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Chapter 1183: Attack the core! Son Heung-min!

  Chapter 1183 Attack the core! Son Heung-min!

  Tottenham's corner kick was pushed out by Arsenal, and a counterattack was quickly made, but it was quickly blocked by Tottenham.

  Under the three-way attack of Eriksson, Dell and Harry Kane, Aubameyang has almost no passing channels.

   After grabbing the ball, Eriksson found Sun Xingmin accurately with a long pass.

  Son Heung-min leaned his back against the goal, stopped the ball with his chest, twisted his waist and turned to volley with his right foot as the axis.

  The ball hit the ground, there was a refraction, it passed over the goalkeeper's hands, and at the same time it crossed the goal post.

   "Ah~~~~~Sun! The ball flew off the goal post, and Tottenham missed a chance to lead!"

   Soon, Paul Merson was surprised: "After completing the tactical change, Tottenham's offense has become more dynamic and aggressive."

  As the commentator said, after completing the tactical change, Tottenham's offense was a little amazing.

  At least after the opening, these two attacks made Arsenal feel a little difficult to defend.

   Pochettino on the sidelines also clenched his fists and waved his arms vigorously.

   Obviously, the tactic worked.

  After losing to Arsenal last time, he began to study all night how to deal with Arsenal.

  Finally, after lengthy research and discussion, this set of tactics was derived.

  The main focus is a 'midfielder who avoids Arsenal'.


  When many teams face Arsenal, their biggest problem is that they cannot get enough rhythm in the midfield.

   Confronting the Arsenal midfielder and fighting for rhythm is futile and slow death.

   For this reason, Pochettino developed this set of tactics specifically for Arsenal in combination with the traditional British long pass.

  It is to cross Arsenal's midfielder and focus on the second half.

  Relying on Harry Kane's fulcrum role in the frontcourt and Sun Xingmin's shooting ability, both of which are indispensable.

   After combining these two points, Tottenham's offense began to become effective.

   In fact, it is to bypass Arsenal's midfield and attack Arsenal's penalty area.

  If Arsenal's midfield drops back, or Kante drops back to mark, then Tottenham's midfield will press forward.

   During this time period, the defense line will also present a multi-person security state.

  From this point of view, the Tottenham coaching staff has obviously worked hard.

  The only pity is that both shots failed to score.

   But threatening Arsenal's goal twice in a row is good news for Tottenham, at least they have hope.

   "Hey! Let's do it again!"

   "Sonny! Keep your position! Wait for our pass!"

   "Guys! Move!"

   "Let's give these guys some awesomeness!"

   Tottenham players are hi.

   Two consecutive effective shots threatened Arsenal's goal, which gave their offense hope of breaking the goal.

  Different from the previous situation where they were completely crushed and passive, now they hold the initiative.

  The Arsenal players in the field are also very uncomfortable with this style of play.

   After all, they are used to seeing Tottenham's smooth ground passing, and suddenly there is a change, and traditional English football is mentioned. They also need to adapt to it for some time.

   "Keep your stance and watch out for the opponent's high-altitude ball."

   Lucky shouted ahead.

   Kanter has retreated and started to mark Sun Xingmin. Obviously, Sun Xingmin's performance is threatening Arsenal's goal.

   Seeing Kanter's position, Eriksson was also eager to try.

  In the next attack, Tottenham began to change the way, continuing their ground pass.

   As soon as Le Kai was about to go over and press down, the opponent directly passed it out.

   Passed with two feet, the ball came to Harry Kane's feet, the latter hit directly horizontally, Sun Xingmin pushed Kanter hard, and immediately started to take a step laterally.

  The next second, Kanter, who was pretending to be cheated by Sun Xingmin, immediately blocked the shot.

   At this time, Sun Xingmin buckled his ankle and turned the ball back abruptly towards the left wing again.

   And there, Ali has outflanked the ball and easily kicked the ball.

  Under the marking of two Arsenal defenders, Harry Kane failed to win the first point. The ball fell to the back point, and Robertson directly kicked it out of the sideline.

   "Arsenal's situation is a bit passive! This is the first time Arsenal has encountered such a situation. Their midfielder is subtly suppressed by Tottenham, and the defense is even more difficult to resist Tottenham's offense!"

