There is No Bottleneck In My Practice

Chapter 157: Exquisite calculations, double cultivation with Yuanying Zhenjun, terrifying like

  Chapter 157 Exquisite calculations, double cultivation with Yuanying Zhenjun, so terrifying! (8k combined chapters ask for monthly tickets)

   Fairy City.

At this time, there is still some commotion in the city of the sky, because whether it is the Foreign Affairs Office of the Left Envoy or the Internal Affairs Office of the Right Envoy, the cleaning department or the factory department under them are frantically searching for hundreds of miles around the Chen family's mansion. scope.

  They were looking for the mysterious person who turned into a god, and even Qingfeng Mingyue, the envoy on the left and right, was tense at this time, for fear of missing him.

  Perhaps because of the failure to condense the magic of visualization, the opponent may have fallen, but it may also be lingering.

  But regardless of whether the opponent is sitting down or not, this mysterious strong man is of great value to them.

   After all, it is a great blessing to be able to cultivate to the level of the gods. Who can guess what kind of opportunities will be left in the other party?

  The vision of the Golden Crow of the Great Sun can be called the magical visualization method that can only be condensed in the late stage of the transformation of the gods or even higher.

  Although the two of them are god-forming powerhouses, they have absolutely no confidence in being able to do so. Under such a frantic search, there are sounds of chaotic fighting.

   It turned out that by chance, the search team of the City Lord's Mansion found the shadow of the Sect of All Beings in the fairy city.

   For a while, there was another burst of confusion, but the fighting subsided soon, leaving only the pursuit of the City Lord's Mansion.

  Xiancheng is a bit chaotic at this time, but it has nothing to do with Liang Sheng. At this moment, his data panel has changed again.

  He finally had another supernatural power to save his life.

  Name: Liang Sheng

  Age: 1054

  Talent: Naive and dull (extreme)

Cultivation methods: Hunyuan Xuangong (fourth floor), Lichenduan Xianjing (seventeenth floor), twenty health-preserving exercises (twenty-third floor), nail-headed seven arrows (curse), great Rijin Crow Viewing Thoughts (Supernatural Powers)

   Realm: Refining Qi and Transforming God (Late Yuanying Stage)

  Shouyuan: 41272

  At this time, although Liang Sheng's sea of ​​consciousness did not change much from before in terms of size, it was subconsciously filled with burning power.

   Under the same level of spiritual competition, his spiritual consciousness carries a burning effect, and its lethality is unreasonably strong.

   It can only be said that under the lack of bottlenecks in Chizi's dull talent, Liang Sheng's conception has evolved from Hanba to Dasun Jinwu.

   To put it simply, at the same level, his visualization supernatural power is almost invincible, and the golden crow of the sun, burning rivers and boiling seas, is invincible!

  Of course, this situation is also true and normal. If it weren’t for the powerful effect of the Great Sun and Golden Crow’s contemplation magic, Qing Feng Mingyue would not subconsciously think that the monks who had this mysterious condensed concept would be stronger than their realm at worst.

  The other party has even broken through to transform into a god. Because of this, no one in the fairy city would suspect that the instigator of this phenomenon would be Liang Sheng.

  Liang Sheng was sitting on his knees in the ruins of the Chen family mansion, his face still grieving. He looked at the ruins of the Chen family mansion, and was devastated.

  As for how happy he is, of course no one knows. From then on, I have no cause and effect in Xiancheng, so who can implicate me?

   And an accident happened, since my family has been destroyed, if I give up on myself, no one should care, right?

  Of course, I still need to be more dedicated to acting. No matter what, I have to use the identity of "Chen Quan" to give the Chen family a ride.

   You all have a good journey.

   This night, Xiancheng is doomed to have no sleep.

  It's a pity that the city lord's mansion can only be futile if it goes all out. Who would have thought that such visions were created by a cultivator who appeared to be in the "middle stage of Nascent Soul"?

  However, although they did not find the instigator, Qingfeng Mingyue was a little disappointed, but they were not too helpless.

  Because neither of them found it, it means no profit and no loss, so what is there to care about?

  And there has been no movement in the City Lord's Mansion so far, which means that the City Lord has not left the customs, which can also reflect the instigator of the Great Sun Golden Crow. It has nothing to do with Immortal City, and it will not affect the structure of Longevity Immortal City.

