of pirates, Tejillo calmly thought quickly in his heart.

Since you can't get out, then...

Break the encirclement directly!

As soon as his heart moved, Tesilo moved instantly! Pull out a long sword from your waist with one hand!

The dark armed color domineering directly covered the long sword!

Carrying a trace of red lightning, Tesilo directly slashed out with a sword! Slash at the sand wall on three sides!

Tearing the air, breaking through the clouds, the calm sea instantly set off violent waves!

A black and red sword qi came out along the long sword that Tesilo had chopped out! In an instant, it was cut on the sand wall....

Buzz -

just like the cutting of an industrial cutter, an extremely smooth crack instantly cuts out in the center of the sand wall!

In the cracks, you can vaguely see those scattered yellow sands, intertwined with strange black air currents, and want to link to repair the gap...



It was difficult to maintain the crack, and three huge sand walls shattered instantly! The yellow sand is scattered at will, piled on this sea, giving this blue sea a layer of yellow clothes....

This yellow sand floating on the surface of the sea did not wet and hang down due to being dipped into the water, but it was not like sand, floating on the sea surface for a long time....

Even if he is out of Klockdar's control, his sand can still withstand the sea for a while.

Looking at this situation, Tesilo's eyes were slightly condensed.

The strange black air currents and the sand that can stain the sea made Tesilo a little serious.

Even at this time, he didn't understand why Klockdar, who was a Devil Fruit Ability, used the sand that was afraid of water ability, and could touch the sea water without doing anything.

Of course, he can't explore this strange thing in this situation.

I can only torture him as a victor after solving him.

Tesilo's sixth sense told him that Klockdar's peculiarity was definitely related to that eerie black.

Even though it is different from what the intelligence describes, it seems that Klockdar has mastered other abilities, but for the confidence of his own strength, the old and somewhat stubborn Tesilo still does not put him in his eyes.

After all, Tesilo, who is powerful, has this confidence!

And, now, at sea——!

The yellow sand floating on the surface of the sea gradually wets and then sinks to the bottom of the sea.

Tesilo stepped on the ground! Raise the wind! The blow caused the fishman Haku next to him to retreat one after another! His figure also disappeared in an instant!

As soon as he opened his eyes again, Tejillo had already used the ability to step on the sea and ran to the front of the speedboat.

It's just that he wanted to directly raise his sword and slash, decisively smashing the speedboat on which Klockdar was riding, so that he had no place to stay.

Because his own pirate ship must now be under the command of his younger brother, who is full of tacit understanding, and is ready to stay away from this battlefield area.

You don't need to look at Tesilo to know that he is convinced of the tacit understanding with his brother -

and for an ordinary Devil Fruit ability, being on the sea without a place to stay is looking for death.

His feet stepped lightly on the surface of the sea, but just as he was about to raise his sword to cut out the attack, two inexplicable dolls made of sand suddenly appeared in front of him...

This strange sand soldier who stepped steadily on the surface of the sea made the movements in Tesilo's hand stagnate, and his expression was a little shocked -

I saw two sand soldiers, walking towards Tesilo with stiff steps, and the sandy hand also condensed a halberd with the flowing sand.

Holding a halberd, the pace under the sand soldier's feet gradually accelerated, and his stiff body became familiar.

Then it became like a wild run! Dash straight towards Tesilo!

The more he looked, the more shocked Tesilo became!

But with that comes ecstasy!

Instead of using the long sword in his hand to cut the attacking sand soldiers, he moved his body on the sea to avoid the attacks of the sand soldiers.

It is clear that such an old body has such flexibility.

And you can also travel on the sea as if it were land.

I have to let Ling Yuqi, who is watching the play, sigh: It's really old and strong-the

ability to pedal on the sea is the ability that Tesilo has cultivated through the integration of the six types of the navy and his experience at sea for so many years, and the ability to walk lightly on the sea.

This ability, only he learned by the gifted, and even his younger brother, who had not been taught by his church, belonged to his exclusive ability -

controlling the attack of the sand soldiers, and Klockdar did not care about the ability of Tesillo to walk on the sea, because now he will also.

