29. Meeting on the Rooftop

29. Meeting on the roof

[ Mind’s eye patch effect is being applied. ]


A state of maximum concentration.

Clearly, I feel that the feeling is spreading rapidly, but it is too late for white lines to appear and materialize the world as the effect of the mind’s eye.

Because there are so many grass and trees around, it seemed like it took time to express the environment.

‘It seems like there is a lag when loading game textures… ….’

Still, as I proceeded cautiously, similar information was processed informally, and implementation efficiency improved over time.

The realm of the mind’s eye has expanded to such an extent that it is not difficult to discern what is in front of you unless you run fast.

‘I’m sure my eyes are closed. The more you experience it, the more amazing it is.’

Like that, I was advancing with Anise.

Something popped out right away, befitting a space created for practice.



A white mass that suddenly appears from among the bushes and swings around.

Even if you don’t have to look at it with your mind’s eye, the feeling that spreads informed you first.

Yoosung, who was preparing to stop time at any moment, snapped his thumb.

Yuseong, who opened his eyes in a world where everything had hardened, checked what was rushing towards him.

Dog’s head, hatchet.

It was a surprise attack when the kobold passed by.

As if real battles were implemented, monsters appeared and did not attack, hiding and attacking.

Meteor roughly calculated the trajectory of the hand axe’s swing and moved accordingly, turning back time.


An ax blade that misses as if it were natural.

Anyone can see that Yooseong noticed it with a superhuman sense and avoided it.


Only then does the kobold break through the bushes and appear.

He is about 160cm tall.

In the form of a human with a bent back, the head of a dog close to that of a hyena, and armed with leather clothes and a hatchet, he is on the verge of going wild.

“The amount of anise.”

Yoosung waited for the delay while singing Anise and pulled out his sword himself while pulling his body back.

Once again, in the midst of stopped time, Yoosung closed his eyes and focused his mind on the white mass in front of him.

‘Finding Weaknesses.’

Even if time stops, the feeling does not stop.

Two red targets were created between the white lumps as I felt my energy draining from my body.

‘Prick a weak point.’

Meteor’s basic skill combo, Find Weakness and Pierce Weakness.

Even if you do this well, your critical hit is 100% and your critical hit multiplier is doubled.

It was difficult to use it well in the game because it had to be stabbed at the right timing, but it was not difficult since it was combined with time stop.

Hook! Hooked! Hooked! Hooked!

They stabbed him twice, alternately in the head and chest.

Chew! Chew! Chew!

Then, I turned back the time by leading the lead without forgetting the finishing cut.

Everything starts moving again.


“Keep it up!?”

The kobold became a fool as if he was having a seizure while standing there, as if his weakness stabbing was quite effective.


Hearing the meteor call, Anis suddenly came running with a sword and struck the kobold down with a large sword.




“Huh… !”


Although it is a sword, the expression of crushing rather than cutting was appropriate.

One kobold was finished in an instant.


“Thank you for your hard work Miss Anise. Are you doing better than I thought?”

Anise smiled shyly.

“All I could do was swing my sword at a stationary enemy.”

“Cheuk. If that’s the case, all I have to do is pull out my sword and swing it. Even if you came right away and put an end to it, the breathing is good.”

“Is that so? Hehe….”

“Someday, we might actually fight monsters together, so let’s practice hard this time. Shall we go forward again?”


Like that, Yuseong and Anise continued to hunt monsters.

If Meteor neutralizes it, Anise finishes it.

At first glance, it seems like a perfect role distribution for a well-matched duo, but…….

‘Why don’t you end it yourself?’

From Kasha’s point of view, it was absolutely not.

No matter how you look at it, Yuseong is just matching.

So that the team members can perform well rather than themselves.

She replayed her first scene in her head.

‘I thought he was nervous and cautious, but when he was attacked, he pulled his hair out more calmly than ever.’

The hatchet wielded by the kobold barely grazed the meteor.

As if the trajectory of the attack had been perfectly calculated in that instant.

Of course, if I had been careful up to that point, it was possible enough in the realm of expectation.

The real thing is next.

When he showed up and was about to start a second attack.

I wanted to pull out my sword…….

ㅡ Knockout!?

End of situation.

The kobold made a thrashing sound and shuddered as if in a fit, but he did nothing.

The following situations were not so different.

Neutralizes any monsters that appear with a meteor swing.

The way the team handled it was used.

‘Not even once. I haven’t seen the blade extend out and slash the enemy.’

I even felt like her pride was hurt because I kept watching her.

It’s exciting to see what he does the next moment after pulling out his sword.

Looking at the action itself, I wonder if it’s a joke.

However, the result was clear.

All the enemies standing in front of Yooseong were unable to properly control their bodies and were slain by his colleague’s greatsword.

‘A super-fast Valdor that you can’t see the trace of the sword no matter how many times you look at it. I can’t believe that such a thing exists. It must be something different.’

Kasha felt her shivers rise from deep within her chest.

As a test, the cells are shaking.

I want to stick together.

‘If that sword wants to cut me, what should I do? No, can I cope? I’m so curious…….’

Kasha, who had been deprived of her gaze by Yoosung for a long time, felt sorry for her.

She herself is the first year D class instructor.

Although she changes every week, it is right to perform her role thoroughly.

She has to constantly evaluate her students as they struggle.