   Otherwise, I am afraid that the city lord Zhenyuan would have appeared as soon as the incident happened, so how could it be as quiet as it is now.

   To put it simply, it means that even with such a big commotion, everything in Wanshou Immortal City is under the control of the City Lord Zhenyuan. It may be said that this mysterious monk has long been expected by the City Lord.

  It's not just them who think so, everyone in Immortal City thinks so, even Old Xu, the steward of the City Lord's Mansion, thinks this way now.

   It's just that when Lao Xu was at dawn, Xiaoxiao breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was only a small problem that was exposed last night, and it didn't hurt the root cause.

  Thinking of this, he left his room, regained his previous indifferent expression, and then began to order the servants of the City Lord's Mansion to arrange their duties as usual.

  Immortal City, when will there be real changes?


   "Captain, stop drinking."

  At this moment, Huang Qiang looked at Liang Sheng drinking heavily, feeling a little helpless in his heart. Ten days had passed since the golden crow vision on the big day.

  In the first seven days, Liang Sheng finished handling the funeral affairs of the Chen family, and bid farewell to the "Chen family" in his heart.

  Others thought this was the end of the matter. Who knew that the current "Chen Quan" still had a trace of demeanor of the deputy captain of the Cleaning Department?

  He's pretty much a drunk right now.

   "Huang Qiang, it's just in time for you to come, please sit down and have a drink with me."

  Huang Qiang was trying to persuade him not to drink, but Liang Sheng pulled Huang Qiang away with a drunk face, and didn't care what he said at all, Huang Qiang couldn't help but look helpless.

  Who would have thought that "Chen Quan", who dared to lose face before, would be so depraved now?

   "Captain, we still have tasks today, so we can't drink alcohol. Yesterday, we received a tip from the Audit Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They have found clues to the Sect of All Beings.

   Didn't you say that you want to avenge the children of the Chen family? This is the opportunity, let's investigate the situation now, and then annihilate each other in one fell swoop. "

  But Liang Sheng still didn't respond at this time, instead he muttered, "What the hell, come and drink with me!"

  The dignified Nascent Soul Middle Stage True Monarch did not use the spiritual power in his body to dissolve the spirit wine at all at this moment, which made him directly drunk and hazy, and Huang Qiang couldn't help being a little angry.

  But this is also understandable, after all, the blow is still too great. If it were Huang Qiang himself now, if his family was destroyed and he was the only one left, I am afraid that he would also be depressed for a while.

  Looking at Liang Sheng, who was already so drunk that he didn't know where to go, he could only sigh, and temporarily gave up the idea of ​​persuading the other party, turned around and left Daoguxuan.

  How bumpy the road of practice is, Huang Qiang is actually not sure whether he can break through the middle stage of Nascent Soul, because his lifespan is not much left, and there are still a thousand years left.

   But "Chen Quan" is different from him, he still has nearly two thousand years of life, and he still has the hope of breaking through the late stage of Yuanying.

  Even in the realm of transforming gods, he can fight. But the current "Deputy Captain Chen Quan" is no longer as energetic as before.

   It can only be said that the world makes people feel helpless. The moment Huang Qiang went out, Liang Sheng, who was still drinking, had a flash of light in his eyes.

  In Immortal City, who can be more experienced than him when it comes to being a waste? Back then he was still the eldest son of the family!

  But in the end, didn't he forcefully boil everyone to death, leaving him alone in the world?

   Presumably at this time, the rumors that he deliberately disguised himself and released it have already been known to everyone in Xiancheng. This can also explain why he gave up on himself?

  Then, Liang Sheng calculated his plan for the next few days, and after there was no problem, he toasted to the moon again with drunken eyes.

  The deputy captain of the Cleaning Department, Chen Quan, has completely become a bad drunkard.

   Zuo Shi's mansion.

   Qingfeng frowned when he heard the report from his subordinates.

   "Why is this Chen Quan so unusable? Isn't he just a descendant of the family? The Chen family existed when he was alive, so why is he like this?"

   At this time, the person standing at the bottom thought about it, and finally decided to speak out, otherwise if the leftist finds out that he deliberately concealed it, he is afraid that he will scold him.

