Padi's exclamation not only alarmed the other personnel in the restaurant, but also alarmed Ling Yuqi, who was just about to find a place to sit.

She asked with a little doubt.

"Huh? What's wrong?

And Patrick just stayed in place, his body trembled slightly, and his pupils trembled because of fear!

The other strong waiters in the restaurant also noticed the situation on this side and calmed the few remaining tables.

And, whether it's a bench, a table, a plate, whatever... I picked up everything I could use, and stood together, as if I was ready to start a vicious battle!

Because, just a few days ago, this guy slashed the giant ship of the East China Sea overlord, the Klick Pirate Ship, in front of the entire staff of the sea restaurant!

Everyone also knows the identity of this guy... The world's number one swordsman, one of the seven martial seas of His Majesty, Hawkeye Mihawk!

Although he doesn't know what his camp is, he slashed Straw Hat's partner into a serious injury, and his own Yamaji followed Straw Hat Kid.

In the eyes of the people of the sea restaurant Bharati, Hawkeye's identity is more biased.

And he also has the strength to destroy here, so everyone is very afraid!

But also all in an aggressive pose!

If he really came to find fault, then this group of strong men would not cowardly give up the struggle, but fight to the death!

Even if the price will be death, they will not expose any whereabouts of the straw hat kid here in Hawkeye!

And the store manager Jepp also heard the voice, walked down from above, stood in front of all the strong men, and stared at Hawkeye vigilantly.

And Hawkeye just glanced at Pai Di coldly, so frightened that he clenched his fists, and after his body trembled even more violently, he skipped him straight and walked towards Ling Yuqi...

At this time, Ling Yuqi also saw that the people in the sea restaurant Bharati were a little hostile to Hawkeye.

With a slight turn of my brain, I understood the reason for the matter....

Waving his hand, Ling Yuqi said softly: "Ah, take it easy

~" "We just came to eat~ I didn't mean to make trouble-"

Then, he said to Hawkeye behind him.

"Huh? Hawkeye. "

Hmm." Hawkeye also responded calmly.

Receiving the response of the two, the store manager Zhepu's frown was relieved a little, but his heart was still full of many questions.

Looking at the beautiful woman with a smile in front of him, Jepp only felt a faint sense of danger and doubt in his heart.

This guy... Who is it?

When Hawkeye came here before, there was no presence of this blonde woman.

And after only two days, there was suddenly another person, and it seemed that the woman who was the main of the two people spoke authoritatively.

Could it be that this woman is stronger than Hawkeye?

Jepp couldn't help but think boldly.

Although his mind was full of questions, he didn't have much to ask or do.

Jepp said to Paidy, "Padi, arrange for them to sit!"

"As long as it enters our restaurant, it is a guest!"

"Give me a good treat! Don't snub people——!

"Others! Work to work! It's time to cook! What are you all doing here! "


Under the order of the store manager Zhepu, although the tension has not yet been put down, the chefs still return to the kitchen and start working....

With cold sweat oozing from his face, Patrick nervously and awkwardly led the two towards the dining table.


Because there were no other guests in the restaurant, there was no bloody plot.

And the chefs of the sea restaurant also ignited the fighting spirit as a chef because Ling Yuqi ate too fast!

It was also done hotly, and finally tired half to death.

Ling Yuqi, who was seven points full, finally ended this afternoon tea...

After eating this meal, the two left directly.

"It turns out that these two guys really came here to eat..." said a chef with a sigh of relief as he looked at the two people leaving.

At this time, there were not many customers in the restaurant, and the chefs, who had nothing to do, began to chat.

"But then again, that blonde woman is really good to eat."

"I remember, that straw hat boy with a big appetite, there is no way she can eat-

" "Indeed! I've never seen a human being that can eat it... And she's still a beauty!

"And that Hawkeye, why did he listen to her so much?" Could it be that the two of them..." Saying this, the chefs all showed strange smiles.

But a sudden shout from behind them interrupted their communication.

"Don't talk too much! Beware of getting into trouble——! Jepp said scoldingly.

"Yes! Store Manager——! Slowly

walking to the deck and looking at the distant ships on the sea, Jepp was also full of thoughts.

It seems that the sea will not be calm again....


