The Old Gods Are Whispering

Chapter 477: Jing Ci's story

  Chapter 477 The Story of Jing Ci

  Gu Jianlin suddenly realized that he had overlooked a very important thing, because if the relationship between Tianyan Pavilion and his senior brother was really good, then why would he mark it as one of the few S-level threats in the first place.

When he finally arrived at the empty block, the asphalt road within ten kilometers had been cut into pieces, Wanda Plaza had collapsed into ruins, and there were horrific knife marks and sword marks everywhere. The power system has been completely paralyzed, and I don't know how fierce the battle has been.

   However, in the ruins there is an old Nokia still flashing the screen.

  Like the only light in the dark.

  The boy flashed past in an instant, and picked up the phone.

  The miracle is that it has not been destroyed, and even the last trace of electricity remains.

   It was an old Nokia with rough scratches all over the screen and the case was rubbed down very smooth.

  The instinct of profiling seemed to make him see the man in suit and tie, holding the phone in countless dark nights, listening to the sound of breathing coming from the phone, enjoying the solitude that belonged to him alone.

  The wallpaper on the mobile phone is a crumbling city, and a girl in a white dress is kneeling in the ruins.

  She was like a helpless and dazed child, staring at the **** hands.

  She was surrounded by dead bodies.

  Obviously it is the horrific violence that can destroy a city to such an extent.

   The person closest to the girl didn't even have a whole body left.

  So how did this photo be taken?

   Obviously, the person who took the photo was Jing Ci.

   This is probably their first meeting, so this photo will be used as a wallpaper.

"In 2001, Washington's Destruction Day, the fact is that Mr. Jing lost control once, and broke out with unprecedented power, destroying half of the city. It was the most serious super power out of control case in North America, and it was also Mr. Jing..." Tang Ling walked away When he got behind him, halfway through the conversation, he suddenly couldn't continue.

  Because the person who took this photo was Jing Ci.

  If he is really out of control, how can he still take pictures.

  The person who really lost control is obviously the ancestor of Lushu.

  Gu Jianlin remained silent, and clicked on the phone's photo album.

  The second photo seems to be a screenshot from a surveillance camera. The burning long street is cut off by a shocking crack. A man in a suit and leather shoes is holding his girl, but his chest is pierced by a sharp sword.

  However, he seemed to feel no pain, and just silently stroked the girl's head.

   "In 2002, Wyoming, North America, was the largest homicide case in the western region. It was rumored that the gods sent down a trial to punish those guilty. Officially, Mr. Jing was responsible."

"In the diamond murder case in Jordan in 2003, all 379 sublimated people died overnight, and their bodies were turned into crystal clear diamonds. The official report was that Mr. Jing lost control when he tried the forbidden spell. The Ether Association was under pressure and even The saints of the trial court were sent to round up, but they returned without success."

   Tang Ling looked at those photos and said softly.

   Tang Yun was right behind her, his eyes trembling violently.

  The two sisters seemed to understand something.

  Third photo, fourth photo, fifth photo, and more.

   Either they took pictures by themselves, or screenshots from the camera, and some were captured by photographers.

  In short, these photos are very precious moments, recording every bit of their encounter from the beginning.

   Casper, Provence, St. Petersburg, Cairo, Paris.

  They walked through cities and brought disasters to cities.

  It seems that they are just going on a leisure trip, but they are actually visiting the top alchemy masters in the world. From the memo on the mobile phone, it can be seen that the string of names is enough to glorify the history of sublimation.

  The address of every alchemy master is marked in the memo, which is connected into complicated lines all over the world.

  During those years, Jing Ci took that girl almost all over the world, eagerly seeking the help of those famous alchemy masters. Every time they walked through a city, they would bring disasters of destruction, but there was nothing they could do.

  It was a romantic and desperate journey, and it was also a time that belonged to the two of them alone.

   "It turns out that none of us know Senior Brother."

  Gu Jianlin looked at the phone silently and told a story.

  Many years ago, the Bai Ze clan started research on the third method. They were not satisfied with just creating fake ancestors, but were pursuing more advanced plans. Because of this, that group of people made a frenzied decision to let a great ancient ancestor become the subject of the experiment.

   The specific process of the experiment is unknown, but the final result was that the ancestor finally adapted to the rules of the real world, entered society as a modern person, and wandered aimlessly.

   I don't know whether it was intentional or an accident. The ancestor couldn't figure out who he was.

  There is still a problem with the third method developed by the Bai Ze clan. The ancestor lost control without accident.

