32. Before the Storm?

32. Before the storm?

Back to the dormitory.

Yuseong knelt down on his knees as if he were practicing under a waterfall, closed his eyes and looked at his status window with a reverent heart.

[ Lv. 5 Gift ]

In a way, this moment isn’t the most important turning point after being possessed.

Yeah, maybe even more than the moment I decided on what concept to live by.

‘Please. Please, whatever comes out is fine, so don’t just come out defensive.’

He is not a pleasant person by nature, but a human being who is just a concept lover who aims for him and wants to act with all his might.

There was never a time when he wasn’t desperate even when he pretended to be leisurely and pleasant.

And among them, right now can be said to be the peak of earnestness.

Unlike when I received it, I passed it by saying, ‘Oh, this is unexpected.

‘I don’t really want to hit the jackpot, so I just have to make sure that it helps the attack…… !’

Yoosung put his hands together and prayed.

At first, he invested in agility rather than strength as if he didn’t need to attack because the damage was negative anyway, but that was just to make the attack more stable.

First of all, you need to move your body quickly and accurately to wield the sword.

For those who have the cheat-level ability of stopping time, a stronger attack is the first defense.

Moreover, as long as you are attacking for the purpose of breaking through defenses and giving stiffness without directly dealing damage, investing in attacks really yields much more efficient results than investing in defenses.

Both attack and defense are used for defense, but the one who defends with attack can use it much more extensively.

He sat like that for a while.

And at some point, he opened the box as if in a sudden rush.

This was the gacha method Yooseong used a lot.

Of course, nothing good comes out of doing this.

Like other roguelike loop water games, Wizardry Caliber has the concept of a ‘seed’.

The moment you start the game, where and what will come out is all decided.

Of course, you can’t know that in a normal way.

Will the level 5 gift cycle of this seed bring a smile to Meteor?

[ Obtained ‘Ether Blade’. ]

‘Aether Blade?’

For a moment, I thought hard.

As far as Yooseong knows, this is a legendary level artifact.

Performance could be said to be synonymous with passability.

[ Item Info ]

< Ether Blade >

A magical dagger imbued with mystical power, the essence of ether.

Mana can be used to create ‘ether blades’.

Depending on how you use it, it is divided into two types…….

Special: The first form

Consumes mana to create and eject ether sword

The power of the Ether Sword is proportional to the mana consumed and the current attack power.

The second form

Mana is consumed when attacking, and a fragmentation ether sword is automatically created and ejected

The power of the split ether sword is proportional to the current attack power.

Stats : Magic +15

Enchant: Blessing of Mana Recovery

‘No, this is quite… ….’

Looking at the description, it seemed pretty good for the current situation.

In the game, the Ether Blade was only used for additional dealing.

The first form, in which you create and fly a sword yourself, is just a toy, and it was a bit like that to use in the mainstream.

Originally, no matter how fast you get this, it’s beyond the middle, so it was much more beneficial to just roll one character skill than the half special skill that comes with the artifact.

Instead, in the second form, when the attack is hit, the catapult automatically goes out, so even if the power is not strong, you can try to increase the deal as easily as rice soup.

‘The more I thought about it, the better it came out?’

If you think about the second form alone, it’s an aggressive enough item, and you probably liked it because it looked quite useful.

But now, the first form, mana stats, and blessings might be the main ones.

‘If you have an etheric sword, you don’t even have to run to stop time. It’s enough just to cut it right where it’s standing.’

Of course, it’s a meaningless method when you’re doing a concept, but when you think of it as a real battle where you risk your life, it can’t be more useful than this.

Rather than running and cutting them one by one, I could use the 10 seconds more efficiently if I just sent the sword away.

Not only that, but even raising the magic stat by 15.

In case someone doesn’t think it’s a legendary artifact, there’s even a ‘blessing of mana recovery’ that makes up for the weakness of using a lot of mana.

The Blessing of Mana Recovery increases the amount of natural mana recovery, that is, the amount of mana that fills up even when standing still.

A whopping 300%.

Since the basic state is 100%, it becomes 400%, which means that the efficiency is quadrupled.

Of course, if you take the natural mana recovery stat with other items, the efficiency will decrease by that much, but in the current state, it was clear that it was 4 times.

What is particularly good about this is that it is applied separately from the magic stat.

Raising the magic stat increases the natural mana recovery value.

However, that is separate from the natural mana recovery stat.

Let’s assume that the natural mana recovery is 10 per second in the basic state.

If you set it to 100% and it becomes 400%, it becomes 40 per second.

What if you raise the mana stat there and increase the mana recovery to 20 per second?

When it reaches 400%, 80 mana is charged per second.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the stat calculation formula in the game will be applied here as well.

But that was all I knew, so I had no choice but to believe that.

I don’t know if this game wasn’t implemented properly because of a bug, but it’s because the status window isn’t very friendly, so it doesn’t tell you these detailed numbers.

