6. It will come true

6. Will come true


A beautiful woman with shiny blonde hair smiled as she stroked her bulging stomach.


Even as she smiled, she let out her moans, as if she sometimes felt stuffy.

That should be the case, no matter how full-term she was, her belly was swollen almost 1.5 Times larger than that of a normal pregnant woman.

What she has is her twin.

Even though my body hasn’t fully grown yet, it was natural for my body to be burdened with two children in my stomach.

“Our good girls… This mother is fine, so please let her grow up healthy…….”

But the more frustrated and painful she felt, the brighter she smiled and gently stroked her stomach.

Noble and beautiful.

If you want to explain what maternal love is, if you show this scene as a picture, everyone will understand, needless to say, it hurts.


The man who taught the woman what maternal love was also felt that her lips were about to get caught in her ears when she saw her benevolent figure.


“How are you?”

“Sure. Our babies are doing well too.”

“I want to see her face.”

“Whoops. It’s coming soon. Ah! Honey than that. I had a wonderful dream!”

“What kind of dream was it?”

“I’m in a dream, suddenly a voice asks me to make a wish.”


“I asked that our children grow up as one body without fighting each other and become great people who will make great contributions to the empire in the future. Then…….”

“I heard that?”

“There is something that says ‘it will come true’!”

“I wished for a wish in the past, but I should have wished for something more grandiose.”

“Ehehe. Because to me now, the happiness of these children is more important than anything else. Guys, it’s frustrating. Are you sorry for being small?”

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Just looking at his wife’s smiling face made Jerome happy.

I thought this happiness would last forever, but…….

“Aira-sama is giving birth… fate… You did.”

Happiness collapsed so easily and simply.

17 Years old.

Small by birth, twins in a body that was not yet fully grown was not a blessing, but an unbearable curse.

“What are you talking about? There must have been a healer…… !”

“He died of sustained shock without trauma…… No matter how much holy magic I poured out, it was useless. The weakest of the original body…….”


This is clearly a lie.

I knew there was a possibility, but wouldn’t that be something that shouldn’t happen in reality?

I can’t believe that her wife has left.

I have to go in and check…… !

“Not yet… Children are alive. Even children have to be taken out through an incision to save them.”

The doctor noticed Jerome.


When I heard that, my spirit jumped.

I haven’t seen her face yet, but the children her wife loved so much.

At least they have to survive.

“I will go in and see for myself.”

“Yes… ….”

However, the curse didn’t end there.

“Ah ah! Ahhh-!”


“Large, substitute. This… ….”

The children who cut her wife’s belly open were strange.

Two lumps of blood were attached to their waists.

As if the devil had entered and sewed it up…….


“Ah! Aaaaa!”

As I was looking down in dismay, the one who came out first struggled and tried to do something.

The movement made the other side howl in agony.

Around the time I felt the need to stop it.

The two split.

Estella is the one that came out first.

The one that came out later is Lunaella.

That’s what her wife always said.

Due to Estella’s struggle, Lunaella’s body was torn apart.

Estella got enough of her organs and Luna Ella lost her own organs.

It was as if she was stealing the body of her sister, who was weaker than her own.

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Jerome, who was instantly queasy at the sheer cruelty she had done on instinct without her ego, drew her sword and raised it.

[ I asked that our children grow up as one body without fighting each other and become great people who will make great contributions to the empire in the future. ]

“…… Kut.”

Eventually, he dropped his sword.

What does that lump of blood know?

She just wanted to live.

Grief, hatred, resignation, pity.

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Jerome muttered as he looked down at the first child with eyes mixed with countless emotions.

“I was born after eating my mother…… Dani survives by stealing her brother’s, who was one body. You are so cruel…….”

You, your name…….

It’s Cruella.

Cruella Von Frey.


… ….

Frey was originally a county in the periphery, but in recent years he has rapidly increased in number and secured the position of a duke, as well as becoming one of the most powerful families in the empire.

At the center of such rapid growth was Cruella, a genius swordsman who is said to have possessed the skills of an academy senior since she was 13 years old.

Throwing himself into the battlefield at 13, winning the title of war hero at 15, and completing the unification of the western continent at 20, he is a battlefield slayer and protector of the empire.

But Cruella, who seems to have everything in the world under her feet, also had someone she couldn’t help.


“Oh, sister!”

Her name is Lunaella.

He was Cruella’s twin sister.

Unruly golden hair, wide cheeks, and a skinny body with bare bones exposed on the limbs.

As she sat still with her eyes closed, she seemed dead.

But is there really something truly beautiful that can’t be hidden?

Nevertheless, Lunaella was beautiful.

Looking at it, she had the aesthetics of a slender rim that stimulated her desire for protection.

“Sister! Give me a hand, a hand! I can’t calm down if I don’t hold hands while talking!”

“I know. I’ll catch you as much as you like, so don’t bother me.”

“Hey. It’s your sister’s hand.”

There was only one person in the Empire who could fiddle with Cruella’s hand, which others were afraid to even stand next to her as if it were something precious.

