40. Romantic

40. Romantically

‘About 40 times for me? No…… Will it be the 153rd?’

Well, maybe.

If you want to use the word [Finally], You should be at that level.

Anyway, it seems that quite a few people possessed it.

Someone with anise.

Someone with Allen.

Someone might have possessed a meteor.

If it wasn’t that, it might have become something similar to the other dimension that Adriana talked about.

However, they failed.

‘So my turn has come.’

I don’t know what will happen to the possessor who failed, but in any case, the world will be reset and everything will be gone.

First of all, even Mill, who has the name of a regressor, would not have remembered the ‘real loop’.

‘I…… Success work. Suitable person… Is it? Help… soon… Are you saying that you’re going to help me, a fit person, sooner or later…….’

Everything is speculation.

However, Yoosung was already convinced from the depths of his heart.

[Something like God, with a specific purpose, recruited people with unknown common fields for some purpose ]

[And I chose some of them and possessed them in order, and the only reason I became possessed was because it was my turn.]

[Also, I am a being that can be called a success unlike other failed possessors, and there is a high possibility that I will be contacted again sooner or later ]

Roughly organizing it in my head, I came to that conclusion.

There is no guarantee, but it was plausible and reasonable.

However, after considering that far, I felt a sense of incongruity again.

I think I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time…….

What is Adriana doing besides talking?

“…… !”

Thinking so, I looked at Adriana, and her movements were completely frozen.

As if time had stopped.

However, the sword had already been pulled out, and Yooseong had no memory of stopping time.

That means…….

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In the frozen time.

Scary to think that something is coming, an In-Young walks by.

He was very short and appeared to be wearing a yellow suit.

Certainly an existence that can move even when time is stopped.

No, an existence that can jump over him and arbitrarily stop the world’s time.

Yuseong couldn’t help but be nervous at the appearance of such a being.

“… ….”

The mysterious being is close enough to be perfectly recognizable.

That, no, she was in the form of a child.

Braided black hair, dark eyes, yellow dress.

From long white socks to white sneakers.

I must have been eight years old at most.

It was as if the image that came to her mind when she said ‘cute Korean child’ was copied as it was.

But when you see her staring at the floor with unfocused eyes, she doesn’t look like a normal girl.

No, just looking at the fact that he quietly appeared in this situation in the first place…….

Yoosung asked with caution.

“You…… Who are you?”

The girl paused for a while before answering.

“I am the new manager of this universe. The one who brought you here.”

“…… !”

Ha, that’s true.

As a meteor, it was a natural sigh.

To have already run into a being who claims to be the dark side.

Usually, when the story is over, isn’t it supposed to appear only at the very end?

‘What…… Even though I had to do it from the moment the noise appeared in the middle.’

Yooseong smiled and said.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Me too…… Nice to meet you.”

There was an atmosphere where people exchanged greetings peacefully.

I didn’t mean to say that I was happy with this intention.

Anyway, I had to ask.

“So what did you come for?”

“You are a fit person. It was the first successful work in which I was able to draw on the power of the upper universe. If it’s that sword, you can cut it. The beings who are parasitic by hiding in the rules and regulations of this dimension. So I’m here to ask to save this world…….”

For Yoosung, it was absurd and infuriating.

What? Ask me to save the world?

Ahh, forcibly dragged and left?

“Isn’t that kind of request supposed to be done before you bring it in?”

“I’m sorry. However, proper communication was impossible. Without this space, I could only exist as a broken mass.”

Broken mass…….

Are you referring to that grey-white noise?

“Okay. Guess I couldn’t help it But if it’s a ‘request’, does that mean it’s up to me whether or not to accept it?”


The self-proclaimed new manager of the universe nods.

“What if I say I don’t want to help?”

Then the manager replied with a strangely sad face.

“You will lose your memories and return to the world you came from. And you can continue to enjoy a normal and peaceful life. If you want it, I have no choice but to let it go. I was made that way.”

[It was made that way]…….

Is it more like artificial intelligence or a system than a single person?

After thinking for a while, Yooseong continued.

“Then what if you accept and then fail?”

“I lost my memory and got stuck in this world. According to the ‘setting’ that the body has. I will faithfully follow the rules and rules.”

…… It meant that it would become the original meteor itself.

“What if I succeeded in fulfilling the request and saved the world?”

“In that case, you have two choices. Either go back to the original world, or become a resident of this world that is free of rules and rules, and die while enjoying the natural life and surrender yourself to reincarnation.”

“What are those rules and rules?”

“That…… It would be quicker to do this.”

She stretched out her arm.


Then, I felt like a lot of knowledge was dug into my head.

‘What are these knowledge…… !’

No, I don’t feel like it.

