5. A man among men.

5. He is a man among men.

“Great… do… ….”


“No. 115! Can you stand up?”

The knight in charge of referee asked the fallen Shohei, but as anyone can see, the decision has already been made.

After confirming that there was no slight movement even after calling, the knight raised her arm.

“The match is over!”

The game is decided, so it is a signal to proceed with treatment.

Shohei’s body floated in the air due to the telekinesis of the psychic who confirmed it.


Like that, he was thrown into the tent where the legendary healing priests gathered in one place…….


…… There was light

One of the big, muscular high priests came out and adjusted his glasses.

“Healing completed.”

It is said that the holy holy power bath heals not only injuries sustained during duels, but also minor scars that were originally present.

Being able to receive that is an honor in itself.

Probably, if tents like that were spread all over the world, no one would die from being stabbed with a sword.


The knight stretched out his raised arm toward the meteor and shouted.

“Winner! Number 367, Meteor!”

At the same time, cheers erupted from the audience.

“Good fight!”


Stage 3 of the Helios Academy entrance exam is a kind of festival.

Not only high-ranking members of society, but also ordinary citizens can sit in the stands and watch the fight by paying a fee.

Originally, they said that the most fun thing in the world was watching a fight.

How do you put up with prospects who want to enter the empire’s best murder tool breeding facility and kill each other with all their might?

Talking is basically prohibited during sparring, but after the sparring, people call out the name of the player who made it a good spectacle and shout.

The louder the shouts, the more fun the fight was.

Given that his voice is quite loud, it seems that the duel between a swordsman from the east and a ninja really hit the taste buds of the people of the empire.

Historically, samurai vs. Ninjas have been suspiciously popular with Westerners.

Of course, Yuseong wasn’t a samurai, but from the perspective of foreigners anyway, it was treated like that or that.

‘I’m just embarrassed by this.’

As Yooseong stands there, feeling the heat of the shouts, the knight starts talking to him.

“It was a really interesting match. The opponent was not formidable, but he had great skills. You should go down now and receive treatment.”

Originally, it was correct in principle that both people who took the test should receive treatment.

This fight is a test, but it is a matter of life and death.

Fighting each other until they are all tattered and bloody, and there are many cases where a decision is made only when the limbs are gone.

You must have that level of skill to enter the best academy in the empire.

That’s why it’s basically just curing all the people who took the test.

This Ultimate Power Holy Shower also serves as a blessing for a potential academy cadet, so there was nothing wrong with receiving it.

However, I decided not to accept the meteor.

The reason is because it looks good.

For just that reason? There may be people who think that, but they say it because they don’t know what it is.

Originally, bravado is a way to be completed by gathering trivial things.

Keeping in shape is an important factor.

It’s so important that it’s not enough to say it three times.

Why do you put so much emphasis on form?

The biggest reason was that the damage was going into a negative number because of a bug.

No matter how much he cuts down his opponent, the only thing he inflicts is pain and stiffness.

In Wizardry Caliber, stiffness is a kind of CC called shock, so it can be stunned by stacking it several times, but that’s it.

Even if it eats away your mental strength and removes your fighting spirit, there is no actual damage, so even if you faint, you will get back up in a minute as if nothing happened.

In the end, it was that he couldn’t kill anything alone.

‘Perhaps Shohei will wake up soon… ….’

That’s why bravado is especially important.

Yuseong, an ultra-skilled blind swordsman who uses the mysterious lightspeed swordsmanship from the East, should not be able to kill people, but rather “Do not kill” Them.

Yes, no killing.

Appearingly cheerful and eccentric, but strangely secretive, suspiciously talented, and sitting alone on the roof in the early morning while everyone else is sleeping, looking at the falling leaves with sad eyes, this is the best fit for the characters’ beliefs.

Yooseong has been working hard to portray the character of a blind swordsman who believes in immortality.

[ In order to look good, you have to make eyes with a story somewhere. ]

Stuck in a small room for several days, looking in the mirror all day, practicing how to open your eyes as if you were wet with rain.

[ Posture is also important. As usual, try to be as gentle as possible. When I just looked at him, I felt like an uneducated wandering bully. But when you do, you need to change the tone and be serious. ]

Not to mention studying various forms of posture.