Thinking of this, he stood up and reported softly, "Zuoshi, recently I heard a news, it seems that in order to break through the realm of Yuanying Zhenjun, Deputy Captain Chen Quan himself cut off the essence veins, in order to achieve his own perfection, and his whole body is not perfect. leak.

  So although his body seems to be healthy on the surface, and he can do yin and yang things, he has no ability to continue the blood. "


  Hearing this, the Zuo envoy couldn't help being taken aback. He never thought that this would be the case. In this way, there is a reasonable explanation for Chen Quan's depravity due to the blow of the Chen family's children's destruction.

"I see."

  The Zuo envoy thought for a while, and then said: "Then you ask the inspectorate to make an announcement and give Chen Quan a leave. His deputy captain's duties, temporarily let his subordinate Huang Qiang take charge.

   Presumably after a while, he will return to normal. After all, before time, everything can be cured, and time is the best medicine.

  Chen Quan still has nearly 2,000 years of lifespan. He will definitely figure it out. If he can continue to break through, the realm of transforming gods can also be expected.

   At that time, with the method of dual cultivation of spirit and consciousness, he may not be unable to have children. You tell him what I mean, let him cheer up and practice hard. "

  Speaking of this, Zuoshi Qingfeng didn't say any more, because he himself is a cultivator of transforming gods, so he knows how difficult it is to break through the realm of transforming gods.

  In addition to the land of wealth and marriage, one also needs blessings, and only then can there be a chance of a breakthrough. Even if Zuoshi himself walked the road of cultivating immortals all over again, he might not have the confidence to come to this point.

   Otherwise, why is the Immortal City so vast, and the population is even more so, at this moment, apart from the city lord, there are only two Avatars on the left and right?

  Of course, there must be hidden powers in the fairy city secretly, such as the one who condensed the Great Sun Golden Crow to contemplate the magic before.

   But thinking of this, Zuo Shi felt a little helpless. More than ten days have passed, and there is still no news of the other party, and it is not known whether he has fallen.

   "By the way, remember to let me not stop the investigation of the senior of the Da Ri Jin Wu. As long as there is news, let me know as soon as possible."


  Youshi Mansion.

  Qingfeng is busy with the affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at this time. After all, although the internal affairs are in charge of stability, more things are extremely cumbersome.

   After today's business was finished, the right envoy had time to stop and rest for a while, and his subordinates remembered some rumors. In order to cater to the right envoy, he thought about it and decided to speak out in his spare time.

   "Youshi, I wonder if you know a piece of news recently?"

"whats the matter?"

  Mingyue didn't raise her head at this time, and the subordinate immediately continued: "Then Chen Quan was unable to give birth to any heirs, so after the bloodline of the Chen family was cut off, he completely degenerated."

   "Huh? There is such a thing? Is the source reliable?"

  After hearing what her subordinates said, Mingyue couldn't help but raise the corners of her mouth. Although she said in a suspicious tone, she had four words in her heart, so that's it.

   No wonder "Chen Quan" dared to lose face at the beginning, it turns out that he has no worries now, after all, at the time when the Chen family in Shangcheng was destroyed, he would of course go to the left envoy desperately to seek justice.

  Besides, at that time, if I was not calm and let him have an accident, I am afraid that Zuo Shiqingfeng would show his subordinates that the Chen family would also get absolutely unimaginable benefits because of "Chen Quan".

   It's a pity that "Chen Quan" didn't live up to his expectations, and he didn't get any benefits when he was in the world.

  At that time, the Chen family mansion had just been built, and it suffered such a catastrophe. It was considered lucky that no demons were born.

   "Okay, I don't need to talk about this matter in the future, it seems that I have a small stomach, but this knot is the most difficult.

  If this is the case, you should also let people pay attention to him, and don’t let him wake up from the pain. Since he chooses to fall, then don’t think about making a comeback, and just fall down honestly. "

   "Here, this subordinate understands."

one year later.

   At this time, not many people paid attention to "Chen Quan". Almost everyone in Xiancheng knew the news that someone was unable to give birth to an heir because of the essence lock, so he was willing to degenerate.

