18. I will keep an eye on you

“Really impressive…… It was sparring.”

Zeke, who knew that Yoosung was talented, but didn’t know that he would defeat Labian, calmly recited his sentiments.

Then I thought to myself.

‘What the hell is that guy? Did you deliberately ruin the test and win with Ravian?’


The more I thought about the meteor, the more Zeke thought that something was wrong.

‘I don’t have the confidence to understand what to do… ….’

Is it because it overlaps with the strangely mystical atmosphere?

Or is it because he is a foreigner from a distant country?

At least, Yooseong was far away from what he thought was common sense.

‘Still, one thing is certain. Even if it kills my eyes, if it’s at that level, even Cruella-sama would be interested in it.’

What if you don’t understand something?

In this season, a person with enough skill to overwhelm Labian came out.

As an instructor who decided to bury his bones in Helios Academy, which pursues skill-first, he put his skills first when looking at cadets.

Zeke closed his eyes for a moment and reviewed the sparring between Meteor and Labian.

Yooseong’s strength is the ultra-fast swordsmanship that seems to have been handed down from an oriental master.

I thought it was about that much, but looking at it now, it wasn’t just the sword that was fast.

If the sword was simply fast, it would be enough if you didn’t give it any distance.

With that thought in mind, Ravian made it a top priority to keep the distance.

‘It could be said that it was a safe and standard judgment indeed.’

However, Yoosung was different from Jeongseok.


He uses bizarre steps that make it impossible to know where he is heading, and his dashes that are abruptly mixed in between are also so fast that it is hard to catch with the naked eye.

Reaction speed and running itself feel normal, but in Zeke’s eyes, it’s a high-level trick.

If you want to move to the left, it will bulge forward before you know it.

After putting in the fake, it doesn’t show the preparation movement itself leading to the real action.

If you are deceived by that, the distance will be narrowed in an instant while you are sorry, and you will be allowed to approach.

This oriental warrior seemed adept at putting the opponent’s judgment to one side and taking them by surprise.

‘This is a combat method that will never come out if you do not always have time to look ahead even during a tense battle. Rather, is it possible that such a technique is possible because the senses are trained to the limit and the vision is eliminated.’

In fact, even he, who became an instructor with a keen eye, had no idea where and how he would bounce when the meteor moved, so he said it all.

With sharp senses and high-speed sword art added to it, it would be difficult to deal with.

‘Even Ravian failed to open the distance…… If we fight again, it should be different, but there is no next time in actual combat.’

After all, the east was a very mysterious place.

The overall level is poor and uncivilized, but some who stand out have skills and potential that rival even the mightiest of the empire.

Even though he is blind, he has that level of ability.

No matter how skilled the swordsmen of the empire were, if they lost an eye, they could be defeated by someone two levels lower.

‘Still, it’s nothing compared to the Empire.’

Dongbang lacks the concept of military and systematic training.

Even if a certain master stirs up the battlefield, there are very few such people.

Martial arts are not handed down based on proven standards, but are torn apart into specific sects, and countless schools are constantly appearing and disappearing.

Some visions contained understanding and profound realizations that would astound even the mightiest of the Empire, while others were only abstract and terrible.

Even in such an environment, a few masters can come out, but a large number of usable troops can never come out.

The martial arts taught in the empire have been constantly researched on general purpose in order to make as many Aura users as possible.

As a result, many people became Aura users who could draw Auras, and as there were many specimens that realized their talents and polished themselves, so many exceptionally strong people were produced.

No matter how large the population is and how many talented people there are, if the environment doesn’t allow them to realize it, they will be weeded out.

That’s why the Qing and other Eastern countries bowed their knees to the Empire.

After being beaten once, it seems that they are trying to create a giant munpa and develop qigong skills, but the trend of the continent has already been decided for a long time.

Zeke’s gaze turned to Yeonhwaran and Shohei.

‘Meteor is also a meteor, so I’m looking forward to those two too. Both of them have the ability to go to Class A. The potential is endless.’

As explained before, the inferiority of Orientals is when viewed in large numbers. Individuals who are aware of their talents are as good as the rising stars of the empire.

This was the reason why the Helios Academy, directly managed by the empire, put a lot of effort into attracting talented people from other countries.

Already many masters of the East are loyal to the Empire and show its might.

Wouldn’t it be true continental unification to embrace talented people from other countries as one’s own country in that way?

‘By the way…… I hope Ravian isn’t depressed. It’s not that kind of personality, but he hasn’t suffered defeat yet. It would be nice if this experience could serve as a foundation for further growth.’

Zeke turned his head to look at Labian.

Unsurprisingly, the cadets from the same S class gathered next to me and were teasing me hard.

“You lost? You came here to teach the new freshmen a lesson, but did you lose to that newbie?”

