1. The Blind Romantic Swordsman from the East

1. Blind Romantic Swordsman from the East

The rattling wagon seat beats the ass.

‘It shakes so much…… My butt will tingle when I wake up tomorrow morning.’

She looks mature to be a girl, and immature to be a woman.

The eyes of Anis, a blue-haired female swordsman who is about to turn 16, capture the scenery of the fast-moving forest.

‘Eh, I wonder if we can arrive in time.’

Anis had to go to the ecliptic.

Today is the day of the entrance exam for Helios Academy, the empire’s best talent training facility.

However, because I got lost in the middle, I couldn’t even take the exam and had to go back.

‘The scale of the trip I finally found is just a bundle business. I don’t know if this is why bandits come out.’


To the powerless petit bourgeois, bandits were like a malignant tumor that could not be cured.

Why can’t we kill people?

To that question, there are many people who would answer, “Because that’s not the way to go,” But few people really think that way.

For most people living as citizens of the Empire, the biggest reason not to kill was that they would be judged by the law.

[Anyone who kills a person will be punished with a heavy penalty]

Although there are extenuating factors such as high status and self-defense, this proposition is considered absolute by the majority anyway.

People who know that if they kill someone here and now, they will be punished by the law, usually do not commit murder.

Even if there is a f*cking bastard, even if you feel like killing it right away, you have to be patient and think that it is reality.

That is how order was created.

Because there is order, people do not kill people carelessly.

“Stop there.”

But bandits don’t have that kind of order.

Since they usually appear in places where there are no troops, if there are any merchants passing by, even if you kill them all and steal them all, they will be chased after a week at the earliest.

Due to their nature of walking all over the deep mountains, if you give them that much time, they will already disappear.

People who live in order become bolder when they think they will never be caught.

Bandits killed people without hesitation.

In many cases, if you gave up everything, they would spare you, but when you had to kill them, you didn’t mind swinging a knife and cutting their throats.

Why? Because it doesn’t suck though.

It can be said that they are a group that very actively practices ‘the law is far away and the fist is near’.

ㅡ Hee hee hee!

ㅡ Purruk!

“… ….”

The merchant who had stopped talking was extremely nervous and gulped down his saliva.

The front of the carriage was blocked by muscular men carrying large scimitars.

‘Ah, Mr. As soon as I think about it.’

Seeing the sudden stop of the carriage, Anise felt that her concerns had become reality.

“Give me everything you have! Everything down to the underwear. Then I will send you the body well.”

“Hello, everyone. Bandits.”

As the merchant carefully conveyed the boss’s booming voice, tension rose inside the carriage.

Merchants usually hire escorts to safely cross mountain passes or join large upper rows.

However, that is all money.

If you hire an escort, you won’t have much left over, and if you get stuck in the upper ranks, it’s hard to get the goods right.

This is because large-scale merchant parades can only be heard in large towns.

As merchants visit all at once, it is natural that the price of goods goes down.

And that didn’t mean I didn’t pay for the escort.

It’s just sharing.

So, there is no money to hire an escort, and some ambitious merchants gamble with their lives.

Based on the information, it is to buy only things that can be sold at a high price in a specific area and quickly cover the road.

Then, if you meet a bandit, you have to steal all your belongings or die, so it was a risky gamble, but…….

It was the only way for small merchants to grow quickly.

Still, for the sake of minimum safety, they asked for a companion in the form of a free ride to their destination, and Anis was the one who was caught that way.

‘It’s busy at 1 o’clock, but I’m blocking my way.’

She was a sh*tline in many ways for her.

How hard have you been training for today?

However, because she was lost, she lost her strength when she thought about going back to her hometown.

‘The only way to break through quickly is to kill me, right?’

Anis had never killed before.

But wouldn’t it be okay to kill those filthy robbers?

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Just as bandits disregard order, bandits have neither order nor mercy.

Can be disposed of immediately upon discovery!

Beyond self-defense, subjugation to find and kill is also permitted.

Some bandits even had bounties on them, so it could be said that killing two birds with one stone.

‘Ha ha.’

Maybe I will commit my first murder today.

Thinking so, Anis grabbed her sword and tried to open the carriage door.

By the way, there was someone who left with a sword first.

‘This person… ….’

He is wearing sunglasses full of luster, which is different from the frayed black cape on the old hat and the long black hair that has been tied up casually.

A man dressed in a truly conspicuous outfit, as if advertising that he was a tourist from the East.

Before I knew it, the man had a sword he hadn’t seen before.

‘Wasn’t that guy blind?’

Earlier, someone in the carriage asked me.

Are you wearing those sunglasses just because they are cool?

Hearing that, her man grinned and lifted her sunglasses to show his eyes.

Faded, unfocused, dead eyes.

Anyone could tell.

That this man is blind.

A lot of questions poured out to such a man.

The man listened quietly, then she answered.

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Just looking at it with the eyes of the heart is enough to live in the world.

Anise dismissed it without much inspiration, saying, “There really are people like this.”

She stopped her man with words.

“Wait. To fight?”

“Yes. That too?”

“Yes. But you can’t see, but you can fight properly, right? Why don’t you just leave it to me because it’s going to get in the way. It’s because I’m busy on my way. I just want to finish it quickly and leave.”

“What a coincidence. I had to hurry, so I tried to deal with it quickly. If you don’t mind, can I handle it?”

The man was full of confidence.

The feeling emanating from his voice didn’t sound like empty words.

‘Did you say you see with your mind’s eye… ….’

Actually, Anis, who didn’t want to go that far and fight, nodded.

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Just in case, we got off the carriage together.