  Of course, no one dared to say this in front of him. After all, Chen Quan is the true king of the middle stage of the Nascent Soul, so offending him would mean courting death? Own

  Even if it is a person of the same state or even a higher state, he will not easily offend him. The other party can be said to be able to feed the whole family and not be hungry. This kind of person is the last person to offend.

  Since "Chen Quan" has no worries, if he is provoked to strike, he will naturally have no scruples, and he will only provoke the other party if he is stupid.

  So in the past year, "Chen Quan" has lived a life of unrestrained style. He is still the deputy captain of the Cleaning Department in name, but he has never been to the Cleaning Department again.

  In this case, Zuoshi didn't make it difficult for him, no matter what, he was his most central dog before.

  Now he is just willing to degenerate, and he has nothing to lose. How can Zuo Shi give others the opportunity to criticize him?

  Even he still performed perfectly and took great care of "Chen Quan".

  This situation can't help but make the foreign affairs staff more loyal to the left envoy, because the current "Chen Quan" is a living example.

  As long as you are loyal, do not have any small thoughts, and do your best, even if you make some small mistakes, you will not be punished.

  Under such circumstances, who in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would not be loyal to the left envoy? But no one knew how comfortable Liang Sheng was living at this time.

  I only need to "eat and wait to die" for another two thousand years, can I be completely freed?

   At that time, I must have broken through to the next stage. I am afraid that there will be no one in Longevity Immortal City who can threaten him.

  Even the Lord of Longevity City can't do it.

  Since this is the case, what about being a waste of two thousand years? After all, a good-for-nothing with strength had a very happy life in those days.

  Now in Immortal City, no matter whether it is the inner and outer government or the left and right envoys, they almost regard him as an insignificant person.

  My acting skills have finally fooled everyone, but in the fairy city, who can waste time like him?

   Cultivating immortals is all about racing against time. In this way, who would suspect him of acting? This is a year of not practicing seriously.



  Liang Sheng finished drinking at this time, staggered out the door, and the shopkeeper personally sent him away, and when he turned around, he slapped the servant directly.

  It turned out that just now, the servant muttered in a low voice, "It seems that this alcoholic is really hopeless."

   It's no wonder that the boy said this sentence. For more than a year, Chen Quan has not been in a state of drunkenness for a day. How can there be a trace of Yuanying Zhenjun's demeanor?

   "Xiaosi, this is the last time I hit you, if I hear you talking nonsense again, you can get out of my Daoguxuan."

   "Don't be angry, shopkeeper, I know I was wrong, and I will never talk nonsense in the future."

  The shopkeeper didn't speak at this time, and went straight back to the counter, but he couldn't help shaking his head when he saw Liang Sheng leaving at the corner of the street.

   A year ago, "Chen Quan" was still high-spirited, and he slapped the right ambassador in the face in an unexpected way, which can be described as famous for a while.

  Now he has become a drunkard. If it wasn't for the fact that the other party is the Yuanying Zhenjun, and the left envoy remembers his old love, he would be extremely miserable.

  But this also explains the rules of Xiancheng.

  Strength is fundamental.

  If you try to make "Chen Quan" just an ordinary Jindan real person, I am afraid that the Zuo envoy will not care at all. How can there be such a happy life?

  When Chen Quan returned to his mansion, he lay down on the bed directly, but at this moment, how could he still be drunk?

  He didn't expect that there are so many complicated situations in this fairy city. Even the business of the Bodhisattva of Giving Alms can't be opened without background.

  This year, Liang Sheng seemed to be doing nothing and degrading himself, but in fact he was watching coldly. He sees many situations more clearly.

   Maybe it's because he became an "outsider", but he can see it more clearly. After all, in the fairy city, who would care about a drunkard who is drunk and dreaming of death?

  Like the property of the Bodhisattva of Giving, there are more or less backgrounds of left and right ambassadors behind it. It seems that these places of fireworks have become the eyeliner of left and right ambassadors.

   But this is normal, even restaurants and other places where news spreads have their own backgrounds, let alone a place of fireworks?

  After all, monks are also human beings, and they also have emotions and desires. As long as there is desire, they cannot escape this kind of eyeliner arrangement.

  Immortal City needs to be stable. This is a conventional method, but there is one place that is beyond Liang Sheng's expectations.

