Take the Department Store Back To the Three Kingdoms

Chapter 1305: Yuan Tan, you have finally arrived (finale)

【Take the department store back to the Three Kingdoms】【】

The proud warships of Rome and Parthia sank one after another.

These ships with brilliant achievements bear the history of the rise and fall of the two civilizations.

The anger and panic of the triumphant emperor Severus cannot be described in words.

Rome has ruled here for thousands of years, and the army from the east has not really arrived at all, and it has discovered a huge change.

The great epic Roman Empire could not beat even a warship in the east.

The same is true for the Parthians inherited from the Persian Empire.

Vologis V held the scepter tightly, sweating profusely, and decided that he must be sleeping in the Hanging Garden now.

Totally dreaming.

Gave myself a big bag.

Didn't wake up!

"Quick retreat, quick retreat!" Severu lost his voice.

Yuan Tan caught up with the Goddess of Harvest.

With a close-range shot, the Harvest Goddess lost power and could only float on the sea.

The terrifying expressions of Severus and Vologis V, are they going to be captured alive?

The enemy emperor is close at hand.

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei grabbed the rope and swung over.

"Protect Your Majesty, kill them!"

Fabius screamed.

The most elite Praetorian Guards of the Roman Parthian Empire, wielding Roman short swords and Parthian scimitars.

da da da ~

Gunshots rang out.

The bravest Imperial warriors fell in pools of blood.

Holding the AK, Guan Yu stroked the five strands of long beard, turned his head 45 degrees to look up, and said indifferently: "What millennium glory is it, it's just a local chicken and a dog."

Zhang Fei blew on the smoking muzzle, but the gun was still good.

The warship resting in Rome, which had already fled, summoned up courage again and launched a desperate charge.

It was too late, however, and Severus and Vologis V were captured alive.

Dingyuan bridge.

Yuan Tan sat on the dragon chair and solemnly received the most honorable captive in this century, and even in the entire history of mankind.

Severus and Vologis V had their heads held down and knelt on the ground.

Yuan Tan smiled: "Unexpectedly, you have ten thousand warships, I only have one, but you were captured by me."

For the two Severus, this is not only a shame for them, but also a shame for the entire West.

"Yuan Tan, you are also the emperor of an empire. You won, and humiliating us will only shame you too."

"We are ready to die, let's kill."

The two of Severus didn't panic, but their hearts were calm and their eyes were calm.

Yuan Tan shook his head, "I won't kill you, you are still very valuable."

The two of Severus turned extremely pale.

Severus trembled: "You will not succeed, our country will re-elect a new emperor."

Although Rome and the Parthian Empire elected a new emperor, the capture of Severus and Vologis V was a fatal blow to Rome and Parthian.

Rome and Parthia were torn apart, under the joint attack of the Shence Army and the rebels from all over the world.

In 216 AD, Rome and Parthia fell.

52 years later.

Imperial Forbidden City.

The gray-haired Yuan Tan lay quietly on the dragon bed.

"Your Majesty, the empress has passed away."

Yuan Tan was in a trance for a while, tears rolled down the corner of his eyes.

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【Take the department store back to the Three Kingdoms】【】

Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Lu Bu all had lively faces flying in front of them.

Zilong... Fengxiao.

Yan'er, Chan'er, and Zhen Ji also left.

Now, it's time for him to go.

When Yuan Tan sat on the dragon, he appeared on the top of the Forbidden City.

"Long live my emperor, long live, long live!"

Under the feet is the son of the new generation of the Wanqian Empire, with familiar and unfamiliar faces.

Yuan Tan passed the throne to his son Yuan Mi, the son born to Zhen Ji.

Perhaps his favorite woman is Cai Yan, and his favorite is Diao Chan. He owed too much to Zhen Ji, and Queen Zhen never complained, and silently took care of everything in life for him.

In the following day, Yuan Tan spent his last moments alone beside Empress Zhen's coffin.

When he closed his eyes silently, the empire and its people were crying.

Yuan Tan received mixed reviews throughout his life.

But at this moment, China lost its greatest son, and the people lost their most beloved king.

It was he who saved the war-torn and hungry China, promoted high-yield crops, enacted strict laws, and employed clean officials, so that people could have enough food and clothing to live a peaceful and happy life.

Step by step, from an abandoned person who no one cares about, to become the king of this world.

Shence's cavalry has traveled all over the world.

People are full of memories.

In 189 AD, Yuan Tan determined to rule the world.

In 189 AD, Yuan Tan established the Shence Army.

In 190 AD, Dian Wei pledged his allegiance.

In 191 AD, the imperial marshal Zhao Yun vowed to follow Emperor Shengwu.

In 192 AD, Yuan Tan and Empress Zhen got engaged.

In 193 AD, Yuan Tan defeated Cao Cao, the overlord of the Central Plains, and welcomed Han Emperor Liu Xie in Yecheng.

In 195 AD, Yuan Tan pacified the North.

In 197 AD, Yuan Tan completely defeated Cao Cao in the Battle of Guandu.

In 199 AD, Yuan Tan pacified the Central Plains.

In 211 AD, Yuan Tan pacified the world.

In 216 AD, Yuan Tan destroyed Rome and Anxi.

In 220 AD, the flag of the empire was flying on the top of the west.

In 225 AD, Yuan Tan occupied the Zhudao Kingdom.

In 228 A.D., Zhao Yun, the marshal of the empire, swept across the subcontinent and belonged to the territory of the empire.

In 229 AD, Zhang Liao and others leveled the grassland and included it in the territory of the empire.

In 235 AD, Sun Ce returned from America and joined the empire.

System: "Master, I'm leaving, I'm going to find the next traveler."

"Go." Yuan Tan was very calm.

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Hopefully others will be able to do the same.

System: "Master, I'm just joking, I will never leave you, the system is being upgraded."

Yuan Tan: "..."

When he opened his eyes again, he found that he was standing in front of a huge hall that was shining with golden light.

Dragons and phoenixes fly in the sky.

And in front of them are Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Lu Bu...

Zhao Yun, Guo Jia, Dian Wei....

And his queens and concubines.

"Damn it, nephew, you can really live. You are finally dead, and the battlefield can finally start!" Cao Cao laughed loudly, and was the first to run over.

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【Take the department store back to the Three Kingdoms】【】

Everyone rushed forward.

Yuan Tan: "!!"

what's the situation?

Information floods into the mind.

The Continent of Kings!

All nations contend for hegemony!

At this moment, Yuan Tan returned to the unruly way he was back then.

Rogue Emperor: "Emperor Shengwu has finally come, the man who destroyed me!"

Beggar emperor: "My cannon is already hungry and thirsty."

Zu Long: "This time, I will also sweep the nations!"

The Peacock Dynasty: "Yuan Tan's fate is to perish!"

Julius Caesar: "The glory of Rome must not be tarnished!"

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