30. Let’s finish it together!

30. Let’s finish it together!

“There are a lot of stars.”

The sun has not completely set yet, but the sky is full of twinkling stars.

“…… Whoa!”

As soon as Yuseong said that, Wheat flinched greatly.

Even though I’ve been standing next to you for a while, I’m sure I didn’t notice it at all.

Her pupils, who had been dazed as if they had been brainwashed, returned to those of an ordinary girl.

“Who, who, are you?”

“This is Meteor in the 1st grade. I thought you would know that I was next to you, but I guess I was mistaken. Sorry.”

“Ah… ….”

Only then did she find out.

Again, your body was in a daze.

“No. It was my fault for being distracted. I am…… It’s a second grade wheat.”

“This is a senior. Did you come up to see the stars too?”

“Star, Lee?”

“Yes. Aren’t there a lot of stars floating in the sky? I thought it would look prettier from a high place.”

Wheat looked at the sky.

Certainly, even though it is not completely dark yet, countless stars are showing off and shining.

“… ….”

Looking at that, I inadvertently try to go blank.

Yes, even then… ….

“Aren’t there a lot of stars up there?”


Her words hinted at by Yoosung brought her back to her senses.

“Yes…… As you said. It floats a lot.”

“I’m glad. I knew I felt wrong.”

Yoosung smiled lightly, lowered her head, and slipped down her sunglasses to show her wheat the condition of her eyes.

“Even if you come to see the stars, there is nothing you can see. I just feel the energy of the place where the starlight falls. I just imagined it. There will be many.”

“… ….”

Those eyes.

What is it?

Looking at those dead white eyes, I felt uncomfortable again.

‘I’ve been feeling strange ever since the new students came in.’

It was the same when I saw Princess Frey.

When she saw some of the cadets, a dangerous and devastating, grotesque feeling hit her heart.

Mill felt an unknown fear.

How is she herself?

It was clear that something was happening.

“I didn’t specifically come to see the stars…… I, first, I will go down.”

Mill hurriedly walked past the meteor.

Yuseong, who thought it was a bit too long to let her go like this, stopped her.



The wheat as she hurriedly walked toward the stairs she was descending stood firm.

She didn’t want to talk further, but it was a movement that seemed to say that she would listen to at least one word.

“As you make your usual choices, remember what I said. ‘This is the last time,’ he said. Please.”

Correspondingly, Yoosung cut off her words briefly.

Your usual choice?

Is this the last time?

Her words were completely meaningless to her now.

Still, since she had been told to ask for it, she decided to keep it in her heart for now.

She walked away from the roof like wheat ran away.

Yooseong, who watched her from the back until the end, took off her eye patch and sunglasses and saw the world with her naked eyes for the first time in a long time.

‘The sky is pretty.’

As I watched, I saw a shooting star falling.

What does that meteor mean?

Is it just part of a natural phenomenon?

Then, does it mean that there is only one universe in this world?

After meeting Mill and having a short conversation, I felt that the main story would soon begin.

Yoosung, who knew what kind of adversity awaited him in the future, couldn’t help but feel frustrated in many ways.

‘But…… It’s not a game without a happy ending.’

Whenever that happened, Yooseong thought.

What kind of life awaits after the happy ending?

It must be full of exciting relationships and adventures.

‘I don’t want to go back to the original world or anything after it’s over.’

Yuseong put on his sunglasses again, put on his eyepatch again, closed his eyes and turned around.

Now that today is over, let’s prepare for tomorrow’s life.

The girl who went to bed early suddenly stood up and looked at the ceiling.

As if he had been ordered to do so, he stood still for dozens of minutes.

Numerous cries echoed in the girl’s head.

[ I hate it anymore. Stop, it hurts ]

[ I don’t want to try anymore. ]

[ Why me? Why are you doing this only to me? ]

[ I’m not a hero. ]

[ I’m not born with a noble status, nor do I have any talent. ]

[ It’s just that I was born as a commoner, I was lucky enough to awaken my abilities, and I was lucky enough to be able to enter Helios. ]

[ After graduating from C class moderately, adequately devoted to the country, moderately receiving a land, living a life of old age and dying was not enough. ]

[Why can’t I just die? ]

[ Why do I have to despair endlessly? ]

[ Why am I the only one who remembers everything! ]

[ Kill me! Give it a go! ]

[ Please don’t turn back time…… ! ]

[ I, now, no more. ]

[I don’t have the heart left to stand up……. ]

…………… ….

