Blind defense, for Klockdar, is also quite boring.

The mind moved slightly, and the walls of black sand blocked in front of him were scattered, floating all over this sea area, covering the entire sea surface...

With light steps, Klockdar walked out of the speedboat indifferently and walked smoothly on the black sand floating on the sea.

The fingers of the right arm hanging down to the side, hidden under the black coat, were like plucking the strings of a piano, and they were operating something slightly...

The strange black air flow wrapped around those fingers exuded a gloomy and vicious aura—

the countless black sand that fell on the surface of the sea floated with a slight tremor with the movement of Klockdar's fingers.

And with the black magic that gradually gushed out under Klockdar's feet, it quickly wrapped around the black sand that was trampled under his feet, and spread rapidly on the black sand floating on the entire sea...

The black sand everywhere trembled more and more violently—

and Teshillo, who stepped on it, seemed to be unaware of it, not paying attention to the restless black sand under his feet.

Instead, he raised his hands and clenched the long sword in his hand....

The red light flashed in his eyes, and

he ——!

A fierce and bloody aura burst out from Tesilo! The fury shakes everything!

The huge impact instantly washed away the black sand floating on the surrounding sea! Only the black sand that stood under his feet, which supported the sea surface, remained, and the rest were blown away by Tesilo's momentum and slammed into the distance....

Most of the black sand that was blown away faded its pitch-black color, returned to earthy yellow sand, and sank into the sea.

A thick scarlet aura continued to gush out from Tesilo's body, and the scarlet furious aura gradually formed behind it, a bloody pupil - the

entire sky seemed to be affected by Tesilo's momentum, turning dark red...

Although stared at by the bloody and hazy pupils, Klockdar felt the heaviness of his body and the enormous pressure that came from the suppression.

But Klockdar instead raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and became more and more excited.

He then raised his right hand, his fingers slightly clenched, and his eyes fixed on Tesilo in front of him....


clenched his fists tightly!

Buzz——! Boom——!

Like a giant wave, black sand rises from the sea in an instant! Fiercely pounce on Tesilo!

The overwhelming black sand wants to directly squeeze Tesilo in its center to death with the power of wild sand!

In this regard, Tesilo directly swung his long sword! The scarlet furious momentum carries the endless fury and breaks through the wind! Straight to the sand waves!


The sword qi slashed into the sand, and although it cut out a large crack, it did not cause it to shatter!

The black sand instantly reorganized, and in a moment it reunited the gap, and continued to pounce on Tejilo!

Endless entanglement is also one of the ways to use this sand.

It's just that using it this way is a bit too physically demanding.

It's fine if you use yellow sand, but black sand....

The sugar stick in his mouth was already biting and bent, and several drops of sweat dripped from his cheeks.

Breathless breath, even though he felt a little tired, but the corners of his mouth still raised a smile, Klockdar then raised his left hand.

With his hands wrapped around eerie dark magic, he simultaneously manipulates the black sand of the sea! Storm towards Tejillo!

With just a glance, Tesilo could see that if he broke through this group of black sand with a single slash, it would consume a lot of his physical strength.

But there is no large-scale group attack, nor is Tesilo who is capable of the Devil Fruit, and the biggest attack method is the sword.

So, just a momentary thought, he decided.

Catch the thief... Capture the king first——!

As long as the Klockdar who controls the wild sand is solved, then these black sands will naturally dissipate.

And with his speed, these black sands couldn't keep up with his pace at all!

Thinking about it, he charged his legs, squatted slightly, raised his right foot slightly, and stepped heavily with it....



Tesilo looked at his feet in shock! The black sand that was originally stepped on became thinner, and changed its form, turning into several black sand thorns! Pierced Tejillo's right calf!

The black sand under the foot of the left foot also instantly changed shape and climbed on Tejillo's foot! Sticky to Tesilo's action!

Paying all his attention to Tesilo on the overwhelming wave of black sand, he didn't expect Klockdar to have this kind of move!

This black sand, which he didn't care about, actually created this kind of injury!

The stinging injury on his leg stimulated Tesilo's spirit, his eyes turned scarlet, his frown was already wrinkled together, and his bloody and vicious eyes stared at Klockdar!

If he had been young, Tejillo would not have made such careless mistakes.

But he hasn't fought with the strong for decades, and during this time, the only time he fought with Whitebeard is not enough to fully restore his sense of battle....

Moreover, the pace of the battle at this time was so fast that Tesilo did not have time to react, why did his domineering vision not perceive the danger under his feet...

The lower body is entangled in black sand, which is difficult to get rid of in a short time.

