Super Security in the City

Chapter 4599: completely out of control

Wu Yongsheng and Wu Fei'er believed in Chen Hongmeng's words to 70%, and Chen Hongmeng's behavior was much more kind than that of Chen Hongmeng back then. So at this time, Wu Immortal is also willing to open the eternal life channel for Chen Yang.

Wu Feier decided to go with Chen Yang.

Afterwards, No Immortal opened the Immortal wormhole. Chen Yang watched as the immortal heart began to change into a wormhole passage...

He and Wu Fei'er entered the wormhole, followed by a violent jump. This kind of jump is very terrifying, it has the ability to reverse the world, time, space, universe, yin and yang! Even if Chen Yang was so capable, he couldn't help but get lost for a moment amidst such distortions.


Finally, the wormhole jump is over.

Chen Yang came to a cold place, and Wu Feier was no longer around him.

Chen Yang was very clear about this scene. This is the origin of my coming to earth...

Wufei must have entered the origin of her planet.

As for the origin of the earth, Chen Yang is already very clear. The earth was able to become the earth, and it also experienced countless disasters. It was hit by a comet, shattered and closed, and fused with another planet.

The earth can become a planet suitable for living creatures, and it has gone through countless years of tempering!

But this is also the inevitable development of a smart planet, just like a human being conceives a child.

Chen Yang quickly browsed the origin of the earth, and then he and Wu Feier came to the cloud of birth and death.

There are countless wormholes and black holes in the cloud of birth and death, and the black holes contain magic weapons and a lot of knowledge, including the origin of many things and so on. Wormholes can send people anywhere...

Chen Yang has already told Wu Feier a lot about the Gate of Eternal Life, and the two of them are familiar with this place now.

Wu Feier went into the cloud of birth and death to look for the water of the River of Forgetfulness, and at the same time to find the answer she wanted to find.

Luo Jun also entered the cloud of birth and death and immediately found Tongtian

Let's say that after Wu Fei'er entered the cloud of birth and death, he prayed devoutly for the water of the river of forgetfulness, and found the water of the river of forgetfulness in a black hole not long after. After getting the water of Wangchuan, she began to ask about Chen Chen's origin.

She soon walked into a dark passage, and there was a black hole in front of the dark passage. Wu Fei'er entered the black hole, and in that black hole, she saw the scene of Chen Chen's birth... croaking to the ground. Afterwards, Chen Tianya, Chen Tianya's father, came and killed his mother. Luo Jun was adopted by his master Wang Qing...

"His background is really pitiful, and when he was born, he had almost no resources. How did he cultivate to such a terrifying level later?" Wu Fei'er was puzzled.

Then, she saw Chen Chen grow up and understood her life experience, and of course she also saw Chen Chen's affairs. At the same time, I also saw Chen Chen possessing spells and so on step by step. She saw Luo Jun enter Tianzhou, and then confronted her father several times, step by step stronger, step by step with blood marks.

Finally, I saw the battle between Chen Yang and Lingzun.

Soon, she saw Chen Yang and Hei Yi Suzhen coming to the spiritual realm, fighting with herself and her godfather. When she saw this scene, she felt so strange. Obviously the woman in the picture is herself, but she has none of those experiences.

"Is there really a multiverse?" Wu Feier thought to himself.

Then, I saw Chen Yang, Hei Yi Suzhen, and myself successfully entering the Gate of Eternal Life.

Even in the end, she also saw the appearance of Daoist Hongmeng, and Chen Yang's return to five hundred years ago, etc.!

Wu Feier kept seeing himself and Chen Chen coming to the gate of eternal life.

Time goes back to this moment, and it is difficult to move forward.

"Why can't I see it anymore? Chen Yang came from five hundred years later... His correct time is five hundred years later, why does the current time stop?"

Wu Feier tried several times, but couldn't get the answer he wanted. So he simply left the black hole, and began to ask why he couldn't see Chen Chen's future.

This time, the cloud of birth and death passed a jade slip directly to Wu Feier.

The message in the Jade Slip is to tell Wu Feier that everyone lives in the present... only see the past and present, not the future.

Wu Feier thought for a while, and understood what was going on. Although this Luo Jun came back five hundred years later...but for this Chen Chen, his personal time has actually been moving forward. Going back to the past is just that our time has gone back to the past, but we don't know it, and we don't know it ourselves.

Chen Yang knows this, so his time is still moving forward.

Every step ahead is still unknown.

It's like running around the playground non-stop, that's how many laps you have to count.

Even the Gate of Eternal Life cannot predict everyone's future.

Because the future cannot be predicted, it was originally destined, once it is successfully predicted, it will change.

This is like Schrödinger's cat, once you observe it, things change.

Let's say that after Luo Jun obtained the Tongtian Qiankun Net, he searched for Chen Hongmeng in the cloud of birth and death. He wants to find out what Chen Hongmeng has done here...

