15. The Romance of Gamers

15. Gamer’s Romance

‘Hmm…… It all feels complicated.’

After running the simulation in his head, Yuseong came to the conclusion that it would not be as easy as he first thought.

‘I can see why the original Yuseong became Class B.’

This test is too unfavorable for swordsmen from the east.

Most of the Western martial arts, or empires, tended to value strong strength, firmness, and impregnable defense.

On the other hand, the martial art of the east is said to be running water, so it felt like mixing a sharp dagger into it based on the softness of connecting movements like water flowing.

Of course, the tests held in Helios tend to want overwhelming power rather than sharpness in softness.

In particular, Yuseong is a dealer specializing in interpersonal warfare that focuses on weak points, so he was at a disadvantage in elements such as breaking walls.

Maybe I got a decent grade on the first test, took a grade off the second test, and then made up for it on the third test.

‘I don’t know if it will work out if I stop time when my body’s strength is lacking.’

This part is just like learning the controls in depth in the game, so I didn’t think about the details because I thought it was okay.

However, as I vividly faced this in the name of a test in real life, the pressure was greater than I thought.

‘I don’t think it would work at all against a really strong opponent if I stopped and hacked it with all my might.’

Don’t forget that this is a fantasy world.

If there is a serious difference in level, time may stop and you may not be able to make a single flaw.

And what is the meteor level now?

From nob le mt l dot com

Just a beginner who just finished the tutorial.

It was truly miserable.

To put it bluntly, there were only bandits and Shohei, who had very low defense.

Above all, the thing that felt the most unfavorable to Yooseong was the fact that the other person was an illusion.

I had a lot of questions about welcome.

Will the damage go negative for them as well?

Do virtual beings really feel pain?

If it’s neither, what should I do?

‘Even if the worst happens, it’s not like there’s no corner to stare at.’

Yoosung knows the next story.

When the class placement test is over, the instructor brings the second-year cadets, claiming to be considerate of the cadets whose evaluation results are disappointing.

Then, along with the word “Opportunity to get extra points,” He gave me a fight in the virtual realm with the 2nd year S class.

‘There, my opponent will definitely be ‘Rabian’.’

Labian von Elentes.

A genius elemental mage who boasts 1st place in S class in 2nd grade, and the closest character to the word heroine in this game.

She is the rival of the playable character tagged Freshman.

Yuseong, Shohei, Anise, Yeonhwaran, Selene.

No matter which of the freshman characters you choose, excluding Yulia, the unlocked character, Labian will be the player’s primary target and rival in that round.

In fact, it would have been nice to see the event as an introduction to the character Labian to users.

In terms of setting, it is necessary to feel the gap between first and second graders.

The player will be fixed against Ravian, and no matter how he tries, he will always be defeated.

As for Ravian, she was not a playable character, so it felt more like a lead role.

‘Elemental wizards will be vulnerable to time stop. If we fight hard against that Ravian, we might be able to take a look.’

Yoosung was thinking of defeating Ravian if possible.

To win against a character who was never allowed to win.

Wouldn’t that be the romance of a gamer?

It has already become common because it has become like a cliché, but the fact that it has become a cliché is also proof that it is romantic.

Yooseong opened the status window in preparation for the exam.

I diligently kept the aggregation of the experience gained through subquests, and there are still level 2 gifts that can be opened.

I thought that if I used all my experience points, I could raise my slashing skill to level 10.

[ 582 Experience Aggregates have been consumed. ]

[ Slash Lv. 5 -> Slash Lv. 10 ]

[ Slash attack power increased by 33%. ]

[ Slashing skill increased by 37%. ]

[ Increased slash speed by 4%. ]

[ Swordsmanship Lv. 3 -> Swordsmanship Lv. 5 ]

[ Strength stat increased by 3. ]

[ Physical strength stat increased by 2. ]

[ Agility stat increased by 2. ]

[ Increased swordsmanship efficiency by 9%. ]

[ The skill ‘Slash’ can evolve. ]

[ Please select the evolution direction. ]

[ Skill Evolution ]

< Armor Breaker >

ㅡ Slash attack power is increased by 15%.

