Chapter 332 Obedient and do it

  When the dark cashmere coat was draped over Ye Zhen Zhen's shoulders, she could clearly smell a cool and faint fragrance, which belonged exclusively to this man.

  She raised her head and met the man's dark eyes.

  The man is tall, standing beside her, blocking a small piece of overhead light, and this small piece of dimmed light and shadow outlines his perfect profile, cool and handsome, with a very gentle expression.

  She knew that his attitude towards her had changed a lot recently, but when he suddenly appeared here like now, she felt somewhat unreal.

   And what he said just now was to buy her a dress?

  Ye Zhen Zhen asked Liu Rui, "It fits well, let's take this one."

   Liu Rui nodded blankly, "OK."

  Director Chen's senior is indeed a reliable person, although he didn't have a choice, but this dress, let Zhen Zhen wear it, it will be able to kill everyone!

  Song Jinze frowned slightly, "Have you tried other dresses?"

  He doesn’t like this one, the tube top on the top is a bit low, and the high slit below is too high...

  Ye Zhen Zhen replied flatly, "Just this one, I like it quite a bit."

  The rented high-end dress is generous and beautiful, and it fits just right, which is perfect.

Seeing this scene, Fu Shinuan was very unwilling in her heart, she looked up at Cheng Shaoqing, not wanting Cheng Shaoqing to stare at Ye Zhenzhen with a dumbfounded expression, which made the anger in her heart burn even more. The good thing is the dress, she would look so pretty in that dress too...

  She figured it out, Ye Zhen Zhen was relying on her own good looks, deliberately using the dress fitting as an excuse to trick men into spending money for her.

  My husband can't do anything, so he hooks up with other men everywhere. Such a vixen is really disgusting!

  Thinking of this, she made a gesture to the clerk, signaling the clerk to come over and ask about the condition of the dress.

  The clerk has received the meaning conveyed by Fu Shinuan's eyes, she doesn't want to offend the VIP, but in this situation, she can't go up and tell Ye Zhen Zhen to let them take off the dress.

  Seeing that the clerk was unmoved, Fu Shinuan moved closer to Cheng Shaoqing, took his arm, and acted softly, "Shaoqing, I also think the beige dress looks good, so you can buy me that kind too."

  Cheng Shaoqing turned his head and looked at the woman in his arms with deep eyes, "You mean you want that one too?"

   "Hmm..." Fu Shinuan nodded, then stood on tiptoe, leaned close to Cheng Shaoqing's ear, and said softly, "It's very beautiful, I like it very much."

  Cheng Shaoqing said he would buy it for her, and she felt that the other party would help her get that dress because she didn't care about the car.

  Cheng Shaoqing's lips curled into a faint sneer, and a little impatience grew in his heart. He likes to act obedient and coquettish, and even has some stupid female companions, but those who are too cautious will only make him feel disgusted.

   "Come on, come here."

  Fu Shinuan: "?"

   Want to help her tell Ye Zhen Zhen to let Ye Zhen Zhen give up the dress?

  Cheng Shaoqing brought Fu Shinuan to Song Jinze and Ye Zhenzhen.

  Song Jinze put his arms around Ye Zhenzhen's slender shoulders, his handsome face was calm, and when his mo eyes swept towards Fu Shinuan, he even revealed a bit of impatient contempt.

   "You, apologize to Ye Zhenzhen." When Cheng Shaoqing said this, his tone seemed to be business-like, without the slightest hint of sympathy.

   To say that just now downstairs, he still took Fu Shi Nuan as his female companion, but now, at most, he is an acquaintance, and the gender is directly ignored.

  Originally, he wanted to say, to apologize to his sister-in-law, but thinking that Song Jinze said just now that Ye Zhenzhen didn't want to disclose their relationship, he got the word out, and then retracted it himself, replacing it with Ye Zhenzhen.

   Fu Shinuan, who was standing by the side, only felt that his heart was about to float into the clouds, but was thrown to the ground violently in an instant, and kicked...

  Cheng Shaoqing didn't even call her name, but directly used "you" instead...

  If it weren't for Cheng Shaoqing's cold expression, she couldn't help wondering if Cheng Shaoqing was joking with her.

  Unwilling, she pulled Cheng Shaoqing's sleeve and acted coquettishly in a low voice, "But, she crashed my car, you said that I don't care..."

  Fu Shinuan didn't know Song Jinze.

  What she's thinking now is that Cheng Shaoqing must be fascinated by sex, that's why she sacrificed her to get to know Ye Zhen Zhen and let her apologize to others.

  She is unwilling, one is that she doesn't want Ye Zhen Zhen to **** her boyfriend, and the other is that she can only endure in front of Cheng Shaoqing, don't mention how aggrieved she is.

  Ye Zhen Zhen watched Fu Shi Nuan's every move, the other party is like this now, how can he have the arrogance and domineering energy of the morning before yesterday, he is a little white rabbit full of grievances.

  If it wasn't for the scene in the parking lot, just looking at Fu Shinuan's tone and expression when she was reading the script, she would really be deceived by the delicate appearance performed by this woman.

  Song Jinze glanced at Cheng Shaoqing with cold eyes, and said in a cold voice, "Don't care? Who do you want to ignore? Zhenzhen or who?"

Ye Zhenzhen's heart paused when she heard that, she followed Song Jinze's eyes to look at the man beside Fu Shi Nuanshen, and then looked at Song Jinze again, relying on the logic of her life, some doubts in her heart instantly disappeared. Just straighten it out, and you can probably guess what is going on.

  The only holiday between her and Fu Shinuan was in the underground parking lot the morning before yesterday, and Song Jinze just found out about the car being hit...

  Speaking of which, wouldn't this man come here specially to express this anger for her?

  Although she was angry on the spot, but when she thought about it again, why was she suddenly inexplicably moved?

Fu Shinuan was frightened by Song Jinze's low pressure and extremely intimidating cold aura, her whole heart was pounding, her eyes were like innocent deer, red, just right on Cheng Shaoqing's slightly With bored eyes, Cheng Shaoqing asked her, "Is it you who cursed first?"

  Fu Shinuan was speechless when asked.

  She originally thought that Ye Zhenzhen was a bully and oppressor, and she wanted to use the parking space to give the other party a bad impression, and then slowly punish her later, so that she would retreat in the film crew.

  Anyway, in everyone's eyes, she is a gentle and harmless little white rabbit, while Ye Zhenzhen is just a vixen who is good at disguising and has been hacked by the whole network!

   It didn't come to fruition, her wishful thinking came to nothing, and she put herself in such an embarrassing situation.

   Now, she has fallen into Ye Zhen Zhen's hands like this, and she can only be forced to compromise, "Sister Zhen Zhen, I'm sorry, I was wrong that morning."

  She apologized because she didn't want to push away Cheng Shaoqing, a handsome and wealthy male companion, after losing the leading actress in the movie.

  'Be obedient and do what you say, be good' is Cheng Shaoqing's only request to her.

  This man is not only generous, but also a gentleman. They haven't known each other for a long time, and they only go out to act as his female companion when he needs it. They claim to be his girlfriend, but they have never done anything wrong with her...

  (end of this chapter)

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