34. Leader Contract

34. Leader contract



While I was staring at the doll, the door closed by myself.

Yuseong, who came to his senses, looked back and said the lines he thought of.

“The door… ….”


“Nice to meet you.”

The doll turned her head and said.

It was the voice of a person who didn’t feel the slightest awkwardness.

I also thought that Adriana’s voice would be exactly the same as that of her voice actor, but she didn’t.

One of the reasons Yooseong considers this world to be an independent world is that the voices of the voice actors and characters are clearly different.

The voice actor’s voice is also suitable, but should I say that it has been changed to a more vivid voice that really sounds like the character is actually talking?

Her voice was also very attractive.

It reminds me of a calm but dignified aristocratic girl.

“Who are you?”

“I am Adriana. I am the watchman who protects this pocket dimension.”

“Did you call me here?”

“No, I don’t have the ability to do that. Just…… If so, she just made me stop by before going to the dimension.”

Yooseong thoroughly proceeded with her story according to the flow in the game.

“I need to explain what happened. If it looks suspicious…… I don’t know what to do either.”

[ Explain properly. If it looks suspicious, I’ll cut it right away. ]

Unlike her original Meteor, which she spoke quite forcefully, Meteor came out quite gentle.

In fact, in this situation, it is perfectly normal to be alert and warned like the original Meteor.

One day, he was suddenly summoned to a suspicious space.

Entering a cabin that looks like there might be something dangerous, a 1M doll is drinking black tea and spilling it all down.

In the meantime, what if the door suddenly closes alone and a picture is created as if you are trapped inside?

No matter how you look at it, you can’t help but feel threatened.

If she picked Cruella as her playable character, she even cut her down the moment her door closed.

Of course it didn’t work.

“Hmm, I don’t know what to do. Aren’t you suspicious enough now? Why don’t you do whatever you want.”

Even though she comes off as a gentleman like this, her situation eventually turns in a direction where she has to be attacked.

The reason why Adriana is so confident is because, at least in this pocket dimension, she is nothing short of a god.

She is unaffected by any attack here.

Of course, you can’t attack the summoned ones.

‘Anyway, don’t hesitate to attack… ….’

Yooseong decided to test the newly obtained artifact.


As soon as he drew his sword, time stopped without a doubt, even at the pocket level.

Raises mana to create an etheric sword.

The etheric meteor moved as expected and cut Adriana twice in her X.

‘Hey. It feels great to use.’

As the approximately 130cm long sword flew around and slashed the opponent, I felt a strange sense of pleasure.

Of course, there would be no damage to Adriana.

Yooseong got rid of the ether sword and turned back time.


It was cut with the etheric sword, but the lead sword couldn’t escape.


However, the unexpected happened.

Adriana, who was smiling arrogantly with her artificial red eyes lifted, was suddenly blown away wearing an X-shaped sword wound.


Yoosung’s body stiffened in an instant.


Obviously, no attack should work on her…….

Knowing that, Adriana must have come out so confidently.

As for why she became like this, no matter how much I think about it, there is only one reason.

‘Another strange bug with this sword!’

Although Adriana has her own self, she is a doll that does not have any reproductive activities of her own, and is her ‘her object’, so it is correct that damage should normally be taken when targeting her.

However, she was invincible in the game.

Under the influence of Skyrim, in Wizardry Caliber, which can hit all NPCs, only a few beings can have invincibility.

Could it be that this sword ignores invincibility?

It’s a guess, but it seems like that’s all there is now.

But now, this wasn’t important.

‘If Adriana isn’t there, she won’t even be able to enter the dimension?’

That could not have been the biggest thing in the world.

Yooseong hurriedly moved her seat to see Adriana’s condition.

“Hehehehe… ….”

Fortunately, it seemed that she was simply losing her mind.

Yuseong didn’t know how a doll that doesn’t have reproductive activities faints.

Don’t you think it’s strange to move and talk in the first place?


Adriana flinched and opened her eyes.


