Chapter 1468 Sanya Fanwai (47)

  Dragon Boat Festival Sanya took Miaomiao back for the festival, Li Guihua was very concerned about her and Wu Zhengqing's affairs, and asked when they would remarry.

   Sanya expressed that she doesn't want to remarry for the time being: "I think it's very good now, and no one will think I'm wrong if I don't get involved in the affairs of the Wu family."

  Tian Shao felt that staying in Hong Kong City for so many years was not in vain.

   Si Ya curled her lips and said, "Third Sister, if you ask me, you might as well separate. With your conditions, you can find a man who is several times stronger than him every minute."

   Since they knew the true face of Wu's mother, and Wu Zhengqing was not as their sisters, they were very dissatisfied with Wu Zhengqing. In the past few years, she has been urging Sanya to break up with Wu Zhengqing, but it was useless.

Sanya shook her head and said that she would not look for it again, she said: "I broke up with Wu Zhengqing and remarried, what about Miaomiao? Who can guarantee that the man I look for again will treat Miaomiao as if he was her own, and Wu Women married after the Qing Dynasty won’t provoke their father-daughter relationship?”

  Although she and Wu Zhengqing divorced, they reconciled soon, so it didn't affect Miaomiao, but if both of them remarried, it would be uncertain.

  Siya said: "Miaomiao is so big, it should be understandable."

  Tian Shao supported Sanya this time. She said, "Siya, think about it differently. If you married again after your parents divorced at the age of fifteen, how would you feel?"

  Siya has never thought about such a problem, she thought for a while and said: "I think as long as you give me all the property, I will guarantee that I can eat well and drink spicy food in the future, and it's okay to remarry."

  Li Guihua felt that her hands were itching, but this time was different from the past, so she couldn't hold back her hands.

Tian Shao thinks that her mentality is very good, but not everyone is as big-hearted as her: "If Sanya and Wu Zhengqing are to break up and remarry separately, for Miaomiao, it means that her family is gone. It is very cruel for a ten-year-old child, who may be devastated or even give up on himself."

  Siya shuddered, and quickly said that she would never say such things again.

  Li Guihua asked: "How are the rest of the Wu family doing now?"

Sanya is quite familiar with the affairs of the Wu family. She said: "Wu Zhengrong's factory failed several years ago. It was acquired by a private company three years ago. Now he has been demoted to director. His wife was laid off last year. Wu Zhenghua five years ago I changed jobs because of my son, so promotion will not be as easy as before."

  Siya understood immediately after hearing this, and said: "That man thinks that Wu Zhengrong and Wu Zhenghua are no longer good enough, so before he dies, he has to make a plan for his two grandchildren."

  The man is dead, and Tian Shao doesn't want to say bad words anymore. She looked at Sanya and said, "Miaomiao is better than you. If you knew it was unreasonable, you would resolutely reject it. If it were you, you might be persuaded by everyone and agree."

   Sanya said: "No, I can't go."

  However, her daughter acted decisively and neatly. In this respect, she was like the eldest sister and the sixth younger sister. Sanya was very pleased. Even if you step into the society in the future, you won't be afraid of being bullied.

  Not long after the festival, Sanya learned something from Wu Zhengqing. She was so shocked: "What did you say? Your father is going to remarry, so you want to go back to his wedding?"

   Mainly because Wu's mother has been ill for the past few years, Wu's father has been taking good care of her and never complained. Now that Mother Wu would look for her once she was gone, she couldn't believe it for a while.

  Wu Zhengqing also felt very sad when he heard the news. His mother went looking for him again after only a long time.

   "What's the situation with that girl?"

  Wu Zhengqing said: "The woman is forty-three years old. She used to work in the art troupe. Her husband died of illness three years ago. The efficiency of the art troupe is not very good. She is now in a half-rest state."

   "How did they meet?"

   "Introduced by someone else." Wu Zhengqing added: "It was introduced in the second month after my mother died of illness."

   Sanya's eyeballs were about to pop out: "It's the second month since your mother died of illness, so it's been a hundred days? How impatient is this?"

  Zhengqing was silent for a while and said: "That woman is said to be very good-looking. There are two daughters and one son. The eldest daughter is married, the youngest daughter is unemployed at home, and the youngest son is in high school."

   "What did your elder brother say to your second brother?"

  Wu Zhengqing said: "The elder brother and the second elder brother disagreed, and both said they would not go back."

"And you?"

  Wu Zhengqing shook his head and said: "I definitely won't go back. When I was young, he was busy with work and often didn't come back for a month or two or even longer. My mother was worried that he often couldn't sleep all night."

   "My mother lives a frugal life, wishing to spend every penny in half, but as soon as he comes back, she will kill chickens and ducks to make all kinds of good things to make up for him."

