25. Untimely Storm

25. Untimely Storm

As soon as you open the door and go out, a dark darkness greets the meteor.

With her eyes closed and even the light blocked by her sunglasses, she couldn’t see anything.

Yuseong focused her mind and spread the feeling, just like he did in her room.

With properties similar to mana, it spread and returned, bringing various information.

‘Doors, walls, ceilings, floors, corridors… ….’

The information is combined and expressed as a randomly drawn white line.

Yooseong took a step forward.

Extremely cautious steps.

It’s as if a bird that just hatched from an egg takes its first step.


The floor made of white lines was stronger than expected and properly supported the weight of the meteor.

As you understand, the world continues.

The next step was a little bolder.

The next step was bolder than the previous one.

The world is renewed with each step you take.

It was as if someone trapped in total darkness was drawing a map bit by bit with a staff.

Although there was a difference that it was recognized too quickly and simply for pointing with a cane.

Yuseong, who was walking so slowly down the hallway, flinched and stopped.

It was because the senses caught moving objects.

“… ….”

As if expressing sound waves, sizzling white lines are walking around with a human silhouette.

It is creepy with an honest feeling.

It seems that ghosts are wandering around.

‘But he’s a person.’

It’s a world view that can’t be said that there are no ghosts, but there’s no way they’ll appear out of nowhere in a dormitory hallway like this.

He must be just an ordinary cadet using the class D dormitory.

It was difficult to grasp the details, probably because they passed by indifferently.

‘I didn’t know who it was, let alone whether it was a man or a woman. I still can’t tell the difference between people.’

Looking at the height of around 150cm, is it a woman?

Are you busy when you see something passing faster than walking speed?

I could only guess.

I don’t know if I could grasp it in detail because it was stopped, but it wasn’t easy to properly capture a moving object like that.

‘It’s because the level is low. If I use my mind’s eye more actively, my level will rise, and the detection sensitivity will increase, making it easier.’

Under a series of judgments, Yooseong moved her steps to go outside.


Then she bumped into something.

Somehow warm and fluffy….


What is it, I couldn’t catch it by feeling.

Thinking so, when she opened her eyes, Cruella in a military uniform was standing there with an expression saying, “What is this guy?”

A lot of thoughts run through my head.

‘What is it? What. Why is this person here? What brings you here? Are my eyes wrong? Do you see sh*t? Is it a dream?’

And the information that came next that it was “Warm and fluffy” Made my skin goosebumps beyond goosebumps.

The person who had just passed by was not in a hurry because he was busy, he just saw Cruella and ran away as nonchalantly as possible.

Yooseong rolled her head.

She just passed by pretending not to notice who it was.

“Excuse me. Please forgive me for not being able to see.”

Bowing his head, he passed Cruella.

Yoosung just closes his eyes to act awkward.

Then, the energy detects the surroundings, and unlike the moment before, when I couldn’t feel anything, a very hideous and sharp energy overflowed like a runaway.

“… ….”

Yoosung stopped in place.

Somehow, it seems that the level of the mind’s eye is still too low to catch a Cruella-level strongman hiding his energy.

Right now she was deliberately channeling her energy towards the meteor.

Yoosung rolled her head again and turned around to greet Cruella.

His eyes were still closed.

“This is a huge disrespect to her princess. She didn’t even notice that she was in front of her.”

“Now that’s why, I’m recognizing you. Does it detect people through their aura?”

“There are various factors such as voice and gait, but that is the most basic means. I just didn’t recognize it even though I put it right in front of me because I was in a bad condition today. Sorry.”

“Hmm. It seems that the feeling of that guy also changes depending on the condition. Compared to the first time I saw it, I felt very awkward walking.”

“Yes. Very rarely, but there are times when it is difficult to move alone. It happened because I couldn’t completely sharpen my mind.”

Cruella nodded her head and suggested.

“Should we go inside instead of talking here? If I’m standing in the hallway, I’m probably a burden to the cadets. Just now, one person saw me and suddenly felt their footsteps speed up.”

“Going in, where… ….”

“The only place to enter here is inside your room, right?”

I wondered if that was the case, but after all, Cruella wanted to talk to her meteor, so it seems that she came all the way here herself.

‘I thought it would come to me sometime.’

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Just looking at the relationship and the reward, you can see that Cruella cares a lot about her meteor.

Rather, she had to see that the fact that she came two days after being assigned to the dormitory was a consideration for her meteor in her own way.