Then, looking at her bare breasts, she immediately blushed and shouted.

‘Even if I come now and cover it with my arm.’

I’ve already seen them all…….

She doesn’t think it was a particularly good sight.

It wasn’t that she didn’t have feminine curves, but it was because she had a bare doll body without delicacy.

“You, you you you you! You! How? How did you do it!?”

She barely covered her breasts with her left arm and pointed at her with her right arm, giving off her heat.

Her fingertips tremble with embarrassment.

It was quite cute with a shameful face mixed with so many different meanings of shame.

‘That’s right. If she were told to attack with confidence as if she wanted to try her best, then she would fly away and get stuck…….’

Not only that, but the soul dwelling inside her is a woman from another dimension.

She should be ashamed of her doll body, but her clothes were torn to shreds.

‘I’m embarrassed as well.’

Yooseong tried hard to hide her embarrassment.

“How did you do it? She just did it because she wanted to try it once.”

“… ….”

Her face is completely red, and her tears sting.

Where did those tears come from?

At the same time Yooseong had such a question, her Adriana’s clothes were completely restored.

As if to say that there is no point in arguing about tears in this space.

“Ha ha! Is it because I am the chosen one? It’s not serious. You’re going to hit me here…….”

She moved her squeaks and sat in her chair just like when she first came in.

As if trying to erase the event that just happened from her memory.

She was pretending that nothing had happened.

“Ehh, hmm. Let me explain. Why were you called here What kind of situation is your world in right now?”

I try to control my voice and pretend that nothing is wrong, but the trembling still remains.

To be honest, I want to tackle you and make fun of you, but…….

Then you’ll feel so pitiful, so let’s listen quietly.

“Are you telling me to believe that story now?”

“I know it’s incredible. But is it real? The other dimension has already been connected to your world. If we do nothing, we will perish.”

“That’s true, but without any basis… ….”

“Jeong then, it might be a good idea to ignore what I said and just go back. It will only delay the time to recover.”

“… ….”

“Just talk. I’ll send you to the original world anytime. What I can say with certainty is that we have overlapping interests. I have no choice but to help you with all my might.”

Yooseong thought.

It’s quite difficult to pretend you don’t know everything.

So, I decided to ask a question that I was personally curious about.

“According to what you said, the 11 people gathered here are supposed to protect the world.”

“No, twelve. There’s one more I haven’t realized yet.”

“Why us?”

“I don’t know. It’s not like I know everything. I just happened to play the role of a watchman here. Yes, if I had to express it, that would be the only thing. Accident. Fate. It can only be described in words like that.”

“Then you should explain it to everyone. Why am I the only one here listening to the story?”

“That’s because you came in first. There’s only one person I can use my abilities to help. I don’t know much about you anyway, so it might be good to entrust someone to be the leader. You can’t get to know it slowly, can you?”

She asked, tilting her head.

Yooseong also replied with a small nod of her head.

“That’s why we decided to designate the first guy to be the contractor. Doesn’t the fact that you stepped into this seemingly dangerous place before anyone else are enough of your qualities as a leader?”

Players must be special in the game.

As long as it’s not an online game, any game will do.

Being chosen by fate or being free from the yoke of fate.

This game used to emphasize that all 12 people classified as playable are the main characters.

However, the user does not have 12 bodies, so if you play 12 main characters alternately, the level of immersion will inevitably decrease.

So, the character chosen by the player is given the privilege of being a ‘leader’ through a contract with Adriana.

Under the condition that you enter this cabin first.

Any playable can be the leader, except for side story characters that have a slightly unusual structure.

Leaders can invest the stats or skills of other playable characters through Adriana instead.

It was that you could adjust things like the skill routes of your colleagues as you wish.

“Well, if you don’t want to take responsibility, it doesn’t matter if you hand it over to someone else. Instead, remember that if you do, your fate may be in someone else’s hands. Being a leader by signing a contract with me is a kind of privilege. What do you want to do?”

Yuseong’s answer here was as if it had been decided.

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