Only then did Kasha start looking at the screens of the other cadets.

< Mind's Eye Lv. 5 >

“As expected… ….”

How to quickly grow anything through training that is close to real life.

I was able to reach level 5 much faster than expected by closing my eyes the entire time I was in the virtual realm and discerning the surroundings only with my senses and mind’s eye.

‘Thinking about it again, it doesn’t make sense. I’ve never thought of it this way.’

Since it’s a blind character, close your eyes and die. If you practice, your senses will become sharp again and your skills may come back.

Why didn’t Yooseong come up with such a simple, infantile, and easy-to-use method for about two months after being possessed?

I was really embarrassed because I possessed it, and I have no choice but to explain that it was because it was absurd to see a blind character.

It wasn’t that I didn’t close my eyes while swinging the sword.

But it’s the first time I’ve been trying to find my senses in the dark, and being a blind man, I’ve spent close to an entire day.

Yoosung’s regaining his Mind’s Eye skill felt like a miracle of guidance.

Who would have known that the original meteor’s exclusive artifact would pop out from there.

‘What will be the first characteristic?’

When a skill reaches level 5, it evolves and there is a big change.

Not all skills are like that, but at least Mind’s Eye was like that.

As for the first attribute, the basic performance of the skill was usually enhanced.

However, since the characteristics are also probabilistic, something better could come out…….

If you expect something like that after you’ve already been lucky once, you probably don’t have a conscience.

‘What if you don’t have a conscience? I don’t think I can break it yet. Just come out with something good.’

At first, I didn’t expect anything at all, saying that if I expected it, I would be betrayed, but when I tasted it, the person changed.

Rather than just a gamer mind, the mindset of ‘one special possessor’ became stronger.

[ The skill, ‘Eye of the Mind’ can evolve. ]

[ Please select the evolution direction. ]

[ Skill Evolution ]

< A wider scope >

ㅡ Mind’s eye range increased by 100

< More Sensitive Capture >

ㅡ Increases capture sensitivity by 10%

‘Is it also basic performance enhancement?’

Current range is 370, capture sensitivity is 12%.

From level 1 to level 5, while the range is increased by 70, the capture sensitivity is increased by 7%.

A showdown between two geniuses with strong pride.

Yooseong lay in her dormitory bed and pondered for nearly two hours.

‘No matter how much I think about it, it’s only right to reinforce the parts I’m more disappointed with.’

As the scope increases, you can stand in place and organize more information in an easy-to-understand manner.

You can feel it just by feeling, but there are many ambiguous parts in many ways, but Mind’s Eye is a skill that makes it into the realm of ‘certainty’.

It is certain that there are strengths as the scope increases.

However, the inconvenience caused by the low capture sensitivity is greater.

Like Cruella, you can’t secure information when the strong hide themselves.

Like the monsters we faced today, moving fast and updating location information slowly.

Whenever I am ambiguous, I open my eyes to check, but to be honest, every time I do that, my mind is clouded and it annoys me.

It would be appropriate to increase the capture sensitivity here.

Under that judgment, I chose .

To test its function, I decided to go for a night walk.


Due to the effect of the mind’s eye, the Has reached +5 level, so it spreads much faster than the meteor’s original sensibility.

To explain the skill system for a moment, additional skill levels obtained through item effects do not affect training or evolution.

< Feeling of the blind Lv. 3(+5) >

It is marked in this way, and it only improves the performance a little.

‘I don’t really feel much of this area, perhaps because I’ve already registered it.’

But the world is always subject to change.

I feel like the positions of stones strewn along the road and the movement of fluid objects are being updated much faster than usual.

‘You’ve definitely become sensitive. Now, even enemies that are constantly moving can be detected to some extent. Even if it’s not perfect.’

Like that, Meteor wandered around for a while.

And that was when he went up to the roof.

‘Is there someone on the roof?’

I wanted to check who it was, but I deliberately didn’t open my eyes.

It was to find out how far a person’s characteristics could be realized with the mind’s eye with increased capture sensitivity.

‘My height is mid-150cm. Is your hair in a ponytail? The side hair is a bit long…… He’s thin and he’s wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts.’

The white line created in Yooseong’s head due to his mind’s eye was clearly drawing the profile of a girl.

I still can’t tell what the features are like, but even being able to reach this level was a huge step forward.

After checking, Yooseong opened her eyes.

What you see is a girl with orange hair and eyes of the same light.

She was standing on the roof, looking down at the world, blankly, but with an expression of fear on her face.

‘That guy… ….’

A character flashes in Yooseong’s mind.

Grade 2 wheat.

Playable characters.


You can select her as her playable character only after her 2nd playthrough.

Looking at Mill’s prologue story, she used to feel a strange feeling even before her memories returned.

Seeing that he was so out of his mind that he didn’t even know who was standing next to him, it seemed that now was such a time.

‘There was definitely a rooftop scene in the prologue.’

I didn’t even try to meet, but the situation where the two of us ran into each other even felt contrived.

As if this were the guidance of fate.

Maybe it wasn’t a case similar to now that she ran into Anise on her way to school.

‘It seems certain that there is something. Anyway, since we met, I can’t help but talk.’

Yet, before her memories as a regressor returned.

The first thing Yuseong said to Mill, she thought about what would be good.

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