3. The Last Survivor of the Clan

3. Last survivor of the clan

A total of five heads were put into garbage bags by Cruella.

It was revealed that they were suicide bombers of a terrorist group that was trying to wreak havoc on the blood moon empire, and the test site was thrown into chaos.

Then there were comments such as whether the test was canceled or the test date was pushed back, but in the end there was no damage and all the terrorists died, so the test continued normally.

“But isn’t this a bit like that?”

“I see… I really hit my head without hesitation. How do you know you’re a terrorist? Not everyone wearing a robe is a terrorist.”

“I heard they were all terrorists.”

“That’s it, if that person puts his mind to it….”

“Careful. People pass by.”

“… ….”

The work was done perfectly, but it was unavoidable that there was noise in the process.

From a point of view that doesn’t know anything, it’s no different than just killing someone with a heart attack.

This is because Cruella did not tell anyone about her extraordinary abilities.

Playable characters are said to be chosen by the world, and each has a strategy skill called ‘personality’.

Cruella’s personality is “Capturing flesh”.

This personality, which can detect the emotions, intentions, and even the next action of an opponent with murderous intent, is used to prepare for surprise patterns in the game.

With this ability, it was possible to pick and find the terrorist even among the crowded crowd.

She wasn’t necessarily a terrorist, but if someone harbored her murderous intent to kill many people, she would have wielded her sword without hesitation.

One of Cruella’s nicknames was the protector of the empire, but cruelty always followed.

It must be because of the strong image that once they are assumed to be enemies, they have no mercy at all, and they do not mind the sacrifice of innocents or allies in order to punish evil.

From the beginning, the naming was a mix of Crewell, which means cruel, and Ella, a female name, so it’s no wonder.

However, unlike the name she received from her father and her external reputation, Cruella was quite kind to those whom she judged to be weak, such as the elderly, young children, and the disabled.

She was apparently handicapped just a moment ago, but wasn’t she considerate of Yooseong and encouraging her?

Boo woo woo!

As she was thinking about Cruella, she suddenly heard the sound of a horn.

Yuseong turned her head towards the sound.

A knight wrapped in armor all over her body was blowing vigorously on a large horn.

“Attention! The Helios Academy entrance exam will begin in three minutes!”

Now it seems that the entrance examination is really starting.

In her honest feelings, she wanted to live her life as a wandering swordsman without following her story, but…….

I should have received the main quest reward, and running away from fate by possessing one of the main characters rather than an extra seemed to have a bad prognosis in many ways.

Because if we don’t do it, we will perish.

You don’t die right away, but eventually you become an apocalypse worldview.

Yoosung didn’t really want to live in an apocalyptic world.


“Whoa… ….”

“I have to do well….”

The age limit for admission to the academy is from 13 to 22 years old.

Students of various ages made their own determination.

Yooseong also decided to do what he had to do before the exam.

‘Let’s see the relationship reward gift now.’

In fact, the contents are not even expected.

At most, it was obvious that it was experience and low-grade equipment.

Should it come out well, should it be runes or investable stat points?

[ Obtained the attack speed rune. ]

[ Acquired 1 investable stat point. ]

However, the two things I just thought of came out.

‘This kind of thing comes out well only if you don’t really expect it… ….’

Originally, it’s a national rule to expect a little while laying down the groundwork to say don’t expect anything here, but Yooseong really didn’t expect anything.

It’s not something to be overjoyed about when something good comes out of a level 1 gift through a low probability.

The important thing is a box with a high level.

In luck mangem, it was important not to have fun.

‘Anyway, something useful came up right away, so let’s accept it.’

There is nothing more stupid than to be offended that a jackpot hit on a low-stakes gamble is strange and that you spent luck.

Meteor opened the status window and installed the attack speed rune he just obtained in the box labeled 「Rune」.

[ Rune Status ]

Attack Speed + 0.2%

Runes are like new equipment that raises stats just by collecting them.

It’s just ignorance that helps, so the more the better.

