With his eyes languishing and blood spilling from the corners of his mouth, Hawkeye covered the deep wound on his chest with his left hand, supported his body with a black knife with his right hand, and slowly stood up on the ground.

Sensing that Ling Yuqi did not mean to continue attacking, feeling the chaotic injuries and pain in his body, Hawkeye felt some sighs and joy in his heart.

It had been a long time since the redhead broke his arm, and Hawkeye hadn't suffered such a serious injury....

Of course, it has been a long time since I encountered such a powerful opponent -

even the group of strong people who stood at the top of the sea did not put more pressure on themselves than this woman!

What's more, the group of guys at sea still have concerns that they can't completely let go and fight.

And the influence of various forces, even if he is the world's number one swordsman and is a single Hawkeye, he cannot go to the other party's forces to provoke the other party at will.

And the only redhead who can fight as he wants, and who can also be regarded as his best friend, also broke his arm....

With his arm broken, Hawkeye lost interest in duel with the redhead.

For so many years, he has not felt such strong pressure, so that his strength over the years has improved little.

Even sometimes I feel that Kendo can only go here....

That's why he frequently went to sea, wanting to find other powerful swordsmen to see, come and learn, the advantages of the other party's swordsmanship.

But free and pure Jianhao, where is it so easy to find.

More than that, he is a powerful sword master assisted by the ability of the Devil Fruit.

This makes it difficult for Hawkeye's kendo to go further.

Although in order to improve his sword skills, or to find an equally pure great sword master, he left a fire that may exist a few days ago.

But that waiting time... It's too long.

Although the other party's serious energy is amazing, Hawkeye is still not sure when the other party can reach his height.

After all, to reach this height, perseverance alone is not enough, and it also requires a part of talent -

just like Hawkeye's own eagle eye, which can see through the essence of things and can also gain insight into swordsmanship....

And this time, obviously he just planted the fire, but he met such a powerful big sword hao!

Just a sword! He cut himself into serious injuries——!

That kind of momentum can't be stopped at all!

Although I don't know why the other party attacked, he burst out so much wasted power (maybe for good looks?). ), but that powerful force also made Hawkeye see!

The end of kendo! And it's not limited to that!

It's still a long way off! I still have a lot of room for improvement——!

But now, Hawkeye has no intention of fighting the other side.

After all, it's like letting a newborn baby fight a boxing king, and he's not stupid.

He wanted to improve his strength to reach the peak of kendo, not to send him to death without brains!

If he is also a boxer, he is a boxer, and he is a boxer, then there is still a chance.

But now, he is more like a child, or a child who stays at home every day and does not exercise.

It would be silly to let such a self go and PK with the boxing king who is in the best state - and

from the blow just now, he has already gained a lot, and he also needs to consume it to improve his strength before asking for advice.

The road should be taken step by step, and the meal should be eaten step by step.

The steps are too big, and it is easy to pull something....

Moreover, from the hit just now, Hawkeye could clearly feel that the other party did not exert all his strength!

Because when she cut out the attack, it was too easy.

Moreover, among the multiple energies in her body, she only used one, and she could easily defeat herself...

When you improve to be able to catch the opponent's attack, Hawkeye will definitely come back to ask for advice!

Kendo, never ends!

The injured body was adjusted in the body, and Hawkeye's eyes were full of seriousness ——


After finishing the battle, Ling Yuqi forcibly pulled Hawkeye and took him to find a place to eat.

And Hawkeye's coffin boat, because of its proximity to the coast, was directly distorted and torn apart by the powerful attack just now!

The Ling Yuqi speedboat was protected from it because it was protected by the system.

So he could only send people under the fence, take Ling Yuqi's speedboat, command Ling Yuqi, and come to a prosperous island -

as for the injuries on his body... People in the pirate world are very resilient.

Although he is only a swordsman, his physique is still very strong, otherwise he would not be able to become the world's number one swordsman.

By the time I arrived on the island, except for the wound wrapped in a bandage on my chest, all the other injuries on my body were almost fine....

This is an island in the East China Sea that mainly develops in commerce and trade, and there are quite a few people on the island.

Hawkeye, on the other hand, led Ling Yuqi to a hidden tavern underground...

Although this is in the East China Sea, his prestige and appearance are not known to so many people.

But there will always be a few pirates or children who do not measure themselves and have no brains after reading the newspaper, and will come to disturb themselves.

Therefore, when he eats out, he still prefers to choose this more hidden place.

And this tavern is also the place he frequented when he came to the East China Sea -

because it was the afternoon, and there were no people in the tavern.

Only a few people, wearing cloaks and covering their faces, casually ate their food and left directly.

Hawkeye saw that it was not strange, casually ordered a few things from the boss, and then led Ling Yuqi to find a seat and sit.

As soon as he sat down, he couldn't help but ask,

"You... Is it the man from the British Kingdom? Hawkeye

still missed the kingdom, after all, it was led by this powerful woman in front of him.