“I’m sorry. Because I don’t come often.”

“Ehh. No. You are the great pillar of the empire, right? You must have split the time this time around. I’m just glad you came.”

“Thank you for understanding. How is your body?”

“Every day, little by little, but I am getting better. Eat good food, get good treatment…… With a little more effort, you might be able to walk…….”

“Yes. I also really want to see you walking.”

“I will try.”

“Oh, yes. I saw something interesting today.”

“Yes? What is it?”

Cruella told her brother about her meteor sighting.

A blind swordsman from the East.

A man who participated in the entrance exam relying only on a single sword without losing his confidence even though he was blind.

“Wow, really?!”

Luna Ella opened her eyes wide.

White dead eyes with eyelids open.

She lives in darkness where light cannot reach.

No matter how wide I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see anything, but it was an expression of pure surprise.

“…… Okay.”

Seeing that, Cruella flinched and paused.


Blind people are surprisingly sensitive to reading the atmosphere.

Luna Ella realized that she had made a mistake.

“I’m sorry, sister.”

“Where on earth do you have anything to be sorry about?”

“But, did you remind me? Things that should have been in my stomach…… Stories like my sister took it away.”

“… ….”

“I…… I think it was fortunate that it happened. We both weren’t healthy enough anyway, right? What if I had stolen my sister’s? There is probably nothing more terrifying than that.”


“I’m sure I couldn’t have become like my sister no matter what. I know I know because they are twins. How much effort is she making in a place where no one can see her, who is only called a genius?”

The atmosphere became solemn.

Luna Ella’s older sister, whom she loves the most, came to see her, and she hated going back in a gloomy mood.

She had to change the topic quickly.

“Everything… Is it for me?”

“As much as I took from you… I just try harder.”

“Yes. That’s it. Tell us more about the blind prosecutor than that! How can he use a sword when he can’t see!?”

“I also only had a short conversation, so I don’t know the details. However…… I heard that there is a special state called ‘mind’s eye’ in the hidden martial arts of the East.”

“Are you seeing with your mind’s eye! Cool!”

Cruella recalled her encounter with the meteor.

He was clearly blind, but from his behavior it seemed that he did not live in the dark.

‘I’m sure he has the ability to discern the surroundings skillfully.’

She used to collect mysterious martial arts and objects from the East to bring light back to the world of her sister, Luna Ella.

Among them, the closest was the qigong technique of Qing, the largest country in the East.

The means of detecting surprises by constantly laying qigong around them became a cane for the blind to identify obstacles.

If a wizard or a priest has someone to assist them, even if they are blind, they can do their part.

However, for those who fight by moving their bodies directly, visual impairment is fatal.

So, it could be considered that the only blind people who fought were those who had trained in qigong skills in the Qing.

I heard that there is a swordsmanship that sees with the heart through Simdeuk, but there was no information other than that it was a vision that had already disappeared.

Cruella tried to recall once again the aura that had been exuded from the meteor.

‘That man was definitely not a qigong master.’

That’s why I’m even more interested.

In swordsmanship, recuperating distance is essential beyond the basics.

Moving body vision and spatial awareness are among the most important talents as a prosecutor.

No matter how brilliant they were, swordsmen who had their eyes closed in battle often met an empty end.

How a blind man who is unable to measure such distances uses swordsmanship.

At least the Empire doesn’t have the means to do that.

Being a swordsman and yet being blind is a characteristic of the Eastern swordsman, and that can only be seen by very few.

‘I have to check it out. Is trying to enter Helios Academy even with a fatal handicap a simple feat or self-confidence that comes from one’s skills?’

You don’t know just in case.

Does that man know how to get Lunaella to see into the dark, if not to a new light?

“Luna. I’m sorry, but I think I have to go now. It’s time for the third entrance exam to begin soon.”

“Oh yes!”

“Fortunately, the schedule is temporarily empty after the exam, so I will come back soon. I will tell you more about the blind swordsman.”

Lunaella smiled faintly as if she was really looking forward to it.

“I look forward to it.”

After leaving her mansion, Cruella sat down next to her princess again and began to watch her entrance exam.

ㅡ Number 367, Tester, Meteor! Come up to the arena!

‘Oh. That guy is the first Where should I see my skills?’

The Dalian that I saw with a light heart was shocking.

ㅡ Winner! Number 367, Meteor!

‘It’s unusual.’

I was thinking that there must be something from taking the test as a prosecutor even though I can’t see.

However, after watching it from beginning to end, it was truly beyond my imagination.

As if living in an accelerated world alone, it is an evasion method that accurately recognizes the opponent’s attack and avoids it with a single piece of paper.

A super-fast Iai slash that doesn’t even allow you to see the sword come out of the scabbard.

Even if it was you who stood in front of it, would you have been able to stop it?

‘What makes such a thing possible?’

Suddenly, the man started to care a lot.

‘If I grew up…… Lunaella’s.’

It felt like we should talk about it in a private setting sometime.

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