“It’s shabby, but go in.”

In the end, Yooseong took her eyepatch off from her equipment window and brought her into her room.

Cruella, sitting in her sheepskin chair, which is her own room, crosses her legs and rests her face on her fist with her arms resting on her table.

Even though she is a young woman, her confidence and dignity as an influential person in the empire were strongly exuded.

“I can’t believe there is no place to bring a cup of tea when such a precious person has come.”

“Don’t worry. I know best that the facilities in the D-class dormitory are not that good.”

“I will make sure to have it ready next time.”

“Even if you say you don’t have to. Anyway…… Do you know that rumors are spreading within the academy that I treat you specially?”

Cruella floated her luck.

Yooseong also knew about it.

Rumors like that are enough to spread, because she changed her school rules herself, and in fact, only one person who was applied to those school rules was Yuseong.

“I don’t know the details, but I am aware of it.”

“If you think about it, it’s not wrong. Compared to the other cadets, she has a great interest. You are unique in many ways.”

“Can I hear this as congratulations?”

“Depends on future answers.”

She continued as if it was the main topic from now on.

“Why did you bother to be assigned to Class D? I don’t think my eyes were wrong when I saw your sword. If it were you, you would be able to aim for the first place in the S class as well as the top overall.”

Tak, Tak, Tak.

Cruella banging her fingers on the table.

I can feel the considerable pressure in that regular sound.

“If grades and social status are not your goals…… What happened to Helios?”

Yooseong instinctively perceived it.

I have to behave well here.

‘The nonsense that it’s fun to rise from the bottom like Anis did doesn’t work.’

Nor was there any other suitable excuse.

Apparently, it came earlier than expected.

Time to evaluate the concept from Cruella.

Yooseong lowered her head and subtly set the mood.

“This is the result of my best effort.”

“Are you claiming that you have the right skills to be in Class D?”

“I don’t know how absolutely, but at least in terms of points performed as per the evaluation items.”

“Rabian von Elentes.”

Cruella brought up Ravian’s name.

“You also know this name, right?”

“How could I not know?”

“Who would convince her sophomore year, her first place in S class, to put her on her knees and tell her that it would be appropriate for her to be in her D class herself.”

Then he spoke strongly with power in his voice.

“Explain in a way I can understand, Yuseong.”

Yooseong is piercing Cruella’s heart.

No, she firmly believed.

Why does she come and press me now?

That was judging the human named Yuseong.

Is there anyone who would have no problem introducing her to her own sister, Luna Ella?

If you know the intention, it is not difficult to behave.

I was able to deal with it much more wisely than not knowing the other person’s intentions.

‘We talked a lot about Shohei and Anis, but…… In front of Cruella, you need to hold some of her weight.’

After organizing her words in her head, Yooseong opened her mouth.

“My sword does not cut lives. Because I made it that way.”

“If a sword doesn’t cut life, what does it cut?”

She answered Cruella’s question by placing her hand on her chest.

“What is called mind, will. The purpose of my sword lies in defeating the opponent by breaking her heart without taking her life.”

“…… Mind.”

Cruella remembered the sparring of meteors.

Also, she retraced what she had been reported to by her instructors.

I don’t understand, but I can explain.

It was obviously cut, but there were no wounds.

If that’s ‘cutting only the heart’…….

Is this the common belief in immortality? It’s the first time I’ve actually seen it.’

Cruella asked Yoosung.

“Is that the value you prioritize?”

“I blinded myself for this. As long as I swore before my master’s death, I intend to protect this sword to the end.”

“So, you couldn’t defeat the beings in the illusion? Because they have no heart to break no matter how much you cut them?”


“I see. Also you are special. Much more than expected.”

Cruella continued her words with a more relaxed attitude, as if she didn’t have any particular doubts about the ‘heart-cutting sword’.

“I have a sickly younger brother. Like you, I can’t see your eyes. He said he really wants to see you. Will he meet with her when the time comes?”

“It is an honor beyond measure for me.”

Cruella, who liked Yuseong’s cool answer, stood up with a smile.

“Then see you next time. I’m sorry I came and took your time.”

“No. Please come anytime and take my time.”

Yooseong also smiled at her face, and she nodded her head lightly and opened the door herself and went out.

Yuseong She stood alone for a while and then she sighed.

“Whoa… ….”

It feels like an unexpected storm has passed.

But she made it through.

The fact that Cruella introduces her own sister is a person she can trust to a large extent, so she judges.

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