   That is the Cuiweiju that Huang Qiang and the others wanted to go to before. It seems that there is no background behind it, and it seems to be only related to a few families in the city.

  But under Liang Sheng's observation, he found that the real person standing behind him was Mr. Xu, the steward of the City Lord's Mansion.

  The city lord's mansion controls the left and right envoys, and both inside and outside are under the control of the city lord, why should he bypass the left and right envoys and re-establish a Cuiwei residence?

  And if it wasn't for Liang Sheng's spiritual consciousness covering a wide area and no one could detect it, I'm afraid he would not have discovered that the real master behind Cuiweiju is Xu Jintian.

  Because of this matter, Liang Sheng also specially investigated Xu Jintian's situation. The more he investigated, the more he felt that he couldn't see through the other party.

   It can only be said that the current situation in Xiancheng, except for the powerful monks, is no different from the secular world in terms of all tactics.

  But Liang Sheng didn't pay too much attention to it, because what does it have to do with him? Now I am just a waste after the genocide.

  As for Xu Jintian as the city supervisor, what is the situation, and what does it have to do with Liang Sheng?

  The reason why Liang Sheng deliberately investigated the forces behind so many Bodhisattvas is actually very simple, because a waste who is contaminated with wine, **** and wealth, can get sex, right?

  Furthermore, if a monk without the ability to give birth to children hangs around in the place of fireworks, he should really give up on himself completely. There is no way to cheer him up, right?

  I'm afraid that when the time comes, I will just play with things and lose my ambition, and the evaluation that can't be used is what I want.

   And when the time comes, because of my status as the Yuanying Zhenjun, no one is willing to provoke me. This is simply the best template for eating and waiting to die.

   He is even more carefree than when he was the eldest son of the trash in Jinzhou City. At that time, Liang Sheng had no strength to protect himself.

  So Liang Sheng has already calculated the time for the next plan, and he is going to proceed step by step, and strive to completely become a mud that cannot be supported by the wall in the next year.

  This year, I am an alcoholic that everyone looks down on, so next year, I will do more.

  Unfortunately, no matter how good the plan is, there will always be accidents. He had already made a plan, but he was suddenly summoned to the Zuoshi Mansion the next day.

  But he didn't have any worries about this in his heart, because there was no sign of great danger under the auspices and avoiding disasters, and it even vaguely made him feel a little relieved.

  What good news is it? Zuo Shi is his lucky star.

  Liang Sheng wasn't worried at all. Even if it wasn't good news, he wouldn't be too nervous. As long as the lord of Longevity City, Zhen Yuan, didn't come out, who would be his opponent in this fairy city?

  I am now at the stage of refining qi and transforming gods in the ancient immortal cultivation stage, which is equivalent to the late stage of Yuanying. Coupled with his supernatural powers of thinking and thinking of the Great Sun Golden Crow Temple, the current left and right envoys are not his opponents at all.

  Longevity Immortal City, under me alone, ten thousand people are invincible!

  When the Zuo Envoy saw Liang Sheng, he couldn't help frowning. Although he was aware of his self-defeating situation, he was still a little disappointed when he saw it with his own eyes.

  Although Liang Sheng didn't drink alcohol at the moment, he smelled strongly of alcohol, obviously just waking up from a hangover.

  That is to say, "Chen Quan" is the Nascent Soul True Monarch, otherwise any low-level monks who don't use mana to refine spirit wine will hurt their health.

  After entering the Nascent Soul Realm, there is no need to care about these small injuries, because under strong strength, the body will automatically return to its original state.

   "Chen Quan, last year you went to the lower city to visit the younger generation of your Chen family manor. Did you find anything unusual?"

  When Liang Sheng heard this, his heart moved. It seems that the Huashen Cave, where all sentient beings taught to excavate and visualize the gods, has been found by Zuo Shi.

  Liang Sheng shook his head at this moment, and then couldn't help crying.

   "It would be fine if I didn't let my descendants of the Chen family come back. If they stayed in the lower city, they wouldn't die at all."

  Hearing this, Zuo Shi couldn't help being a little annoyed, "Chen Quan", why is there a trace of the demeanor of Yuanying Zhenjun in this little woman's posture?

   "Chen Quan, don't cry, think about it carefully, didn't you notice anything unusual around the Chen Family Manor?

