10. Killing your past self

10. Killing your past self

“Kill each other from now on.”

Everyone who heard that insensitive voice was shocked.

‘Mu, what. Killing each other…… Only one person survives?’

Bandit leader Kenavan shuddered in confusion.


You don’t like bandits, so kill each other?

“That, do you think you would accept that kind of thing!”

“What if I don’t accept it?”



I thought something flashed in the scabbard, but in an instant, a burning pain came through my fingers.

‘Cut off! It’s cut off!’

Kenavan wrapped his fingers around him and collapsed in tears.

But when I looked at it, his fingers were fine.

Rather, if it had been really cut off, I would have thought, “Some crazy bastard came and died like this.”

‘What the hell is this bastard? How is this possible? Does that mean it’s even a ghost?’

The pain soon subsided.

However, the more I did, the stronger my fear was.

A man in a gray mask clad all in black.

Apparently, this side got hit in an instant even though there were a lot of them.

The man was everywhere and he was nowhere.

He attacks without moving.

It was so bizarre that he even thought that he might be a vengeful spirit who came to judge the evil he had committed so far.


Unable to hold back his fear, one of his subordinates turned around and ran.

Kenavan cheered involuntarily.

Go! Go too!

Prove that you can escape that demon!

However, the escape with all the strength of the body was not able to take only three steps.


She collapsed and grabbed him by the ankles, crying out.

The man just sits still.

Kenavan opened his mouth in amazement.


How the hell?!

Is it magic? No, you can’t fire magic like that without a precursor.

Then what did you do to attack from this distance without lifting a finger!

“Escape is useless.”

The man gave a plaintive warning.

Now, to the bandits who had been captured, that voice sounded like a whispering god of death.

If you could describe the atmosphere around you right now in one word, it would be ‘despair’.

Since he proved with his actions that running away was useless, I had no choice but to believe him.

“I will be better. What are you doing here! If we made a mistake with you, we will apologize with all our might and do what you want.”

“Have you enjoyed yourself so far? Rob hard, kill.”

“Aaaaa! Who is it! Didn’t kill Didn’t kill! Three times the value of the goods. No, I’ll give you all my money! So please!”

Kenavan got down on his knees and prayed with his hands together, but the man just shook his head quietly.

“Your turn has just come. Come on.”

“Sir, please! Please!”

The man just made a chin gesture without a word.

Kenavan looked back like someone facing hell.

Expressions steeped in fear, but showing spleen.

I see some guys who have already made up their minds.

Watching each other cautiously retreating, Kenavan felt his life so far passing by like a panorama.

[ Please! ]


[ Please…. ]


[ Please, that’s all! ]

Take away…….

I couldn’t deny it.

To be honest, I enjoyed it.

Rather than simply earning money and living, I continued to bandit because it was fun to trample on the weak and stand on top of them.

[ It’s just your turn. ]


Now is it my turn.

Has the time come for me to be trampled on as the weak?



Kenavan clenched his fists.

‘Not everyone dies! One survives! I can’t die like this I want to kill and steal more, more!’

Grasp the sword and raise a shout.




They started killing each other.

Yuseong thought while watching the scene where evil and screams raged, blood and flesh splattered, and life and death intersected.

‘As expected, it’s inconvenient… ….’

How is this different from killing yourself?

I don’t mean to deny that I didn’t get my hands dirty.

He killed people today, and will kill more.

Of course, they deserved to die.

These bandits act premeditated enough to have a base there, and even the victims of these guys can’t fit all in one truck.

It’s been a long time since the National Police Agency issued a judgment allowing immediate judgment because they are like cancerous masses of society.

Even if you kill all these guys, you will definitely be treated as a hero, not a murderer.

The boss, Kenavan, has a bounty on him.

Yoosung was clearly aware that this act was just a recognition of garbage disposal in this world.

Besides, if you leave these guys alive vaguely, they will become an ambush in the future.

I know because I have seen all the stories.

According to the character background, the original Yooseong almost hates bandits, so he readily accepts the suspicious man’s request.

Although they raided the base of bandits like that, in the first playthrough, they didn’t bother to chase down and kill people who were running away.

However, the fugitives formed a new gang of bandits and killed a girl NPC who was friendly with Yuseong.

After watching that event once, from the second playthrough, the option to exterminate all of them was available, and from then on, the hidden was discovered.

Despite knowing all of that, Yooseong was uncomfortable with this situation.

He knows that he is not only causing pain, but also taking the lives of countless people at will.