The overwhelming black sand waves also struck, obscuring the red colors of the sky and covering the head of Tesilo, who was becoming increasingly gloomy.

And then -


The sand wave suddenly fell! Klockdar then quickly merged his hands! Manipulating the black sand that covered Tejillo's body, it squeezed inward——!

"Sandstorm, send..."

"Three hundred and sixty... Devil Slash——!!! "

Before Klockdar could make a new move, several red rays of light suddenly flashed out from the black sand that wrapped Tesilo...

Immediately afterwards, countless sword qi slashed out from the center of the wrapped black sand!

Airplanes...... Boom——!!!

The incomparably hard black sand was bound, but under this attack, it was as thin as paper, and it was torn to pieces!


the disintegrating black sand was scattered all over the ground, gradually fading its color.

Panting heavily, Tesillo's cheeks were covered with sweat, and the blood spilling from his legs made Tesilo gradually feel cold.

In addition, Tejillo also felt the injured leg, and there was something inexplicable flowing in the injury.

It seems that although all the black sand has been shattered just now, some of the sand that pierced into the body is still stuck in the body....

Although there are certainly not many, I don't know what kind of obstacles these will cause to me.

And at this time, most of the physical strength has been consumed, and it is necessary to fight quickly!

Armed color domineering cover! The injured legs and hands are endowed with a hard domineering aura!

Tesilo clenched his sword, stepped on the sea, and suddenly rushed towards Klockdar!

With a grin at the corner of his mouth, Klockdar controlled the sand, and dozens of sand soldiers condensed again on the way to Tesilo's impact, with the same steps, and the same movement raised the spear in his hand and stabbed towards Tesilo!

But for this group of yellow sand soldiers, Tesilo waved his long sword casually and scattered them all!

Ignoring this group of yellow sand scattered on the sea, Tesilo continued to rush towards Klockdar without stopping.

Klockdar then raised his right hand, and a pitch-black longsword appeared in his hand!

The dark longsword exudes a strange dark aura, carrying endless coldness, and meets Tesilo's longsword!

Bang! Boom——!!!

Two swords collide! A huge explosion was produced!

The powerful impact blew Klockdar's coat and black hair, and his fierce face showed a furious expression of excitement!

A red light gradually appeared in the black pupils, staring at Tesilo who was confronting him, and Klockdar's excited smile was so cold and emotionless.

Involuntarily, seeing the red light in Klockdar's eyes, Tesilo felt a trace of fear.

The footsteps were slightly suppressed by Klockdar and took a step back, and a trace of panic appeared in Tesilo's heart.

It's like... Himself, as if not his opponent?

How can it be!

The energy in the body flows rapidly! Tesilo clenched his teeth suddenly! Crush Klockdar hard again!

The sudden surge in power caused Klockdar to stagger on his feet, and Teshillo picked up his long sword with him! Open the long sword that Klockdar is resisting, and then throw it with the trend, and directly throw your leg and kick a blow! The right leg that gave the armed color domineering instantly kicked towards Klockdar's head!

The black sword separated in an instant! The long sword formed by the condensation of sand suddenly scattered a part and floated in front of Klockdar, forming a small shield to resist Tesilo's kick!

At the same time, the long sword with part of the black sand separated in his hand transformed into the form of a dagger on its own! Klockdar ignored Tesilo's kick and stabbed straight at Tesilo!


At the moment of crisis, Tejillo reacted instantly, and kicked Klockdar's dagger instead! Kicked the direction of Klockdar's attack.

But the dagger still cut through Tejillo's skin....

A strange black aura, carrying strands of black sand, wrapped around Tesilo's new wound...

Immediately afterwards, Tehi squatted slightly, and the long sword was picked out from the bottom to the top sword! Want to split Klockdar in two!

A single short dagger must not be able to block the attack of Tesilo's long sword, and the floating shield is enough to block it.

Therefore, the shield of black sand floating on his face fell instantly, and Klockdar pressed the dagger to block behind the shield, ready to use the shield to resist Tesilo's attack, even if it could not be resisted, there were daggers to continue to block.

At the same time, all the sand floating on this sea area rushed with Klockdar's movements!

Due to the sand that has lost part of its control before, the color is very different at different times.

Except for the wet sand that sank to the bottom of the sea, all the rest of the sand floating on the sea surface turned into a spear of sand!

Different colored sand spears have exactly the same target.

The movements are consistent! Rush towards Tesilo!

It doesn't take Klockdar long to block Tesilo with his dagger before the spear of sand behind Teshillo will pierce him!

So, what do you do? Scarlet Hunter, special... Hope... Slightly ——?

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