   It was at that time that Jing Ji met this ancestor.

Perhaps Jing Ci at the time didn't know who the other party was, and he didn't know why a little girl had such terrifying power, but he might have been moved by that dazed and helpless look in his eyes, and he didn't choose to kill her. The monster, instead, leaned over and picked her up, helping her against the storm of fate.

  The reason why he did that may be because he saw himself many years ago.

  After that, a long journey began.

  The identity of the girl is a mystery, and every loss of control will bring about a devastating disaster.

   Fortunately, Jing Ci was by her side, restraining her rampage.

   Again and again, year after year.

  Jing Ci took her to search for famous alchemists in the world, no doubt to confirm her physical condition.

   Of course, it was also to cure her.

  During that time, the disaster caused by the girl would inevitably be hunted down by sublimation organizations all over the world.

   Of course those people don't know that this is a great ancestor, because even the girl herself doesn't know.

  Jing Ci was to protect her, that's why he took all the crimes on himself.

  Washington Doomsday, Wyoming High Priest, Jordan Diamond Murder…

This world has a lot of misunderstandings about the man in the suit and leather shoes. It always thinks that he is bloodthirsty and difficult to tame, so he is given the name of a devil. So far, people have hated the disasters he caused in those years. It's just that he was afraid of his strength, so he didn't dare to take revenge.

  But if you really know that man, you should know that he is definitely not the kind of person who is easy to lose control.

  The person who really loses control and runs away is never Jing Ci.

   is the ancestor of Lu Shu.

  Perhaps every master alchemist has persuaded that man to kill the girl beside him.

   Perhaps Jing Ci was once in pain and struggle.

  He didn't want to watch her continue to run wild and kill, but he didn't want to give up this helpless girl.

   Not to mention killing her with his own hands.

  Until one day, Jing Ci searched for many years and found the truth from the clues of history.


   It is more likely that Jing Ci saw the girl's true posture during a runaway.

  The ancestor of Lushu.

   No one can imagine Jing Ci's mood at that moment.

  Who is he in love with?

  Who is the person he desperately protected along the way?

  Gu Jianlin clicked on the text message, and the chat history that lasted for several years was vividly remembered.

  The last conversation was fixed in a winter in 2005.

"I had a dream. The dream was Christmas in Strasbourg. I was walking with you in the town, and the river flowed under the bridge. If I could, I would like to spend Christmas with you this year. .”

   "Okay, I will find medicine for you in Northern Europe, and I will go back to accompany you tomorrow."

   "Can I really be cured?"


   "If it can't be cured, will you kill me?"

"I have no idea."

   "I recently dreamed about the monster in the dream again, if one day I am no longer me..."

   "Don't say such depressing words."

   "If I am no longer me one day, then please kill me, okay?"

  The short message stopped here.

  This is a very long story, and perhaps what Gu Jianlin compiled is just the tip of the iceberg.

   But enough to move everyone present.

   As for the old cell phone, and the long phone calls, it wasn't about waiting for the girl to wake up.

  The reason why Jing Ci paid so much attention was that she hoped that she would never wake up again.

  Because he knew that if the voice rang again, he would lose his girl forever.

  That means that he is going to fulfill the agreement that year.

  Do what he should do, and also the last thing he wants to do.

   This Nokia seems to have completed its mission, with the last battery disappearing, it is completely shut down.

   It seems to be announcing the end of the taboo relationship that lasted for several years.

   "My God."

  Ghost's eyes were dumbfounded, and Xing Yun was even more moved to tears.

   It is hard to imagine that these two mentally retarded people understood the story and were sincerely moved.

  Jiang Ze fell silent. It turned out that this was the truth about that man.

  This is a difficult decision.

   In front of the whole world and the people you love, who do you choose.

   Jing Ci gave his own answer.

  He finally kills the girl he loves. His behavior is undoubtedly noble to this world. He is not a beast in the jungle that grinds his teeth and **** blood, but a noble stag.

   But you can hardly tell who he chose.

  Because his choice is not only for this world, but also for the previous agreement.

   That girl once let him kill him.

   He didn't say yes, but he did.

   "Where are they now?"

  Tang Yun was so shocked that his voice trembled.

  Tang Ling raised her head as if feeling something, and said softly, "It's in the sky."

  Gu Jianlin looked up at the sky, the pitch-black cloud was shattered by a shocking crack, like an electric light tearing apart the chaos, the majestic power burst out like lava, and the sky trembled violently.

   None of the people present was an auxiliary type of pathway.

