The World That Tao Rules

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Because of the saying of three souls and seven souls, there are ten Dao realms in the clan land of the soul clan.

Just like the ten soul guards introduced by Hunyou to Jiang Yun, there are also three masters and seven assistants.

Originally, the monks in the domain of Wanzhu were scattered in the ten realms, but with the arrival of Wanzhu, he gathered these subordinates, together with all the members of the soul clan, in the heavenly soul realm in the land of the master clan, That is where the indeterminate soul fire is located.

Wanzhu and the other seven were half-stepped away, sitting directly under the Wuding Soul Fire, and while feeling the Soul Fire, they were also being tempered by the Soul Fire.

And the ten thousand monks from the domain of ten thousand masters are scattered in all directions in the world of heaven and soul, closely monitoring the cracks in the dark world.

"what is that!"

A strong man at the peak of origin in the south suddenly saw a red spot of light appearing in the boundary crack outside the Dao world, and couldn't help but ask his companions beside him.

However, as soon as his voice fell, before his companion could answer, the red spot of light exploded instantly, turning into a monstrous sea of ​​flames, and arrived in front of him.

And at this time, he also saw clearly that there was a middle-aged man standing in the sea of ​​flames, watching him in the same way.

"Jiang Yun!"

"Enemy attack!"

Zixu had already told these monks of the Wanzhu Law Region about Jiang Yun's image, so the monk naturally recognized it at a glance, and immediately gave a loud warning.

"Ho **** ho ho!"

Responding to him were fire dragons rushing out of the sea of ​​flames around Jiang Yun's body, roaring and barking their teeth and claws.

The scorching high temperature swept across the southern region of the Heavenly Soul Dao Realm in an instant.

There are more than two thousand monks gathered here.

They are not the patchwork teams that were sent to the Extreme Sky Law Region to serve as cannon fodder.

Not only are they much stronger, but they are all monks born and bred in the Law of the Lords, and they have a tacit understanding with each other.

What's more, they already knew that Jiang Yun was coming, so even though Jiang Yun appeared abruptly, they were not panicked.

One by one has gathered together quickly, and stood on different positions, forming a formation.

No matter in Daoxing Dayu or other Daoxing Dayu, there are formations and formations.

Especially in large-scale wars, formations are irreplaceable, and can at least double their strength.

Even, the power of this formation, even if they are facing a half-step detachment, they can resist it for a while.

It's a pity that what they met today was Jiang Yun!

"Boom boom boom!"

The moment their formation was formed, countless fire dragons released from the sea of ​​flames appeared above them, but they did not take the initiative to attack them. Instead, they exploded and turned into countless tiny fire dragons. Mars.

Like raindrops, a large number of sparks fell towards the positions of these monks.

"Keep Mars away!"

An old man should be the leader of this group of monks. Although he didn't know the origin of Mars, he was extremely cautious and yelled to remind everyone.

Everyone immediately shot together, and various forces converged in the air, forming a colorful net.

Logically speaking, this big net can either block all the power, or it will be shattered by the power.

But the strange thing is that after these sparks touched the big net, they were neither blocked nor released any power, just like dust, they passed through the big net lightly.

It's just that the color of Mars has changed from the previous red to a nearly transparent color.

"Protect yourself and don't let sparks enter your body!"

It was the old man who was the leader who spoke again.

In fact, there was no need for his reminder. These monks were experienced in many battles, so they naturally understood the strangeness of Mars, and each of them had dispersed their strength and formed a defense.

However, those nearly transparent sparks still regarded their protection as nothing, and easily got into their bodies.


The next moment, the sound of flames burning rang out one after another.

There were more than 2,000 monks, and almost everyone had flames bursting out of their bodies.

This flame, like the sparks that entered their bodies, was almost transparent.

It wasn't their bodies that were burned by the flames, but their souls!

"Indeterminate soul fire!"

The old man finally recognized the origin of Mars.

But he couldn't figure it out, why the fire dragon before and the Mars later, both obviously had a scorching temperature, how could it be the Indeterminate Soul Fire?

The Indeterminate Soul Fire has no fixed shape, no fixed color, and has a certain temperature, but compared with the temperature of a normal flame, it is naturally much weaker.

It is precisely because the fire dragon sparks released by Jiang Yun are all hot, so the old man did not think that it would be soul fire, and made a wrong judgment.

The result is that the souls of all of them are in the burning of the soul fire.

Jiang Yun's control over fire, in the cauldron, there are not many people who can surpass him.

He knew that these monks in the Domain of Ten Thousand Lords had been bathed in the Unfixed Soul Fire all year round, so they must have more or less Unfixed Soul Fire in their bodies.

Therefore, he wrapped the soul fire with the fire of the great way, and sent it into their bodies to ignite the indeterminate soul fire!

"You are so brave!"

Just then, a cold voice sounded.

In front of Jiang Yun, seven figures appeared.

The person who speaks is naturally the Lord of Myriads standing in the middle!

From Jiang Yun's appearance, to his attack, to now, it only took two breaths of time to add up.

Jiang Yun was not surprised that Wanzhu and others came so quickly.

However, Jiang Yun did not look at Wanzhu, but at a bald man beside Wanzhu.


While Master Wan was speaking, Xiu Yue raised his hand and gently pressed down on the more than 2,000 monks who were burning with the Wuding Soul Fire.

Immediately, most of the soul fires in the monks' bodies were extinguished immediately, and a small part of the fires also weakened.

Xiu Yue also raised his head to look at Jiang Yun, and said to Wan Zhu: "My lord, this subordinate was negligent, and I would like to atone for my crime and catch this person."

Xiuyue had promised Wanzhu before that as long as Jiang Yun stepped into the Taoist realm, he would be able to sense it.

But now Jiang Yun almost killed this group of monks from the Ten Thousand Lords' Domain before they finally arrived, which made Xiu Yue's face a little embarrassing.

Wanzhu's gaze was fixed on Jiang Yun all the time, he shook his head and said, "I don't blame you."

"Look carefully, the darkness behind him is not normal darkness, but seems to have life."

"He used the darkness to perfectly cover his aura and hide his figure."

"If you want to deal with him, you need to break through the darkness behind him first."

After the words fell, Wanzhu took a sudden step and rushed towards Jiang Yun first.

Jiang Yun smiled slightly and said, "There are so many of you, I won't fight with you!"

At the same time as Wanzhu was taking steps, Jiang Yun also raised his feet and took a step towards the back.

With just one step, Jiang Yun's figure had disappeared without a trace.

But Xiu Yue said: "My lord, I can sense him, he is still in the Great Soul Realm, near the edge!"

Wanzhu stood where Jiang Yun had been standing before, squinted his eyes, stared at the direction where Jiang Yun disappeared, and said, "How do I feel, he came here a little strangely, as if he had set some kind of trap!"

"Well, Xiuyue and I will stay here, you five, go and watch!"

"Don't separate, if you catch up, notify us immediately."

"If you can't catch up, come back, and don't leave Hunyou Dayu."

Regarding Wanzhu's order, the five half-step detachments naturally would not disobey, immediately shook their bodies, and chased in the direction where Jiang Yun disappeared.

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