  Tottenham's offense is not so easy to digest.

  The biggest impression of Tottenham this season is their sharp scoring ability on the offensive end.

  Whether it is Harry Kane, Ali, Sun Xingmin or Eriksson, Lamela.

   These players can become Tottenham's scoring options.

  For this reason, when they gained enough voice in the midfield, Tottenham's offensive ability was displayed.

  It can be said that Tottenham's revenge this time is definitely premeditated and confident enough.

  Near the midfield, Le Kai frowned.

   They can't go on like this.

  The defensive pressure is too great.

  After the goalkeeper Martinez kicked off, Lucky took the initiative to retreat and ask for the ball to sort out the rhythm.

   Lucky thought that Tottenham would continue to press, but this group of guys ran back to the second half in a hurry, with a posture of iron barrel formation.

   This is to avoid the strong advancement of Arsenal's midfield and suppress with more people.

   Lucky, after attempting a few forward passes, began to move more laterally.

  I want to use this to tear through Tottenham's defense, which is what he is best at.

  At this moment, Arsenal’s rhythm finally stabilized

   "Huh~~~" Paul Merson took a long breath and said, "After Kai dominated the ball, Arsenal's rhythm finally stabilized."

  In the first few minutes, Arsenal really seemed to be stunned by Tottenham's three-axes.

   Fortunately, Le Kai retreated.

  "We thought that this game would continue the previous rhythm, but Tottenham obviously prepared a lot of things. Just like now, they play very organized, and their offense and defense are very stable."

  "Arsenal need to be careful! Tottenham are here to break their undefeated record!"

  The Arsenal fans at the scene also saw the clues.

   After all, an attack was an accident, but after several times in a row, they understood that Tottenham came prepared.

  Although they despise Tottenham in their mouths, Arsenal fans still agree with Tottenham's offensive ability this season.

  Once these guys are given enough opportunities, Arsenal's defense may not be able to stabilize.

  In the past, they relied on the linkage defense of the midfield to limit the opponent.

   Now, under the change of tactics, Lucky's position has been advanced, and the double midfielder has become a single midfielder. Kanter's pressure has increased too much.

   "Press it up!"

   Lucky passed the ball to Aubameyang, and immediately directed his teammates to press forward.

  At the moment Aubameyang started, the Tottenham players also quickly outflanked towards the left wing.

   In a blink of an eye, Aubameyang was double-teamed again.

   "Damn it!"

   Le Kai pursed his lips slightly, feeling extremely upset.

  Tottenham definitely rehearsed specially.

  They know the characteristics of Aubameyang and how to defend.

  At this time, Eriksson once again completed the press to get the ball.

   He just turned around to fight back, when Le Kai suddenly appeared in front of him.

   Before Eriksson could react, Le Kai stabbed the ball behind Eriksson, then turned around and ran wildly like his own half.

   Lucky This is the time to create a retracement for your teammates.

   Sure enough, when Dell retreated to receive the ball, the Arsenal players had retreated and settled down, and Sun Xingmin was also closely guarded. Tottenham had no room to counterattack.

  "Arsenal is still very good at this kind of offensive and defensive conversion!"

  "Kay's active press this time not only cut off Tottenham's opportunity to counterattack, but also helped his teammates retreat immediately."

   "But the problem is still not completely over."

  Paul Merson said: "I feel it is necessary to let Kai retreat. Double midfielders are the safest!"

  On the sidelines, Arteta also looked anxiously at Mourinho and said, "Kay is going to retreat."

"Not in a hurry!"

   Mourinho waved his hand and said, "They won't last long!"

  Hearing this, Arteta froze for a moment, and he turned to look at Sun Xingmin.

   Sure enough, Sun Xingmin's breathing was abnormal, which is a signal of rapid energy consumption.

   "His running a lot?"

   Arteta is a little confused.

Mourinho said: "Every counterattack requires Sun Lai to use his running position to create space, but this kind of running position has a price, and the wasted physical energy cannot be recovered quickly. He is not that Park Sanfei, continue to do this Go on, he won't last long!"

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