The EX-level aura was blocked, making Ling Yuqi's sense of existence much weaker even if he had not yet used this ability.

Looking at Klockdar's happy "play" with Tesilo, in order not to disturb their passionate battle, Ling Yuqi immediately activated this, and X-Mao almost unused ability.

【Breath Blocking】The

sense of existence disappears in an instant!

As if it had never existed, people in this sea subconsciously felt that there was no existence of Ling Yuqi in this sea area....

However, the X Mao Ling Yuqi who unlocked the breath blocking, but it was mentally, subconsciously feeling, and he was a little repulsed by the ability to interrupt the breath...

Ling Yuqi's eyebrows frowned slightly, forcibly suppressing this strange feeling.

Speaking lightly, exhaling lightly, this feeling has finally decreased a lot....

The light blue scarf fluttered in the wind, and the blue magic shone under her feet, stepping on the choppy sea alone, but no one could detect her presence at the moment.

Even Klockdar, who was in front of Ling Yuqi, could not detect Ling Yuqi's aura suddenly weakened behind him because of the large-scale use of spiritual power...

Even under the influence of EX-level aura occlusion, ordinary people who see it with the naked eye will subconsciously ignore her existence and will not notice a trace of abnormality.

Stepping on the sea, the figure flashes!

The girl in blue who was originally standing on the surface of the sea instantly disappeared in place....


On the ship of the Tesilo Pirates, Tesilo's younger brother, Hector looked at the scene of the battle in the distance with some concern.

The monstrous black sand all gave him a powerful and cold feeling.

If it weren't for the fact that his brother didn't call himself, and he still needed to watch his own pirate ship, he would have gone up to help...

The ordinary pirates on the ship of the Tesilo Pirates brainlessly think that their captain will inevitably win this battle!

The revolutionary army, on the other hand, was a little confused about this sudden change.

They didn't know whether to expect Clodahl to win or Tejillo to win....

Because if Tejillo loses this battle and even dies here, it will be more convenient to go to Domi Island to rescue slaves later.

The hazard factor will plummet.

But they are hard to guarantee, Klockdar, who wins the battle, will not beat their idea....

And if Tesilo died, his brother Hector would erupt again, what kind of anger...

This group of revolutionary troops did not dare to imagine.

And if Tesilo wins this battle, it means that Tesilo has the strength of His Majesty's Seven Martial Seas, which does not match the information in the intelligence, indicating that they are in the tiger's den at the moment and may encounter danger at any time.

Standing behind Hector , Haku, the fishman who belonged to the command of this operation, had sensed Tesilo's suspicions about his group.

Expressionless, his eyes fixed on Hector's back, and from time to time he looked at the fierce battle over there.

Thinking in his heart, if Tesilo loses, should he sneak attack and kill this guy directly!

Even if he is very strong, if he is distracted by Tesilo's defeat, his sudden sneak attack has a high probability of success.

It's just that the human Hector is, no matter what, if the heart is shattered, he will not live.

And after killing him, it is not a way to quickly control other pirates on the ship who are not of the revolutionary army, and drive the pirate ship to escape directly.

After all...... Permanent pointers and maps in the direction of Domi Island are in the captain's room.

It didn't take Tesilo and Hector to lead the way, and his own group could also reach Domi Island -

clenching his fists slightly, Haku silently raised a breath.

A shimmer flashed in his eyes, and he finally made this dangerous decision in his heart....

That is, sneak attack to kill Hector!

But all this has to wait, the moment when the battle between Tesilo and Klockdar ends! to proceed.

At that moment, it was definitely the time when Hector had the lowest precautions for the ship!

In order to prevent Hector from noticing anything, Haku did not give the revolutionary troops on board the slightest instruction.

He just didn't change his mood, calmly and indifferently approached Hector, his eyes looking at the scene of the battle in the distance.

But Yu Guang stared at Hector's back, where the heart was!

