12. The wall of the heart

12. Wall of mind

Dark places are good.

Because people can’t see well.

Small spaces are good.

Because it’s hard for other people to stand next to you.

Under such a tone, Yulia hid in a narrow and dark place where the sun did not reach.

In an alleyway where only one person can barely pass.

In its place, she squeezed her body as hard as she could and covered her body with a robe that almost covered her.

“Ha ha.”

Now I feel a little relieved.

As her relief came, her sense of self-doubt crept in.

‘I ran away… ….’

Why did she run away?

She asked herself.

‘What should I say? Because it feels so strange Because her chest tickled. It was hard for her to be there.’

[ You are really beautiful. ]

“Ah… !”

When she recalled that moment, a similar sensation came over her again.

‘It’s beautiful’…….

Is it really true what you say to yourself?

‘When was the last time you heard something like that?’

Yulia tried to recall her memories.

…… No matter how much I dig into it, it doesn’t come out.

When she was very young, she had been told many times that she was cute, but it was the first time in her life that she had been called beautiful.

Yulia, who had never thought about it before, was a little shocked.

‘Me too, at one time too.’

She lost her face in as little as seven years.

Before falling under her curse, Yulia was a very attractive girl.

She has the face of a tomboy, but since she was a child, she excelled in martial arts, and even as a woman, she is second to none of the ladies of other families, and she was told that when she grows up, she will surely become a great beauty. .

Truly a combination of talent.

She could be said to be a blessed existence loved by everyone.

Yulia, who has been immersed in the love of the people around her, has become more and more confident and has no fear in the world.

From a young age, still in need of protection, she enjoyed an escape from her routine.

Even if she deviated, it wasn’t unhealthy, and she did things like go on adventures outside the territory or deal with monsters alone.

Still, the line was not crossed.

She was living her happy days, walking a tightrope between heart pounding and moderate danger…….

The disaster started after discovering a ruin during an adventure.

Hidden beneath a large tree trunk, the ruins seemed untouched, perhaps because she was the first to discover them.

Yulia had clearly learned that things like this should not be tampered with, but her unique confidence and adventurous spirit eventually got her in the way.

While exploring the ruins, she fell under a terrible curse.

Since then, her life has fallen into an endless abyss.

A girl loved by everyone turns into a monster everyone hates.

Her self-confidence and self-esteem plummeted.

She couldn’t break her curse no matter what.

She became the now lonely Yulia after being endlessly pushed down through the years of persecution and humiliation.

‘Meteor…… Did he say that?’

She thought about the meteor.


At first she thought she was just an unusual but talented swordsman, but when she found out she was blind, she was stunned.

You can’t see, so you’re saying that you’re using swordsmanship like that?

Is there a special training method that can only be found in the East…….

Though I thought so, the fact that he couldn’t see for a moment became a concern.

Her appearance is hideous.

It wasn’t that she didn’t think that if she was blind, he wouldn’t be able to see things like that, so he could get along without hesitation.

But until now, all the blind people Julia had seen had someone to take care of them.

Simple logic.

Because all blind people who have no one to take care of them are dead.

So I couldn’t even talk…….

Even though there is no problem moving alone, Yuseong, who appears to be blind, caught her eye.

Still, he was a human being, so he was wary, but he was eager to talk to him at some point, but an opportunity arose.

He seemed to be sleeping on a bench, so he sat at a distance and waited.

He thought it wouldn’t be much different because he gave off an ominous energy anyway, but there was at least a slight expectation.

I hope that there will be people other than great people like Cruella who don’t see themselves as disgusting.

And that small expectation was met much stronger than expected.

[ That’s how I see it…… You are really beautiful ]


It’s dizzy when I think about it again.

Watching is exciting.

Didn’t you say that since you don’t see things visually, you couldn’t be stimulated by looking at information on the outside?

It was plausible.

That sounded very plausible.

‘Is my heart beautiful? I don’t quite understand that either, but still…… Some people think I’m beautiful.’

She even wondered if she might be saying those words for the purpose of flattering herself, aware of her powerlessness.

A little digging reveals that there is no reason for that.

Yuseong, he is strong enough.