Users solved such inconvenience by covering the status window skin with a user patch, but is there such a convenience function here?

‘I feel reassured just thinking about it…… After all, is this the status of a legendary artifact? Well, in order to be named a legend, this has to be tidied up.’

I’ll say it again, the legendary artifacts were something I only looked at one or two in the middle or late half of the year.

The same goes for level 5 gifts.

As such, when you actually get it in the game, many things are already in place, so it is rare for a single legendary artifact to produce tremendous force.

However, we are now in the very beginning.

You can really see that there is nothing there.

Since that was the case, just looking at the blessings and stats that came with the appendices, there was a tremendous level of experience.

‘It’s not a game, it’s reality…… They must have been obtained because they were possessed with knowledge.’

Imagine being possessed without any knowledge of the game.

It’s just Eoyoung Booyoung ‘You give me a gift because we’re close? I have to be close to the kids,” He said, complacently, and on the morning of the 7th day, he must have been looking at the corpse of Wheat, which was found dangling from the warehouse.

And without knowing the seriousness of the incident, he will live as it goes by, saying why he committed suicide.

Let’s say she was able to meet her before she committed suicide, perhaps because of her luck, her god helping her.

If it wasn’t for her lack of knowledge about the game, it’s clear that she would have just gotten a level 2 gift.

In the story of the game, when wheat is discovered during a suicide attempt, the character you are playing only speaks stereotyped lines.

Why did you take her own life? Don’t do that.

Mill tries to ignore it and continue what he was doing, but the player character blocks it, and after a short battle, Mill, who feels something strange, is recruited as her ally.

Getting a level 5 gift by revealing her possession in this way and thoroughly pinning one’s last hope on oneself is something unimaginable in a game.

‘What comes first, the chicken or the egg…… I must have been possessed in this way because I am a deceased person in this game.’

Anyway, thanks to the appearance of the most wanted utility attack type item, I felt good.

It felt like he was a little worried about the upcoming battle.

Yoosung took out a magic dagger from his inventory and tried it.

A small dagger that looks like it’s always covered in blue blades.


As soon as I held it in my hand, I felt intense mana circulating through my body.


The feeling that the magic stat increased to 15 all at once was truly amazing.

Mana is the root of everything in this world.

I didn’t say that it was just like breathing, but all the attacks Meteor had done so far contained mana.

In fact, it can be seen that magic influences all elements.

Such a setting appears as ‘status amplification’ in the magic stat in the game.

If the magic stat goes up, the attack power goes up, the defense power goes up, the speed goes up, the endurance goes up, and so on.

It’s definitely a good stat, but if you invest only in magic, you’ll become a badass unless it’s a magic-based character.

Ultimately, since it is amplified based on the existing stats, the first thing to invest in a physical deal character is strength and agility.

‘Then next.’

Following the stat check, Yuseong decided to create an ether sword.

It wasn’t difficult to make because the knowledge of how to make an etheric sword flowed into it as soon as I got the sorcery dagger in my hand.


An object shaped like a sharp sword with blue energy is created right next to the meteor.

The sight of a sword appearing in the air as I thought was amazing enough to make my heart pound as if I had become some kind of wizard or psychic.


The black etheric meteor moved as expected.

If you tell me to slash, I will cut, if I tell you to fly and stab, I will stab you.

Because of this, I felt like I had won and become a swordsman.

I’m already looking forward to what it will be like if I use this in battle.

‘To think that a single artifact can change this much… ….’

His fighting power rises sharply by accidentally eating an item he needs.

That was the beauty of games claiming to be roguelikes.

One of the main reasons for the failure of this game was that the game had a roguelike format, and the play time for one episode was too long.

‘It’s strangely overflowing with power.’

Yuseong clenched his fists as he enjoyed the power overflowing throughout his body due to the ability amplification function of his magic stats.

At this level, I have prepared enough.

If it was a game, I would have skipped over this early tutorial and basic spec-up time and went straight to the main stream.

I charge like that, overcome the monsters in the early stages with controls, and then decide whether to proceed or restart based on what I got in the first act.

Even if I did it roughly like that, I was able to clear it as much as I could.

Now that I’ve prepared so thoroughly, can’t I relax a bit?

‘Tomorrow. When you wake up, the main stream starts. I know there is plenty of force, but I can’t help being nervous.’

There is a different level of pressure between simply clicking the mouse and having to act face-to-face.

Yoosung was more nervous and nervous than necessary.

‘It’s unfortunate that I can’t check the efficiency of the ether sword right now…… It’s like leaving the academy and searching the mountains at this time, and there’s no place to use it properly.’

It’s late tonight, so it’s time to go to bed and prepare for tomorrow.

There will probably be a lot of work from tomorrow.

The entire academy was scheduled to be transferred to another dimension.

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