“What should we do now, dear genius wizard Ravian? Embarrassing rumors seem to be spreading.”

“Aren’t you neglecting training? If I compete now, could I take away the first place?”

A provocation that makes you excited because you want to be at this time.

Ravian’s face was momentarily annoyed.

However, she soon showed the composure of her peak.

Like little dogs barking in fear, she laughed at the children of rival families who somehow tried to dwarf her.

“Because of me, I was able to hold out that long, do you think you would have lasted even 10 seconds if you had dealt with meteor cadets?”

“That’s hard to say.”

A brown-haired man with a well-maintained muscular body that does not interfere with combat.

Leonold von Alvester raised his fighting spirit.

“Then I go this time. Meteor! Let me fight.”

He, too, pointed out Yoosung as a matter of course.


People survive long when they are honest with their situation.

To be honest, I was scared.

No, it’s not just about being scared.

Leonold wasn’t a playable character, but as a member of the 2nd year S class, he had a certain importance.

As a damage tank type superpower who invested a lot in defense, his basic defense was quite high, and once he got into a defensive stance, there were no answers.

You can’t win even if the time stop is 10 seconds instead of 10 hours.

Kick your heart out? Eye pick up? Because of the protective film that flows over the surface of the body, it will not work at all.

The reason the damage went negative was that it had to be able to deal damage.

The Curse of Reversal is that the final damage is reversed.

Even if I tried to swing the sword with all my might at Leonold at the level of a meteor, it wouldn’t go in.

So I had to make an excuse.

“I’m sorry, but senior, I don’t think I can continue sparring with you.”

“Why? Were you scared?”

“It’s because right now I’ve exhausted almost all of my strength fighting against Rabian-senpai.”

Now that it’s like this, I have no choice but to do something that Ravian likes.

Yoosung decided to paint her face with gold.

“It wasn’t even a long fight. You won overwhelmingly It looks like a simple excuse to me.”

“No. Senior Ravian was a formidable enemy who could be said to be the best among the wizards I have ever seen. She judged that it was not a situation to save strength, so she had no choice but to raise my capabilities to the limit at once. It seemed overwhelming because I risked everything to win in that short amount of time. If I hadn’t succeeded in the final blow, I would have been the one to suffer.”


Leonold’s eyebrows twisted in an instant as if he didn’t like it.

“Is that why you won’t fight me?”

I had to look up at the meteor, which is 182 cm long and looks a little over 2 meters long.

Yooseong took off her sunglasses for a moment and showed her eyes.

If you do this, you will have credibility in what you say next.

“Even though I can’t see, I can feel it through my senses. You are also strong. I can’t decide if I can dare to win even if I prepare with all my might in the best condition, but she is harsh against a strong opponent like her senior while she is tired.”

“… ….”

His expression relaxed.

From the perspective of Leonold, who thinks that if she paints her face with gilt, she is a wall that needs to be broken down, it was inevitably uncomfortable.

That’s why Yooseong applied silver to his face as well.

‘Even if it’s a fight in the virtual realm, if you put all your efforts into it, you must be mentally exhausted. After Ravian, it was definitely harsh to have me deal with me one after another. I did something embarrassing in front of my juniors.’

That speech worked very well and put Leonold in a state of complete composure.

“I’m sorry, Yoosung. My thoughts were short formally apologize Let’s try to compete with each other in a perfect state later.”

“Thank you for considering my position, senior.”


Leonold thought as he turned around.

‘After talking with him, he’s a pretty decent guy. Contrary to what he is doing, his manners naturally contain the manners of a high-ranking aristocrat. He’s also very talented, so it wouldn’t be bad if he could be brought into our family as an ally.’

That’s how the happening ended.

Yuseong, wearing sunglasses again, felt his gaze and looked away.

As I was doing something, Labian gave her a shallow smile.

It seems that Yoosung is quite satisfied with his life.

If she was a playable character, she would have given me two level 1 gifts together with the content of the sparring.

‘Power, Ira. Are you serious?’

In the meantime, Zeke, who was watching the conversation between Yoosung and Leonold, laughed inwardly as if he was dumbfounded.

He looked closely.

The meteor’s sword hacked through Labian, but there were no wounds.

I don’t know what strategy I used, but I’m sure there’s a lot of energy left.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t even dream of subduing the other person without hurting them.

‘I don’t know what kind of ulterior motive they have for such eccentricities…… Interesting. I will keep an eye on you.’

Not only Zeke, but also Rabian, who was directly injured, and some personnel with good eyesight, are also aware that the meteor’s slash is unusual.

It’s not long before Yoosung’s beliefs, not his beliefs, will be on the lips of many people.

That was the moment of evaluation.

It is an evaluation of how well Yoosung has done with the concept so far.

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