Soon, he came to a black hole and jumped into it.

Chen Hongmeng's figure soon appeared in the black hole.

After Chen Hongmeng entered the Gate of Eternal Life, he began various searches. He first figured out the benefits of the clouds of birth and death, and then refined countless clouds of birth and death to grow fruit.

This guy is equivalent to possessing infinite elixir!

Seeing this scene, Luo Jun's heart sank.

After Chen Hongmeng figured out the situation of the Gate of Eternal Life, he began to look for the magic weapon. He created countless clones, and after that, he took advantage of this loophole to get dozens of treasures. Every magic weapon is at the level of a fairy weapon, to be precise, it is even more powerful than a fairy weapon.

When Luo Jun saw this scene, he just wanted to scold his mother.

I don't think this is really a thing.

"Can I turn the primordial spirit into a clone and get two more treasures? Or should I just break the rules of the Gate of Eternal Life?"

Chen Yang also had greedy thoughts in his heart.

When he didn't know about Chen Hongmeng's tricks, Luo Jun was an honest boy. But now that he saw it, his mind also became active.

Luo Jun continued to look down.

Then I saw that Chen Hongmeng really began to explore his origin and origin in the Gate of Eternal Life.

Picture-in-picture inside a black hole…

Chen Hongmeng saw the birth of Luo Jun, Wang Qing, Demon Emperor and so on.

When seeing these, Chen Hongmeng was stunned.

He was dumbfounded and couldn't believe it.

Then look down...

So he discovered everything, and he also saw that he later became the master of Hongmeng Taoism, etc., including Chen Yang who returned to the present from five hundred years later.

Also saw the big computational genetics!

After watching all this, Chen Hongmeng couldn't regain his senses for a long time.

He just sat there.

Chen Yang looked at this scene with complicated eyes.

He knew that everything was out of control.

Ever since Chen Hongmeng entered the Gate of Eternal Life, everything has gotten out of control.

Now that he is in front of Chen Hongmeng, he no longer has any secrets to speak of.

Chen Hongmeng also knew about big computational genetics.

"This big computational gene technique was acquired by Chen Hongmeng just like that. Did he create this magical technique, or did it fall into his hands by accident?"

Chen Yang can't figure out the cause and effect of this now.

But no matter what, what should have happened and what should not have happened has happened now.

Luo Jun continued to read.

Chen Hongmeng quickly recovered from the shock.

Luo Jun noticed that Chen Hongmeng's eyes began to turn cold. Afterwards, Chen Hongmeng exited the black hole again, and after contemplating for a while, entered another black hole again.

After he entered the black hole, he saw a star field inside the black hole.

In that star field, there is a boundless territory...

This star field is exceptionally different. The difference is that there are no planets in the star field.

But there are infinite spaces, infinite oceans, infinite continents, infinite heavenly palaces, and infinite dark and nether lands.

The ocean in the star field is filled with endless space nebula, and the space nebula is white.

The entire star field is divided into three levels, and the Tiangong is the highest level! The middle is the land, and the underground is the land of the nether world.

This star field... Chen Chen suddenly understood.

"Infinite genetic civilization and dark genetic civilization... This is what the emperor mentioned to me back then."

"What is the question Chen Hongmeng wants to ask? Is he going to explore genes? Or is he looking for a way to quickly learn large computational genetics? Or..."

Luo Jun was in doubt for a moment.

Can only continue to look down.

Chen Hongmeng observed in that star field for seventy-two hours.

Afterwards, Chen Hongmeng left the Gate of Eternal Life with all his avatars.

Luo Jun could still see Chen Hongmeng's movements here, and found that after Chen Hongmeng left the Gate of Eternal Life with his avatar, he came to a dark void.

This place is not far from the Gate of Eternal Life.

Luo Jun also understood why Chen Hongmeng wanted to do this, because this guy had too many clones, and it was not easy to jump too far, for fear that one of the clones would make a mistake. Once something goes wrong, it will be beyond redemption! But he can't swallow all the clones, once swallowed, those treasures can't be taken out.

After all, it was destroyed by a greedy word!

After Chen Hongmeng went out, he devoured all the clones again, and then began to fly far away.

Chen Yang studied carefully and found that the place he was going to was the star field found in the Gate of Eternal Life.

And after Chen Hongmeng devoured his clone, he couldn't return to the gate of eternal life. Because there are too many magic weapons on him, and these magic weapons all come from the gate of eternal life. Once it's in, it's hard to get out.

So Chen Hongmeng will not come back!

Luo Jun continued to observe Chen Hongmeng, and found that Chen Hongmeng had been urging the black hole spar to fly forward. At the same time, he studied various magic tools and devoured longevity fruits for various cultivation.

"Didn't he leave with Linger and the others? Why is he alone now?" Chen Yang suddenly had a question in his heart.

Immediately leave this black hole quickly, and then re-issue the question.

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