When he faced him, he didn’t think he could win.

I didn’t think that he would flatter himself as he was taking a nap on the bench, not showing much interest in other people’s sparring.

Also, he was from a far country.

He must not even know the rumors about himself.

[ Do you want me to tell you the truth? ]

So…… Everything he said must be sincere.

Since it was their first meeting, it was rather easy to open their hearts.

Yulia remembered the time he took off the sunglasses he was wearing.

Somewhere, as if filled with sadness, his hazy, dead eyes were insisting.

What I’m talking about from now on is pure sentiment without pretense.

“Haa… ha… ….”

My heart is pounding so I can’t calm down.

She whimpered and shoved her body deeper into the narrow alley.

The wall in Yulia’s heart that had been built over the past 7 years was very thick, so she couldn’t tear it down like this.

However, at least the wall on the side where the meteor stood was noticeably thinner.

To the point where I wondered if my voice would reach me if I shouted.

“Ugh…… It’s over!”

Finally, on the 4th day, the exam was over.

Anise said relievedly as she untied her neck and stretched her.

Seeing that, Yoosung smiled lightly and opened his mouth.

“Congratulations in advance.”


“Admission to the Academy.”

Anise sighed and narrowed his eyes.

“It would be nice if you could speak easily, Mister. Because it’s almost certain. I’m going to die of nervousness right now.”

“You don’t trust my eyes?”

“No, that is not…… For a moment. Uncle, you weren’t there when I was taking the test. Blind to begin with!”

“Ha ha ha. You can see it with your mind’s eye.”

“Smart. I’m hungry, so let’s go eat!”

Anise smiled mischievously and continued as if in a whisper.

“I’m going to shoot, so let’s go when Shohei or something isn’t there.”

But she doesn’t seem to know that Shohei has been by her side since before.

Yooseong knew it, but he agreed.

“That is a very smart idea.”

“…… I am here.”

“Mom surprised. Since when have you been here?”

As expected, Anise is startled as if she hadn’t known at all.

“It has been there since before. Who’s older than that? I mean, I’m still nineteen.”

“When you are close to 20 years old, everyone is a man!”

In the worldview of Wizardry Caliber, a 20-year-old is treated as a ‘went to the military’ in modern Korea.

I don’t agree, but isn’t there a saying that you only grow old after serving in the military?

First of all, legally, 15 years old is considered an adult, but since the body has not yet grown, 17-18 year olds feel just like newcomers to society.

When you are over 20 years old, you are treated as an adult only then.

In our society, 20 years old is still seen as a child, and it is similar to not being completely young until around 26.

“Come to think of it, how old is Mr. Yooseong?”

Yooseong forgot his age while realizing Simdeuk.

So the exact age was not revealed in the settings, but…….

“I am 20 years old.”

First of all, on the application form for the academy, it is written that you are 20 years old.

From the looks of it, there’s no doubt about it, so he must have been admitted.

“That’s right, mister!”

After answering that, Anise slightly rolled her eyes and looked at Shohei.

“Then I can’t help it. Everyone pays for their own food and eats it!”

“It’s the size of a rat.”

“That means Shohei-san’s ability as a ninja is excellent. It’s to the point where you can’t even notice it.”

“You are the most vicious. Did you hit it off knowingly?”

“Ha ha ha. What a disgusting word Could it be that I did?”

Originally, after the tutorial on the 4th day is over, it will immediately switch to the main story.

However, as I always say, this place is not a game, so the world is thoroughly implemented according to the setting.

Admission is not confirmed just because you get a passing score on the entrance exam, but a week-long evaluation.

A task that is written as an examination and referred to as a background investigation.

A large-scale investigation team is sent to thoroughly dig into whether there were any lies in the identities of the cadets who were scheduled to enroll, and whether they came with nefarious intentions.

In this way, only cadets without reasons for disqualification will be admitted.

In other words, Meteor had nothing to do for a week.

‘Now that I’ve finished all the sub-quests… ….’

In the end, the only thing left is training.

Skill level can be raised not only through experience, but also through hard work and training.

‘The real thing comes after admission. Let’s do what I can.’

Before that, fill your stomach first.

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