Brother Guan's heartfelt Hector did not notice Haku's small movements, and he even took out a telescope from his arms in order to check the situation, and used this telescope to look at the scene of the battle in the distance....

Through the looking glasses, I saw that although it had always been his brother Tesilo attacking, Hector also noticed that the situation was not good, and his emotions of worrying about his brother became stronger...

The sea breeze is howling, the waves are crashing.

A fresh breeze blew along the light sea breeze and did not attract anyone's attention.

Gently step on the top of the flagpole of the Tesilo Pirate Ship and stand straight above, unaffected by the rocking of the ship itself.

Looking at the pirates below, all looked in the direction of the battle between Tesilo and Klockdar, and Ling Yuqi, who looked like a girl in blue, put her hands in her jacket pocket, and also looked at the battle of Klockdar...

Looking at the Mad Sand Knight who did not disgrace himself and played with Tesilo, the corners of Ling Yuqi's frowning eyebrows gradually subsided, and the corners of his mouth also raised a trace of arc.


Tesilo was in trouble and realized that there was no chance of victory, so he immediately chose to flee.

Changing the pace and quickly retreating into the distance with the power of Klockdar's slash, Tejillo immediately suppressed the injuries in his body and shouted directly to the pirate ship docked on the sea in the distance to transmit a message, so that his brother Hector on the pirate ship quickly commanded the ship to leave....

And the two who have life paper with each other, even if they are separated, they can easily meet again....

Although Tesilo shouted towards Hectol, because the distance was too far, Tesilo fled in the opposite direction of Hector, and the waves were surging, the wind was howling, and under the influence of multiple things, Hector did not hear Tesillo's voice at all.

Fleeing separately, also only to prevent Klockdar from pursuing....

Tesilo felt that with his identity as not a Devil Fruit ability, if Klockdar, who was a Devil Fruit Ability, pursued him, then he would dive directly to the bottom of the sea!

Although Klockdar was able to stand at sea with sand floating on the surface, Tejillo still did not feel that he could touch the sea.

The curse of the Devil Fruit Capable cannot be removed, and Tesilo is convinced of this!

And if Klockdar gives up on himself angrily and goes after his pirate ship.

The pirate ship that was caught by Klockdar and failed to escape, his brother Hector will definitely abandon the ship and run away just like himself.

The identity of this group of pirates on board is not as important as his own life, and Tesilo is convinced that his brother knows this.

Two cold-blooded and ruthless pirate brothers don't care about any companions.

What's more, this ship of people was not long after they were found, a group of cannon fodder.

If you can escape with the ship, then save some effort, and you don't have to repeat the steps of finding people and building pirate ships....

If you can't escape, you can run away.

Anyway, the only important thing about the Tesilo Pirates is Tesilo and Hector, and the rest... It's all cannon fodder -

and although Hector didn't hear Tesilo shouting, through the telescope, Hector also saw Tesilho's mouth open to him....

Hector, who did not know the spoken language, fell into a moment of thought after seeing the blood covered in the body of the eldest brother Toshilló.

By thinking about the injuries on his eldest brother's body, leaving him from the place where he fought with Klockdar, and changing his movement route, running rapidly towards the distant sea, and judging by the cognition of the eldest brother Thirlo in his heart, Hector immediately understood what the eldest brother meant!

Big brother is to let our troops retreat in two ways, and wait until it is safe before we meet!

Hector, who came to this conclusion, just put down the binoculars in his hand, and immediately prepared to follow his eldest brother's idea, and when he wanted to direct the ship to sail away, he was suddenly heard from behind him... The extremely strong sense of danger alarmed——!

The cold hair stood up instantly! Hector shook his head in shock, and his hand instantly reached towards the knife pinned to his waist! At the same time, forcibly twist his body to look at the fish man behind him, Haku!

At this time, Haku had already put on an attack posture.

Place your right hand on your waist, and put your left hand in a martial arts pose!

