After dozens of days, the speedboat crossed most of the sea, and finally reached the Chambord Islands -

Ling Yuqi, dressed in a relatively astringent black suit swimsuit, was sitting leisurely on the edge of the boat.

At this time, her pale blonde hair was coiled behind her head, and she was decorated with a black butterfly hairpin.

The beautiful legs and arms that are exposed, only the black collar with lace trim on the thigh of the right leg and the upper arm of the left arm...

This body, although extremely astringent and tempting, but with a superb beauty, Ling Yuqi's cold expression, but it looks so much....... Untouchable?

Although most of the skin is exposed, everything that should be blocked is tightly blocked, and what should not be exposed is not exposed.

Being on the sea, compared to other clothing, this set can also go into the water to play, and has little impact.

It's a swimsuit after all.

Anyway, in this endless sea, no one can see it, and presumptuousness is nothing at all.

As for Klockdar?

He dared to look indiscriminately and cut his eyes off!

And Klockdar is also not interested in it, what he likes is strength, not beauty -

although Ling Yuqi still has a set of white ones, that one is even more exposed than this set of black ones!

So even if no one could see it, even if the set was lighter, Ling Yuqi still chose the black set...

At this time, Ling Yuqi, who was a little bored, was holding a long sword in both hands, using a black and red curry stick as a stick, interspersed with a big fish.

At the same time, it adjusts the mana attribute and intensity, using the dark magic power as a barbecue flame, burning under the body of the big fish, burning its body...

In this endless sea, nothing can be done, and only grilled fish to kill time and fill your stomach by the way, can it seem less boring.

Although speaking of the sea, fishing is certainly a fun thing.

But Ling Yuqi, who didn't even have a fishing rod, couldn't experience this happiness at all.

She also tried to get Klockdar to use the sand to condense into a sand fishing rod.

But if you want it to be durable, you will inevitably increase a certain amount of mana, and this also causes the fish on the bottom of the sea to smell this danger and dare not approach.

But if he doesn't add magic, his sand rod is not durable at all, and the rod that is too durable will not be able to pull it even after the lucky catch.

It will simply disintegrate.

So, she directly gave up this option and went directly to the sea to catch fish, or shoot fish on the bottom of the sea with a long-range attack on the boat....

If you are fishing, you can use it when you buy professional fishing tools later.

For now, let's give up first -

above the sea, there are sea fish everywhere, even sea kings, the two have eaten a lot in these days.

After all, although there was a lot of food stored in the space backpack, Ling Yuqi, who had a huge amount of Dragon Stomach, and the new big stomach king Klockdar, and the other foods in the backpack would not survive for long at all.

And if they don't want to go to other islands to replenish supplies, they can only fill their stomachs by hunting on this sea.

And Ling Yuqi's choice is to feed on the sea -

through the barbecue these days, Ling Yuqi's grilled fish technology is also rising sharply!

I think she has never grilled fish in her previous life, but now relying on her own ability, as small as a small fish the size of a fist, as large as a sea king on the sixth floor, she can all use magic to sear him, roast him is not dry and old, scorched on the outside and tender inside!

It's really a bit of a trick

~ But Ling Yuqi is responsible for grilling fish and rushing the work, which is naturally handed over to Klockdar, who is gradually getting started with magic control.

Teaching him the operation method of the speedboat, Ling Yuqi directly picked the pole and ran to the side of the boat to touch the fish.

It was like this for days.

Moreover, Klockdar does not patronize the boat, and the job of fishing is also his.

It's like this....

Ling Yuqi slowly turned the hilt of his sword and turned the body of the big fish to ensure that the heat was even and would not bake.

The delicious fragrance slowly wafted out of the fish and drifted between the noses of Klockdar, who was sailing the boat.

Smelling the fragrance, he also slowly reduced the speed of the boat.

With grilled fish in his hand and mint-flavored lollipops in his mouth, Ling Yuqi's two snow-white calves were casually dangling outside the boat...