  Her mother was not good to Sanya Miaomiao, but she was kind to her father from the bottom of her heart. As a result, she would look for her again the second month after she left. He's so cold, he's not worth it for his mother.

   Sanya sighed secretly, and then said: "The other party will marry your father so soon, and nine out of ten it is for his high pension. Your troubles are yet to come!"

   I feel more and more that it is right not to remarry now. She was about to remarry, and she would definitely be involved in these messes. But now, you can eat sunflower seeds and watch a movie at the same time.

This Wu Zhengqing was not worried, and said: "What's the trouble? I can't get it out if I ask for money; it's not realistic to ask me to take care of you thousands of miles away; it's even more impossible to live here, I live here In the single dormitory!"

  As for the houses in Gangcheng and Yangcheng, they were both bought by Sanya, so it has nothing to do with him.

   "He asked you for money, can you not give it?"

   "My salary is not as high as his pension, so it's good if I don't ask him for it. If he doesn't have enough, then I don't have enough."

   Sanya laughed, and learned to be a rascal, very good.

  When Wu's father remarried, none of the three brothers of the Wu family went there, and none of them called.

  The attitude of the three brothers is obvious, and they all disagree with his remarriage.

  In fact, Wu Zhengqing is not that rigid. It is natural for his father to find a companion to take care of each other when he is old, but it will take at least a year. As a result, his mother went on a blind date without even having a chance, which made people feel chilling.

   is the same, after that he didn't even call back. Anyway, the old man now has a new daughter-in-law and a new son and daughter, so maybe he doesn't want to disturb him!

  On this day, Wu Zhengqing suddenly received a call from Father Wu, saying that he would come to Yangcheng for a few days and let him arrange it.

   "Who are you coming with?"

   "Of course I'm with you, Aunt Du."

  Wu Zhengqing refused without hesitation when he heard the words, and said in a very aggressive tone: "My mother is alive, and I have never seen you take her out to play."

  Wu’s father said that it’s not that he didn’t want to, but that Wu’s mother was reluctant: “I told her several times to go to Hai Province and Yun Province, but she didn’t want to say that the travel fare was too expensive.”

  Wu Zhengqing ignored her explanation and said, "I don't have time. If you want to come, you can arrange it yourself."

  When Father Wu arrived in Yangcheng, Wu Zhengqing went out to handle the case.

  Father Wu understands that this is deliberately avoiding himself! But Father Wu's visit to Yangcheng this time also yielded something, that is, Wu Zhengqing and Tian Xiu remarried many years ago.

  Father Wu was furious when he heard the news, and waited in Yangcheng until Wu Zhengqing came back from a business trip.

As soon as he saw someone, Wu's father scolded him: "You remarried in the second year, why did you hide it from me and your mother? After you divorced, you didn't even want to see each other. Your mother was worried about you even when she closed her eyes. "

  Wu Zhengqing sarcastically said: "Do you still remember my mother, I thought you had already left her in a corner?"

  Father Wu's face was a little uncomfortable, but he quickly said, "I'm talking about your remarriage with Tian Xiu. Now that you are remarried, why didn't your mother visit you when she was sick?"

  Wu Zhengqing said: "You think too much, Xiu'er didn't remarry me. It's Miaomiao who misses me, so she often brings Miaomiao to visit me; I will visit Miaomiao when I have time off,"

   "Then people in your unit say that Tian Xiu is your wife?"

  Wu Zhengqing said that this was deliberately said so that Miao Miao would not be affected.

  Father Wu is not a child, so he is so easy to deceive: "Since Tian Xiu didn't look for it again, you remarried her."

  If you look for it again, the son will never tell others that she is his wife, which is immoral.

  Wu Zhengqing will naturally not tell him the truth: "She is afraid that Miao Miao will be wronged if she finds her again, so she doesn't want to find her again. I also want to remarry, but she doesn't believe me, and feels that our family is a drag and a burden."

   "It's true that this child doesn't want his parents to be together, you can tell Miaomiao and ask her to persuade Tian Xiu."

  Wu Zhengqing was not happy to hear these words, and pretended to be impatient and said: "Dad, don't worry about these things, I will take care of things."

  Father Wu saw that he was not willing to listen, so he stopped talking: "Your Aunt Du and I will go back tomorrow, let's have dinner together tonight."

"Do not have time."

  Father Wu saw his repulsion, and said sadly: "Third brother, I didn't think to look for it so quickly. I just stayed at home alone, empty, and panicked."

  Wu Zhengqing wanted to say something sarcastic, but he couldn't speak after seeing his full head of white hair. In the past few years when my mother was ill, my father has been taking care of her and comforting her, so that they don't have to worry too much.