Coming to a fresh place, Ling Yuqi looked around with some curiosity.

After hearing Hawkeye's question, Confident and Sunny replied

, "Well, of course!"

"Where is that country?" Hawkeye then asked.

"In a ... Mysterious place-" Ling Yuqi seemed to be selling Guanzi, and said slowly.

"Mysterious place?"

"Uh-huh~ If there is a chance, you will see it." Ling Yuqi just left such a sentence, and no longer talked about the location of the British Kingdom.

After all...... There is no such thing as Britain.

If the stuffing is revealed, it's not fun -

but Hawkeye still doesn't give up and wants to ask another question that he wants to know.

“...... Are the people of that country all strong people like you? And this is what Hawkeye wants to know the most.

"Of course not!"

"But there are still quite a few who are equal to my strength, or only a little weaker than me-

" "Of course, the most famous is my Knights of the Round Table in Britain! There are all the top strong people inside. "

If you get into trouble at sea later, for the sake of this meal, report my name and let them help you-" Confidently patting his chest, Ling Yuqi said towards Hawkeye.

Although the system did not mention that he had the ability to summon, Ling Yuqi did not know whether it could summon the Knights of the Round Table in the end.

But thinking that even the speedboat can get over, and get a few heroes over, it should not be a big problem -

after all, if you don't push it, you always don't know where the limit of the system is....

Therefore, she also sent an inquiry to the system in her heart.

Ling Yuqi: [System! Tongbao! I want the Knights of the Round Table——! System

: [? System

: [Oh! O my dear master! How could you have such terrible thoughts——]

Ling Yuqi: [What's wrong? What happened to the Knights of the Round Table? How nice they are. System

: [Good is good, but my dear master! ] You already have all the strength of My King, which should be enough for you to play in this world, and you shouldn't need the help of the Knights of the Round Table——! Ling

Yuqi: [But the task of this world is to publicize the prestige of my king, right...]

System: [... It's like this, what's wrong. Ling

Yuqi: [Is my king without the knights of the round table still my king?] System

: [? How is it not——?! System

: [My king is honored as king because of himself, and he who is honored as a king, and not because of the Knights of the Round Table, became king.] System

: [Just like a replaceable weapon, even without the holy sword, the king can still choose to use the holy spear to continue to serve as his own weapon. System

: [Without the Knights of the Round Table, there will be Knights of the Square Table, Knights of the Triangle and the like to replace it.] System

: [Although the role of the Knights of the Round Table is certainly very important, it also played an important role in the rise of Britain]

System: [But you use them to deny the existence of kings, which is unrealistic and unreasonable! Ling

Yuqi: [... That was not what I meant. System

: [Then my respected master, what do you mean?] Ling

Yuqi: [... I want the Knights of the Round Table!

] System: [This is not very good~]

Ling Yuqi: [Na, you think, with the Knights of the Round Table, it will definitely better publicize the prestige of my king and achieve the task faster, right! ] Ling

Yuqi: [In this way, you can quickly complete the task and increase the level of business! ] System

: [If that's the case... It's not impossible. Ling

Yuqi: [How to say?] System

: [You need to help the system replenish the energy wasted by summoning.] Ling

Yuqi: [How to add?] System

: [Use the product of this world, the Devil Fruit, to replenish the energy consumed.] System

: [And you have to think clearly, the heroic spirit summoned here will not follow you to the next world.] System

: [He who was pulled down from Valhalla will stay here forever!] System

: [So, when summoning, please consider carefully——

] System: [Then, when you get the devil fruit, come to me...] System: [

By the way, the grade of the heroic spirit is linked to the rarity of the demon fruit, and it is impossible to want a garbage animal line in exchange for the knights of the Yangtze River~! 】

System: [Then that's it, call me again ~bye~! Ling

Yuqi: [Bai——]

ended the dialogue with the system, and Ling Yuqi finally got what he wanted.

Although it will be a little troublesome and you need to find the devil fruit, there is always a way, so there is no way to summon it at all.

But she didn't think about summoning a large group or anything, because it was too troublesome.

Nor is it ready to build Britain in this world to satisfy a desire like Hawkeye to go to Britain.

Although there are many British powerhouses at sea, the Kingdom of Britain, which can never be found, will eventually become a mystery on the sea.

Isn't it, it's interesting~!


The system that ended the dialogue was on the contrary.

In this pure white field, she secretly sighed in her heart:

After all, she still came to this step....

This is your own choice, when the time comes, don't blame me... master。

The pure white eyes trembled slightly, although he thought like this, the system was still thinking about how to explain this matter to the master when he was in the second world....

The system that forgot to mention another causal drawback of the summoning ability, only hoped that she would not think about dismantling herself after learning about the other consequences of the summoning ability requested at this time—

but when she thought that the master would be like this in the future, the system instead showed a happy evil smile.

Hey hey hey ~~~!


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