Big Bird walked around the tavern, and from time to time there was a burst of laughter -

in such a tavern where the nobles came, everyone except Draco Olma Muammar Saint and Klockdar were expelled.

Even as a CP0 guard, Hafda was driven out by Olma Muammar.

Standing outside the tavern, vigilant around and protecting the two people in the tavern....

The table in front of Olma Muammar was filled with all kinds of delicacies, but only a little moving.

Wine, but already drunk a lot.

Dare to be alone with Klockdar, Olma Muammar's heart can be described as a little big.

But it also convinced Klockdar of the words spoken by the sanctuary of Olma Muammar and his ability to do not have vulgar skills.

After all, what Olma Muammar said was no small matter.

Rather, it is a major event to kill the Draco, subvert the world government, and claim hegemony——!

Olma Muammar is also a member of half the revolutionary army.

During a sea trip, he met the leader of the revolutionary army, Monchi D. Long.

After being deceived by the dragon to subvert the world government, he made himself a king and became a member of the revolutionary army.

Of course, he also knew that the dragon was using himself.

After the fall of the world government, he will not be able to make himself king.

But why not use them yourself?

Olma Muammar, who had no good feelings for the other Draco, and even had some disgust, really wanted them to die.

Moreover, with the situation at that time, if he did not agree to the dragon's request, I am afraid that he would have been fed to the shark by the dragon long ago.

In that incident, only Olma Muammar Saint himself escaped alive, and the only truth was learned by Olma Muammar Saint and Long.

Therefore, in the face of this incident, Olma Muammar Saint was also very skillful, and lowered his noble head....

Klockdar was also interested in this Draco Revolutionary Army who intended to overthrow the world government regime.

But he wanted to know more about the ancient weapon king.

According to some grapevines, the king of heaven is in the hands of the world government, or the draco.

And according to the research of Olma Muammar Saint for many years, the ancient weapon king is indeed in the hands of the world government.

The method used is to use Draco's blood.

That's why the world government protects Draco so much.

The world government goes to great lengths to protect the Draco, but does not teach them knowledge, just indulges and makes them idiots.

The logic of idiots who are easy to manipulate and go to great lengths to protect Draco is to be able to use a chassis that is enough to destroy the world.

Klockdar is half convinced—

and Olma Muammar lied that he could manipulate the king as a bargaining chip and made an evil deal with Klockdar.

As long as he helped himself, then Olma Muammar would later manipulate the king to help him.

Because Klockdar already knew it, or because the energy came from the same source, his own power could not harm my king at all.

But it is impossible to get rid of this energy, and after removing the magic power, he should die directly.

If you want to get rid of My King, the only chance is to use foreign objects!

My king is strong, indeed strong.

But the power of ancient weapons will not be weak.

One may not be able to stop My King, but what if there are many?

Klockdar, who also had a hint of resistance, planted a seed here in Olma Muammar.

If there are more seeds in the future, it is time for him to germinate!

Relying on this, just to help Olma Muammar to kill and hide some people, he can later obtain the help of the heavenly king.

For Klockdar, it's not enough.

After the discussion, Olma Muammar kept smiling heartily!


"I know! Brother Sha will definitely not be a man who condescends to others! Olma Muammar raised the wine glass in his hand excitedly and continued:

"Brother Sha! For our sincere friendship! For our grand plans! Dry!!!

A flash of essence flashed in his eyes, and Klockdar also responded with a smile: "Good brother! Dry! "


After leaving Xia Qi's bamboo BAR, Ling Yuqi went straight to Island 6 agreed with Klockdar.

Here, it's not bad for Island 13, and the crowds don't seem very friendly.

But the difference is that most of the people who come and go on this island use bubble cars to pull things that are covered by black cloth.

There are large and small, and when shaking, there is the sound of iron clashing.

Even...... You can faintly hear it, the weak cry of sorrow, and the cry for help - the

people passing by will not care about these strange bubble cars.

Some people, on the contrary, looked expectantly at the scene under the black cloth...

Because of his uncertain identity, Ling Yuqi, who was walking on the road, did not encounter any obstacles.

She found a clearing and pulled out a chaise longue.

Put on your sunglasses, lie on them, bask in the sun and wait for Klockdar's arrival-

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