ㅡ Increases defense penetration by 5% when attacking with a slash.

ㅡ For every 2 skill level increase, defense penetration increases by 1%.

< Space-Time Acceleration Slash >

ㅡ 1.1X speed during slash attack

‘Hey, this feature came out really well… ….’

Out of the 2,300 hours I’ve played, it’s one of the best.

For reference, this evolution is also random.

Even if you raise the level of slash, good things can come out and bad things can come out.

Therefore, it was the national rule of this game to take a skill right before battle in order to use evolution characteristics appropriately to the situation as much as possible.

In the meantime, a small jackpot broke out.

And .

Both are characteristics that are hard to see at low levels, but they came out at once through luck.

‘Defense penetration is too good in this situation.’

Currently, Yuseong has a low level of basic specifications.

Of course, the attack power was also low.

If the attack power is lower than the opponent’s defense power, the proper damage will not be applied no matter how new it is.

Isn’t that what all original games are like?

Wizardry Caliber was no different.

If leveling is not done properly, the user’s attack power is low, but the enemy’s defense is significantly high, so the story cannot progress.

However, if you invest in defense penetration, you can move forward by rubbing with control.

Doesn’t the ability to stop time feel like becoming a legendary shincon from a game perspective?

Because you can completely ignore the enemy pattern and put in a free deal for about 9 seconds.

In that respect, the Armor Breaker feature was really good.

Even if an enemy of a higher level comes out in the test, the sword will allow it to enter to some extent.

However, what was really in Yuseong’s mind was the space-time acceleration cut.

When I play a knife character in a game and it pops up, I tend to pick it up without hesitation.

Double speed was a very valuable stat.

Literally, a role that allows you to hit 11 times out of 10 hits.

It is even more deceptive because it is applied independently of the slashing speed.

It may not be obvious right now, but as the specs pile up, there is a huge difference.

Of course, Defense Penetration is a good stat, but it is possible to obtain Defense Penetration separately later.

So, to sum it up, it’s like this.

Right now, Armor Breaker is overwhelmingly useful, but in the second half it became the opposite.

Although there is only a chance to get speed, it is only possible to get lucky from the attribute, but defense penetration can be obtained elsewhere.

What should I choose in this situation?

‘Of course, I’m going to stay alive, and I’m going to go to the middle of the day… ….’


It was so obvious.

Will I die if I fail this test?


If I set my mind to it, of course I made a promise to go to S, but I feel a little bit of shame that I failed like a dog.

‘I weighed the gains and losses of understanding that it was prudent because it was realistic…… As expected.’

This alone is delicious, but there is one more skill evolution.

Swordsmanship that reached level 5 after the derived skill Slash reached level 10.

[ The skill, ‘Swordsmanship’, can evolve. ]

[ Please select the evolution direction. ]

[ Skill Evolution ]

< Sword Mastery >

ㅡ Skill level correction + 10% for all sword movements

< Defensive swordsmanship >

ㅡ When equipped with a sword, all defense + 15%

‘This is…… I don’t have to think about it.’

Defense swordsmanship is also effective.

It’s definitely good, but…….

Wouldn’t it be better to maximize the advantage of stopping time?

Anyway, I’m going to play it unilaterally, but choosing the latter was a bit like that.

For the defense I didn’t know, I took care of it with armor using the avatar function.

In the end, Yoosung finished his selection with .

‘It’s already strong. I want to swing the sword and see how it has changed.’

I feel like I’ve gotten a lot stronger, but there’s still room for me to become stronger.

Level 2 Gift.

What kind of things do you see here?

[ Acquired the Rune of Attack Power. ]

‘Hmm. I like runes, I like runes.’