The social norms and ethics that had been instilled in his head since childhood were running amok and asserting himself.

No matter how much the world is in a game, I wonder if it is the same as the people who live and move in real life.

However, no matter how uncomfortable it was, Yooseong did not avoid his gaze.

He saw the people dying by him with both eyes open.

Those guys are scum.

If left alone, it will only kill and torment more people.

Killing these bastards was not legally or ethically unreasonable in this world.

I kept repeating that fact in my head and asserted it to myself.

‘You must completely abandon the common sense and ethics you have learned so far. This world has its own common sense and ethics. If you want to live here, if you want to be part of this world and blend in. I have to melt into the logic of this place.’

As I took control of my mind like that, the discomfort gradually disappeared.

Up until now, I didn’t feel like I did the right thing or the right thing, but at least I didn’t feel guilty.

Killing your past self to some degree.

Isn’t this also an important factor in creating a concept?

“Hehe… Ugh… This won I survived…… !”

While Yooseong was organizing his mind, the killing of each other ended before he knew it.

The last one standing is the extremity barely standing with its intestines spilled.

The boss has long since died.

“Yes. As promised, I won’t kill you.”

Promises were promises, so I decided to keep them.

Anyway, I think I’ll die soon.

“Say, live. Aaaaah.”

Iron f*ck!

The barely surviving bandit collapsed onto the bloody floor.

“Save me, save me, keuaaa….”

Should I say, too?

Even the last one fell limp and stopped moving.

The condition for the hidden to be revealed is to exterminate all of them.

The hidden location of the cave will soon be revealed by the ghosts.

Koo Goo Goong-!

The rocks in the back moved themselves to create a path.

At the end was a small altar for placing things on.

Yooseong picked up the bracelet with the red beads on the altar.

[ Item Info ]

< A bowl hungry for ghosts >

A bracelet made with orbs imbued with evil magic.

It is not known where it originated.

It is always hungry for ghosts.

Rank : Unique

Stats: Strength -50%, Stamina -50%, Magic -50%

Special: Collects ghosts whenever an enemy is killed while equipped.

Permanently obtain stats according to collected spirits (up to 15 times)

Collected ghosts 0%

Enchant: Weakening Curse

As you can see, it is a farming item.

It is a growth noble type item that can be discarded after consuming stats instead of being cursed with weakness.

It can be said that it is quite a symbolic object for the character Yuseong.

He was a perfect fit for his character, that he would use any evil means without hesitation to punish evil even while pursuing justice in the world.

In a way, I can say that it feels similar to Cruella.

‘I can’t use it right now, but it will come in handy if I keep it well.’

Now there is only one business left.

Yooseong saw a small entrance in the right corner of the cave.

A small cave within a cave.

This was a place where bandits gang-raped the kidnapped women.

When I bent down to enter, I was sure enough to find four women with both arms held in restraints attached to the wall.

All of them are not the same.

A face that wants to die rather than return alive.

It seems that it hasn’t been long since the gang rape took place once, and there are scars of red swelling and traces of s*xual intercourse.

In the game, they were wearing at least their clothes, but here they were all without a single thread.

“Hey, over there! Outside… It sounds like a commotion…… What happened?”

In the meantime, the woman who seemed to be the most normal came to talk to her.

Yooseong changed her voice and answered as nonchalantly as possible.

“All the bandits outside are dead.”

Then he drew his sword and cut through the restraints.

Another funny thing about this sword is that when the target is ‘living’, it passes through like a ghost and cannot cut even a single piece of clothing, but in the case of an inanimate object like this, it works fine.





As the time stop was lifted, the wooden restraints attached to the wall were broken in two, allowing the women to move freely.

Although I still drag chains around my limbs.

“Come out and see for yourself.”

Did you see the last hope in those words?

They went outside with their own small expectations in their eyes full of despair.

And what you see is bloody blood.

Truly all the bandits have been slaughtered.

The woman who first spoke to Yooseong stood there blankly for a while before she asked cautiously.

“All, you. Did you kill that many bandits?”

According to him, they killed each other…….

Yoosung decided not to deny what she had done.

The woman let out a sigh as she nodded.


Then he fell over and threw her head at her feet.

“Thank you… Prosecutor. For saving you Thank you very much… ….”

Could it be because of the emotion and relief?

Her back was trembling slightly.

Other women who saw it also knelt down and bowed their heads.

“Thank you… !”

“I thought I would never get out of here again… ….”

“Thank you… thanks.”

I thought I did a good job killing it.

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