‘It is correct to put stat points into agility.’

Attack, defense, and speed are all valuable, but the most desperate thing right now is speed and accuracy.

There is only one reason Yooseong invested stat points in agility.

This is because the synergy created between the main ability ‘Time Stop’ and the ‘Agility’ statistic was very useful.

First stop time.

Most of the mechanism of time stop, which is presumed to be caused by an unknown bug, has been identified through research.

If you pull out the sword more than 3 cm from the scabbard, the world will immediately stop.

The maximum stopping time is approximately 10 seconds.

I tend to express it roughly as 10 seconds, but I was just thinking that Meteor was exactly 10 seconds.

In terms of experience, it was not shorter than 10 seconds, but slightly longer, so it was easier to use in many ways to think of it as just 10 seconds.

Here, there are three cases where the time stop is released.

From nob le mt l dot com

Just 10 seconds or so.

I strongly believe that I will break the time stop with the feeling of pressing the play button.

The sword was to fit completely into the scabbard.

In other words, you can control the stopping time.

It is always good to use time efficiently.

It was even more so with this ability.

After stopping time to maximum, there is a cooldown of about 3 seconds to stop time again.

However, there was almost no delay when it was used for 1 second and then returned again.

So, to fight efficiently, it was better to use abilities briefly and frequently, and in order to do that, you need to be able to perform movements as quickly and accurately as possible when time stops.

‘In that respect, agility is really compatible.’

In Wizardry Caliber, increasing agility increases character speed.

In other words, the higher you raise your agility, the faster you can act in a faster time than others.

In a way, it is safe to say that stopping time means reducing the agility of all beings to infinity.

In addition, agility improves reaction speed, dynamic vision, body balance and flexibility, so if you raise it enough, you can make much more sophisticated movements.

If you want to directly increase the speed of the body itself, you need to take a strength stat, but it seemed better to hold off for now as the damage is huge right now.

[ Agility 9 -> 10 ]

After investing stats like that, it felt like the world slowed down, albeit just a little bit.

In addition, the 0.2% Attack speed rune cannot be ignored, but it seems small, but the story has changed as it accumulates.

‘This is enough. I’ve been practicing hard, so I won’t fail.’

After the possession, Yuseong’s situation was not very good.

Simdeuk, who learned even by destroying his body and dulling his swordsmanship, is not applicable in the position of possessing.

Since it has not fully adapted to the possessed body, its mana utilization is inexperienced.

If it hadn’t been for stealing things with the ability to stop time, I could have starved to death.

If your original skill is lacking, you should at least sharpen your catch skills.

Before the start of the main stream, there was no time to learn swordsmanship step by step.

Therefore, Yoosung has been honing the techniques to deal with time stop for 5 hours every day in order to make good use of his fraudulent abilities.

The fastest way to stop time.

Correlation between continuous pause time and reuse delay.

Detailed characteristics and efficient use of time stop, etc.

Through countless studies, I learned how to look strong even when weak.

Effort was essential even if you had the ability to cheat.

You never know when or where something unexpected will happen.

The Helios Academy entrance exam consists of a total of three stages.

The first step is the interview.

I look at where this guy sitting now came from, what kind of status he has, whether his limbs are in good shape, and whether he’s insane.

Yes, that’s right.

Actually, it doesn’t make any sense.

This is because they do all the background research before announcing the test results anyway.

Knowing that, I couldn’t be this bored.

The second stage is a physical fitness test.

Measures various areas from basic physical strength to mana sensitivity.

Still, this has some meaning, you can figure out the basic level with this, and it becomes the standard for determining opponents in the 3rd level sparring test.

Since Yooseong was an extreme critical strike dealer who mainly targeted the opponent’s weakness with the personality of ‘mind eye’, his own specs are at the bottom.

Due to the character setting, I’ve been focusing on enlightenment for several years without any physical training, so what can I do?

Instead, the mana sensitivity was suspiciously good, and the score itself was high.