Meteor, who often liked to see small gains rather than jackpots, was particularly pleased with runes, which are small but fixed gains.

As explained before, stats rise just by collecting runes.

Since ignorance is helpful, the more, the better.

At level 2 gifts, you will start to see a lot of runes.

Yoosung installed the runes in the collection window and looked at the status.

[ Rune Status ]

Attack power + 0.5%

Attack Speed + 0.2%

It may not be of much help right now, but the percentage stats that gradually build up will serve as a great foundation.

Isn’t it impossible not to increase her attack power just because the damage is negative?

From Yuseong’s experience, the attack power is normal, but the damage application was the problem.

‘Hmm. While I’m thinking about it, I’ll look into it again. No matter how you look at it, the culprit seems to be an enchantment curse…….’

Let’s restore the information on this bugged sword.

[ Item Info ]

< An Orient Samurai's Ordinary Steel Sword >

A sword used by Eastern warriors.

Very ordinary.

Rank : ■■■■■

ATK : ■■■■■

Stats : ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■

Enchant : ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■, ■■■■■

SyntaxError : ■■■■■■■■■

This sword was the basic item for the original meteor.

The rank is normal, and originally there is only attack power, but it is a stat and there is no enchantment.

But here, the letters are all broken and sticking together.

That part isn’t completely empty, so there must be something there.

In Yooseong’s mind, it was certain that one of the numerous enchantments had a ‘curse of reversal’ attached to it.

Curse of Reversal.

If caught, the final damage becomes negative, making it impossible to kill any target to which the effect of the curse is applied.

Among the many curses that exist in Wizardry Caliber, it was the most evil one.

Doesn’t it fit perfectly with the situation Yoosung is going through right now?

In the first place, when you cut someone, the damage doesn’t even appear above the head, so how did you know that the damage goes into a negative number?

It was all speculation based on this.

And assuming that guess is correct, in the end, the curse must be lifted to properly deal damage.

There are three ways to lift the curse in this game.

The first is to use the Uncurse Scroll, which is obtained sparsely while playing the game.

The second is to get rid of a curse instead of receiving a blessing in a specific area.

The third was to increase the character’s combat power.

However, the first and second items could only be used by unequipping the item.

It seems like it was done on purpose, but there is no negative experience from the user’s point of view.

This sword cannot be unequipped.

No matter where you throw it and run away, it’s on your waist when you wake up.

Looking at it, it was speculated that the cursed side also had an ‘irrevocable curse’.

So it’s a very dirty situation.

Usually, the case where the curse of reversal and the curse that cannot be lifted are attached together is called ‘game company’s malice’, and it does not happen unless you are very unlucky.

If you take a certified photo and upload it to a game community with few users, it will be listed as a recommendation at once.

Originally, it would be like stepping on sh*t and restarting, but as you know, that doesn’t work now.

‘The last hope is the third method… ….’

The third method is to increase combat power.

Strictly speaking, this method does not lift the curse.

You won’t be affected by the curse.

Every curse has a hidden level.

For example, isn’t there a weakening curse on the item That Yuseong got?

On the surface, it’s just a weakening curse, but if you look at an emotional item with a certain level or higher, you can see the level of the curse.

It feels like a weakening curse (Lv. 2).

Here, if the character’s combat power increases, curses with a lower level compared to combat power can be chewed away.

For now, that was the only hope for the meteor.

‘Try to get rid of either the undispellable curse or the reverse curse…….’

First of all, I will work hard on the concept and live avoiding danger, then become stronger and stronger and one day I will definitely stop time.

That was Yuseong’s second goal.

My first goal is to see the end of the game without dying.

“Next is Meteor!”

Yooseong flinched at the words of his name.

Are you saying that your turn has already come?

It seemed like a lot of time had passed since I was thinking about this and that.


“Yes. I am leaving now.”

Whatever it is, it’s time to move.

Let’s aim for the S class and do our best.

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