33. India

33. India

< It was a morning like any other. >

< It was the same day as usual, starting normally, waking up normally, but....... >

< I felt a strange sense of incongruity. >

“… ….”

Such a message was printed in front of Yoosung’s eyes.

This is the narration that appears in the game.

It was the first kind of message I had ever seen after being possessed by this world.

< Destiny. >

< When all those chosen by that irresponsible name woke up and felt such a sense of incongruity. >

< The twisted side of the dimension opens. >

< In a mysterious space where time and space are distorted, they had no choice but to get lost and wander. >

< As many times as fate demands. Endlessly. Over and over again. >

[ Main Quest Chapter Ⅰ 「India」 ]

01. Grasp the situation and step into the other dimension.

Compensation: Aggregation of experience

Immediately after seeing that, Yoosung looked around.

Apparently, he was in the dormitory, but in the blink of an eye, he was instantly transported to another space.

“This is… ….”

“Where are you?”

Under a sky full of dark clouds, a small, artificially created vacant lot in a gloomy forest.

In addition to Yooseong, there were 10 more people there.

Anise looks like she’s looking for someone with a worried face.

Shohei captures the whole scenery in order to quickly grasp the surrounding situation.

Cruella looks very uncomfortable somewhere.

Yeon Hwa-ran is holding Stewart’s hand tightly.

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Julia takes a quick look around and notices the people around her.

Selene is a girl with silver hair who hesitates with a pale face.

Allen continues to train even under such circumstances.

Frederique is staring blankly at the cabin in the middle.

Mill just stands there with an expressionless expression as if he is tired of everything.

Even Wayne von Pilgrim, a 3rd year student sitting there with a face that seemed like he was going to die of annoyance.

Playable characters excluding side story characters are gathered in one place.


Anis, who discovered the meteor, was the first to run and asked.

“What is this? I thought I had a strange feeling, but suddenly I came here…… Where is this?”

“Well, I don’t know. I felt the same discomfort as Miss Anis, and when I looked around, this was the situation.”

“Ah…… I see.”

Following Anise, Shohei also came and brought up a story.

“It must be a ghost to weep. She didn’t even notice that she was moving somewhere. Could this be the illusion magic?”

Indeed, it was a sharp analysis.

For the surrounding environment to change so suddenly, the only thing to think about was illusion magic.

Yoosung agreed with Shohei even though she knew it wasn’t like that.

“I think that’s all there is to it. Unless it’s illusion magic…….”


At that time, someone staunchly denied it and stepped forward.

She was Cruella, who looked very pale.

“I know a lot about illusion magic. This illusion could never be created without room connectors. As long as it’s not that the demonic illusionist who was said to have died after being defeated in the war came back alive.”

“Are you saying that this might be an attack by demons?”

Shohei’s question.

Cruella shook her head.

“The chances of that happening are extremely slim. Even after the invasion was over, there were many demons left on the continent, but after the development of tools to extract demons, all of them were hunted out and killed or fled toward the monster forest. Helios has a high-performance detector that catches even the slightest demon. If a demon who could use this level of magic had sneaked in, the alarm would have been enough to go off.”

Certainly, according to her words, she should have thought that there was no possibility of an invasion by demons.

In terms of common sense, if it was an attack by demons, there was no reason to aim for the academy while spending such a grandiose number.

Then what the heck do you mean?

Unless it’s illusion magic or demons’ tricks.

How can you explain the reality that has hit you now?


A group was formed around Yuseong, perhaps thanks to the hard work he received.

Rike also jumped in and expressed his opinion.

“No matter how you think about it, you can’t figure out the reason, so why don’t you do some research?”

As she said that, she stretched out her arm and pointed to a hut in the middle of the clearing.

“That cabin. No matter how you think about it, I think it’s suspicious. There may be clues about this situation now.”

Perhaps because Cruella, one of the powerful people in the empire, is also listening, her politeness emanates from her tone.

Everyone who was listening to the aristocratic vocalization deliberately produced by someone who had learned etiquette looked at the hut.

“It definitely looked suspicious.”

“Wow, are you going in as well… ….”

Shohei and Anis recited their impressions as if talking to themselves.

Yooseong also pretended not to know as much as he could and gave a stereotypical line.

“Isn’t this an unprecedented situation in many ways? If there’s anything that might be a clue, we’ll have to look into it. It must be suspicious to be standing there proudly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help but go in, and I’ll take the lead here.”