Humming an unknown cheerful ditty, from time to time there will be some waves rising, flapping on Ling Yuqi's legs, cool and refreshing, so uncomfortable -

after a while, the grilled fish in his hand was quickly grilled.

Ling Yuqi immediately clenched his long sword with one hand and slammed it towards Klockdar, who was driving the boat!

The grilled fish stuck in the long sword came out directly and flew towards Klockdar.

No need to look at all, through spiritual perception, Klockdar directly condensed a sand hand behind his back and steadily caught the flying grilled fish.

At the same time, he also stopped the boat, got up and left his seat, and operated the sand hand to hand the fish to himself.

Ling Yuqi then held his left hand, and a black pistol instantly appeared.

Raising the pistol in his left hand, Ling Yuqi aimed the muzzle at the sea.

Find the target through perception, and after finding the target, the muzzle is instantly locked and aligned!

Just listen to "bang"! With a bang, a blue bullet shot out from the muzzle! Straight to the bottom of the sea!


the bullet went into the sea, stirring up quite a few waves.

Then there was a calm....

The pistol turned into magic and dissipated, and Ling Yuqi stared at the calm sea indifferently.

After a while, a big fat fish floated up with its belly.

"Old Sha !!"

Ling Yuqi shouted with one of them, and Klockdar immediately freed his left hand.

Raise your left hand!

A cloud of sand flew directly towards the sea, turned into a rope of sand, directly rolled up the big fish that turned its belly, and then threw it directly back with his hand! Throw the fish towards Ling Yuqi!

Ling Yuqi directly raised his long sword! The big fish that flew over directly hit the long sword and was instantly pierced!

And the rope of sand then returned to Klockdar's body -

when Klockdar finished eating, Ling Yuqi was still happily humming an unknown ditty, and continued to grill the newly caught big fish in his hand....

He glanced at it casually, then directly started the speedboat and continued on his way.


With the rapid leap of the speedboat, the silhouette of the Chambord Islands finally came into view...

Ling Yuqi, who was sitting on the side of the boat grilling fish, turned sideways and saw the faintly revealed green island, the color of joy was difficult to hide, and the corners of Ling Yuqi's gentle mouth also raised a hint of arc.

Where can this island, which is made of many trees, which is seen in a straight direction, leading directly to the Chambordi Islands, except for its own destination, the Chambord Islands?

With a little brain, you can guess.

And Klockdar, who has been here, is even clearer and more certain.

So he reminded: "Ahead is the Chambord Islands... It's time to get ready to land on the island. Hearing

this, Ling Yuqi, who was in a swimsuit state, was also ready to change into Zheng'er Bajing's clothes.

After all, I want to land on the island, and it is impossible to wear this body again, otherwise it will be too shameful....

She then shouted again at Klockdar, "Old Sha! Catch! Then he

threw the almost grilled fish that was waiting to be grilled in his hand to Klockdar.

At the same time, the magic power on the body emerged, and the magic power wrapped around the body suddenly condensed into a black spirit robe...

The black camisole on the upper body also outlines the tiny curve on the chest.

The hooded jacket with inner infrared black hides the beauty of two white arms.

Hot pants exposed the two snow-white thighs, and the long over-the-knee leather boots covered the calves, revealing only the skin that was as white as snow.

Wearing a necklace and a single ponytail, at this time, she is a young and beautiful little sister!

And Klockdar, although a little puzzled why this rice bucket woman is so good to herself today, she gives herself grilled fish if she doesn't eat it.

But he still gathered his sand hand to catch the grilled fish and removed the driver's seat....

With a little shadow in his heart, he did not dare to let the grilled fish fall to the ground, or eat it while eating.

One is because the oil stains of grilled fish may fall on the ground and dirty to the boat.

The second is because wasting food is shameful....

But when he touched these two things, Klockdar did not have a good life.

If the oil stain drips on the ship, it is okay, that is, the washing work is taken over.