……… ….

… ….

“Again… ….”

Sixth night after Helios Academy’s new student entrance ceremony.

The girl who went through countless loops came up with everything.

Dozens of hopes, hundreds of resolutions, thousands of despair.

Eventually, even the self whose heart was completely broken.


Again, the loop continued without fail.

How long has it been since you last hanged yourself?

How much rest were you able to get?

I don’t know.

From the perspective of waking up, it’s just a passing moment.

Unless you see the ‘end’, this loop continues endlessly.

But where the hell is that “End”?

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you endure, no matter how hard you try, they don’t tell you where to go to get over the wall.

With such a theme, the world once again forces him to move forward and brings back memories that should have disappeared.

I don’t think he will obey such absurdity.

Taking her own life as soon as she regained her memories was her small resistance.

I have no intention of following the dictates of fate any longer.

If you live a thousand times, you will die a thousand times.

If this world is destined to perish, and we have to stop it even if we constantly turn back time.

Please find someone other than me.

It was no different than arguing with an unknown divine being.

In this episode, Mill quietly came out of the dormitory and went to the place where he always hanged himself.

Old warehouse.

Where there are strong lines, high enough, and plenty of space.

It was a place that was chosen with great care so that even if the instinct to not want to die was triggered by telekinesis, one could die in peace.

Skillfully, he drives the items in the warehouse to both corners, makes a noose, and then puts them in the cracks in the ceiling and ties them up tightly.

Then, I stood on a chair and looked at the world beyond the circle created by the noose.

“… ….”

Normally, I would have put my head in and kicked the chair without hesitation.

It is difficult for those who have awakened mana to take their own lives.

Especially if it’s a telekinesis.

Human beings cannot end their lives with their own hands no matter how much they want to die.

Throwing yourself in, hanging yourself, or cutting yourself open only leads to death as a result.

No matter which method of suicide is used, in the last moment before death, the desire to live resisting death arises.

That’s why you have to constantly try many times to die.

In the end, I want to live, so I use psychokinesis to lift my body or bring something to support my feet.

Every time that happens, you have to hang yourself again and keep pushing yourself until you’re exhausted to the end, so you can’t resist and die.

So you should try it soon.

If the commotion lasts for a long time, it may be discovered by others.

But she could hardly translate her thoughts into her actions.

[ As you make your usual choices, remember what I said. ‘This is the last time,’ he said. ]

It was because I was very concerned about the words that remained in my head.

‘Meteor. That guy He wasn’t the kind of guy who would do something ridiculous like that.’

Yoosung in Mill’s memory had never covered his eyes, let alone sunglasses.

Having a very resolute personality, he never lengthened his words and he always had minimal manners.

But now?

Quite the opposite.

Seeing that the loop is showing a completely different movement than usual, it is clear that there has been a big change.

It is right to actively check.

But Mill didn’t want to do that.

She had no iron will, she had no sense of mission to save the world, and all her passion had been poured into the past, scraping her bottom.

She was just an ordinary girl who got used to pain, despair, and eventually broke her heart.

Even though I know what’s right and what’s wrong, I don’t have the strength to focus on those things anymore.

If I can just get away from everything for a moment and feel comfortable, I’m just grateful…….

‘This is the last…… Ira. I really hope so.’

She finally put the weight on her strings.

Her telekinetic powers threw her chair away.

Kwaaaaak… !

A mana shield has already gathered around the neck, trying to protect the body from dying.

But it’s okay.

Little by little, but steadily, I am choking.

If you wait for about 5 minutes, you will start to suffer from lack of oxygen in your body.

‘Success at once this time… ….’

It was about the time she was begging like that.


There was a sound like something snapping, and her body plummeted to the floor.

“…… !”

Why is this all of a sudden?

It is a sturdy rope that is properly woven and has never been broken.

Seeing the cut off part in bewilderment, a question arose in my head.

‘Is the cutting surface clean?’

The very next moment after thinking that.

Someone approached, pretending to be familiar.

Black robe and hat.

And a man wearing sunglasses that don’t match.

“If I die right away, it should be comfortable. The next episode will only start for you anyway.”

“…… What.”

“Think about this one more time. Because this is the last episode I am in.”

Yooseong, who had been talking in a low tone, gave strength to his voice.

“Let’s finish that loop together!”

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