“Oh! Woman. Pretty pretty. Leave that woman alone and go.”

“Hey, a woman is a woman.”

“I’m going to eat a non-slut in a while!”

“Isn’t it a bit undercooked?”

“Still, you have a flat face and a big butt.”

As soon as she gets off the carriage, she scans the bandits with lustful eyes.

Feeling ashamed of that blatant stare and obscenity, Anis narrowed her eyes.

I want to kill them all, but what should I do?

“I can’t do that. Let’s take half and half.”

There are a total of six bandits blocking the road.

Anis could have been a little difficult to deal with alone.

But with three or so, it was possible to throw away the slaughter.

If this blind man fights properly, that is.

“Then let’s do this. I’m only going to knock them all down, so you end it. I don’t like killing.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Take a look. It won’t take long.”

The man in front of the bandits placed her hand on the hilt of her sword.


I wanted to pull it out…….


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Just put it back.

Anise’s shoulders, which she was secretly looking forward to, drooped for a moment.

“What the hell did you do… ….”

“The cut was shallow. Let’s finish it soon.”


Actually, this man isn’t just blind, maybe he’s just crazy.


As she thought so, her screams broke out.

“Eww.” “Sigh.” “Great.”

The screams were simultaneous and concise.

Six bandits collapsed at the same time as if acting as a group.


Anis, dazed at the scene, lost her mind for a moment.

I just stood still and acted nice.

Are they all lying down?

“Are you going to leave me like that? Because it was shallow You may come to your senses soon.”

“Yes? Ah yes.”

Anis, who had come out of his own way, fell down and glanced at the bandits who were groaning.

Surprised, his anger faded and his reason quickly returned.

‘Already subdued…… Do you really need to kill me?’

Though I thought so, I went ahead with my sword.

At that time, the merchant driving the wagon moved quickly.

He took the rope and started tying up the fallen bandits.

“These f*ckers!”


After tying it up like that and kicking the boss’s face once, the merchant sprinted over and lowered his head in front of the man.

“Oh, swordsman, no warrior! Thanks to Musa-nim, I was able to escape safely! How should I repay this favor?”

“Haha. I just did what I had to do. Rather than that, load those bastards and leave quickly. I have urgent business to go to the ecliptic…….”

“Do you have any orders! Miss there, can you help me load these guys into the luggage compartment?”

“Oh, yes.”

The situation was resolved in an instant, and the wagon quickly restarted.

‘Why is such a strong person here? I’m blind, but I’m a master. It looks like it came out of a real book.’

Anis started to care about the man.

‘If you need to go to the ecliptic in a hurry…… No way?’

There was only one thing that came to mind with that keyword right now.

“By any chance, Helios Academy?”

“Yes. Then that too?”

“…… There are all these coincidences.”

“That’s right. I don’t know if it will be a motivation in the future, but let’s get along well since it’s like this. I am Yuseong.”

Then her man reached out to her.

“This is Anise Lohengrin.”

Anise, who was shaking it lightly while holding it in a nervous mood, thought.

Is this human really invisible?

‘Looking at the condition of the eyes, it’s clear… ….’

What exactly is it to see with the mind’s eye?

I don’t know, but it was certain that the man had unusual skills.

Anise turned his head out of his window.

In those eyes, the scenery of the passing forest is captured again.

‘I heard that there are a lot of unique monsters in this rider, but it seems to be real. Confidence plummets. I’m late and I’m going to sleep and I can pass the exam.’

The man, Yuseong, also looked out the window and thought.

‘It’s a real coincidence. It wasn’t even what I was aiming for.’

It could be said that this meeting was quite meaningful to Yoosung.

Anise Lohengrin.

Because she was one of the playable characters in [Wizardly Calibur].

‘Then did the relationship and compensation increase?’

Wizardry Caliber has something called ‘relationship reward’.

It rewards players for building relationships with other playable characters who become NPCs if the user doesn’t choose them themselves.

[ Relationship Reward ]

! Anise

Anise is conscious of you.

Lv. 1 Gift available

‘Yes, you can do it roughly like this… ….’

23-Year-old Seo Hyun-seok was possessed while playing a game.

Yooseong, a blind warrior with the concept of coming from a small eastern country called ‘Ryo’.

In case someone thought it was not a bug game, there seemed to be a bug that allowed people to possess it.

What’s even more absurd is that the bugs I experienced in the game before being possessed by the meteor remained intact.

[ Item Info ]

< An Orient Samurai's Ordinary Steel Sword >

A sword used by Eastern warriors.

Very ordinary.

Rank : ■■■■■

ATK : ■■■■■

Stats : ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■

Enchant : ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■

SyntaxError : ■■■■■■■■■

Contrary to the description, if you pull out this sword whose effects are all broken, the world’s time will stop as if you pressed the pause button.

Duration is approximately 10 seconds.

For some reason, the meteor was able to move freely within it.

The problem is that because of the influence of that ■■, it is impossible to unequip it and the damage is applied as a negative number.

From nob le mt l dot com

Just because the damage is negative doesn’t mean it becomes a heal.

When you cut an enemy, it hurts and collapses as if you were actually stabbed, but there is no actual damage.

‘Why do my eyes see well again? Is this a bug?’

The character Yuseong is obviously blind, and it is set that he can distinguish things through his senses.

But what I’m experiencing right now is only the appearance of dead eyes, but I can see straight ahead.

It was full of bugs even when I was possessed because I was afraid that it might not be a bug game.

Since it turned out like this, I decided to just pretend to be a f*cking strong guy and work hard on the concept.


Pretending to be a blind romantic swordsman who has tremendous skills but adheres to the belief of non-killing.

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