   This is a message from the Audit Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Take a look now and think about it carefully. Don't let me down. "

  Liang Sheng had no choice but to take the jade slips. With a move of his consciousness, he knew what happened in the lower city. As expected, the cave of the hermit Huashen had been discovered.


  Liang Sheng couldn't help but frown even if he pretended to be trash again. After all, if the All Beings hadn't exterminated the Chen family's children in Sky City, how could he have picked up the Chen family's children from the lower city?

   And the situation at that time was too coincidental. The reason can be analyzed from the contents of the jade slips is very simple, that is, the Sect of All Beings may have intentionally targeted the Chen family to cover up their activities in the lower city.

   "Master Zuo, are you saying that all of this was done by Sectoral Sect? Just to hide the movement in the lower city, and attack my Chen family?"

  The Zuo Envoy nodded, and couldn't help but secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, "Chen Quan" just degenerated, not really turned into a waste. Seeing the results of this investigation, he guessed the general truth.

   "That is to say, my Chen family was actually killed by Sect. If it wasn't for Sentient Sect to do these things, it would be impossible for my Chen family's bloodline to be cut off?"

  Speaking of this, Liang Sheng raised his head abruptly. In a flash of inspiration, he had a new idea. He could push the boat along with the current and completely stay away from the vortex of the current fairy city.

   "Emissary Zuo, I asked me to go to the lower city to investigate the truth. If I can't find out in a year, I will stay for ten years. If I can't find out in ten years, I will stay for a hundred years.

  Anyway, I will never die with the sentient beings. Once there is a result, I only hope that you will give me a chance to revenge. "


   Seeing "Chen Quan" in front of him suddenly showing high fighting spirit, Zuo Envoy was a little surprised. If he had known this, why would he waste a year and let Chen Quan fall so low?

   Sure enough, desire is the driving force of all monks. Whether it is greed or hatred, it is actually the desire in your heart.

  Barely thinking about it, the Zuo Shi nodded directly, and agreed to Liang Sheng's request, "Well, I will get the full cooperation of how many people you need."

  Liang Sheng shook his head.

   "I'm fine by myself. If there are too many people, the goal will be too big. Using sentient beings to teach these rebellious situations, too many people is not a good thing.

  Furthermore, I am a waste now, I am going to the downtown alone, I am afraid that no one will care about me, right? "

  The Zuo Envoy couldn't help nodding his head after hearing this. He really deserved to be the subordinate he had been optimistic about. As long as he recovered his spirit, his thinking would always be so clear.

   "Okay, then do as you said, and in order to make it easier for you to go to the lower city to investigate the truth, I can also help you."


   Immediately after Liang Sheng listened to Zuo Shi's words, he couldn't help nodding his head. Sure enough, a person who sat in this position and fought against the right envoy for thousands of years really had a dirty heart.

  But Liang Sheng could finally confirm one thing at this time, he could really kill Zuoshi without any danger.

   Temporarily have the power to protect themselves!

   And no matter what, the result of going to the city is good for me, because the self who is going to the city is the real freedom.

  The situation in the lower city, whether it is the envoy or the cleaning department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they will not pay too much attention to it, and even Jindan real people are rare in the lower city, so it is not their own world?


   One day later, Chen Quan was angrily reprimanded by the left envoy, who demoted him to the next city, and personally said that when Chen Quan would cheer up, he would return to the upper city.

  The news spread quickly, and everyone was lamenting that Zuo Envoy had done his best to "Chen Quan", because if the situation continued like the previous year, Chen Quan would really be abolished.

   You must know that the aura of the lower city is far inferior to that of the upper city. In this "bad" environment, I am afraid that anyone who cultivates immortals will not be able to bear it.

   Otherwise, why are they desperately trying to climb up despite the huge population in the lower city? Even if it may take a hundred years to correct "Chen Quan", this is not any problem compared to Chen Quan's longevity.

  The Zuo Envoy can afford to wait even more, he can only say that the Zuo Envoy is kind, otherwise, who would care about a self-willed and depraved subordinate?

  The most indispensable thing in Immortal City is monks who want to climb up.


  A certain dark corner.

   "Are you sure that Chen Quan really offended the left envoy and was demoted to the city, and there was no other reason?"