I don't like it, but at least there is no danger.

And if food is wasted....

God knows how Ling Yuqi ate it when he grilled fish for the first time, he didn't control the heat of the magic flame, and when he was scorched, he ate it, and he couldn't eat it.

Klockdar, who has been in Alabastan all day long, you let him eat this mushy, grilled dried fish every day, he can't stand it.

Stubbornly do not eat, and even throw away the dried fish....

Then he was turned into food by Ling Yuqi...

Small fish are difficult to control, because the flame will scorch, but large fish have a lot of room to operate.

So Ling Yuqi immediately decided, since you don't eat small fish that are not well grilled, then make a big fish to grill!

So he used Klockdar as bait to fish for sea kings....

The rod, which is controlled by Klockdar himself, is still very durable.

The rod that has been linked to Klockdar is maintained by its continuous output ability, and then sits and waits for the sea king to take the bait.

For small fish, magic can be terrifying and terrifying.

But for the huge sea kings, Klockdar, who only exudes weak magic, is like fragrant gluttony, and wants to eat it in one bite!

As long as you eat him, you can become stronger!

Their souls and genes tell them so, so some sea kings can't hold back, slowly swim from the deep bottom of the sea, and then...

"Black Sand Giant Sword!"


A sword through the heart! Directly stabbed to death....

After a few successes, Klockdar delighted that he never wanted to go through this again.

Although the curse of sea water has been lifted, it may be because of the influence of sand's ability, he still does not like sea water very much.

What's more, there have been twenty or thirty years since he went to the sea, and you let him suddenly float in the sea to act as bait for the sea king fishing....

Soaked all over, he just wanted to say: This woman is definitely a devil!

Therefore, when he encounters this situation again, he will definitely not touch Ling Yuqi's mold.

And the reason why Ling Yuqi generously threw this grilled fish to Klockdar was that she didn't want to eat the grilled fish either.

They have all come to the island, so they must be rubbed first!

There is money anyway.

This one without seasoning, single taste of grilled fish, or for Klockdar's good, don't eat this grilled fish at that time, occupy the stomach, can't eat the next delicacies ~

Ling Yuqi, who is carrying a space backpack treasure, is not short of money at all.

And the only big place to use money is just to eat -


Klockdar, who walked while walking on a sand stick, with a sand stick in hand, looked a little funny.

But his indifferent expression, tearing the grilled fish hard, but it was a little scary....

This is just a matter of his appearance, which is more vicious.

He's actually not that scary... At least it's not so scary now....

Klockdar walked ahead, following Ling Yuqi's idea, and prepared to find a restaurant to eat first.

It's just that I haven't been to the Chambord Islands for nearly ten years, and most of the restaurants I remember before are gone....

Things are people and people, and Klockdar, who is nibbling on grilled fish, also shows a trace of nostalgia in his eyes.

Then disappeared in an instant, continuing to lead the way coldly, looking for restaurants that looked good -

people came and went, bubbles floating, looking at the towering strange trees around them, walking on this fantastic street, Ling Yuqi's mood also became a little relaxed.

It's just that the only bad thing is that walking on the road, the surrounding crowd will always subconsciously look at this vicious uncle Klockdar next to him.

Seeing his presence, he couldn't help but show a trace of fear in his eyes, and his steps quickly moved away from Klockdar, and looked at himself behind Klockdar with a little worry and sympathy.

In the Chambord Islands, Klockdar's identity is fairly recognizable.

And the beautiful girl with it, they naturally think that they were coerced by this evil pirate, and walked along.

But without strength and nothing, they can only look at it worriedly and feel sorry in their hearts.

Moreover, this is the Chambord Islands, not only are there rampant pirates, but there is also a higher existence that cannot be provoked... Draco!

This kind of beautiful woman, if those ugly Draco can see it...

People sigh in their hearts and lament the injustices of the world.

Although they thought they were expressing kindness, this kind of look made Ling Yuqi a little unhappy.


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