“As expected, he’s like a man.”

“You are as brave as I thought.”

At that, Cruella, Shohei, and Rike each exclaimed their exclamations.

Meteor knows what’s inside that cabin, but to everyone except Mill, it’s completely unknown.

There is only a difference in degree, but all human beings feel the emotion of fear when facing the unknown.

Yooseong, who was reluctant to look at and willingly offered to take the lead in investigating a building that looked like something might be lurking in it, looked quite trustworthy and brave from the point of view of those who didn’t know.

“Uncle. Are you really okay? No matter how you think about it, it doesn’t seem serious…….”

In the meantime, Anise is the only one who worries.

Yoosung replied with a light laugh.

“Someone has to do it. What would you like to die for? There…… I thought it would be better than losing Miss Anise.”

I didn’t forget to sneakily flirt while getting in shape.

“Yes, four?”

Anise’s bewildered expression instantly changed to that of a shy girl.

“Your heart hurts when your family is hurt. When I look at Miss Anise, I feel like I have the little sister of her tomboy, haha.”

“Hey, little sister… ….”

Yeah, that’s right, it was like that.

Anise muttered to herself.

If that’s the case, everything Yoosung said to him would make sense.

But why do I feel so nasty?

“Then I’ll be right there.”

Ignoring Wheat, who was staring at me with eyes as if looking at some pitiful person, Meteor headed toward the cabin without hesitation.

The moment Yoosung’s hand touched the top of the door, Cruella asked.

“If you feel strange, avoid it immediately. I will escort you from behind.”

“Yes! Don’t be afraid, I’m behind you! Shall I open it if you’re really scared?”

Arlen, a hot-blooded boy who suddenly became interested in the cabin and intervened without a sense of incongruity, shouted.


Yuseong, who knew everything about what was inside the cabin, pushed the door open without hesitation.

It was completely dark inside, but light came in in an instant, as if a light had been turned on, illuminating everything.

Unlike the gloomy outside, it is really impressive that it boasts bright brightness as if a chandelier was hung.

However, there is no light source anywhere in this room.

Strange lights that cannot be said to be artificial or natural.

That was not the only strange thing.

From the outside, it looked like a rough-and-tumble hut built by stacking logs, but from the inside, it reminded me of a parlor of some kind of aristocratic family.

The room, filled with antique furniture with a calm atmosphere and patterns that seemed to have been carved by a fine craftsman, was so aristocratic and dignified that it might make even a savage who roamed the world with a club feel like he should be polite.

That alone is bizarre enough, but the climax of bizarreness was ‘that’ sitting at a table and peacefully enjoying the scent of red tea.

Long black hair, a black hat that goes well with the expression that it is worn rather than worn, black ribbon, black frill dress and black stockings.

An object about 100 cm tall dressed in classic gothic and lolita style clothing.

The existence that anyone could see as a “Jointed doll” Was waving a teacup near her nose with her eyes closed as if enjoying her leisure time.

‘Seeing this in real life. I wanted to, but it’s almost exactly the same as the visuals I saw in the game.’

The place where the playable character is now summoned is the pocket dimension in the gap between Middle-earth and the back dimension.

That doll named Adriana was the watchman of that pocket dimension and the helper of the player who wanted stability in the other dimension.

Perhaps they tried to emphasize that the other side of the game was unreal, but Adriana’s visuals were almost similar to real dolls.

Since the appearance of an old-fashioned doll made in real life by imitating an anime-style illustration is embedded in the game, it is bound to be heterogeneous in many ways.

Conversely, when I faced it in the real world, it looked rather natural even though it was the same as it was in the game.

‘No way…… Will you show me that too?’

Wizardry Caliber is a bug poop game that only those in the know work hard, but there was one scene that made it famous.

It was the scene where Adriana was drinking black tea.

When she faces the player, she smells the aroma of black tea, then she slurps and tilts her glass to drink it.

However, since she is a doll and has no esophagus or digestive system, the black tea just flows down her body.

It is clear that the intention of the production was to add bizarreness, but somehow it was humorous, so it spread to various game communities.

So, even if you don’t know the game, Adriana said that there were quite a few people.

Yooseong observed the 100cm Goth Loli old tube doll with secret anticipation.



And the expected scene was directed.

‘In real life, it looks more like urine.’

That was the impression.

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