[ It’s strange when a blind person wanders around alone and his clothes are neat. ]

Pretending to be wandering around a lot, he deliberately made his clothes and hat look old.

It’s quite unsightly, but it’s okay if you don’t get caught.

The reason why concept quality is disgusting is that it is easy to see that it is a concept.

However, on the outside, Yooseong is really blind.

Who would think that a blind person practiced how to open his eyes and what to do when he looked in the mirror?

You know it’s just something that’s been ingrained in your body from the beginning.

Fortunately, the basic visuals were outstanding, so a very good ‘eyes of a person who had a very sad experience in the past’ could be completed.

It seems that he is not a handsome game character, and his proportions are perfect, so it is not awkward to take various poses.

What I think is the pinnacle of the dragon is the sunglasses that don’t mix in the slightest with the outfit you’re wearing.

This was to give off the aggro and at the same time give the impression of being a slightly unusual person.

Originally, the standard of a blind warrior is a bandage, but if you wear a bandage, you can’t really see, so in a way, it might have been an inevitable choice.

Anyway, it can be said that the external part has been completed to some extent.

However, I can’t say that the concept was perfect at this level.

It was because the slashing that Yooseong did was so bizarre.

It definitely feels like being cut and cut, but there is no scar at all.

When he cut people, he passed through them like a ghost swinging a sword, and he didn’t even cut his clothes.

If you keep looking at it, it’s enough to make you wonder, “What is this bastard?”

It was decided to cover it with ‘The Mystery of the East’.

In many creative works where fantasy is the main background, the country of the East, apart from magic, is often described as mysterious and inexplicable with common sense hidden everywhere.

So was the world of Wizardry Caliber.

The people of the empire were very interested in things like ‘the secret of a legend that an oriental master who gained insight through 30 years of closed-door training wrote with all his energy and left it in a secret place.’

So-called Orientalism.

[ They say there is a legendary panacea herb that makes the crippled stand up and the blind can open their eyes in Ryo ]

[ They say there are hidden traces of an ancient city made of gold in Zipangu ]

What you are saying is floating around in the private sector.

But again, in this worldview, that’s true to some extent.

Since such things are often found in reality, people living in the East often believe in such legends and have fantasies.

This is the ‘Mystery of the East’.

[Due to a bug, the damage is negative and the attack is strange;; ]

Words that can’t be confessed anywhere else

[ A mysterious swordsmanship that cuts not the body, but the mind, which was passed on to only one disciple after the hidden master of the East, who had devoted himself to training for 100 years to carry out the belief of immortality, gained insight just before his death. No see. ]

A magic word that can be turned into


So the conclusion was this.

Blind (visible)

Romance (unknown)

Gosu (not)

Mysterious swordsmanship (bug)

In order to put all these deceptions, bluffs, lies, and tricks in one place and be convinced by the people around me, I needed a ‘likely atmosphere’.

And the most important thing in forming that atmosphere is to have a good form.

Today’s Yoosung is a bluff from the very beginning.

Although the entity only stops time and then sprints and cuts, isn’t it doing something ugly that makes it look like a light-speed sword as it returns to its original place?

So even if you suffer losses, you must not show your ugly side in front of others.

Under any circumstance, you have to pretend to be relaxed and cheerful, and even if you reveal money, you should drink only enough to eat a full meal.

Even though it seems like they act as they please, the end point is righteousness and duty.

When you have to choose between romance and reality, you must choose romance.

The steely will to persevere in one’s convictions to the end even with the fatal obstacle of blindness.

Yooseong had to act.

Because he decided that was the way he would survive.

“Treatment is fine.”

At that, the article asked as if he was surprised.

“Why? Even if you weren’t hurt, you wouldn’t have to refuse. The divine power intensive care of high-ranking priests is what everyone wants to receive at least once. It is absolutely your right.”

“As you can see, I didn’t take any hits. However, even when treating me like that, the priests will put in the hard work.”

“Yes, but.”

“Isn’t there a possibility that people who really needed urgent treatment won’t be able to receive sufficient treatment because I am receiving treatment at least once?”


Intensive divine power care.

Actually, I wanted to receive it at least once.

“That goes against the principles I was taught.”


But this is it.

“A man among men.”

Because there was romance.

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