Although the next move has been decided, it is to go to the sea restaurant to eat.

But now that the evening is approaching and the sky is getting dark, it is very irrational to go to sea to a restaurant on the sea at this time.

But if you set off now, there is a high probability that after arriving at the sea restaurant, it will still be dark.

If the other party didn't open the door, wouldn't it be for nothing....

At least wait outside for a while, and I don't know if the other party can make a good meal when the door is just opened.

And if you are stupidly waiting outside the ship for the other party's restaurant to open, it is too der.

After all, one is one of the Seven Martial Seas, the eagle eye of the world's number one swordsman, and the other is Ling Yuqi, who has the body and strength of King Arthur, both of them are more or less arrogant, and they are not willing to be stupid outside the ship.

But if it is strong, with the strength of the two, it is naturally possible.

But it's not necessary....

Because this can be avoided, there can be other options.

That's -

tomorrow again!

Therefore, the two were ready to rest for a while and wait for dawn before setting off.

On the island, because of the appearance of Hawkeye and Ling Yuqi, the usually noisy streets are also exceptionally quiet at this time.

Just because, Hawkeye's identity was recognized by this group of guys on the island!

The momentum of his sword cut in the street in the afternoon attracted the attention of most people on the island.

After a simple investigation, the terrible wanted warrant was immediately discovered, which looked the same as it.

So before Hawkeye left, except for some ordinary civilians, all the guys who had something on the island could only act with their bodies in their bodies, for fear of being caught by this terrible strong man who killed without blinking.

So, relying on the money stolen from the group of pirates, the two rested in a hotel in the town and spent a peaceful night....

On a new day, when the weather was shining, Ling Yuqi pulled the eagle eye card to navigate and set off——


On the endless sea, a speedboat is moving forward at a rapid pace.

On the ship, the eagle eye in the black trench coat asked Ling Yuqi, a blonde beauty who was driving the boat.

"That said... Is this ship really out of land for sale? The

more he felt the speed of the ship, the more Hawkeye liked it.

Because this travel speed is so fast!

He had never seen any ship that could reach such speed!

And no one else is needed, just one person, and you can drive!

If you have this ship, the time to find opponents at sea will be greatly shortened!

No matter where you go, it will be more convenient and faster.


"Oh, don't think about it, you can't get this kind of ship."

"Moreover, the power source of this speedboat is through magic, a special ability mastered by the Britons."

"Even if the ship is given to you, you won't be able to drive-"

Hearing this, Hawkeye was very sorry.


but she said that, which means that the ship really can't drive itself.

The ship that had no chance with himself, Hawkeye also put this matter down.

After all, a ship that cannot be driven is also worthless to oneself -


The waters of Sambas in the East China Sea.

After driving for most of the day, I finally saw the traces of the restaurant on the sea.

The fish-like boat that gradually came into view made Ling Yuqi on the speedboat very happy!

At this point, it was late afternoon.

Ling Yuqi, who had bought bread in the town before in the morning and noon to fill his stomach, wanted to eat a serious meal at the moment!

Although hunger is only a matter of perception, in fact, the impact on itself is not great, at most it is only the luck of magic to slow down, but it is only some....

Of course, the self-recovery of magic will also stop, but the endless magic stored in the body is also inexhaustible.

Therefore, she can completely rely on this endless magic to suppress this feeling of hunger.

Although I still drool, the problem is not... Well, it's pretty big.

But...... There is no need to suppress this feeling of hunger.

Not only does it have a slight impact on the body, but if you lose the enjoyment of food, you will lose a relaxing and comfortable place.

Eating is sometimes not only to fill your hungry stomach, but also to enjoy the taste of this delicacy.

Moreover, the most important thing is that I subconsciously feel that solving my hunger problem is a huge thing!

It's like fighting!

The dinner table is the battlefield——!

Therefore, Ling Yuqi directly increased the horsepower! And use the magic in your body to increase the speed of the speedboat!

Boiling magic pours out of the body! Wrapped around the speedboat! A ripple-like blue magic was formed! Trying to increase the speed of the ship!

[Wind King Enchantment! ] (Invisible Air)】

I saw a flash of blue light! The sea surface instantly broke a sea route!

Two long waves slowly splashed down....

The speedboat that was traveling at great speed came to the door of the sea restaurant Barati in an instant -

put away the magic released outside, dispersed the powerful magic entangled on the speedboat, Ling Yuqi jumped lightly from the speedboat to the deck of the sea restaurant Barati.

Hawkeye left the task of stopping the ship to Hawkeye, and he chose to order food.



Ling Yuqi gently pushed open the door of the restaurant, and Ling walked straight in.

Elegant classical music, several tables scattered, several strong men with chefs and part-time waiters, delivering food to people sitting at the table...

Although it was not a meal at this time, it was just after lunch.

Such a famous sea restaurant, which should be full of customers, but at this time, there are only a few tables still eating.

The strong men who delivered the food were wrapped in conspicuous bandages, indicating what injuries they had suffered before.

It seems that something should have suffered here some time ago, which caused the waiter to be injured, and others did not dare to come here to eat in the near future....

And in this group of people, Ling Yuqi did not see the curly-eyed yellow-haired man-Shanzhi.

Other words...... The plot here has passed!

It is even possible that the first time he met Hawkeye was when he left from here!

Just by glancing at the scene in the restaurant, Ling Yuqi deduced such things

- and just as Ling Yuqi was standing at the door thinking, a rough-looking waiter saw Ling Yuqi enter the restaurant, and also walked towards her with a smile on his face...

With both hands squeezed, he said with a smile: "Welcome!" Uncle!

"Look what you want to eat, we have everything in the restaurant!"

"Especially the dessert or something, it's really delicious!"

While speaking, Paddy, the chef and waiter, also reached out and introduced inside, wanting the guests to sit in their seats before talking.

Although he was interrupted by his train of thought, Ling Yuqi did not have any negative emotions, and

said with a smile: "Yes, then I have to look forward to it~!"

Ling Yuqi, who has been looking forward to food for a long time, said that what is Shanzhi, the plot is not important! Eating is the most important thing!

And when Ling Yuqi just walked forward and was about to choose a seat to sit down...

The speedboat was tied to the sea restaurant with a rope to fix the ship's Hawkeye who slowly followed after not drifting away during the meal....

"You see which one you like to eat... Hawk... Hawk... Hawkeye ——!!! "

But it stunned Paddy....


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