2. Dear, can’t you see?

2. Dear, can’t you see the front?

“Somehow, it seems to have arrived on time.”

“I will. My butt hurts a bit…… I’m glad the merchant drove me here.”

“Haha. Isn’t this all thanks to my usual accumulation of virtue? You owe me.”

Anise grinned at Yoosung’s needless condescension.

‘It was definitely close.’

She was like that even when she thought about it herself.

If it wasn’t for the meteor, we wouldn’t have arrived on time.

If you just want to wipe your mouth with this, it wouldn’t be doable.

“Okay, let’s do that. I will slowly pay off this debt after entering the academy. If you want to be repaid, please pray for me to pass.”

“I don’t do things like pray.”


“Because I know I will stick with it. I’ve been watching from the future. I passed anyway, so why do I pray?”

Anise’s face was about to turn sullen, but her face soon brightened again.

“Thank you so much for your words. Uhm. I don’t think you need to tell me to do well on the test either. If you have that skill, you will definitely pass. See you next time!”

Anise hurries into her crowd, blushing slightly and giving a light nod.

It seems that his line was a little cringe.

‘It’s cute, but it’s cute. Anise is not a character that originally has a cute taste. I think it looks cuter in real life.’

Even though Meteor and Anise aren’t the main characters, I’ve been playing them for quite some time.

As the story progresses, she grows into a master of parring, a typical ‘character that is a bit difficult but tasty’.

It was cute even when it was just doing the actions and lines that were set in the game, but it felt different when it became real and moved vividly without any sense of incongruity.

‘What about the other kids besides Anise?’

There are a total of 12 playable characters in Wizardry Caliber.

Four males and eight females.

The reason there are twice as many females is because this title is blatantly aimed at jerks.

Playable characters have their own strategic characteristics, and in the game, they are of similar importance regardless of who is the main character.

When the user chooses one, the rest of the playable characters become NPCs, and there was something creepy about this part.

When I saw the noise, the character Yooseong was playing was Yooseong, a blind swordsman from the East.

Therefore, it was highly likely that she was possessed by that body.

So what if she had chosen a female character?

Even if she was playing anise right away, she would have been possessed by it.

That world line’s Yoosung must have been just a classic blind swordsman.

It was very fortunate for Yooseong, who usually didn’t want to be a woman or anything like that.

‘I wonder what it would have been like.’

Yooseong also walked slowly and entered the exam hall where the exam would soon be held.

Inside the observation room of the clock tower, where you can see the bottom clearly.

Two women are sitting in the bleachers and looking down at the exam hall.

One was bright like a doll, and the other was beautiful but faded like burnt ashes.

As the two sat side by side, it seemed as if the blinding sun and the shady shadows were connected.

“Your Majesty the Emperor.”

The faded gray woman asked the bright white woman.

“From your Majesty’s point of view, what does this rider look like?”

The woman in white reluctantly scanned her crowd for her answer.

What was contained in those lifeless, dull eyes was resignation and self-deprecation.

She thought for a moment and then she replied.

“Even by rumor, it is said that a lot of unique people applied. The competition must be fierce because everyone is said to be talented people.”

Routine word choice.

A voice that can’t even be found as a soul.

He seemed to be timidly complaining that it was unpleasant for the two of them to be sitting here alone.

A sarcastic remark came back to him.

“I guess so. A lot of people gather at the place where only about 150 people are selected. This, even if there are people with sincere intentions to correct the distorted empire, you won’t be able to tell them apart unless you look closely. Isn’t it?”

“… ….”

She quietly bit her lips as if trying to prove to someone that she was not an emotionless doll.

Now that the emperor passed away due to a mysterious disease, she is the only empress even though she has not yet reached adulthood, her existence is like the sky and sun of the empire.

She dared to gnaw her lips in anger at such a being, and no one could escape.

At least, on the surface.

However, if you look into the reality, the real power of the empire is different.

Missing lime-green hair, eyes the same color.

A woman in a military officer’s uniform with no wrinkles.

She exudes the aura of a worn-out soldier even with the appearance of a young lady who might have been just twenty years old.

Yet, her dignity as a high-ranking aristocrat also overflows excessively, and anyone would feel her nerves on edge just by standing next to her.

Her name is Cruella Lederina von Frey.

She was the hidden head of the Duke of Frey, who was called the sharpest sword in the empire, and the assassin of the emperor.

Cruella rose from her seat and stood beside the Empress.

Then she reached out her finger at a spot outside her large window.

“I can’t see one right now.”

The Empress’s gaze slowly moves and touches Cruella’s fingertips.

Among the crowd, a small young man wearing a dull-colored robe was looking around as if he was uneasy.

“It seems like I can already hear shouts and explosions of ‘Free the Emperor who was held hostage!’ And ‘The ugly truth of Frey will be revealed!’. The screams of innocent victims are a bonus. What to do with this.”

Seeing it from above is really suspicious.

It seemed like it would happen as she said right away.

‘No…… Because of me again…….’

Memories of the past that constantly haunt me.

The Empress bowed her head and closed her eyes tightly.

Proving that he is a descendant of the sun, his white hair flowed down like the dazzling sun.

Cruella pressed lightly, placing her palm on the empress’s left shoulder.

“You should open your eyes, Your Majesty the Emperor.”

The empress reluctantly opens her eyes.

The location where Cruella’s index finger pointed continued to change.

“Two, three, four. I hid a lot. It seems that there are infiltrators among the security forces. As the sun of the Empire, do you have anything to say?”

Again the Empress bowed her head.