Without giving Hector a chance to resist, his left hand slammed the hammer towards Hector's heart!

"Three Thousand Watts Zhengfist !!"


The ferocious thump hit the unsuspecting Hector on the body!

But he also reacted quickly, forcibly twisting his body to avoid this punch that hit the heart...

Boxing hammer to the side ribs! The ribs that were hit shattered instantly! Directly and severely damaged internal organs!

The unsuspecting Hector didn't even have time to show his armed color domineering, and only ate Haku's boxing with his flesh! He was immediately seriously injured——!

The body that has suffered damage instantly flies upside down! Hector, who was standing by the side of the ship, was directly knocked off the ship by Haku and fell into the sea ....

Endure the piercing pain! With his arms slightly fluttering in the sea, Hector who was floating on the surface of the sea and panting violently, his forehead was bruised! Brows tightly furrowed together! Murderous aura surged out!!

The corners of the mouth continued to spill blood, and the broken ribs pierced through the internal organs, pierced some surface skin, and overflowed a lot of blood on the chest side.

The shattering of the ribs and the heavy damage to the internal organs directly gave Hector severe pain!

Fortunately, this is the world of pirates, and Hector is not an ordinary person, but a powerful pirate who is old, but has a decent physique.

If it were an ordinary person, he would have been in a coma because of the pain, or he would have died directly from this injury....

The originally cold eyes were instantly filled with blood-red colors! Hector pupils that are no longer in disguise! Staring at Haku deadly! It was as if I wanted to imprint his appearance deeply in my heart!

He did not ask Haku why he was attacking himself.

At this time, Hector just wanted to keep his eyes fixed on this fishman! Tortured to death by a thousand cuts——!

The sudden change on board caused a wave of chaos in the pirate ship in an instant....

When the revolutionary army saw that Haku had hit Hector hard with one blow, they immediately understood his thoughts and immediately began to maintain the peace of the pirate ship.

In front of this group of organized and disciplined organizations, the chaos on board was stopped in a moment....

Although he wanted to kill this fishman, Hector also knew that he was at this time and could not kill him.

The general trend has passed, and he was seriously injured, and at this time he fell into the sea.

Who does not know that in the sea, the combat power of the fish people will be stronger than on land.

And human beings will only be weaker than land...

If he hadn't been injured, Hector was confident that he could easily kill Haku.

But now....

In the sea, Hector was convinced that he would be played to death by him -

his face was livid, and he looked deeply at Haku, who was standing at the bow of the ship, Hector spat out a mouthful of blood, thinking quickly in his heart!

And Haku, also waiting for the peace maintained by the comrades of the revolutionary army on board, waiting for the chaos on the ship to end, he went to kill Hector again.

Anyway, Hector, who was seriously injured and in the middle of the sea, could not run anywhere - Hector

measured in his heart:

he had been floating on the sea, only one death.

This fish man can't let himself on the boat.

Pirate ships controlled by them can also fire artillery and carry out auxiliary attacks.

Hector, who was already seriously injured, could not match so many punches on the ship with both fists....

The impact of re-creation is too great!

Hector, who was a human body and had never used the Devil Fruit, was seriously injured in his body, and the impact was fatal!

The injury affects any movement of Hector all the time, and without his strong healing ability, the longer the time drags on, the more serious the injury will be!

At this moment, only by diving into the deep sea can we find a trace of life....

He wanted to gamble, bet that this fish man would not dare to chase down because of the boat thief.

Hector, who never gave up a glimmer of hope, suddenly drilled towards the bottom of the sea!

Seeing Hector drilling towards the bottom of the sea, Haku's pupils shrank, and his face was a little shocked.

He couldn't believe that Hector dared to get underwater in front of the enemies who had been fishing people?!

The footsteps moved slightly, and Haku immediately wanted to jump into the sea and solve this guy.


"Wait!" The pleasant voice that suddenly came from behind him, and the void breath, but it shocked him all over his body!

Be...... What people——?!


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