Thinking of this, Wu Zhengqing said sullenly: "I don't object to you looking for it again, but it will take a year anyway? But Mom has only been away for more than a month and you go to see each other. Dad, Mom has been with you for more than forty years. Husband and wife, she would be very sad if she knew about it."

  Father Wu said: "I thought you Aunt Du was pretty good at the time, and you could get along well after we met. I didn't expect that there would be rumors and gossip after we met for more than a month. I got the certificate for the sake of her reputation."

  I got the marriage certificate, so it's meaningless to talk about it now. Wu Zhengqing said: "Dad, that woman is only forty-three years old, her youngest daughter has no job, and her youngest son is still in high school. Marrying you is just for your connections and high pension. Dad, you need to be careful, Don't listen to her."

  Father Wu was very pleased when he heard this, and his son would worry about showing that he still had his father in his heart: "Don't worry, I won't be coaxed by her. After a lifetime of suffering, I must enjoy life in the future."

Wu Zhengqing knew that his father just didn't want to take care of trivial matters, so his mind was still very clear: "Don't let her manage your pension. Back then, Mom used all the money to subsidize the eldest brother and the second brother, so that all the money for the operation was collected. not come out."

  Although Father Wu can be reimbursed if he gets sick in the future without having to spend his own money, he still has to buy nutrition and other things by himself.

Worried that Wu's father would be coaxed away, he added: "The efficiency of the elder brother's factory is not very good, the eldest sister-in-law has been laid off again, and the two children have a lot of money to spend, and life is not easy now; the second elder brother has to support Wu Peng. It’s just enough to live on. Here, it’s very expensive for Miaomiao to learn dance and piano, so I have to do my best as a father.”

  The meaning of these words is that if Father Wu saves some money himself, he will not be able to find them when he needs money in the future.

  Father Wu hummed and said, "Don't worry! Half of my pension will go to your Auntie Du to maintain the family expenses, and I will keep the other half for myself."

  His pension is very high, and half of the money is enough for four people.

   Seeing that he had a plan in mind, he didn't say any more.

   Waiting for the vacation, Wu Zhengqing went to Hong Kong City. He told Sanya about this matter: "I haven't seen that woman, and I don't want to see her in the future."

  Sanya will not maliciously speculate on a woman she does not know, and that the other party may be forced to marry Father Wu by life. Of course, it is more likely that it is aimed at the old man's pension. However, none of this has anything to do with her.

   Sanya said: "This is good, your father will be taken care of, so you don't have to worry."

  Wu Zhengqing said: "I'm afraid she is too scheming."

Sanya felt that she was thinking too much: "Even if she really has a purpose, the master is going for your father's pension and connections. But your father's connections are all in the army, and most of the good connections are retired. He wants to help Also heartless."

   "In contrast to your dad, he needs someone to take care of him at such an advanced age. Zhengqing, you also want your dad to be healthy and live a long life, right?"

  Just like Mr. Tan, according to the eldest sister, the old man can live until now thanks to Qu Yan's careful care. If there was one negligence, the old man would have died long ago. So this wife takes good care of her, better than her children and medical staff.

  Wu Zhengqing felt reasonable after hearing her analysis: "It would be great if it could be like this."

  Although she complained, she still wished the old man well in her heart. As for the pension, anyway, he never counted on it, and the old man spent it as he liked, as long as he didn't ask him for money.

  This time the father and son met to ease the relationship. It has been a hundred years since Wu Zhengqing called Father Wu during the Chinese New Year.

   After the Lantern Festival, no one answered the phone call, and then called the neighbor's house, only to find out that Wu's father went to Yun Province for tourism.

  I came to my place to play last year, and went to Yun Province after the next year. It seems that the old man really wants to go.

  Wu Zhengqing couldn't help feeling sad when he thought of his mother who died of illness. If the mother can think about it like this and not worry about her grandchildren, she will be fine now.

Mrs. Wu knew that Wu's father was going on a trip, and said very unhappy: "The debt we owed has not been paid off, and your salary is not much now, and my job is gone. Dad has money to run around, and he doesn't know how to think about it." Wu Bo and Qianqian."

   I used to hate Mother Wu, but if she was still there, she would help them without asking. On the other hand, this father-in-law only knows that he is happy and carefree, and doesn't care about the well-being of his children and grandchildren.

  Once people get used to getting something for nothing, they will feel unbalanced if they don’t get it. This is the case with Mrs. Wu.

  Brother Wu said: "Our foreign debt is only more than 1,000 yuan, and we can pay off the rent at the beginning of next year when we get the rent. I have the expenses of the family, so don't worry."

  Sister-in-law Wu said: "Fortunately, I insisted on buying a house at that time, otherwise it would be cheaper than the one behind."

  The houses in Sijiu City have been rented out all the time, because there is a shortage of houses there, and the annual rent is now 1,600, which greatly relieves their living pressure.

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  (end of this chapter)

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