With her fists on her knees clenched tightly, she trembled and suppressed the desire to cry as she squeezed out her normal voice.

“You…… What more do you want from me who lost everything because of you? With her hands, she made me like a puppet who couldn’t do anything.”

“Your Majesty.”

Despite the gloomy color, the straight and unwavering gray eyes contained hatred and pity at the same time.

“It may have been me who brought His Majesty this far. But what really leads to your ruin is your weakness. All because you ran away…….”


Cruella drew her sword and walked past the Empress towards her door.

And just before she opened the door, she opened her mouth again.

“I won’t run away from you. Please have the boldness and strength befitting the sun of the Empire. So that a shadow like me can only follow behind you.”


Frey always made himself miserable.

From nob le mt l dot com

Jewel-like orange gold eyes shine with tears.

All she could do now was sit still and mourn.

“Princess Frey.”

“Are you here to take the entrance exam?”

Silence quickly spreads in the noisy entrance exam hall.

A man called a war hero at the age of only 15.

It was because of the appearance of the achromatic swordsman Cruella, who was said to have personally killed the army of evil forces who were trying to assassinate the emperor and destroy the empire with a single sword.

“By the way… ….”

“Why black?”

Originally, most of the emotions contained in Cruella’s gaze were envy, envy, and vagueness as if seeing a distant being.

But this time, the texture is a little different.

Perplexity, doubt, surprise.

The reason those feelings spread was because Cruella was holding a black-edged sword right now.

Cruella ignored those gazes and continued walking.

A young man in a robe was contained in the pupils that only illuminated one path as if he had no interest in anything other than the one he had set.

“What are you doing for me?”

Chow ah!

Do you have any business with me, princess?

The young man, who seemed to have been about to say that, dropped his throat before he could finish his words.

Alternately… Why… ….

The head, which was rolling on the floor, shouted that, but it couldn’t make out a voice, so it only opened its mouth.

Eyes filled with surprise, fear, and resentment soon lose their light.

“What, what.”

“I’m dead….”


The shock at the sight spread like wings.

Unstoppable murder in a place where countless eyes are watching.

Even after committing her unconventional act with her thread, Cruella only briefly explained with her nonchalant face.

“The remnants of the Blood Moon have gone into hiding. Take off her robe and you will find her self-destruct device.”

Then Cruella walked again.

With her blood dripping blade still exposed outside.

‘Hey… You’re actually watching this.’

Yuseong, who was watching the scene from a spot not far away, admired inwardly.

The question and answer dance beheading scene, a prologue story that most clearly reveals the character of Cruella, one of the playable characters.

It was aimed at, but she didn’t know that she would be able to shoot this live.

‘It’s not a painting, it’s a little goosebumps seeing him actually drop his head.’

Of course, Yooseong knew that there would be a terrorist attack at the entrance examination hall of Helios Academy.

If you see suspicious guys, pull out your sword, stop time, and look inside your robe to see if it’s a terrorist.

Tailing it made me think that she might be able to see Cruella first, but it seems to have been the answer.

‘You’re really pretty. That nonchalant yet aristocratically sophisticated thing…… I mean, the feeling of the illustration is really alive.’

Cruella is Yooseong’s second favorite character.

A unit of misfortune that is the strongest among the playable characters in terms of settings alone, but has the lowest performance in the game.

The first time I played it, it was because of the visuals, but later I often picked it because I liked the play style the most among the four swordsmen.


Yuseong, who was thinking that way, felt a sense of incongruity.

Intense, straight-forward gaze.

Cruella, who seemed to be passing by, suddenly stopped and she was clearly staring in her direction.

Soon she turns and walks in her direction.

The people around Meteor split like Moses’ miracle.

‘It’s definitely a striking outfit.’

Yuseong, who deliberately did not change his basic outfit to attract aggro, accepted his fate.

“You must have come from far away.”

“Yes. It’s called meteor. I don’t know if the princess knows the country called ‘Ryo’.”

“‘Ryo’. I’ve never heard of it. Herbs in human form are excellent, right?”

“Yes. I’d like to treat the princess with all my heart, but she comes from a poor family…….”

“It has been done. Did you come all the way here from a farther place than that to take the entrance exam?”

“That’s right.”

“Then take off those tinted glasses. School Rules It is forbidden to cover the face within the Academy.”

Was there such a rule?

Yuseong calmly took off his sunglasses while thinking so.

Faded, dead, empty, unfocused eyes that seem to contain all the gloom in the world if you look closely.

Cruella’s face met Yuseong’s eyes, which seemed to have a lot of stories, for a very short moment, but there was embarrassment.

“Dude, can’t you see?”

Even if it was so fleeting that I couldn’t catch it, the proof was that the first ‘you’ had changed to ‘you’ before I knew it.

“To my shame.”

“There is no need to be shy. It seems that he was not paying enough attention to the school rules. Until now, there has never been a case of a blind person attending the academy…… It’s okay to wear glasses again. I’ll try my best not to have any problems with tinted glasses.”

Cruella turned around and added another word.

“So, you too should try to pass the entrance exam. Even if my efforts are not in vain.”

“Thank you for your words of encouragement. It is encouraging to think that I am the first of this historic academy.”

Cruella walks past with an uncharacteristic smile.

She used to be kind to Yooseong even in her original storyline.

The reason was never explicitly stated, but it must be because her sister, who was born weak and never came out of bed, is also blind.

‘I also stamped her face like this… ….’

[ Relationship Reward ]

! Cruella

Cruella is conscious of you.

Lv. 1 Gift available

‘As expected.’

Before the entrance exam begins in earnest, let’s try opening it together with anise.

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