At night, the houses on the island are brightly lit, and a more prosperous town gradually comes into view.

"Naw, Hawkeye, this is Roguetown, right?" Pointing to the densely populated town in front of him, Ling Yuqi asked towards the eagle eyes on the side.


"So here, is there a record pointer for sale?"

"There should be."

After a moment of silence, Ling Yuqi asked again: "Then... Is there a permanent pointer?

"Why do you want a permanent pointer?"

"Convenient! No need to waste time recording magnetism on the island, how nice-" Ling Yuqi explained.

Compared with recording pointers, permanent pointers are better for Ling Yuqi.

Because for other pirate ships, the distance between the two islands is already very long, to bypass these islands to permanently point records, the ship's supplies can easily run out on the way.

It is even possible that you will not encounter an island along the way, because instead of the next island marked by the record pointer, you will cross these and go straight to the place where the permanent pointer is pointing.

But for Ling Yuqi, who has a speedboat and endless magical power, as long as she wants to, with full burst of magical power, the distance between the sea area between this island is simply not enough to hang on-

"Hmm... There is most likely no permanent pointer here, but I have a few on me, where do you want them? "

Often drifting away from the sea, looking for the eagle eye of the opponent, there are always a few permanent pointers on him.

For example, the permanent pointer of the island of Kraikana, the permanent pointer of the Chambord Islands, and so on....

These permanent pointers allow you to get where you want to go as quickly as possible.

"Hmm... Is there a permanent pointer to the Kingdom of Alabastan?

"Nope." For this sand crocodile's territory, the desertified island, Hawkeye does not collect its permanent pointer.

"That... Where do you have permanent pointers? "

Chambord Islands."

"Just this one?"

"Aren't you going there?"

"That's not to say I won't go anywhere else!"

After a moment of silence, Hawkeye said, "... The permanent pointer of the Chambordi Islands, the Capital of the Seven Waters, the Island of Gaia, the Land of Wa, the Kingdom of Nations, the Island of Thor, the Island of the Palm and the Island of Kraikana, which one do you want? "

You have so many permanent pointers?"

"Much? There were some permanent pointers on the coffin boat, but they were all destroyed by you.

"Ahaha, that's up to me... Are you okay if you look at my ship, or is your ship too fragile—" Hawkeye

was silent.

And Ling Yuqi also skipped this topic, rubbed his little hands, looked at Hawkeye with a little anticipation and said: "Na, Hawkeye... Can I get it all?

"Are you sure?" Hearing this, Hawkeye was a little surprised.

Along the way, whether it was eating or buying the necessary materials, it was the money he spent, and he never saw this golden retriever give money.

Hawkeye naturally thought that she had no money on her.

But it's true that Ling Yuqi really doesn't have any money on him...

And so many permanent pointers, not to mention expensive, and not easy to obtain.

If he hadn't been running on the sea all day, he would have bought some permanent pointers when he encountered them, and he didn't have so many permanent pointers after accumulating such a few permanent pointers.

And Ling Yuqi, who has no money, wants to wrap it up....

Then this pays only human favors.

Human favor is the most difficult to return -

and Ling Yuqi is naturally aware of this.

But after a brief contemplation, he replied in the affirmative.

"Hmm... Well! "

After all, Hawkeye, who is a sword idiot, will not do anything with his own favor.

At most, let yourself spar with him and hone your swordsmanship....

And himself, you can completely pull Lancelot or Gawain over and let them play with Hawkeye, so this favor, there is not much problem!

"Okay, it's all for you." Hawkeye also took out several permanent pointers from his arms and threw them to Ling Yuqi.

A flash of white light flashed, and the permanent pointer dropped in the air disappeared instantly!

Ling Yuqi, on the other hand, immediately said, "Thank you!" What a nice guy you are!

"When the Knights of the Round Table from my British family come in the future, I will directly ask him to find you and let you both practice your swords!" Good fencing!

"Those guys are good at playing with swords——!"

The instantaneous disappearance of the permanent pointer caused Hawkeye's pupils to shrink suddenly, but after hearing Ling Yuqi's follow-up words, he ignored this matter and responded with some expectation: "Good!" Then I'll be waiting on Kraikana! "




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