  But they could all feel an unimaginably huge spirituality burning.

   It was like an invisible nuclear bomb being ignited.

   The reputation is monstrous.

  The torrential rain was swept by the wind, and the leaves swayed and were rolled into the sky.

   Above the sky, there is a green and gold ancient dragon soaring into the sky, and the sound of dragon chant runs through the whole world!

  His strict vertical pupils reflected a man's face!

  The domain of Fengduluo Realm was shaking violently, and hideous and terrifying cracks emerged.


  Jiang Ze paled: "That man is about to advance."



  The dome of Haitian Building, the highest place in Fengcheng.

Panting, Ji Zichuan half-kneeled on the rooftop, his bare chest was drenched with blood, his knife was stabbed obliquely beside him, and there were shocking sword marks all over the knife, this supreme leader of Youying Group on the bright side is unprecedented at this moment In embarrassment, like a sinner about to be judged, his head was bowed.

  His chest was pierced by an iron sword, and he was firmly nailed to the wall, unable to move at all.

   It had been years since anyone had pushed him this far.

  Just because today's opponent is too strong.

   That is an ancient ancestor.

  The ancient ancestor who fused the third law.

   It's just that he didn't think he was going to die, instead he raised his eyes with interest.

  The man in the suit and leather shoes was just as embarrassed as he was, his white shirt was already stained red with blood, and he was also forced to half kneel on the ground, with fragmented knives scattered in front of him, reflecting his blood-stained face.

  A snow-white skirt fluttered in the wind.

  The girl looked to be only eighteen years old at most, but she seemed to have white hair three thousand feet long. The snow-like hair half covered the crystal-clear and perfect face like jade. The white corset fluttered in the wind, and her bare feet stepped in a pool of blood.

  It looks beautiful, but it is a scene of extreme horror.

  Because the ancient gods came to the real world in human form for the first time.

  You look at her as a human being, but you feel a sense of alienation as far away as a moat.

  It seems that humans worshiped those huge sculptures in the ancient times, and there is a kind of awe that is as humble as the dust.

  The girl raised her eyes, her eyes were full of indifference, she just stared at the half-kneeling man in front of her.

   "You have finally reached the ninth level."

  She said softly: "Is it to kill me?"

Jing Ci looks embarrassed, but he is indeed at the ninth level now. He can feel that the domain in his body has become infinitely vast, as if it has become one with the world, and his perception of time and space has become more and more vivid, just like With his innate instinct, he personally broke the shackles that bound him, and advanced to the apex of the sanctuary.

   Since then, he has been dubbed the name of demigod.

  —Candle Yin God.

   It's just that he was not happy about it, and there was only peace and regret in his eyes.

  He raised his head, and the girl's face was reflected in the blood-red vision: "You are not her."

  The girl tilted her head and smiled softly: "Yes, I am not her, she shouldn't exist."

  The girl Jingci met at the beginning was just an attempt by a great being in a long life.

  For the ancient ancestor who has finally awakened, it is insignificant.

"Human beings have always been such creatures, trapped in a cage called the past, and therefore weakened. This is because your life is too short, so you need meaning to justify your existence. But we are different. If you It is eternity, then there will never be any need to prove yourself." The ancestor of Lu Shu looked down from a high position, her voice was so indifferent and calm, like a voice synthesized by a machine.

  The situation above the sky changed color, and a huge terrifying face loomed in the dark clouds.

  In comparison, the flashing lights in the night sky are so tiny.

   Not worth mentioning.

  "Yes, people always need something to prove their existence, otherwise everything is meaningless."

  Jing Ci was silent for a moment, and even smiled silently: "Because people are very idealistic creatures. Although you deny her existence, she is a person who really existed in my life."

   "As for me, if I promise others, I will definitely do it."

  He gently raised his hands: "So..."

  The first ancestor of Lushu stared at him, as if seeing an incredible future, his eyes were surprised.

  Because Jing Ci made an extremely weird gesture.

   "This is what I learned many years ago when I was living in Buzhou Mountain, from the Scarlet Supreme."

  The thumbs and index fingers of his hands are closed, like an irregular prism: "The end of the original regression."

  The first ancestor of Lushu still didn't move, because in front of the high gods, all the struggles of mortals seemed so boring and ridiculous. She mastered the two supreme laws, and she had a way to deal with them easily no matter what.

  He just wanted to see what this man who had a past with him wanted to do.

   "Final solution—"

  Jing Ci said softly: "The world without form."

  (end of this chapter)

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