The third stage is Dalian, which is the essence of the academy entrance exam.

Based on the score from the physical strength test, match the opponent and attach a life or death result.

Weapons are also free to use, and because all kinds of blades and killing magic are rampant, you could really die while taking the test.

Helios Academy has a setting that thoroughly pursues practical combat, so these actual duel tests were regarded as a festival-like event.

‘It’s said that it can be cured, but the more I think about it, the more I mean the end.’

Listening this far, I have a feeling that no matter how the game is set up, it is a bit overkill.

Of course, at the academy, we don’t gather up promising youngsters and cast ‘kill each other from now on’.

The duel test is a place where everyone from the upper class of society, from princesses to high-ranking nobles, chief wizards, and knight commanders, come out to watch.

Including the Holy Mother of Seonghwangcheong, who is said to bring back the dead, high priests who are specialists in the healing world are always on standby.

Even if it splits in half coolly, if you pour holy power right away, it will end with a slight aftereffect of about a month.

“Tester #367, Yuseong! Come up to the arena!”

Yuseong came to his senses at the roaring cry of the knight in charge.

It seems that the first sparring is finally about to begin.

In the game story, the playable character selected by the user will always be called first.

And the opponent was randomly selected from among the playable characters taking the entrance exam in the prologue.

‘This, it seems that the rules of the game apply to some extent.’

No matter how much he has the ability to stop time, Yoosung, who was nervous, let out a small sigh and went up the arena.

‘Who will be my opponent?’

I was nervous, but I was also looking forward to it because it seemed like it would be fun.

Soon the knight’s cry will burst out.

“Tester No. 115, Shohei Yanagi! Come up to the arena!”

A person stepped on the stairs of the arena.

His appearance is like that of a young boy from a prestigious oriental family, but he is a citizen of the empire.

In fact, this man who looked like a naturalized member of the Empire was Shohei Yanagi from the game.

As soon as he saw the meteor, he grinned and whistled.

“Hwiyu, you kill your fashion sense, hyung. Did you come to tour? It’s amazing when you use it for the first time. They block out all the sunlight despite the glasses.”

“Hmm. OK, Empire. A lot really. A curious thing.”

“You can see the level without competing. If you are a samurai from the East, you must also be able to blend into your surroundings in order to be first class.”

“If you’re going to say that, you should have changed your name first.”

“Haha. Because I have a bit of a symbolic body. I can’t throw away my origin and identity.”

There will be no one who doesn’t know that the country where Yuseong was born, ‘Ryo’, is a fictional country based on Goryeo.

Then, where is ‘Zipangu’ a fictional country based?

Taken for granted, it was Japan.

There are characters with Korean motifs, so there must be characters with Japanese motifs.

Shohei is the last survivor of an extinct ninja clan.

However, in fact, she is not the last survivor, but has a twin sister who survived through a different route.

They don’t know each other, only to be revealed as the story progresses.

His fighting style is the type to tease and gnaw opponents with quick movements, excellent evasion, and tricky attacks using ninjutsu, and his armament is various ninja tools including kunai.

“Unfortunately, you have to be satisfied with sightseeing. If I were the opponent, I would definitely be eliminated. It’s nothing like consolation, but I’ll give you a rare experience. Haven’t you ever lost your soul in your life?”

His favorite means is to trick his eyes using ninjutsu.

However, Yuseong is blind and can distinguish things only through his senses.

It was said that there was no such thing as being deceived.

Therefore, both in the setting and in the game, Meteor is Shohei’s hard counter.

I couldn’t help but feel the shady Korean ego just by looking at the pairing.

If there is a problem, it is that the current ‘Yoosung’ has no idea what it is like to feel like it’s because he can see so well…….

“Both sides prepare for battle!”

It’s just a minor problem.

Yooseong put his hand on the hilt of his sword beforehand.


The explosion from the magic flare hits my ears.

It was the beginning of a duel in which one had to prepare to kill the other.

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