A lot of knowledge is really being engraved in my head.

It’s like learning over and over again.

‘Dimensional gap… rules and rules… Recreate…….’

Has it been a minute?

In just that amount of time, Yooseong learned how he was possessed and the basis of this world.

‘This is shocking… ….’

This world felt like a kind of forward base.

Higher dimension.

Based on the entertainment enjoyed in a world where coincidence is much more important than fate, the world was recreated to follow rules and rules.

The other dimension, the game system, the items, the main story, the guiding of fate.

By making the foundation ‘predetermined’, the existence that wants to eat this world must also follow the ‘set rules and rules’ to invade.

Although this method could destroy the world faster and simpler, it is currently being treated as the most likely means of escaping from danger against the beings that came out of the dimensional rift.

As I first guessed, all 12 playable characters were possessors who challenged in a similar dimension.

However, all of them failed and completely lost their original selves, reincarnated without any free will, and followed rules and rules.

And if it failed, Yoosung was meant to be too.

Without even realizing that he was the possessor.

I would become a true blind swordsman, Yuseong, or a resident of another world based on the game, and live in a world that was reset over and over again.

Until a new possessor appears and puts an end to the chain.

Or, until the moment when the world was completely consumed by the rift in that dimension.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the original self will come back.

It has been a long time since they have already become suitable for their role.

“Most of them…… I went back after hearing this story. It would be natural to change your position. You don’t want to walk down a difficult and dangerous path. All the people who said they would help have all failed. I was brought here by force, but there is nothing I can do…….”

I thought I knew what it felt like.

There must have been quite a few people helping out the first few times.

But they all failed.

And if you hear that a lot of people have already failed in front of you, you will be able to help them.

“How many people have you been rejected in a row?”

Yooseong came to know naturally through the knowledge she passed on.

‘The new manager of this universe’.

The reason she described herself that way was not just because of her looks, but also because she was really young.

The existence that could be called the manager of the former squadron sacrificed itself to establish these rules and regulations, and faced extinction on its own.

“108 People.”

“It must have been difficult.”

“Yes. It is only in emergency situations like this that the administrator creates the body and the ego. Every time I was rejected, I felt my body secrete a lot of sadness hormones. I have to prevent destruction somehow, but I feel like my existence is being denied because I’m turned away.”

“That’s too bad. It will be very sad if I go back, right?”

The little girl was still expressionless, but she could feel the sadness welling up in those empty eyes.

“…… I think it can’t be helped. It’s a success that I barely found, but I don’t want to miss it, because I’m made so that I can’t hide it or force it.”

Yooseong showed his teeth and smiled.

She wasn’t laughing because she was working on a concept.

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Just when the situation is absurdly absurd and funny, it’s built without caring about other people’s eyes at all.

In a way, it was a laugh that wasn’t a laugh similar to biting your teeth.

“I can’t help it. The country has no choice but to help.”

The manager’s eyes widened.

“Without going back…… Are you helping me?”



“If you tell me why you look like that, I will teach you.”

The manager immediately replied as if it was difficult.

“This appearance…… Because you are the least threatened. You might also feel sympathy and want to do a favor.”

Did you use the ephemeral human characteristics…….

To be honest, it worked quite well.

Seeing the poor little girl, she wanted to help.

“Now is it my turn to speak.”


Of course, that wasn’t the biggest reason.

Yooseong smiled leisurely as she wore a hat, as was her habit.

It was a gesture that was now completely ingrained in the body.

“I even possessed it at best, but to return to the original world and live without memories…… There is no romance.”

“Romantic…… ?”

“Yes, romance.”

“For just that reason?”

“That’s not the only reason. It’s a success, and it’s a fit. Are you saying I’m different from other losers? Even after hearing that, if you run away unsightly…… Is that a man?”

That’s what I didn’t even qualify for a romantic concept.

The girl tilted her head.

It’s the attitude that I don’t understand well what Yoosung meant by what he said.

But it didn’t matter.

Yoosung wasn’t talking about romance to the girl because he wanted to be understood.

‘Becoming the savior of a world that is shunned by everyone. How romantic are you? I’m going through something special like this out of the ordinary…… Once you have decided to come up with a concept, let’s live a romantic life until the end.’

Everything was as if he was talking to himself.

As I learned the truth, desperate thoughts such as “I wish I could just finish it safely” And “I have to survive by preventing destruction” Almost disappeared.

Hearing that he was going to send him back after preparing hard so that he wouldn’t be f*cked, his pulse went out and the tree frog sympathy was triggered.

Yes, if you die, you die.

I don’t even remember it anyway. Is there anything special?

There will be no more special experience in life than this, but I thought I should go back.

It was enough to just enjoy romantically, do our best romantically, and go romantically.

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