   "No, according to the eyeliner of Zuo Shi's mansion, Zuo Shi was so angry that he took pictures of his own seat, so there is no problem for Chen Quan to go to the city this time."

   "That's good, but the location of the Chen Family Manor is, after all, a bit close to the cave where the God of Transformation sits. You still have to do something at this time.

  Remember, you must keep an eye on Chen Quan's movements, and you must not take it lightly. Even after confirming that there is no danger, you must not relax a little bit. "

   "Understood, elder, don't worry."

   "After talking about the business, let me tell you some good news. There are already several Nascent Soul True Monarchs who have succeeded in cultivating ideas.

  God bless my teaching, this time the strength of my teaching has greatly increased, and we are getting closer and closer to our dreams. "

   "Really? That's really good news."

   "Yes, this is indeed a good thing taught by us sentient beings. By the way, where is the unknown monk who condensed the idea of ​​the Great Sun Golden Crow Temple a year ago, do you have any clues now?

  The upper echelons of the religion all agree that this senior has such a cultivation level, but he has been hidden from the world, which shows that he is not on the same path as the rotten people in Xiancheng.

  So if you can find the location of the senior, or if the senior has passed away, you should also find his relics. This will definitely be very helpful to the development of my Sect. "

   "Elder, there is no news about finding this senior, but there is also no progress in the City Lord's Mansion.

  It seems that this senior is probably at least in the late stage of transformation, otherwise he would not be able to hide so well.

   But don’t worry, elder, we will find that senior as soon as possible, and we will definitely be ahead of the eagle dogs in Xiancheng. "

   "Everything is up to you."

   "For all living beings!"

   "For all living beings!"

down town.

  When the All Beings Sect was planning, Liang Sheng had already arrived at the Chen Family Manor in the lower city. At this moment, he didn't care about the secret observation of him.

  He acted as if he hadn't noticed anything. Once he entered the manor, he asked the servants of the manor to remove all the spiritual grass from the spiritual field and replant it.

  His reason is very absurd. All the spiritual fields in the Chen Family Manor have since been planted with spiritual plants for brewing spiritual wine. As soon as the news came out, it was explosive news in the lower city.

  But in the face of the Patriarch's order, who in the Chen Family Manor would dare to remonstrate, wouldn't that be courting death? Even because the incident was too outrageous, it spread to Sky City. After all, many families have properties in the lower city.

  The upper class is fixed, so the exploitation and oppression of the lower class will always exist, but the Zuo Shi couldn't help but smile when he heard this.

  It seems that Chen Quan, who has regained his mind, is still useful, and because the Zuo Shi let Chen Quan go to the city, his subordinates have become more loyal.

   After all, everyone likes to be with a conscientious boss, so it depends on when Chen Quan surprises himself.

  The Zuo Envoy was relieved, and the people who secretly observed Liang Sheng from the Sect of All Beings also breathed a sigh of relief. If they were willing to come, the other party would still be a piece of trash waiting to die.

  Even if the opponent is Yuanying Zhenjun, as long as he doesn't mess around, the All Beings Sect will be extremely safe, and what happened next makes everyone who pays attention to Liang Sheng feel a little unbelievable.

  Because of the large population in the lower city, and many people have no way to practice, for the sake of stability, there are naturally many industries for them to vent.

   Such as restaurants.

  Like the land of fireworks.

   There is even the Colosseum, so those who like excitement can directly enter the Colosseum to fight for life and death.

   It's just that the place Liang Sheng is most interested in is the place of fireworks here. After all, to be a drunk and lewd waste, you can't be less.

  As for the Charity Bodhisattva here, compared to the Shangcheng, it is less charming. After all, the Charity Bodhisattva here is low-level, so how can the double cultivation method be as effective as the Shangcheng?

  However, Liang Sheng of Yuanying Zhenjun actually went. The most outrageous thing is that the one who received Liang Sheng and the Bodhisattva of Charity practiced Qi completely in one fell swoop, and even obtained the Foundation Establishment Pill, directly breaking through the Foundation Establishment.

  In an instant, Liang Sheng became the monk that the Bodhisattva of the lower city most wanted to serve, and the effect of double cultivation with Yuanying Zhenjun was terrifying!

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  (end of this chapter)

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