It's just that the way it's used is different....

The corners of his mouth raised slightly, and Klockdar at this time was honing his control of sand through the complex operation of the sand soldiers.

Although these two sand soldiers are very weak, they are even only at most the strength of tens of millions of pirates.

But the sand soldiers who take the sand as their body are not dead.

They can be endless, always attacking!

Moreover, after Klockdar skillfully controls the attacks and operations of the sand soldiers, and strengthens their mana.

Then, they are a group of powerful Xiaoqiang who can't be killed!

The energy needs of a sand soldier are not large, or even negligible, because their main operation is sand control, so Klockdar can make countless sand soldiers.

The strength of a sand soldier is not large, but a group of sand soldiers who are not afraid of death is very terrifying -

so, when Klockdar controls the sand control accuracy in the future, he can completely use sand to make thousands of undead sand soldiers, absolutely for himself to control the undead sand soldier army!

Klockdar knew this, and Tesilo naturally understood it.

However, he thought differently from Klockdar, he thought, if he mastered this ability, wouldn't he be able to have an infinite number of undead slaves?

Therefore, he wanted to find out where the change in Klockdar's ability came from.

What kind of existence are these two sand soldiers.

With this thought, he did not directly cut off these two sand soldiers....


Ten minutes later, watching the Tesilo pirate ship gradually move away from the battlefield, the white speedboat gave a layer of translucent blue magic, and the sand soldier's attack became sharper, Tesilo still did not see anything from the two sand soldiers.

He didn't make any attacks, and Klockdar was happy to train his sandmen just like that.

For a while, the scene was very harmonious.

However, Tesilo could not sit still.

He was ready to take Klockdar first.


Buzz -

the long sword in Tesilo's hand emitted a crisp sword sound, without any bells and whistles, he directly raised the sword and slashed!

An extremely powerful huge sword qi came out! Directly annihilated the two sand soldiers who blocked in front of him, and cut straight towards the direction of the speedboat!

Powerful and fierce sword qi! A huge wave! Twisting the surrounding air!

With a thunderous roar, this Yin Red Thunder Sword Qi was even more powerful than the blow just now! Straight to the point!

Sturdy, chopped ... In front of the speedboat, suddenly rose from the sea on a huge black sand wall!


The sword slashed on the black sand wall, not as easily cut off as the yellow sand just now, but like slashing on a hard stone like steel, slashing heavily on the black sand, chopping out countless grains of sand!

A huge opening appeared above the black sand wall!

Countless black sand flows, quickly filling this huge opening.

Sand sputtered, and the sword qi dissipated.

In the end, it was not possible to cut off this hard wall....

Behind the sand wall, above the yacht.

Cold sweat slowly dripped from Klockdal's cheeks, he did not expect Tesilo to launch a violent attack so suddenly.

Although for this offensive, it cannot threaten the security of Klockdar at this time.

But if you were one step late, didn't erect a sand wall, and let the slash slash on the speedboat...

Although I don't know if this speedboat, which was given magic enhancement by Wang, can withstand this blow, he will definitely finish (referring to being cleaned up by Ling Yuqi afterwards)!

I don't know the shock on Klockdar's side, Tesilo did not cut off the black sand wall for his sword qi attack, but frowned slightly.

Stepping on the surface of the sea again! Make countless waves! Tesiliot's sword faces the wall of black sand!

Bang! Boom -

bang! Boom -


Several sword strikes slashed at the black sand wall, shattering a lot of black sand each time, and the sea was full of floating black sand.

Although these unsinkable black sands, Tesilo can stand on the sea without having to step on the black sand sea.

But Tesilo's eyes were fixed on the huge wall of black sand that mended the gap.

In my heart, it became more and more solemn.

What a look at you! Klockdar....

Holding the long sword in his hand, Tesilo's face was a little gloomy.

If this continuous sand is cut down like this, when will it be a head?

Tesilo, whose body is aging, does not dare to fight with Klockdar, who is younger than himself...

If he only relied on such a wall, he would have consumed himself.

Then his old face, but he lost his hair——!

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