After a long period of contemplation, Olma Muammar decided to take a look first.

Anyway, after returning to the Holy Land, it is no problem to ask someone to arrest this woman.

At most, it's just a waste of time.

But it's safe.

After all, it seems that this woman is not a simple character....

Although Olma Muammar Saint does not think that this beautiful woman with an extraordinary temperament but no popularity at sea will be the kind of world's top strength powerhouse.

But he also didn't feel that he could be stronger than this noble and cold woman.

Anyway, if she is extremely powerful, or has a strong backer, then she will not be able to get her when she arrives in the Holy Land, let alone here.

If there is a chance, he will certainly not let it go, but without a chance, he will not send it to death.

The somewhat brainy Draco Olma Muamal Saint is a guy who knows the time -

and the words of Olma Muammar Saint made Klockdar's eyes narrow slightly.

If he looked arrogant and domineering, at least everything was on his face.

But this kind of smile, burying all emotions in the bottom of the heart, is the most difficult to do.

This guy's castle house... It's very deep—

a Draco, but with such a deep city....

Staring at Olma Muammar's smiling eyes and thinking of his identity... In Klockdar's heart, an idea suddenly came to mind....

But he twisted this idea to the bottom of his heart first, and playfully stretched out his right hand, ignoring the outstretched right hand of Olma Muammar Sheng, but instead pressed the fish tank on Olma Muammar Sheng's head, and said with a smile:

"Oh~? The Draco of the nobility of the world actually invited me to dinner together? Did I hear you right? Even

though he was pressed by Klockdar's right hand on the fish tank on his head, Olma Muammar's smile still did not dissipate, and he did not show the slightest dissatisfaction with Klockdar's disrespectful performance.

The right hand, still outstretched, did not take back....

And the CP0 guard Hafda next to Olma Muammar Saint was also a little surprised, and he did not expect that Olma Muammar Saint would show weakness.

Although Hafda had been with Olma Muammar for some time, he thought that although Olma Muammar Saint was a little talkative, he was also an extremely proud person.

Whether it is pride in his identity or pride in himself as a person, it can be said that he is a very arrogant person.

But now he bowed his head and showed weakness to Klockdar!

Hafda was a little incomprehensible.

But a trace of joy still rose in his heart, because in this way there would be no high probability of no conflict, and his little life was saved -

to Klockdar's words, Olma Muammar just smiled and said: "Unlike those ignorant Draco, I have brains. And

Klockdar also heard the voiceover of Olma Muammar.

The playful smile slowly dissipated, and there was a trace of seriousness in his eyes.

Gathering strength slightly in his hand, a little sand poured out of his hand and climbed onto the fish tank on the head of Olma Muammar.

Seeing this situation, Hafda was instantly excited!

Burst into momentum! A long knife is drawn directly from the body!

Hold on tightly! Hafda was just about to kill this Klockdar, who seemed to be endangering Saint Olma Muammar, but he was suddenly killed....

For the grain of sand that Klockdar suddenly released on his head, Olma Muammar's holy pupils condensed slightly, his eyes showed a slight panic, but he also instantly suppressed it, and stretched out his hand to signal the guard Hafda to let down his vigilance.

Calmly staring into Klockdar's eyes, Olma Muammar Saint was confident that Klockdar would not hurt him -

as a Draco, his attitude was so low, if he dared to attack himself, it would be equivalent to starting a war with the world government!

CP0's endless assassinations, entanglement with the three admirals, will be all he will experience for the rest of his life.

Olma Muammar, who had never learned of Klockdar's skyrocketing strength, thought so in his heart.

But in fact, at this time, Klockdar was not afraid of this.

Because, when the world government learned of Klockdar's true strength, it would not offend a Seven Wuhai with the strength of the Four Emperors for the sake of a Draco.

Unless he does something excessive again, the world government will join forces with the navy to eliminate him.

Otherwise, if it is just a Draco, the cost of dealing with a Four Emperors is too great....

In the world today, what is needed is peace and what is needed is stability.

For the sake of this peace and stability, the five old stars could even reach an inexplicable deal with the redhead, one of the four emperors.

So just a Draco's words, they won't go to provoke Klockdar.

But Saint Olma Muammar, whose information is not equal, naturally could not imagine this.

He only believes that although the Seven Wuhai is strong, there are also strong and weak, but Klockdar will not be stronger than the general.

Offended himself, is a general, kill himself, at least two generals plus a bunch of CP0 siege, which Klockdar cannot afford

.... And Klockdar didn't know what Olma Muammar was thinking, he just saw the deep city of Olma Muammar.

This guy is not an ordinary person....

The sand in his hand wrapped the fish tank of Olma Muammar saint, and in the nervous eyes of CP0 Hafda, the fish tank ....

"Peng!" With a sound, it turned into sand and scattered all over the ground.

The head of Olma Muammar was also exposed to the air.

The corners of his eyebrows were slightly raised, and Olma Muammar still continued to look at Klockdar without changing his face.

The thoughts in his heart grew stronger, and Klockdar took a deep look at Olma Muammar, remembered his appearance, and withdrew his palm.

Retracting his thoughts, he turned his head and asked Ling Yuqi respectfully...

"My King, Draco's invitation, do you want to go?"

Klockdar asked, and Olma Muammar Sheng's gaze also turned to Ling Yuqi.

A touch of peach blossom desire crossed his slightly squinted eyes, but it was forcibly suppressed in an instant!

Looking at Klockdar's somewhat respectful appearance, his heart also thought again....

King of sand crocodiles? Isn't this guy a pirate? Isn't he a sea thief from one of the Seven Martial Seas? How could there be an extra king all of a sudden?

Could it be... More than twenty years ago, before he became famous in the sea, did he have the country to which he belonged?

Then after more than twenty years, he returned to his place of origin, or was he found by the king of his birthplace?

And this girl, is it really a queen?

Because he is too young to be convinced, he comes out to find Klockdar who can help him secure his throne?

And according to age, maybe when the queen was young, she was brought up by Klockdahl?

For various reasons, Klockdar went to sea to become a pirate?


For a time, many questions arose in Olma Muammar's sacred heart, and he also thought of a lot of bloody plots.

But at this time, Olma Muammar can only put these doubts aside for the time being, and wait until he returns to the Holy Land to investigate in detail....

As for Klockdar's inquiry, Ling Yuqi just said casually: "You go-

" "Give you two hours, after two hours, remember to go to Island No. 6 to find me."

Although it was only for a moment, Olma Muammar Sheng's evil color Ling Yuqi also saw it.

And from the language of Olma Muammar Sheng, it can be seen that he is a Draco, different from those idiot Draco...

His mind is a bit much.

And Klockdar, who changed his body with his own magical power, just like a vampire and a dependent, the evil thoughts generated in his heart could also be perceived by Ling Yuqi.

With Klockdar's arrogance, Ling Yuqi can also understand that he still has a trace of rebellion.

Ling Yuqi didn't plan to stop him, she also wanted to see what kind of things this guy could do.

Anyway, it's just a game, and I don't have any worries.

Just watch how he plays~

It's also pretty good to be able to have some fun.

He waved his hand and motioned for Klockdar to quickly follow Olma Muammar.

Since the king agreed, Klockdar also said "um", and looked at Olma Muammar again.

He had some private words with Olma Muammar, but he had some private words he wanted to talk about.

Olma Muammar Saint took a deep look at the cold Ling Yuqi and deeply rooted his face in his heart.

Then with a smile on his face, he naturally took Klockdar's hand, led him in the direction he came, and said: "Come on, Lord Klockdal, we..."


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