The Earth People are so Fierce

Chapter 1923: further

Chapter 1923 Going Further

Lu Siya further told Meng Chao that the contradiction between the so-called "parliamentary republic" and "monarchy" is just a superficiality.

What really deserves attention, a matter of life and death, is the great shift in the contradictions between the Dragon City civilization and even the civilizations of the entire alien world.

In the foreign world wars of the past thirty years, for many chaotic races with a total population of more than one billion, there is only one main conflict, and that is how to completely defeat the Holy Light camp and win the right to survive and rule.

It is this main contradiction that can promote the union of many chaotic races. Even the abyssal demons far away in the sky are willing to be driven by the earthlings they have never met.

In fact, the chaotic races have different appearances, different customs, and different historical traditions for choosing the supreme leader. They are not the same nation, race, or nation at all.

Even the name "Chaos Race" is a slander from the Holy Light Temple, not their ancient clan names.

Today, when the Holy Light Temple is about to collapse, and the threat of survival that has been pressing on the heads of many chaotic races for nearly ten thousand years is about to cease to exist, people on earth still hope that they can secure the throne of the leader with the help of the parliamentary system. It is wishful thinking, extremely naive idea.

"The current Survival Committee is mainly controlled by the Dragon City people. The Turan orcs also occupy a large number of councilor seats because they are close to the water."

Lu Siya said, "Considering that the Dragon City and Turan Allied Forces are the main force against the Holy Light Army, the battlefield on the southern front is far more severe than that on the northern front. Such a distribution of parliamentary seats can barely be defeated by the chaotic tribes in the north. accept.

"However, when the overall victory is achieved, the current main contradiction disappears, and new contradictions surface in the development and construction, the Chaos tribes in the north will inevitably demand more parliamentary seats, to the extent of 'balance between the north and the south, and separate courts against each other', you Do you think the congressmen who are in power now can accept this?

"Also, apart from the conflict between the north and the south, the conflict between extraordinary people and ordinary people in Dragon City has not actually been resolved, but has been covered up by the constant threat of war and the dividends of war.

"The problem is that the threat of war and the dividends of war are unsustainable and will be exhausted one day. At that time, do you really believe that ordinary people can keep their seats on the survival committee forever, and use these seats to protect own rights?

"Finally, and the most important question, the level of civilization of people on Earth is far higher than that of Turan orcs, abyssal demons, undead liches, two-headed trolls and other chaotic races. Of course, it is also higher than that of Holy Light humans and elves." Aboriginal tribes and dwarves and other aliens.

"As we all know, the higher the level of civilization, the lower the fertility rate.

"The number of Earthlings who traveled to other worlds is small, and their fertility rate is not as good as those natives of other worlds who are idle, sleep when they are full, and give birth to a large litter of cubs when they are asleep.

"And a parliamentary republic, no matter how carefully you design its electoral and operational structures, in the end it is based on a large number of voters.

"Just to ask, if the people on Earth are destined to belong to the minority in other worlds for a long time, how can we ensure that we can have a majority in the parliament, let the parliament speak out and defend our interests?

"If in the new joint parliament, the people on earth can't occupy the majority of seats and let the parliament become our tool to rule the alien world, may I ask, in the past thirty years of war, so much blood has been shed, and there are so many heroes and sons and daughters of Dragon City They were all smashed to pieces, and their brains were smeared, so what was it for?

"To sum up, the parliamentary republic is absolutely impossible to bring hope to the Dragon City civilization. On the contrary, it is a chronic poison that will destroy our country and species!"

Lu Siya's words calmed Meng Chao's anger.

Although he still believed that Lu Siya was forcing an explanation for her own ambition.

But the few questions she posed hit the bullseye.

"Northern Chaos tribes, will you really support me... to go further?"

Meng Chao recalled a future deduction a long time ago.

In that bleak future, although he never formally proclaimed himself emperor or became a "first citizen", he exercised arbitrary power, killed countless people, and turned the survival committee into his own desk, a veritable tyrant.

And the fate of this tyrant who betrayed his relatives, after several futures, still lingers in his heart.

"As you said, the Northern Chaos Tribes and we only reluctantly came together to deal with the common enemy. In the past, I rarely contacted the great figures of the Northern Chaos Tribes to establish mutual trust and even friendship. How could they support me for no reason and become the supreme ruler of the entire alien continent?"

Meng Chao cast out his doubts.

He didn't mention the opposition in Dragon City, and whether the Turan orcs were willing to support him in proclaiming himself emperor.

Because if you think about it with your knees, you know that both of them are vested interests in the current rules of the game, and it is absolutely impossible to support any changes to the status quo.

Lu Siya smiled slightly.

"That's right, compared to your vigor and vigor on the southern front, your reputation and deterrent power on the northern front are much smaller. Those northern barbarians who were born with well-developed limbs, simple minds, and rebellious nature did not treat you well." A special sense of recognition and trust, there is no reason to support you for no reason and climb over their heads.

"However, just because they don't support you, doesn't mean they don't support Xinghe!"

Meng Chao was stunned.

After a long time, a feeling of relief and sourness welled up in my heart.

"Yes, you gave me a good son."

Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and said.

I feel that I have finally stepped into Lu Siya's trap.

He has known for a long time that Lu Siya will always be a woman whose reason is greater than emotion.

The combination with myself is 20% for emotion, 30% for power, and the other 50% for collecting powerful genes that stand at the pinnacle of the evolution of carbon-based intelligent creatures from both sides, and creating super-perfect carbon-based creatures that break through the limit.

There is no question that she succeeded—at least temporarily.

Their youngest son, Meng Xinghe, is a veritable ultra-perfect carbon-based creature, a terrifying existence that has created countless miracles, but its potential has not yet fully exploded.

"Everything Xinghe has done on the northern battlefield is wonderful enough, and the Chaos tribes in the north are also happy to recommend him to be their spokesperson for their common interests, to fight against the allies in the south."

Lu Siya said, "I don't think there is any need to worry about the loyalty of the northern chaotic tribes to Xinghe for the time being—the northern wilderness with a harsh environment and scarce resources was originally a place where the survival rule of 'the weak eat the strong' was implemented to the extreme. , Regardless of race, only strong or weak, everyone can only cluster around the strongest, bow their heads to the strongest, and obey what they say, in order to have a chance to survive.

"Besides, you know Xinghe, he is a good boy who is energetic and sociable, maybe because he has a lot of monster genes embedded in his body, he doesn't discriminate against any foreign race in the slightest, no matter where he goes, he is very friendly. He will soon be able to mingle with the local girls, and even develop the local chiefs, chiefs, and witches who have many generals and deep roots into his own brothers and father-in-law.

"Believe me, as long as you are willing to designate Xinghe as your first successor, all the tribes of Chaos in the north are willing to support you and go further."

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